50-yr-old Obese Cop Threatens to Arrest Young Woman if She Doesn’t Have Sex With Him: Conviction

ST LOUIS — An officer has been convicted for threatening a woman with arrest if she did not have sex with him.

Sadly, the woman was forced to perform sexual acts on his body because she feared being locked in jail, according to reports.

It began when the now-former officer Timothy Jones, 50, pulled over a 24-yr-old woman because he “suspected” she was driving drunk.

He began by forcing her to perform a sobriety test.

After she did the test for him, he threatened to arrest her unless she let him penetrate her sexually, according to reports.

Jones worked as an officer for at least 20 years, during the course of which he likely pulled over many women.

Jones worked as an officer for at least 20 years, during the course of which he likely pulled over many women.

Some wonder if there are other victims are out there suffering and haven’t been able to speak out due to fear and intimidation.

Others have surmised that there may be women who said “no” and are sitting alone in a prison cell right this moment, torn from their families and locked away for refusing sex.

Officer Jones put the woman inside his patrol car, drove to a private location, and forced her on the threat of arrest to perform “several sexual acts,” reports say.

According to reports, the woman left her cell phone in the officer’s patrol car.

She then told her mother about the sexual coercion.

When investigators tried to return the phone to the woman, they reached her mother instead, who then reported what happened.

Further investigation led to the conviction of officer Jones.

He had worked as an officer for at least 20 years prior to the recent conviction.

In the course of 20 years, one wonders if he did this to other woman and got away with it — so far there are no reports that he did.

Imagine what would happen to a citizen if he walked outside with a loaded pistol, approached a woman, and threatened to kidnap her and lock her in a cage unless she gave him sexual favors.

Forcing a woman into sex on the threat of violence is grounds for a harsh punishment in most cases.

But in the case of officer Jones’s conviction, he wore a special blue costume and enjoyed government privilege when he forced the woman into sex. Thus he received a light sentence.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Officer Jones received only 1 year in a county jail. Knowing how the system favors those with government-privilege, it’s possible that he’ll be released even earlier.

Originally prosecutors sought a four year sentence.

Watch the video below:

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  • Tito Nogueira

    Oh My God! There is no stopping with idiotic examples of police officers!

  • Tito Nogueira

    This isn’t the solution, but it will help avoid many of these cases!

    • BakinToast

      This is an amazing idea.

  • torche

    I hope he doesn’t make it out of jail

  • Ben Emery

    I hope all the innocent people he’s locked up find his punk ass in prison

  • ding dong

    dui or sex? ……… How many would rather get a dui? Show me by likes =D . Seriously if the roles were reversed and I had to have sex with a 50 year old woman , i wouldn’t even think twice. It’s common sense. If i was drunk driving and had a chance to have sex and not face the penalty thats like bingo. So i do not understand whats this girls problem? If he did pay for his crime I hope the girl got her dui too.

    • SketchyDaClown

      It doesn’t say anywhere that she was even drinking.

      • Rachel Hogan

        The original report says that she failed the sobriety test, so the officer gave her the choice: sex or a DUI. Then, they drove to her house to have sex. Obviously, he is still a horrible, horrible person and deserves everything he is getting (or more. Personally, I think he deserves more), but this article is pretty misleading. The original report is better.

    • Me


    • Potatohercules

      I can’t believe that somebody could actually say something as insensitive and moronic as that comment just was. Sexual assault is NOT the same as sex in any sense. People have many different tastes when it comes to sex, and if you wanna have sex with fifty year olds, go ahead, but that girl obviously was not okay with it. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right, and devaluing somebody’s feelings based on your opinion is insensitive and cruel. You devaluing the victim’s feelings about what that piece of shit did to her because YOU would have sex with the cop and YOU would rather have sex with a fifty year old than get a DUI does not mean that she feels the same way AT ALL. Not everybody is you and it’s not all about you. The fact that this kind of thing happens so regularly is enough to make me puke. We shouldn’t have to live in a society where rape is just the norm, and we sure as shit shouldn’t have to live in a society where people who do these horrid things to their fellow human beings can get off easy because they have a badge an a uniform. Think it out before ya spit it out, because nobody really thinks these days. The change in this world starts with the change within yourself, and the world needs a change.

