A Cop Just Walked Up to this Family’s House and Shot Their Dog THREE TIMES in the Head


It was a busy morning for the Palacios family.

Gillian Palacios was getting ready for work and was meant to drop their eight-year-old son to school as well.

Hurriedly she was loading things in her car, which was parked in the driveway.

Like every morning their dog, two-year-old Duchess, was excited too – wagging her tail.

The Palacios’ loved her to bits; after all they fostered and rescued dogs in the area on a regular basis.

In fact, that very morning Gillian was meant to take another one of their dogs to the vet’s office.

Amid the frenzy she left the door of her car open.

A police officer who was passing by spotted this and decided to let the family know that the car door was ajar.

When he knocked on the door a curious Duchess went up to it, Gillian opened the door just slightly knowing that the pet was standing right there.

Her 18-year-old daughter Sage stood behind her.

The inquisitive dog slipped out and within seconds she was shot dead by the cop.

The incident was captured on surveillance video and in the footage the unnamed officer can be seen placing his hand on his service weapon as soon as the dog ran out.

Sage stepped out in horror, while her younger brother watched the shooting from a window.

Clearly distraught, Gillian is still coming to terms with life without Duchess.

However, she says she could have been a casualty too.

“I was about to go running out to get here, I’m lucky that I wasn’t the one shot,” she added.

Sage says there was no way that the dog would have bitten him.

“He didn’t even give her a chance,” he says.

Officer Ken Armenteros of the Florida city police Department spoke on behalf of the authorities.

He says cops are trained to deal with such situations and make split-second decisions.
“We do not have the luxury of hindsight,” he commented.

It is important to note that the accused member of law enforcement did not suspect any criminal activity and in his attempt to do a favor to the family ended up using lethal force against a defenseless animal.

Watch the video below:

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  • samoanpunch .

    I don’t understand how people can just stand there. If anyone were to come on my property and start shooting my pets, they’d find themselves lying next to to them. People of this country as so pacified they and ignorant of the idea of freedom that they let police get away anything. Pathetic nation we’ve become and even more pathetic are these cops hiding behind their excuses for using even the slightest bit of reasoning in their actions. Discharging a weapon should be taken extremely serious and these clowns use their guns to solve problems they don’t want to deal with. I’m sick of their mentality and justifications for the pure fear mongering stupidity that has become modern law enforcement. These officers have been trained to be fucking pussies afraid of everything. And even worse is the way they justify their actions with bullshit excuses.

    • kwkr

      You idiot the cop would have shot them too!! What would that solve?!You have no idea what you would do in that situation! The shock of it and happening in a split second is hard to deal with. Id always said same about being mugged, well id do this, id not let that happen. WRONG! It happened and all that shit went right out the window, you are terrified, surprised,when knocked to the ground and drug. No one can put themselves in someone elses place and put them down for not acting like you think you would, all safe behind your computer

      • LioNel Jamerson

        So that makes him an idiot for having an emotional reaction from seeing that awful video. Does that make it allright for me to call you an idito for having a kneejerk reaction to his comment?

        • Kimberley Wall

          I just got an email notification of your reply . I most certainly did not say that !!! my account must have been hacked

      • samoanpunch .

        Speak for yourself jackass. While you’re at it learn to read. I clearly stated, “I don’t understand people”. WTF do those words mean to you? Does it mean I’m speaking for them? No, I would not stand for anyone, including cops doing what is shown in this video. Yes watching a stranger start shooting in the direction of my home for any reason would lead to an immediate reaction that they are an immediate threat to my family and need to be dealt with using deadly force. So fuck you and your pussy ass “hindsight” excuses. Having a badge doesn’t excuse being stupid and putting people’s lives in risk. Not one officer has ever been killed by a dog. Period. So for there to be tens of thousands of officer shootings of dogs every year is 100% irresponsible and a danger to the community. As we have already seen a number of times when these officers have shot themselves, children, and owners while attempting to shoot their pet. Fucking idiot. Keep your fucking guns holstered god damn pussies.

        • Rick Lopez

          Cops haven’t died from dog attacks because cops have guns and when they get bit or attacked, they shoot them. Learn to logic, stupid.

          • samoanpunch .

            You stupid fuck, look at the data. How many officers have been bitten by dogs? How many mailmen have been bitten by dogs? How many UPS, FedEx Drivers bitten by dogs? How the fuck can delivery drivers go to work unarmed with this enormous threat of dogs being out there? OMG The insanity! Fucking ignorant fear mongering dumb ass.

