2nd Official Resigns After Officer Called Former Miss Black Texas “Black B*tch”


A Northeast Texas school board member has resigned a day after a police chief stepped down following a confrontation the two had with a woman who was Miss Black Texas 2016.

Commerce board member Michael Beane resigned Tuesday, citing a backlash and threats against him for his role in the May clash with Carmen Ponder.

An evading arrest charge against Ponder, a 23-year-old college student, was dropped for what prosecutors say was lack of evidence. She initially had said Chief Kerry Crews was a white driver who made racial and sexist comments after a traffic-related dispute. Authorities later determined a store parking-lot confrontation, after Ponder passed a vehicle, involved another white man teaching his daughter to drive.

Beane acknowledged becoming angry following a traffic altercation with Ponder and following her to a store.

In a statement read to the Commerce City Council Monday, Kerry Crews said he was resigning because of the stress and burden of the job since Ponder’s arrest. KDFW-TV of Dallas and Fort Worth reported that Crews did not attend the Monday night meeting.

Crews happened to be at the store and intervened. He said in a statement that Ponder was disrespectful and he became “emotional.”

For the full story visit : http://kxan.com/2017/06/27/cleared-in-arrest-of-miss-black-texas-police-chief-quits/

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  • Randall Goguen

    Pussy became became “emotional” when the black lady was “disrespectful” (questioned this racists World view).

    • Heidi Nelson

      I didn’t even think she was disrespectful, I thought she was pretty cool about the whole thing.

      • Chad Lazzari

        She was very cool about the whole thing.

  • Shawn Ziegler

    Somehow disrespect to the police means questioning their irrational behavior!!

    • Pierre Montsion

      personally that Police Chief should be going to prison for threatening a citizen

      • James Michael

        Aggravated kidnapping…false imprisonment and treason are all felonies…

    • King43

      Didn’t know disrespect to an officer is against the law. In fact I’m a lawyer and know its not a law that can be enforced. We the people have become We the stupid

      • NubianQ

        What did she say or do (on video) that was or could have been deemed disrespectful? (A real question)

  • david

    What the hell were they trying to charge her with???

    • Pierre Montsion

      being black in America. section we are fking racists, subsection we are fking neanderthals

      its somewhere in the Policemans guide for US Policing.

  • IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected.

    This is yet another example of TPPS – Tiny Pink Penis Syndrome – with no hope of a natural erection run amok and gone hog pink wild.

    LIFE is the master(‘s) teacher because Time is the greatest of all snitches. Time will tell because Time must tell. Integrity is what holds together (y)our mind, (y)our health, (y)our life, and every society. Sadly, while on this side of the veil, those who commit, applaud, or deny any form of self-destructive violence [genocide, put aside, suicide, homicide, stand aside] have yet to comprehend what was once called common sense: (1) ITzallconnected. (2) KnowBody does know. (3) The energy you put into the world is always coming home to you, and as you–in all ways.

    KNOW THY SELF was carved into stone by the Ancient Egyptians. Those words are still more than a mere suggestion. Learning, and loving, yourSelf is the foundation of a sustainable existence. If (y)our belief system condones any kind of slavery [mental, physical, doctrinal], that religious mindset is still immoral. A blind-dead society that refuses to balance the scales of justice while “decriminalizing injustice” must be ostracized. Prepare for The Shunning of [white] America. It will be called A 2020 Vision.

    “if we all are not free, none of us is free.” — Ida B. Wells-Barnett

  • Jon Weiss

    Note regarding the resignations…The city is better off because of them, sadly more people employed by this city should be gone in this scenario. Namely the Mayor who allowed the resignations. Every cop involved in this incident should have been summarily fired for completely unprofessional behavior and illegal detention.

    Further I have contacted my elected Representatives at the national level to see if its possible to have any laws regarding “detaining” removed from the books, “detention” is an invalid tactic abused by the police. As they do, for all intents and purposes “arrest” people, then claim that they were just “detained” in order to dodge a charge of “False Arrest”.

