Cop Charged for Luring Young Girl Into His Car and Masturbating in Front of Her 3

MEMPHIS — A disturbing report has surfaced according to which a Memphis police officer preyed on a young girl, convinced her to get inside his car, and then performed a “lewd act” in front of her. The incident began when Officer Derrick Abdul Wakil pulled his marked police car up to a 14-yr-old girl who […]



Thousands of Black and Latino Officers Face Retaliation for Not Meeting Illegal Quotas

     The lawsuit estimates that there are “approximately 6,000 Hispanic and 5,000 African-American police officers who have been and will be affected by the imposition of the illegal quota system.” Up to “thousands of these officers” have faced “unlawful conditions” in retaliation for failure to meet the illegal quota numbers, the complaint continues. Adam […]

Cop Shoots Man With Taser Gun Again and Again Until Man’s Heart Explodes, Dies: Report 32

Steve Watson | Cops in Oklahoma City pepper sprayed and tased a 47 year old man to death after being called out to help by his girlfriend, according to reports. Darrell Gatewood was killed Sunday during the incident, which has led to three police officers being suspended pending an investigation. RELATED: Cop Tases Handcuffed […]


BREAKING VIDEO: Cops Execute Unarmed Mentally Ill Man In the Street 50

LOS ANGELES — A viral video has surfaced online showing LAPD officers literally executing an unarmed homeless man in the street. The video was first posted on Facebook and has been spreading like wildfire, causing outrage in cities across the nation. The unedited raw footage shows about 5-8 officers swarming around a homeless man, throwing […]



Parents Angered After Cop Pushes Boy’s Face Into Snow, Knees Him in the Spine 48

LITTLE FALLS — “I couldn’t believe what was going on you know. I thought to myself, ‘Is this really happening?’” asked Michael, a 16-yr-old boy who was seen on video being abused and beaten by a cop. Footage from a surveillance camera has residents of Little Falls, New Jersey shocked as it appears to show […]