      • potatohercules is scum


        • Potatohercules

          Look you don’t have to use such harsh words to get your point across. If she was ok with it, this story wouldn’t be a thing and she wouldn’t be claiming sexual assault. Like I said: if it feels wrong, it is WRONG. And the fact that she felt uncomfortable at all means she wasn’t ok with it.

        • Potatohercules

          Also, if you want to make an argument that people will actually listen too, I suggest taking that time to explain your opinion instead of just insulting the other person. Then maybe they’ll listen to you instead of getting on the defense, ya kno? Just some advice.

      • Raven Man

        Appears Rape is the norm and ok if you have a badge.

    • KristinaCrapbag Gonzalez Brock


    • Benji DirtySnake Greenlee

      what a moron. hope you get ass raped by the next 50 year old obese cop that pulls you over.

    • Jesse Bryant

      Good. Maybe he will also shoot you in the head to cover up his misdeeds cause you are a waste of my oxygen.

    • Maxx Grape Juice Welches

      Imagine you get pulled over for a DUI, cop has you dead to rights hand cuffed in the back of their cruiser. Drives to a secluded area and tells you to pull down you pants and rams his penis into you butt. Was it worth it getting ass raped and not getting a DUI?

    • Rick Hiltz

      well next time you get pulled over and you have been drinking just tell the guy your willing to take one for the team pull ur pants down and spread your brown eye nice and wide and when he is done offer to blow him and clean him up so he doesn`t have to worry about soiling his underwear

    • Michael

      What if the 50 year old female cop wanted to stick her baton up your ass or get the dui…. Would you still take the dui? I’m betting yes, over being sexually abused by her baton.

      • Gma

        Nawww, sounds as tho he would love to be rammed up the butt by ANYBODY!!

  • Antonio Buehler

    One year, that is a remarkably long conviction for a cop. Pathetic.

  • Rachel Hogan

    Why is the word “obese” necessary to the headline?

    • treeman

      Because he is?

      • Rachel Hogan

        But that seems kind of arbitrary. He’s also balding, white, and has a mustache and a weird nose, but none of that is in the headline lol

        • zaiger

          That would have made the headline too long. We don’t use infinite adjectives.

          • Rachel Hogan

            But why use any adjective like that in the first place? It’s not like his weight is relevant to the story.

          • etyrnal

            perhaps it symbolizes his systemic problem with self restrain, and taking more than he should?

          • Rachel Hogan

            Maybe lol

          • richardfiser

            It’s because obese people are capable of anything.

          • Rachel Hogan

            This genuinly made me laugh out loud.

          • jessica ciocca

            Deadpan humor is needed in this thread. This sh-t is so disturbing a little laugh goes a long way. Thank you.

          • Suzyquzy

            Hi Rachel please use [email protected].

          • RavenWolf_LDR

            Well, his weight could have a bearing on how much sex he does get. A lot more sexual offenders are turning out to be overweight. In Lake County, FL, a few of years ago, we had an overweight man convict of raping several cows and 2 horses. Yes, I come from a small county next to the world famous Orlando.

          • Rob_Shirah

            HAHAHAHA, I am LOL with a cookie in my mouth.

          • mark are

            WTF? How is that even possible?

          • It is very relevant to the story, he is a disgusting fat pig.

          • mark are

            OINK! OINK!

          • asksuU

            You’re not “relevant,” troll bitch! May the FAT fucker be brutally raped and sadistically murdered in prison!

          • Rachel Hogan

            I don’t think you actually know the meaning of about half of those words you just used.

          • me

            It takes the focus off him being the filth and points the finger at fat people

          • mark are

            Headline should read

            “50-yr-old Pig Pig Threatens to Arrest Young Woman if She Doesn’t Have Sex With Him: Conviction

        • Glenn

          Of the things that you have said, he can control his physical stature/fitness – but not the other things.

          • Rachel Hogan

            Yes, but it’s just as irrelevant to the story as the other things I’ve stated.

