News Video: Ocoee Police Performing Boat Check Enter Fenced-in Yard and Kill Family Dog

Duke, a 65-pound Catahoula hound mix, had been a member of the family for 11 years.

Ocoee Police Deputy Chief Steve McCosker said, “How it happened is that we were doing an area check in reference to a vessel that appeared to have been beached or abandoned in his immediate area. The officer had called out from outside the front gate and the owners didn’t answer. And when the officers knocked on the door a small dog and a mid-sized dog had left through the doggie door and ran toward the officer. The officer believed that the dog was going to bite him.”

Police told Brooks that whenever an officer is involved in a shooting, they are placed on administrative leave until an investigation is complete. But, when he called the department the following day to get an incident report, he was told the officer was already back on duty.

The preliminary police report they acquired identified the incident as a “suspicious vehicle” stop. Lisa Brooks said, “The officer had come to our house in the first place to inquire about our boat which was covered, anchored and properly registered on our lakefront. There was no mention of the officer firing his weapon or that he killed our dog. The fact that this preliminary report completely omits the actual crime does not leave us with much hope that the report will be factual or tell the complete truth.”

Two weeks after the incident, the family finally received the official police report, but, they say, important details of the incident are missing or inaccurate. And, the officers named are all listed as school resource officers.

The family have started a petition, Justice for Duke, in hopes that a similar incident will not take the life of another beloved family member.

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  • Jose Sellman

    I think any officer executing a family pet claiming fear for their life,, should be fired , given a box of tampons because they are too much of a p,.,y to be a cop.. Oh,, exactly why in the hell is a SCHOOL RESOURCE officer doing armed,, and going door to door about a damned boat?

  • Mike

    Too bad the homeowner was not carrying and shot the trespassing officer dead, he could always use the same excuse the cop used to kill his dog. I was in fear for my life. I would have ripped that cops throat out with my teeth and shit on his corpse. That cop deserves death, for he is a coward and a true POS. I hope and pray that he ends up dead with a bullet to the head, or gutted and left for dead, let the rats eat his dead body!!!!