50% of Black Males and 40% of White Males Arrested by Age 23: Major Study

It’s the equivalent of a marijuana arrest every 42 seconds.

The official numbers from the study may be even greater than 50% of black males and 40% of white males arrested, since the study does not include arrests for minor traffic violations.

Brame also points out that the findings are racially significant due to the higher prevalence of arrests of black males.

“A problem is that many males – especially black males – are navigating the transition from youth to adulthood with the baggage and difficulties from contact with the criminal justice system,” Brame says.

“States vary on the age that adolescents are considered adults in the eyes of the criminal law, some as young as age 16 and 17,” he says.

“Criminal records that show up in searches can impede employment, reduce access to housing, thwart admission to and financing for higher education and affect civic and volunteer activities such as voting or adoption. They also can damage personal and family relationships.”

Most people are arrested or imprisoned for non-violent, victimless "crimes."

Most people are arrested or imprisoned for non-violent, victimless “crimes.”

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Shawn Bushway, another professor of criminal justice who helped produce the study, says it’s the first study to “use nationally representative data to provide estimates of lifetime prevalence of arrest by race and sex.”

The study’s key findings include:

  • By age 18, 30 percent of black males, 26 percent of Hispanic males and 22 percent of white males have been arrested.
  • By age 23, 49 percent of black males, 44 percent of Hispanic males and 38 percent of white males have been arrested.
  • At age 18, arrest rates were 12 percent for white females and 11.8 percent and 11.9 percent for Hispanic and black females, respectively. By age 23, arrest rates were 20 percent for white females and 18 percent and 16 percent for Hispanic and black females, respectively.

The study adds even more details to the conclusion of a previous study that shocked the nation, wherein it was found that one in three Americans are arrested by the age of 23.

Brame says the next step is to develop an understanding of the economic, social and law enforcement factors that can influence arrests and what role gender and race play.

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  • Jesse Bost

    Having been caught up in the system at an early age I have experienced and been witness to these atrocities for all my life. The justice system is corrupt. It is an industry that preys on the poor. I could go on forever, but just ask yourself: have you ever been satisfied with a lawyer?

  • Jason O

    The system is broken, fix or replace it.