          • Serene Voice

            No sane judge or jury could possibly be convinced that this aging, bald and obese cop would have had consensual sex with a 24 yo young woman. Less than half his age and it is implied that he stopped her because she is attractive. Would he have stopped an older unattractive woman for the purposes he revealed he had in mind? Unlikely.

        • Brent Edgell


          • Rachel Hogan

            Haha now that’s a headline! Lol

        • Alhazred

          fat girl is fat. qq.

        • mark are

          Maybe you should have wrote the headline.

    • Benji DirtySnake Greenlee

      because he’s a fat ass piece of shit

    • Benji DirtySnake Greenlee

      and no one wants to have sex with a fat unattractive cop. =)

      • robertgriswold

        Well a fat unattractive female might.

    • ME

      yes, well could have used the word PIG, that would be fine then, right? i think it is fine, OBESE, you got problem with that word?

      • Rachel Hogan

        Considering it is being used as a negative character trait to enhance this person’s undesirability, which implies that being obese is an inherently bad trait, then yes, I do have a problem with it.

        Let’s be honest. The reason the word “obese” is in the headline at all is to make people go, “eww, she had to have sex with a fat person? That must have been terrible!”

        • Suzyquzy

          Rachel. Your writing and insights are impressive. I’d really like to talk to you about work/writing opportunity. Not a spammer or stalker. Susan. [email protected]

          • Rachel Hogan

            Thanks, I’m interested but can’t get an e-mail to go through to that address.

        • Raven Man

          Well facts are facts.. In this case FAT FACTS

        • citizenzombie

          Precisely the same way “black”/African American and Islamic/Muslim are used in the media. Don’t be surprised to see more of this in the future.

          • Rachel Hogan

            I know, and it’s depressing.

        • treeman

          Being obese is a bad trait. It shows the person is a pig with no self restraint, no concern for their health and appearance and generally indicates they are inherently greedy, like pigs at swill. Fat people consume too much of the earths finite resources and are lazy slobs who deserve ridicule.. I find fat people repulsive

          • furlong

            I find unabashed ignorance such as the above comment to be repulsive. I’d rather fuck a fat chick than hear you talk

          • Alhazred

            Exactly! fat people are repulsive and immoral. They let themselves get they way, so they reap the disgust of everyone else. They don’t deserve to be coddled or told they’re “beautiful” because they aren’t. They’re fucking disgusting.

        • treeman

          Oh and it is neither negative or positive in the headline, that is just your interpretation

          • Rachel Hogan

            Don’t insult my intelligence. Neither of us is naive enough to pretend that “obese” has no connotation one way or the other.

          • RavenWolf_LDR

            You are absolutely correct. Just as my journalism/creative writing teacher taught me.

        • treeman

          Well having sex with a fat person is terrible. It would like screwing a piece of pastry dipped in lard. You seem to have identified the reasons exactly…good girl

        • RavenWolf_LDR

          Well, it is a negative no matter how its being used. The fact is that with the ALL of the health risk factors of obesity, obesity will ALWAYS be a negative. Show me how it is a positive. Show me how heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes is a positive and attractive. Show me how low fertility, and impotency are a positive. Hold on, this cop may have done that.

          I digress though, let’s look at your intent on pointing out this negative. People who point this negative out the hardest are more than likely part of the obese population that find no problem in being obese. Where as people who have a genuine disgust for their being overweight and obese would just let this slide because they know of ALL of the negatives that they are trying to fix. Fact of this story isn’t the officer’s weight, it’s the fact that he committed rape and sexual molestation and ONLY got 1 year for all that. I think I would be more upset about the amount of time he got and if he even has to register as a sex offender after this than this story’s use of the word “obese” which is the P.C. term all media forms use because courts ruled “fat people” is a slur in the media.

          • Rachel Hogan

            That’s my point though; the focus of the article is the abuse of power and lack of consequences, not the officer’s weight. The fact that he is obese has no bearing on the story what so ever, so it shouldn’t be mentioned in the headline. If he had been a skinny cop, would this have been any less horrible of a situation?

