50% of Black Males and 40% of White Males Arrested by Age 23: Major Study

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA:  A major new study has revealed disturbing insights into how many young American males are now being arrested across the nation.

According to the study, nearly half of black males and 40% of white males in the United States are arrested by age 23.

Just one arrest can ruin someone’s life, limiting their ability to find work and receive an education.

If the person is then imprisoned, it can be even worse as they can be abused, raped, or forced into prison slave labor while generating profits for politicians and prison corporations.

Another study in the same journal reveals that criminal

Thousands of Americans are arrested all the time for having a plant that the US government claims is "illegal."

Because cops choose to sheepishly follow the orders of the US government, tens of thousands of innocent Americans are arrested each year for having a plant that the government claims is “illegal.”

The study was published in Crime & Delinquency, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to analyzing the criminal justice system.

“The study provides the first contemporary findings on how the risk of arrest varies across race and gender,” says Robert Brame in a press release.

Brame is a Professor of Criminology at the University of South Carolina and is the lead author of the study.

The study analyzed national data from 1997 to 2008 of teenagers and young adults and their arrest histories.

By far, most of these young adults are arrested for the “crime” of having substances which the US government claims to be “illegal” in its War on Drugs.

Police made more arrests for the War on Drugs than anything else in 2012. Over 1.55 million were “drug abuse violations,” with up to 42% involving mere marijuana possession, far surpassing the amount of arrests for actual violence, according to reports.

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  • Jesse Bost

    Having been caught up in the system at an early age I have experienced and been witness to these atrocities for all my life. The justice system is corrupt. It is an industry that preys on the poor. I could go on forever, but just ask yourself: have you ever been satisfied with a lawyer?

  • Jason O

    The system is broken, fix or replace it.