Cop Charged With Murdering Citizen, Flees to Mexico 1

Associated Press MEXICO CITY – A fugitive former Los Angeles police officer charged with killing a man during an off-duty fight was arrested Tuesday in northern Mexico, officials said. Henry Solis, 27, was captured by Mexican security forces in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, the Chihuahua state attorney general’s office said. The arrest was […]



8-Month-Pregnant Woman Wrestled to the Ground After Not Giving Cop Her Name 143

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” she said, as the cops began tugging at her arms and twisting her wrist back to cause her pain. This was after she wouldn’t give them her name. Police Department says she was “resisting.” BARSTOW — A video that caused outrage online after showing a pregnant woman physically manhandled […]

Woman’s Dog Dead After Being Shot By The Cops She Called To Help Her 5

Jean Strong | ORANGE COUNTY, FL — An Orange County, Florida woman’s dog is dead after being shot by the people she called to help her. Deborah Jones, who lives in the Tymber Skan condominiums, called for help after an argument with her boyfriend. She waited hours, but the cops never responded. She and the […]

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Supreme Court Refuses To Rule On Whether Police Should Take Mental Illness Into Account 1

Michael Heise | In a recent case, the supreme court sided with two San Francisco Police officers who responded to a call for help from a social worker. The social worker was acting as the defendant, Teresa Sheehan’s caretaker at her group home/health facility. Sheehan was a diagnosed schizophrenic and was known to break […]

Oakland Police Arrest 52 Peaceful Protesters, Threatens Them With Weapons 7

Michael Heise | OAKLAND, CA – Approximately 150 people took to the streets last night to protest a law that has been passed infringing on the peoples right to free travel and association. Protesters marched from marched from 14th Street and Broadway to the Police Administration Building and then to Jack London Square, taking […]


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Cop Gets Job Back After Killing Unarmed Marine Veteran 24

‘Derek Hale’s Murderer Is Back On The Streets’ William Grigg | Pro Libertate Lt. William Browne of the Wilmington, Delaware Police “did not violate police department policy or procedures” when he gunned down Derek Hale (left, in Iraq with a Marine buddy) on the front porch of a friend’s house last November 6. This was […]

Cops Try to Use Major League Baseball to Spread Propaganda, MLB Asks Them to Take it Down 6

ST LOUIS — In a dubious attempt at propaganda, the St Louis Police Officers Association posted a picture of the official mascot of the Cardinals baseball team holding a “police lives matter” sign. Major League Baseball Officials have openly distanced themselves from the photo. They also requested that the Police Officers Association stop posting the […]


Brave Man Stops Criminal, While Cops Cower and Hide With Guns Drawn 122

When you put crabs in a bucket, you don’t need a lid to prevent them from climbing out. That’s because when any one crab tries to climb out, the others will pull him down and keep him there. Eventually, all of them will be eaten. Americans today suffer from Crab Bucket Syndrome. When any one […]