            I think you’ve misunderstood my use of the word “negative”. Obviously, there is nothing good about being overweight, but it’s an entirely different kind of negative trait than being a rapist is. Being obese doesn’t have anything to do with a person’s morality. His weight has literally nothing to do with the story. It’s mentioned in the headline to add sensationalism to it and to appease the biased readers who don’t actually care about facts or fair reporting, who just want to bash cops.

            And for the record, I’m 5’7″ and 130 lb, so I’m not obese. I just don’t like to see an entire group of people being used as a synonym for disgust. Fat isn’t a personality trait.

          • RavenWolf_LDR

            And my point is that you are making too big of deal over a descriptive word. You have tried to turn this into a discussion about the word obese and how it’s wrong to use. They use it to describe the man’s appearance. How else should they have said it?? Should they have just given his weight instead?? Also, over-weight people PREFER terms like obese and over-weight to describe them because they believe those words are better descriptions and don’t sound as harsh as FAT. You come off like some over zealous liberal who just wants to take out every descriptive word that you think is offensive. Hell, I bet you say “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” instead of “Merry Christmas” because you don’t want to offend people of other practices. I think what I’m getting at is either don’t try to make a discussion about one thing that has nothing about the article just because YOU find it OFFENSIVE or keep your mouth shut because you don’t know how to contribute to the true topic.

          • Rachel Hogan

            It has nothing to do with being politically correct. The mention of his weight isn’t relevant to the story in any way. There is no legitimate reason for it to be brought up. I’m not sure how you’re misunderstanding the issue so badly. The headline wrecks any credibility the article might have had.

          • RavenWolf_LDR

            Saying that it has nothing to do with being politically correct makes it sound like it does with the rest of your statement. It is a description of the man just like saying his age or that he is white. It’s not meant to be a negative. It’s a DESCRIPTION. Period. It does not wreck this article what so ever. That is journalism 101. And I’m not missing the point. This is an obese, 50yo, white, bald man who committed a sex crime. He is obese and the news which other major news companies have also used the term, have every right to use a descriptive word in their headlines. That doesn’t take away from the credibility of the article. It helps paint a picture of the person which makes it legitimate. People like you give writers a bad name just because of your PC ideas on what can be used for a headline. How about this for a headline and see if it’s better… “Fat, old white cop forces woman to have sex”… Doesn’t sound better does it, you PC liberal??

          • Rachel Hogan

            No, articles like this give journalism a bad name. Don’t pretend to be so naive that you can’t see the author’s intent here. Articles like this do a disservice to the issue at hand. It’s chalked full of exaggeration and misinformation, and I guess the headline is actually perfect because it clearly illustrates the intent of the article: not to be factually accurate or journalistically integrate but to spoon feed readers what they want to hear.

            I don’t have a problem with the word “obese” in the headline because it’s insensitive to fat people. If his weight was at all relevant to the story it would be fine. I have a problem with the way it is being used. Writer’s don’t use descriptive words so flippantly, especially in a headline. This isn’t just a description; it’s an insult.

            And please, don’t start with, “he deserves to be insulted”, because he does, but if you can’t see the problem with using obese as a legitimate insult in this situation, then I just give up on humanity. (If you do understand, then feel free to ignore this whole paragraph)

          • LawrenceNeal

            ‘Disgusting Cop’ might have been better

          • furlong

            god you’re a fucking idiot

          • RavenWolf_LDR

            Only an idiot calls other people an idiot. I guess we know what yours and Miss Hogan’s intelligence level is. It is so 6 year old of people to resort to name calling and people to agree with that and I, myself, will not sink to that level. I will keep myself at my 140 IQ and act my age.

          • Cris

            Maybe you misunderstand their use of it? He does look obese and being an obese cop?!? wth, to me that is definitely not ok in the occupation for so many reasons. Also obese and overweight cops tend to shoot/kill people that flee rather than give chase, and just cause you are fat and cant catch someone doesnt give a cop the right to give someone the death penalty. So in every way that obesity is dangerous to ones health, so are fat/obese cops to the people around them. I also dont see them use the word obese or go into that any further in the article.

        • Glenn

          Forcible sex is not sex – ‘more akin to rape. She did not choose this fat abuser of his authority.

        • Sean

          Either that, or it’s emphasizing the how ridiculous it is that police officers are allowed to be out of shape when their job is meant to entail actions that require one to be physically fit.

