After Not Being Charged for Stalking on Duty – Ex-Cop Murders Multiple Women, Kept Bodies in Fridge

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project Kenosha County, WI – This week, former police officer Steven Zelich pleaded guilty

The NUMBER 1 Killer of Cops… is Cops

Death is always a tragedy. Human life is precious. All civilizations and cultures throughout history have mourned death. All the

Officer Indicted for Murder After Killing Unarmed Veteran

Aimee Sachs | Courthouse News Service ATLANTA (CN) – It took less than an hour on Thursday for a grand

Cop Slams Woman’s Head into Car Repeatedly, Then Lies About it To Superiors – His Body Cam Tells the Truth

Max Chantha | January 15, 2016 NEVADA – The narrative of abusing citizens under the pretext of ‘resisting arrest’ is

Federal Judge “Dismisses Case” Against Cop Who Paralyzed Innocent Grandfather on Video

Andrew Emett | The Free Thought Project Birmingham, AL — Although the governor of Alabama formally apologized to the Indian

Cop Arrested TWICE for Attacking Women Was Incredibly Rehired — Was Just Arrested a 3rd Time

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project Philadelphia, PA — Philadelphia Police Officer Deric Lewis was recently arrested for the

Cops Kill Man’s Dog in Front of His Children and Refuse to Turn Over Records: Lawsuit

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“You Don’t Have a Dog Anymore” Cops Take Turns Shooting Family’s Dog While Laughing

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Charges Dropped Against Officer Who Raped Multiple Animals

MOUNT MOLLY, NJ — A report has surfaced that is probably one of the most hideous cases of police misconduct

Judge: Cop Falsely Arrested Activist Who Gave Away Vegan Burritos Near McDonalds

Elizabeth Warmerdam | Courthouse News Service LOS ANGELES (CN) – A federal judge agreed with a “Food Not Bombs” protester

Jury Rules Innocent Man Had Right to Physically Defend Himself Against Bully Cop

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New Poll: ‘Number 1 Problem Facing Americans Today’ is US GOVERNMENT

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Healthcare, economy, unemployment, immigration, and terrorism are mere sideline issues among most Americans,