US Cops Kill More People in a Day than Norwegian Cops Have in a Decade

  WASHINGTON DC — With Americans being killed by police every day, one begins to wonder what the country would

Graphic Video Shows Moment Dubose Was Shot in the Head

  KEVIN KOENINGER | Courthouse News Service CINCINNATI (CN) – Announcing the murder indictment of a police officer who shot

Cop Gets Drunk and Starts Shooting Random Citizens: Lawsuit

Dan McCue | Courthouse News Service (CN) – A drunk, off-duty New York City police officer opened fire without cause

Cops Beat Man, Charge Him With “Destruction of Police Property” for Bleeding on Them

Joe Harris | Courthouse News Service ST. LOUIS (CN) – The Eighth Circuit revived assault claims brought by a man

Cop Rams 69-Yr-Old Man’s Head Into Brick Wall

CLAYTON COUNTY — A police officer has now been indicted on a battery charge after physically beating a 69-yr-old man,

Police Beat Man After Riding Bike on Sidewalk: Lawsuit

You may remember a video that was making the rounds toward the beginning of last year. In it, a man

Another K9 Cop Dies Because His Partner Left Him In A Hot Car

Gulf Shores, Alabama – A police dog has died after his handler forgot him in his car on Thursday, June

Victim Receives Nationwide Support After Admitting He Killed a Cop Who Raped Him as a Child

  NEWTON, NJ — A deeply moving video has gone viral online after a man confessed to stabbing a police

Cop Shoots 4-Yr-Old Child in Attempt to Kill Dog

COLUMBUS, OH — We have received breaking reports that a 4-yr-old child has been shot by a police officer. A

An Open Message to Violent Cops — How to Be a Peace Officer

Please watch the video again and consider sharing it with your friends. Remember you can download your free audiobook The Four

Court: Records Must be Released on Cop Who Choked Eric Garner

Adam Klasfeld | Courthouse News Service MANHATTAN (CN) – A judge ordered New York City to turn over substantiated complaints

Win For Police Accountability: Police Videos Cannot Be Hidden Anymore

Michael Heise | Harrisburg, PA: In what could be a serious blow to the Police’s ability monopolize witness testimonies