          • Interrupting Reply Bot 2014

            My Dad was a cop. Never was bitten by a dog. But he wasn’t so fucking stupid that he would go into a yard with dogs. Then he wasn’t such a fucking pussy that he wasn’t afraid of a dog bite. And he wasn’t so evil as to shoot the family dog IN FRONT OF THE FAMILY. This worthless cops’ POS life wasn’t worth HALF of this dogs, so go fuck yourself.

          • Rick Lopez

            Cops don’t regularly deal with dogs. Delivery and servicemen do and I know tons of them who are scared of dogs, have been bitten by dogs, and the worst of them is always being chased or bitten by pitbulls. I know three that have had the property owners’ dogs put to death for biting them.

          • Rick Lopez

            Actually my grandpa was a mailman for 45+ years and yes, he would ALWAYS tell me about vicious dogs and the bites he would get, and he said the only bite that was really bad was from a pittbull and it wouldn’t let go of him. I know plenty of FEDEX/UPS men who have the same stories, so you’re full of shit.

          • Flatch

            maybe your grampa was full of shit?

    • Rick Lopez

      Good luck with your jailtime, and being scared of a charging pittbull is normal- even for a cop. Good riddance, 1 dead pitt is just a good start.

      • samoanpunch .

        Law would be on my side. But you’re too uneducated to know anything about that.

      • Liberty N. Cognito

        People have every right to defend their homes, property, pets and families from violent criminals. If the police in this country think they can just brutalize, torture, and murder people and/or shoot housepets as the families who own and love these pets watch in horror, THEY ARE SOOOO WRONG. Now, obviously, WAY too many cops are getting away with this shit right now. Do you REALLY think things are gonna be the way they are now FOREVER? When in the freaking history of the world has that EVER happened???

        Push the American people too hard for two long and they WILL begin to push back, and push back HARD.

        The police, prosecutors, judges and others who work as cogs in the wheels of our country’s “justice” system had better WAKE THE FUCK UP and embrace some sweeping and progressive changes and they’d better do this really, REALLY soon. We are angry, we are armed, and we are DONE with this bullshit. There are people out there right now, sitting in their livingrooms and basemsents, quietly cleaning and oiling their guns, and thinking “I wish a nigga wold!!!

        Sooner or later, they’re gonna get their wihes.

  • R Stefan Joseph

    We don’t have the luxury of hindsight….this fucking idiot said. He says cops are trained to deal with such situations and make split-second decisions. Well all things considered at this point as sooo many cops are abusing their position and killing people maybe the next time one pulls me over or comes on my property I should use that as my reason for just opening fire on them.

    • Evelyn Howton


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    • Rick Lopez

      Good luck with your jailtime.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        good luck surviving a visit from the cops… no matter how trivial the matter, ‘it all depends on how they feel at the moment’…. right. Even Judge Dredd had oversight!

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      someone should tell these guys, although they feel like Gods with guns, they also do not have the luxury of resurrection of the dead. I gotta tell you, that excuse is just selling cat piss for lemonade.

  • Reuben James Hunt

    I watched the video and it does look like the owners put the dog out as the officer approached the front door, Why?

    • Francis Cugler

      Why does a person buy a guard dog?

      • Rick Lopez

        Not to use against cops, or it’s gonna get shot. Good riddance, another dead pitt is a good thing.

        • Francis Cugler

          Who said it has to be a Pit-bull, it could be a German Shepard, an Akita, Retriever or a Lab, a Great Dane, a Rottweiler, a Husky, or a Doberman. Also if they come onto your property without your permission and without a proper search warrant and they are illegally in your yard then they are asking for it!

        • PittieLove

          You posting all cocky and righteous…a little bitch boy lacking the nads to defend your rights, so you condone this cop’s behaviour because you fear ‘pitbulls’.
          What are you going to do when a cop puts a bullet in something/someone you give a damn about?
          My guess is you’re going to whine like a little c*nt.

  • Francis Cugler

    At one time in our nation and not all that long ago; Nearly any one who owned a firearm carried it either concealed or open, dogs were not on leashes and they had the obedience to listen to their masters, most all children had respect for all adults. Of course there was crime, and shootings, but there has always been harmful human activity long before the gun and gun powder was ever invented. Families went to parks and had a picnics, they swam in lakes and rivers, etc., and the Nation was at its strongest then! But in the past 40 – 50 years it pretty much has gone to shit compared to what it use to be.