        • justsomerandomguywiththoughts

          Being Obese is a negative trait. It’s unhealthy. It is a state of sickness. It is not something to be proud of, or celebrate.

      • Matt Frost

        As I said above, it doesn’t make him more of a rapist. It’s not relevant to the story, you’re only using his weight as a perjorative and demeaning anyone else who is overweight by association.

    • rustyD

      Because it adds to the “Pig” factor…a fat loser cop sexually assaulted a 24 year old girl…He’s an Ogre..a Lout,a palooka,jamoch…he could BUY a date with something like her…so he abused his public trust..for sex…They have scrapped the bottom as far as law enforcement recruits in this nation..low pay attracts low life..They need better testing to see if a candidate just wants the power trip,with a badge,gun and a car with blinking lights on it…They could not care less about crime,and reducing it, they want to be called “hero”…that is a complex

      • Greg Williamson

        Damn..that’s brilliant Rusty..we’ll not really because what you’ve said makes so much sense that you’d think it would be common..but besides me you’re the only other person I’ve heard spell it out the way it should be and the way it is!

    • Raven Man

      Because he was a fat(Obese) piece of shit,, having power and protection under a badge.. As many do. and get away with it.

      • Rachel Hogan

        So, if he were skinny this whole thing would have been less horrible?

        • FatShamer


          • fatpeoplearebadpeople

            Yup, pretty much. If he was skinny then it could have been argued that he was attractive and the woman wanted him. Clearly no one wants a fat ass, so it was quite valid to the story in proving his guilt.

          • Alhazred

            Fat people are in complete control of their body image. They don’t deserve to be coddled, and those like you who think fat is beautiful are contributing to the problem. Fat people are immoral. They let themselves get that way and it goes to show they lack any form of restraint. Thus further proving his guilt.

          • Penny Marie Sautereau

            Oh do please kindly play a nice long round of “Hide and Go Fuck Yourself” you sad deluded ignorant shitwaffle.

          • midwestmomof2

            You are completely in control of your words, yet you insult an entire sector of the population, you neanderthal!

    • Talena

      Cause they get offended when you call them pigs?

    • Kitty Nadj

      Seriously. Like if he were skinny, it’d somehow make coercive rape less heinous.

    • Klaatu

      They left out “Christian” also because if he was from an Arab country you can bet they would have thrown in “Muslim”, they always do.

    • James Bogardus

      To let you know she wasnt violated by some Channing Tatum looking popo, but a smelly sweaty pig of a pig. Much worse, much much worse…

      • Rachel Hogan

        That’s bullshit, and you know it. It doesn’t matter who the rapist is, rape is rape. Getting raped by a “Channing Tatum looking popo” wouldn’t have made this any less horrible.

        • James Bogardus

          It was sarcasm…

          • Rachel Hogan

            Haha, my bad. It’s had to tell sometimes

    • uncensoredfreespeechdotcom

      thats what i was thinking….is it pertinent? or is it yellow journalism using key words designed to inflame.

    • StreyDawg

      It is neither necessary or relevant, so the presence of the word should be of no consequence except for people who choose to be distracted from the egregious crime that this fat POS inflicted upon a citizen.

    • jessica ciocca

      Because it’s all the more disgusting. Plus it’s click bait.

  • treeman

    He might have this experience if there is any justice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS-nCS9Az94

  • jblack

    while I feel this guy was wrong and deserves prison I feel the reporter could have left out the references to the mans obesity problem a persons weight is not a reflection of whether he his prone to be a rapist or a criminal

    • etyrnal

      perhaps it symbolizes his systemic problem with self restrain, and taking more than he should??

      • Matt Frost

        No, it doesn’t. His problem is that he used his position of power and authority in a criminal manner, not that he had too many donuts. Again, if he were a young, skinny cop who did the same thing, would it make him any less a rapist?

        • treeman

          A young skinny cop could probably get a screw without resorting to rape simply becasue they would be more attractive physically.

          • Matt Frost

            It is still rape, because the officer, no matter how attractive, is using his position of power and her inebriated state behind the wheel as a means to get in her pants. It doesn’t matter if she finds him more physically attractive, rape is rape.