    • James Michael

      Actually everyone of them should be indicted and tried for all the felonies they committed…..

    • Henry Goodson

      Next step is to see if we can get “I Feared For my Life” Band as a defense for Cops
      THey Just passed Kates Law Now we be a good time to Counter


      • #BannedBand

        #BanMispelledHashtags #Banned

  • howlin_wolf

    This is too many white males, esp in the south. They expect that their gender and race means that women and people of color must treat them as little gods, and when that slavish obsequiousness isn’t forthcoming, they lose their minds.

    • POA

      It’s more a power issue than a race issue. Obviously there is some hate there if he did say what was reported but cops are just too power hungry. Many can’t accept not being treated as superior. God forbid you challenge their unlawful behavior. Simply disagreeing with them can be turned into a crime if not worse. Skin color doesn’t change that behavior.

  • James Michael

    Aggravated assault and battery, aggravated kidnapping, false imprisonment, terrorism, treason are all serious felonies…
    Sue the crap out of these maggot felons…..

    BTW to detain is AN ARREST and withot pc is false imprisonment.
    Know what terms in law mean people.

    detain. To retain as the possession of personalty. (((((To arrest,))))) to check, to delay, to hinder, to hold, or keep in custody, to retard, to restrain from proceeding, to stay, to stop. People v. Smith, 17 Cal.App.2d 468, 62 P.2d 436, 438; State v. King, 303 S.W.2d 930, 934.
    See Confinement; Custody.
    Blacks Law.

    detain To hold; (((((to keep in custody))))); to keep.
    To detain goods as amounting to a conversion of them means wrongfully to hold them and keep them in ones custody. Wails v Farrington, 27 Okla 754, 116 P 428
    Ballentines Law

    “Any restraint, however slight, upon another’s liberty to come and go as one pleases, constitutes an arrest.”
    Swetnam v. W. F. Woolworth Co., 318 P.2d 364, 366, 83 Ariz. 189.

    All you “taxpayers” enjoy the HUGE ASS bill for all the felonies these scumbag ass traitors just committed.

    • purple_persuader

      Haven’t looked it up, but I wonder if a police officer in that jurisdiction is legally allowed police powers when not in uniform or on the job.

  • JTSparks42

    This shit infuriates me. They detained her for being black. Period. End of story. I hate this country.

    • no

      When are you leaving>?

      • Derek

        Sadly we are citizens of this racist land

        • no

          Renounce citizenship of this ‘racist land’, the Country you hate and go to a place that will meet you high expectations….Have you been searching for that place? I’m sure you can make it if you try.

    • Henry Goodson

      I wish I could go with you

    • Chad Lazzari

      The land of the free. Yeah right. More like than land of Nazi cops with mental issues.

  • oldskoolnyker

    Several attendees gathered Monday at Commerce’s City Hall wearing signs of support for Crews, including T-shirts that read: “I support Kerry Crews.”
    Here’s the problem in a nutshell!

  • King43

    Dear Tax Payer, we just paid for them to detain someone not breaking one law. I must ask myself while they are wasting their time with this lady they could be doing something more productive such as law enforcement.

    • Chad Lazzari

      These cops have some serious mental issues of their own. They love to handcuff people with stupid reasons and then put them in confined spaces with no real explanation.

  • beezy

    I invite those who support the police’s actions in this incident to provide, based on the known facts(not suppositions) and the relevant law, the justification for this detainment.

    • Sonya E

      They can’t.

  • tiredofstupidty

    Glad they resigned but she still needs to sue. Clear abuse of authority.

  • Rick Stoner

    Poor snowflake cop.

  • Kip Farnsworth

    The officers weren’t fired and being allowed to resigned leaves this matter off their record of discipline. At least one office got a new city job so he should be grateful that he now gets a higher salary.

  • Betty Webb

    They were just jealous because she was prettier — and classier — than they were.