7 Year Old with ADHD Handcuffed and Tasered at School

A Texas family has hired an attorney after they say their 7-year-old son with ADHD was handcuffed and tasered by police officers in his school.

April Obin says her son has ADHD and a mood disorder and disrupts class several times a week.

The school has counselors who are trained in how to help him cope. Obin says she was called in to school to pick up her son on a Tuesday morning and he was nowhere to be found. “Before she could get to the school, the DISD police department was called, and handcuffed the child and took the child away,” said the family’s lawyer, Amar Dhillon.

Obin said her son turned violent during an episode and started banging his head against the wall. The school was in the middle of standardized testing and the counselors weren’t available, according to the family’s attorney.

The attorney showed pictures of bruising the boy now has on his legs, bruises he says came from being hit on the legs with a baton. He also says marks on the 7-year-old’s back are from a taser. “He did vividly describe being shocked and his body convulsing. And he was very clear about that,” Dhillon said.

The school district says it can’t confirm or deny the alleged incident due to federal laws that protect student privacy. The family’s attorney says he and the school district’s attorney are working together on the case.

Source: news4sanantonio.com

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  • Tammy Bettiga


  • Anybody who can’t control a 7 year old without handcuffs and a taser needs a different line of work. Yeah some kids are difficult to handle when they have mental/neuro disorders but c’mon!

  • Flying Gabriel

    America being what it is these days, they should be grateful he wasn’t sodomised.

  • Jorg Bischoff

    IDK, these cops and the other adults not taking action…. Scum of humanity. The U.S.A. resembles the Nazi Germany more and more each day. Very sad. Soon there will be re-education camps for all the people who don’t adhere to the “”norm””. Mark my words.