          • Matt Frost

            That’s not what rape is about. Rape isn’t about getting laid, it’s about power and domination.. Intercourse is used as a weapon to violate someone who is not consenting. In the age of the internet there are plenty of women who will bang older fat dudes. It’s not about getting laid and it doesn’t matter that he is fat.

    • Maritha

      They used the word obese because obese men often can’t perform sex in a “traditional” sort of way. They become desperate and find control and subjugation their only way to intimate satisfaction. To be blunt, the actual vacuum action of a mouth is the only way they can get “off” because their weight prevents an erection. They can never admit their fat induced defect, but it obvious to most women who have to endure a night with one of these men. They tend to be entirely selfish…now I am not saying all heavy men, but I am certain a high percentage are operating from enormous frustration — not to make a bad pun.

      • treeman

        In other words fat guys have little penises

        • Maritha

          I am referring to their broken parts, not necessarily to their size…but that is a factor too no doubt! lol

      • Matt Frost

        Sorry, but this is pure horse manure. You have no way of knowing what this guy’s erectile capability is. Furthermore, as rape is a crime of power, a rapist regardless of size may only be able to maintain an erection while raping. But go on, I’ll leave you to your fat bashing.

    • Glenn

      But that is just being particular. I would call him a fat P.O.S. because he makes me mad. Are we not allowed to be mad in todays’ society?

  • NOT-tiny

    now, is there anyone still out there that doesnt believe it when told, the war has began? https://www.facebook.com/pages/ITS-WAR-video-everything/225043890903957

  • MD

    Death penalty for this fuck.

  • steven silletti

    Question. What would you do if you came upon a uniformed police officer forcibly raping someone in their patrol car? Personally, I would use ANY means necessary to stop the assault, up to and including DEADLY FORCE. After all, DEAD RAPISTS RAPE NO ONE!

    • RavenWolf_LDR

      I agree with you on that one.

    • uncensoredfreespeechdotcom

      once the same thing starts happening to the families of these cops then they might think twice about it

    • thankyouUSAforwinningthewar

      I came across a off duty officer having sex with a minor . dragged him out of the car and set about him with a pick axe handle . It was reported in the paper that he got attacked for no reason and that his wife was looking after him. If only she knew

      • mark are

        She needed to know.

    • mark are

      In a heartbeat. I’d shoot him in the head. Ask the victim if they are ok, and leave…

  • mae

    As a sexual assault victim i find it horrible that a woman would be molested in a such a way. But as an intelligent woman i have to say, why the FUCK didn’t she just take the arrest and go to the jail? i know that cops, in general, are assholes, but if you are going to be raped by one, you might want to make a better attempt at GETTING THE FUCK AWAY OUT OF DANGER not just taking it and reporting it to more cops later. postponing and distracting a predator are 2 things that can save your life in an assault. Don’t let fear allow you to allow them to ruin your idea of self worth.

    • cory667

      because a cop can lie and say anything.
      She would loose her license and be thrown in jail for a long time for dui, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest and whatever other lie he can make up and get away with while having no proof.

      You’d rather spend 5yrs in jail then have sex?

      • Raven Man

        Cops all over the country are abusing and murdering citizens every day,, Then they get away with it..

      • jenna

        While I agree with part of what you are saying, I’d like to point out that rape is NOT having sex. Hell I’d rather have sex than go to jail for a day. I’d rather have sex than wash the dishes or go grocery shopping. Rape, on the other hand, is a different story…

    • Gma

      A 24 year old girl was probably very intimidated by his size and threats. He could have been lying to her and if she resisted he may have killed her and dumped the body never to be seen again. He was sorry enough to rape her then he is sorry enough to kill her.

      • Nizate

        Or eat her lol.

    • Sarah Jackson

      this cop obviously wasn’t fucking around and most likely would have been aggresive and forcefull. why do people try to come up with senarios about what happened and trivialize the situation? It doesn’t matter what happened, a police officer should never do what he has done under NO CIRCUMSTANCES.

