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SHOCK VIDEO: Officer Shoots Man Who Put His Hands Up, Man Was Unarmed 33

SOUTH CAROLINA — Officer Sean Groubert has shot an unarmed man after asking the man for his license. Unedited video footage from Officer Groubert’s dashcam clearly shows that 35-yr-old Levar Jones was unarmed and posed no threat to Officer Groubert. It began when Officer Groubert decided to pull Levar over for a “seatbelt violation.” Levar […]

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Sheriff’s Deputy Facing Charges for Molesting 11-yr-old Girl 1

Almendra Carpizo | Chicoer.com BUTTE COUNTY – A Butte County Sheriff’s Office deputy is facing allegations that he molested an 11-year-old girl, according to authorities. Thomas Michael Sylvia, 37, was taken into custody Monday following a seven-month investigation by the Chico Police Department. Sylvia appeared in custody Thursday in Butte County Superior Court. Defense attorney Jodea […]