Five Cops Sit on Injured Man Until Their “Excessive Weight” Killed Him: Report 11

Katherine Proctor | Courthouse News Service HAYWARD, Calif. (CN) – Bay Area Rapid Transit police officers Tasered and crushed a man to death though they knew he was injured, his son claims in court. Joseph James Greer sued the City of Hayward and BART in Alameda County Court for the wrongful death and assault and […]

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RAW VIDEO: Agents Force Innocent Man to Side of Road, Burn Him Alive in His Car 91

PINE VALLEY, CA — Raw video footage has surfaced showing the horrific killing of an innocent man at the hands of Border Patrol Agents. Alex Martin’s family is suing the US Government after the video made clear that he burned to death in an eruption caused by the agents, according to reports. The incident occurred […]

Cop Shoots Unarmed Man in the Genitals, Purposely Doesn’t Call Ambulance: Lawsuit 11

ATLANTA – A lawsuit has been filed against the Miami-Dade County Police Department over a horrific case of brutality against an unarmed citizen, according to a report by Courthouse News Service. The incident began when Roberto Valderrama and his friend were pulled over for a traffic stop by Officer Carl Rosseau in January 2006. Roberto […]


No Charges for Cops Who Fired 130 Bullets at Man, Executing Him in His Car 38

FLORIDA — Police officers who shot 130 at a young man while he was fleeing from them, and injured four bystanders, will not be charged, according to reports. “All of the officers were justified in the discharge of their firearms,” the report states. The incident sparked national outrage when police unloaded a hail of gun […]


cop convicted of rape

Six San Diego Cops Involved in Sex Abuse of Multiple Women, Dept Blames “Weaknesses” 42

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 SAN DIEGO, CA — Over 17 cases of misconduct were “investigated” involving the San Diego Police Department on Tuesday. “The San Diego Police Department has been dealing with a misconduct scandal since 2011, when then Chief William Lansdowne announced a number of reform measures following the arrest of an officer for […]


Body Cam Footage Shows Police Executing Mentally Ill Man With Screwdriver 528

DALLAS, TEXAS — Disturbing body cam footage has surfaced online showing a mentally ill man being shot to death by police. The incident first occurred in June 2014 when Jason Harrison’s family called 911 for medical help. Jason was only 28-yrs-old and suffered from schizophrenia. He was in need of medical attention at the time […]

Politician Tries to Restrict Americans from Filming Police 25

UPDATE (3/16/15): Jason Villalba Purchased Fake Twitter “Followers” to Boost His Stats and Make it Appear Like He Has Support, According to Audit It’s undoubtedly been a crazy week for Jason Villalba, the politician who is facing nationwide backlash for trying to pass a bill that would restrict Americans from filming police. There is now […]