    • LPBridge

      As a survivor I would think you would understand the intimidation associated with rape/sexual assault. I’m sure it didn’t seem like she was really being given a choice at the time. In reality, she probably wasn’t. If she had said no he probably would have beaten her and charged her with resisting arrest and said she fought him and that he HAD to throw her around.

    • upagainstthewall

      Did you enjoy being raped mae? Was it hot and steamy and all the things that they portray in the movies? How dare you compare your precociousness with another woman’s choice to submit instead of facing more of a threat of harm. You see, it is people like you that claim to be survivors, then try to find the blame in someone else’s sexual assault.
      So did you like it? Did it feel good? Were you tied up? Or were you dehumanized, like the rest of sexual assault victims in this country? Bitches like you …make me sick!!! How dare you!!!!
      So Mae next time you are horny and just want some hard fallous, do us all a favor don’t claim rape… because only someone that has never been raped would post the crap you posted here. Touche’ …. now go remember your sexual assault… perhaps we could do a gofundme so you can get some batteries to keep yourself occupied all night long.

      Whoa wait a second… “find it horrible that a woman would be molested in such a way”, that is what you said Mae. This was not a case of molestation… the woman was raped.
      So in your darkest hours when you are recalling your own traumatization, slide your fingers inside your panties and go f**** yourself.
      To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is something you do on a regular basis.

    • Jenna

      It says in the article that as he was holding her down with his right hand and raping her, she looked back and saw that he had his gun in his left hand pointing at her…

  • GearheadZ Mechanical


  • Matt Frost

    Granted, the guy is an asshole and should never see the light of day again, but what does his weight or age have to do with him being a rapist piece of dog squeeze? If he were younger and slender, would that make him any less of a perv creep? Stop associating older and fatter people with rape. Rape should be enough to make him detestable.

  • petertrast

    Rule #2, the double tap. (Zombieland)

  • Tulay Azize Tuncay

    Because justice is so slow as well as favoring those with money, our country still has village justice. Had this happened here the pig would never have made it to the court house.

  • i sure hope he gets payback during his one year

  • Gma

    He just better be glad the girl was not my daughter. No call, no report! I would own his lil pee-pee and play kickball with his sorry lil marbles!! 1 year in jail is unjust and they protect these scum in prison. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got out and returned to another ‘force’ to continue his phuckery!!

  • Bill Balley

    i have a low tolerance for rapist and child touchers. i say Double Tap all of them. and let the wolves sort em out.

  • Dan Dewey

    Being put in a position of authority and then violating someone like this should be grounds for doubling the penalty not giving him a break! People in authority positions should be held to a higher standard not a lower one!

  • GAry

    In my personal experience, the worst criminals in our degenerating economy are the cops. These days cops are hired to make a profit for the government, any way they can, and get rid of those that don’t produce for the government. All governments have become the Godzilla of old Japanese movies. Cops don’t need to use phony radar guns in Oregon to steal from a motorist. They just completely fabricate a charge then commit perjury in court. Judge Horner, Dallas, Oregon, made sure, asking cop David Peterson twice if there were no witnesses in the vehicle before their complicity in the theft. It doesn’t even matter that a charge completely violates the laws of physics. Oregon cops will issue a completely bogus traffic cite, then commit perjury with the most ridiculous impossible lies in court and the judges convict anyway, as if it were a conspiracy. Their combined arrogance is complete. I know. It happened to me in Oregon. IN OREGON, DON’T DRIVE IN YOUR VEHICLE ALONE. If you want to know why, read the posts on: facebook.com/garydonoliver. That is the reason cops don’t want to be filmed. It cuts into their take from theft, and exposes their level of insanity.

    • Sarah Jackson

      Here in Australia being the only car on the road at 2:00 am an officer stole $5000 out of his wallet while the other kept him distracted at the boot.

  • Raven Man

    If she feared fo herself,, that is the same as forcible Rape,, The cop should not be on the streets,, Any other person without being cop would be in jail the rest of their lives..
    You can understand why the cops and government want to disarm the public,, the crimes police do against the citizens will run wild… Defend yourself people, its the cops you have to fear.. They are your worst criminals on the streets,

  • Dan Braun

    Once in jail and in general population tell everyone he’s one a cop and then he’s in there for rape. Something tells me he will have more boyfriends than she will in her life. Just a idea.

