Abusive Chicago Police Sergeant Who Beat Black Woman Owns Racist Websites


Before he was accused of beating a handcuffed African-American woman, a Chicago Police sergeant registered a racist URL: n**gadown.com.

George Granias, a sergeant at the heart of a recently settled police brutality lawsuit, purchased at least two websites with racial slurs in their titles, his alleged victim’s lawyer says. The domain names include URLs like n**gaguns.com, the legal team first told CBS Chicago. An investigation by The Daily Beast revealed a series of other domains registered to Granias’ name and address, including “murdertech.com,” “necroarmy.com,” and in a jab to Illinois’ former governor, “patquinnsucks.com”.

In December 2013, Granias registered n**gadown.com, internet records show. Three months later, police arrested Patasa Johnson, a Chicago woman, at a traffic stop. Johnson’s arresting officer accused her of driving drunk, a charge she denied, and which was later dropped. The officer cuffed her in the back of a squad car and drove her to a police station, where “Granias grabbed [Johnson] from the back of the car,” and roughly escorted her into the station, according to a lawsuit Johnson filed against the city in 2015. “Inside the station, Defendant Granias beat [Johnson] while [Johnson] was in hand-cuffs.”

Johnson required medical treatment for her injuries, and later reached a settlement agreement with the city, according to Johnson’s lawyer. The city is expected to shell out a $185,000 settlement, the details of which are still being finalized.

But while researching Granias in preparation for Johnson’s suit, Johnson’s legal team discovered his website n**gadown.com

“We came across that URL and said what the hell is this?” Brendan Shiller, Johnson’s attorney, told The Daily Beast. Though the website was blank when Shiller and his team found it through a simple search for Granias’ name, its presence in Google search results suggests Granias did more than buy the racist domain name: He actually launched a website, Shiller said.

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