Cops Furious About New App That Lets Users Track Police Locations 43

WASHINGTON — Google, Inc. has become the next target of cops. Google purchased a feature for its traffic program called Waze. Waze has been around since 2013, but many users have recommended it for a reliable way to track the location of police officers in their city. There are over 50 million Waze users who […]



UFC Fighter Attacked by Police, Tased for Asking Them to Identify Themselves 67

DEKALB — Police are required by law to show their identification, but the officers in the raw video that you’re about to see refused to obey the law. The incident began when the police started following Dave Herman, who happens to be a UFC fighter. Dave was driving with his wife and child at the […]

There Are More Blacks Under Correctional Control Today Than In 1850 Slaveholding America 1

Washingtons Blog The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world — higher than Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or Iran. While the United States represents about 5 percent of the world’s population, it houses around 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. But all people aren’t treated equally — African-Americans are treated […]


seattle cop

Rape Victim Contacts Police for Help, Cop Tries to Have Sex With Her: Report 9

“You’re my favorite victim,” the officer reportedly told the woman while aggressively attempting to have sex with her. TINA MOORE , ROCCO PARASCANDOLA | New York Daily News The accuser says Officer Lukasz Skorzewski, a married dad, aggressively tried to have sex with her after she had contacted police as a rape victim. She says Skorzewski and Lt. […]

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Cop Gets Drunk and Shoots Unarmed Man, Pays $500 Fine With No Jail Time 6

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — Officer Chauncey Carthan will not face any time in jail after getting drunk and shooting a man. The former officer was off-duty and under the influence when the shots were fired. Officer Carthan has placed many American citizens behind bars on non-violent drug charges, but for the violent act of shooting a […]