  • teddyb

    The dog was wagging her tail happily, and even after she was shot.

    • Rick Lopez

      Pittbulls are happy when they kill or attack, I’ve seen pittbulls tails wag while ripping apart humans and animals many times, idiot.

      • Interrupting Reply Bot 2014

        Yeah, you also fucked your daughter in the ass many times. What’s that prove?

        • Rick Lopez

          I don’t have a daughter and even if I did, I’m GAY you stupid cunt. All emotional over one dumb dead dog. Grow up. Blame the owner.

          • Kimberley Wall

            OMG maybe we should get rid of you before you spead AIDS

          • LioNel Jamerson

            Shame Kim, dont stoop to that level .

      • Kimberley Wall

        I have to object to this line of thought here. I was a delivery driver for well over a decade . I went to many homes with pitties. Not once was I afraid ,not once was I charged ,not once was I attacked or bitten. The dog will react to an un spoken intention. I believe they can sense it.If you look threatening the dog will react. I will stand by this position. Everytime I was greeted with big smiles and wagging tails . My condolences to the family and the dog may she rest in peace .. One more situation that should have been avoided with the use of common sense rather than a presumption of entitlement.

        • Rick Lopez

          Bullshit. My grandpa was a mailman for 45+ years and I’ve heard almost a hundred stories from him over the 30 years or so I’ve been alive about ‘this dog attacking’ or ‘this dog bit him’ etc. So you’re full of shit. Any REAL serviceperson or deliveryperson who goes door to door on the regular knows dogs are a fucking menace.

          • Kimberley Wall

            Well thank you for telling me how my delivery experience has been .. Real huh, hahaha you’re by fAr the most ignorant idiot I have ever encountered. I guess you would know better than I how my job has been .. apparently I wasnt there and you were lmfao.. REAL eh, I worked 9-10 hours day delivering so I think I am really fucking REAL..Animals sense bad people .. apparently your grandpa was as bad as you ..

      • Kimberley Wall

        good to know you were there and stood by to watch .

  • Rick Lopez

    Bullshit. The pittbull came CHARGING out of the house agressively. If you can’t control your vicious beast then you shouldn’t own one and shouldn’t be mad when someone shoots it. And yeah, if you leave your car doors open with the lights on in front of your house, the police officer is doing the right thing by coming to tell you that it’s a hazard. Anything that can become an easy crime officers have the right to ward off and warn you about. You’re just tempting someone to steal it or maybe it looks like an accident happened. This cop was just doing his job and defending himself. I hate cops but it’s total bullshit to say he just ‘walked up and killed their dog’ without acknowledging that the dog was aggressive, came out of nowhere, and anyone else would have shot that dog too.

    • Interrupting Reply Bot 2014

      Fuck you, dick wad. That PUSSY COOP had NO FUCKING BUSINESS going into anyone’s yard UNINVITED. I wish the dog had bitten him and severed his fucking JUGULAR before this pussy even got his PUSSY GUN out. Fucking idiot, Fuck yourself. Fuck your family. Fuck you.

      • Rick Lopez

        WRONG DUMBFUCK. The owner of the house left their car doors and windows open with the lights on. Any cop would go check on the house and make sure that everything was okay, you stupid cunt. Clearly you don’t know that a cop’s job is to serve and protect. You’re also a proven, demonstrable idiot if you think a dog’s life is worth as much as a human’s.

        • Kimberley Wall

          Oddly enough they need extenuating circumstances to come into/onto your property ,..wow you are such a miserable loser.must of had a horrible childhood to be so bitter lmfao

    • Kimberley Wall

      According to whom? the cop that killed her lmfao .. another loser that has a Napolean complex and needs to bully and kill puppies

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    warrior cop? that description is way too generous. MURDER COP, SERIAL KILLER COP, ROGUE KILLER COP, RENEGADE VIGILANTE COP… MAYBE… but the word warrior implies a code of honor and a cultural standing that these psychopaths do not have.

  • Sharpshooter

    We’ve got cops right here in Texas that do the same to people. Now, some of them are being tried for being afraid of acting like a professional . Cop or not, if you’re carrying, be prepared to accept the consequences when you screw up! Civilians have to!

  • Many cops are in the wrong job. This one proved he was. What is he doing walking around with a gun? He’s just another coward with a gun.