The 15 Most Horrific Cases Of Police Brutality In History

Brianna Acuesta | True Activist

They don’t always end in death, but the scars left on the victims and on society will last forever.


Situations involving horrible and unjustifiable deaths at the hands of police brutality are not exclusive to the 21st century, but the ability to record and post videos documenting the deaths is a novelty. The Black Lives Matter movement was fueled by the viral videos of police officers harming and killing unarmed black people, and it’s only the most recent group to protest these offenses in a long line of groups in the last century.

Though most of these cases of police brutality weren’t caught on film, they still managed to make headlines despite lies told by the police to cover up the stories. Their deaths and the subsequent acquittal of most of these officers has sparked outrage, protests, and riots. Read below to find out about the worst and most infamous cases of police brutality in history.

1. Frank Jude, Jr.


In 2004, 26-year-old Frank Jude was viciously beaten by several off-duty Milwaukee police officers as he was leaving a party. The group of men attacked Jude and his friend, Lovell Harris, claiming they stole one of the officer’s wallets that contained their police badge. Harris’ face was cut with a knife, but he was able to get free and run away. Jude was repeatedly punched and kicked, as well as stabbed in the ears with a pen so viciously that they bled profusely for over an hour. Even the on-duty officer who was called to stop the fight began stomping on Jude’s head. In the state trial, the jury acquitted the three officers charged. There was a great deal of community outrage and demand for a federal investigation. The federal grand jury convicted the three officers who were originally acquitted, but did acquit the fourth officer. The badge was never found.

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