Unarmed Man Shot by Laredo Police Mother says Authorities are Lying

The mother of an unarmed man that was shot by a Laredo police officer said authorities are not telling the

Salt Lake City Police Department in Utah Has Not Killed a Single Person Since 2015

Since 2015, the Salt Lake City Police Department in Utah has not killed a single person, according to a Fox

Man Dies in Sleeper Hold after Being Tasered and Beaten by Police

A video has emerged showing a Las Vegas police officer placing a man in an unapproved choke hold after beating

Lackawanna County Sherriffs Deputy Fired for Beating and Strangling Wife

The 38-year-old sheriff’s deputy accused of beating his girlfriend is no longer employed by the county, a spokesman said on

Video: Detroit Cop Rips Out Window then Attacks Man in Violent Arrest

The American Civil Liberties Union is asking the Taylor Police Department to open an investigation in response to dashcam video

Police Attack 14 Year Old Girl as Her Mom Watches In Horror

A video has surfaced on several social media sites showing three or four San Antonio police officers forcibly detaining a

Man Found Guilty and Sent to Prison for 19 Years for Injuring Police Dog

We have all seen videos and articles about unarmed people being killed by police. Unfortunately, more often than not the

Police Shoot 2 Dogs Dead After 3 Pit Bulls Attacked Man

Three pit bulls were shot by police, two fatally, after officers observed the dogs attacking a man and killing his

Viral Footage Shows Cops Tasing Dog After It Escaped Backyard

March 16, 2017 ROSEVILLE, MI — Earlier this week a dog escaped its backyard. Police responded to the call and

Woman Faces One Year in Jail After “Laughing” During Jeff Sessions Nomination

via RT A Washington jury has convicted a Code Pink activist of disorderly conduct after she laughed in a Senate

Graphic Video: Armored Vehicle Runs Over Protesters in Venezuela

CARACAS — Violent insurrection continues to erupt in Venezuela and the latest footage to emerge online shows national guardsmen using

700 Indian Women Armed With Bats After Police Won’t Stop Abusive Husbands

RT An Indian state minister has armed some 700 brides with wooden bats to be used in self-defense should their