  • RavenWolf_LDR

    I say let the fat man sit his ass in general population!! Then make him register as a sex offender.

  • Brent Edgell

    Does this guy know there are such things as prostitutes you can go get? They won’t even tell anyone you had sex with them either!!!

  • Ic3m4n

    I hope someone guts this fat pig in jail, unfortunately he is probaly in PC, with all the sex offenders

  • Dorlisa St Jean

    Someone’s weight should not define how much a rapist he is. It’s like saying because he is African American, he is known to rob a bank or kill someone. Someone’s appearance has nothing to do with his actions. People like to make excuses to say that they are not ignorant when you guys damn well know that picking on somebody’s weight as to why he is a rapist is strictly ignorance. News are supposed to be unbiased reporting but it seems to me that they forgot about the ‘unbiased’ part. Obesity is not a good thing but profiling as a rapist because of it is missing the point in the real story. You guys should be angry more about the fact that he is only getting a year or less in county jail due to the system favoring those with government privileges. For the record, any person with a different weight type can rape anybody. Not just someone who is overweight. Stop being so prejudice and maybe you can realize the unbiased reporting.

  • Noneofyr

    Rape. He raped that woman. Why did the author choose to uses phrases like “forced sex” and “sexual coerision?” Threatening violence against someone in order get them to have sex with you is called rape. Call this pig a fucking rapist.

  • Rob_Shirah

    The reason Judges don’t sentence police normal is because the police will not protect them if they do.

  • Mike Bondy

    Hope they cut his small fat cock off and gag him with it

  • killpigs

    they got this pussy in protective custody and I bet u they gave him a lesser charge so he not a registered sex offender , he wouldn’t get 1 year in county if he did , n if they put him in gen pop 1 hed be raped just for being a cop n if they found out what he did , he’d be gang raped and extorted for every thing hes worth maybe even killed and the fat fucking pig would deserve every thing that happened to him

  • dagobarbz

    Hunting these vile people down who have gotten away with this type of thing and worse, then rewarded with a paid vacation would be a fun hobby.
    What you do when you catch one? Well, that’s up to you…

  • J

    If it was my daughter he’d be dead.

  • Lee Workman

    Amazing the kind of filth that wears that blue uniform. Then they whine and cry when someone fights back instead of just taking their abuse.

  • bill

    People like this should not be allowed to live, he is simply just a wast of space. And as such someone should terminate the fat pig.

  • Damien Cross

    Splatter his brains on the road!

    Kill him as soon as he is released.

  • Timewarped

    They always take care of their own…they literally see themselves as one big family …us verse them and we pay them. We have too many laws and too many police

  • Ray Flower

    Terrorist. Judged by Terrorists. Held by Terrorists. Will be let out by Terrorists.

  • Drakenfly

    Place a bounty on both of his heads…

  • margova46

    Disgusting pig-shit eating scoundrel. Hope he gets his fat ass kicked daily.

  • Mark Samson

    If he was a hot cop, built, young and good looking… We would not even be reading this. So many women are willing to whore these days it’s not even funny. She was driving drunk and got caught. He gave her a way out of arrest. She did not have to take it she chose it over being arrested for the crime of drunk driving. (but was she really drunk, that’s what I’d like to know, because if he’s making up false charges that’s even worse!)

    I bet he has been doing this for a while and sees it is as giving them a way out of their own self-created problems, which will in fact save them jail time and thousands of dollars in legal fees, fines and DUI on their record as well as sky high insurance rates. Like I said if he was young and good looking I bet he could do that everyday without ever getting caught.

    Girl: “I almost got arrest the other night after the club.”
    Friend: “What happened?”
    Girl: “I had sex with this really hot cop, and let me off, I’m so lucky I just saved $5000 and jail time!”

    Bottom line is she should not have been driving drunk in the first place if she was. And he should not have been doing this. But don’t think there are not women that use sex to get out of trouble all of the time or to get what they want and have no problem with it.

    I know the puritans will hate what I have said, but this kind of stuff happens all of the time outside of the U.S. and inside as well.