$1 Million Settlement for son of James “Nate” Greer Murdered by Police

“I have to ask if you have any medical conditions,” the officer asked James Greer, who told him that he has a ruptured hernia in his abdomen.

James Greer began to perform the test, but doesn’t appear to complete it before more officers arrive, and James Greer gets increasingly afraid.

“I don’t understand. I don’t understand. What are you guys doing to me?” he asked before the officers took a step toward him and appeared to attempt to grab his arm.

The interaction escalates quickly from there, with several officers grabbing James Greer and forcing him to the ground, where four officers sit on his arms and legs and a fifth officer kneels onto his back, including one BART officer. James Greer can be heard screaming out in pain, pleading with the officers to get off of him as he is tased three times.

“Shut the f— up, dude,” one officer says, while another says, “Just relax.”

The officers restrained James Greer in a WRAP, a full-body restraint made by a Walnut Creek company before rolling him onto his back and asking, “Are you alright?” But, there is no response.

For the full story visit : http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/06/08/hayward-bart-agree-to-1-07-million-settlement-for-son-of-man-killed-during-traffic-stop/

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  • Bailey Croft

    cops are vile murderous scum


    only good cop is a dead cop

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  • James Michael

    Relax while we murder you…..Americans should start wholesale killing these scumbag rabid animals….OR this shit will NEVER STOP..
    This was a cold blooded murder without cause, all these scumbag felons should hang….

    I do not consent and will not participate in any attempt for you to get
    me to incriminate myself…I invoke every unalienable right of man and
    act exactly and only as man in this matter…What is YOUR or any mans
    cause of action against me right now? IF you cannot answer properly, I
    require that you stop breaching my peace and treasoning your sworn oath
    to me right now, or I will arrest you for those 2 wrongs and your
    unlawful and felonius waste of my time and will bill you …What I
    believe your unlawful actions are worth to me…and you will not like my
    bill traitors….