American Citizen Labeled “Trash,” Hanged to Death in Police Custody


UPDATE: Cops File Restraining Order Against Coroner, Prevent Further Investigation into Hanging Death

Zachary Goldson was called “trash” by police and found to be hanged to death in their custody. Before his death by hanging, police were also heard saying “Yeah, this motherfucker is getting a welcome party when we get to jail.”

Dr. Judith Varnau with the Brown County Coroner was conducting a further investigation into the Sheriff’s department, after an earlier investigation determined that the death was a homicide by strangulation, according to reports.

The Coroner had issued several subpoenas to the Sheriff’s office for investigative materials relating to the manner in which Goldson died after being arrested.

The Sheriff’s office employees responded by actually filing a restraining order on the coroner, preventing the investigation from continuing.

The Judge issued the restraining order, saying: “The Court finds and concludes that there is reasonable cause to believe…that sufficient doubt exists as to the coroner’s authority to conduct an inquest into Goldson’s death…that Defendant must be restrained from proceeding as indicated, and preservation of the status quo is necessary until this matter can come before the Court on a hearing.”

Interestingly, the Coroner was trying to gain information about the sprinkler system from which Goldson was found hanging.

Some have said that sprinkler system is too high for one man to “commit suicide” by hanging himself from it, and thus required someone else to set up a noose and hang him from it.

If they have nothing to hide, then why would the sheriff’s office employees prevent further investigation into the case?

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GEORGETOWN  – A Brown County coroner has confirmed that a father who was hung to death in police custody was a victim of homicide, according to reports.

Communities were initially told that Zachary Goldson’s death was due to a “suicide.”

But as they looked closely into the death, they discovered that officers had deleted key video footage that showed Goldson in the last 30 minutes of his life.

Footage shows officers initiating force on Goldson while Goldson was handcuffed and unable to defend himself. Reports state that they deleted additional footage that was "key" in showing what they did during the last minutes of Goldson's life.

Footage shows officers initiating force on Goldson while Goldson was handcuffed and unable to defend himself.

It began in September after Goldson was arrested by officers on the claim that he had a .22 firearm and had fired it across a roadway near his home.

He was locked inside of a cell and faced up to 14 years for the gun charges.

Goldson maintained that he did “nothing wrong.”

Indeed, he had not harmed anyone, and the constitution guarantees the right of Americans to bear arms.

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Once in jail, Goldson wrote a revealing letter to his mother.

He expressed a future-based intention to see her again, a fact that became deeply mysterious in light of the claim that he was “suicidal.”

“Im just writin you to tell you I love you mom…I’m going to miss you both and Im prayin you are still around when I get out because I don’t want to loose my mom while im in jail.”

The letter is reproduced in its entirety below:


About nine days after his initial arrest, Goldson was taken to a jail hospital after vomiting.

Jail documents claimed that he had “swallowed” some staples. The notion that an individual who wishes to see his family would just randomly swallow stables is puzzling.

Some suspect that police shoved staples down his throat as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

At some point during his transfer to the hospital, he attempted to free himself from captivity and return back home to his family.

Goldson leaves behind his mother and his 9-yr-old son.

Goldson leaves behind his mother and his 9-yr-old son.

Allegedly, he used his shackles to strike an officer during his escape attempt. That’s when officers piled onto him and restrained him once again.

He was accused of assaulting an officer.

A swarm of officers can be seen on a dashcam video surrounding Goldson.

They can be heard calling Goldson “trash” and stating a desire to “break his fucking neck.”


Moments later an officer seems to promise more violence upon Goldson: “This motherfucker is going to receive a welcome party at the jail.”


Less than an hour later, Goldson was taken back to jail, a noose made of a bedsheet was tightened around his neck, and he was hung to death.

These factors led many to conclude that Goldson was murdered by the police, and that the police were trying to cover up the murder by claiming that it was a “suicide.”

But because officers deleted the jail footage showing what happened to Goldson during the last minutes of his life, investigators couldn’t be certain.

Now, in a newly released report by the coroner, Goldson’s death has been confirmed as homicide by strangulation.

It would have been “physically impossible” for Goldson to have tied his own noose given how high the ceiling was, according to the report.

“At first I thought it was a suicide until all the information started coming in,” Goldson’s mother said. “But there was so much evidence, it became clear that something was wrong.”

Goldson leaves behind his mother and his 9-yr-old son, both of whom he had hoped to see again.

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  • Ouisch66

    Georgetown, Ohio. I live right in the middle of town.

    Just another place that having tattoos gets the cops to mess with you for no reason.

    • GulfCoastMarc

      Really. I thought I was the only human being over the age of 9 not covered in bumper stickers.

      • Ouisch66

        I guess I don’t get it.

        What does you NOT having tattoos have to do with the cops here harassing citizens that do?

        • Adam Brian

          Cops hate people with tattoos. I think it has to do with if you have a tattoo you are a criminal.

          • Ouisch66

            I have tattoos and I’m hardly a criminal.

      • Jeramie Walton

        you fucking retard

      • Diego Ayala

        you dumb faggot go swallow a bullet

        • please don’t insult faggots by using that term to describe gulfcoastmarc

  • Rusty Shakelford

    These cops need 4 weeks paid administrative lead. Cowards! They are welcome to contact me and I will give them my home address. They are welcome to come visit…at night…no need to knock.

    • Ashley Witmer

      No, they don’t deserve to be paid. Yes, they should go on leave, but not paid leave.

    • Jeromy

      i agree with no pay. why pay them for something that is clearly murder. if they decide they arent guilty, then back pay. but no pay suspension is the way to go

      • Adam Brian

        It’s especially disturbing you would even consider talking about if they are or are not going to get paid instead of simply only calling for their heads on a stick. It’s cool though like I said before this ball is doing a whole lot of bouncing now and it’s only a matter of time before it bounces so much it touches every one in some way shape or form.

        • Harry Johnson

          time to start bouncing heads for sure

          • Adam Brian

            Exactly. Time to stand up man up and get it done or there will not be a country for our kids. All we will have left is the hunger games lol. You see me. I am not scared. As soon as people have had enough then I will gladly be the first to sign my john Hancock on the dotted line. How about you.

          • Harry Johnson

            Time is running out. I say its about that time.

    • DK

      Lol paid leave. I don’t get why they should get paid to not do work. They should be charged and put in jail with the other grizzly bastards that stage suicides/kill people. The problem here is that these cops are worse than any of those thugs already in jail because officers are trusted over everyone else to abide by and enforce the law. We put our trust in police, not criminals, to do the right thing.

      I’m actually at the point now where I feel safer walking home alone from the train station at night than I do driving to the shops in the middle of the day. If you get pulled over by police you’re gonna have a bad time.

      Can’t believe what the world is coming to.

      • Adam Brian

        Cops are not paid to enforce the law. Cops are paid to uphold the constitution. I know rush limp ball did a good job of brainwashing everyone in to saying that even though it’s not true. Well rush runs the republican party anyway and has brainwashed millions into being dumb.

  • Chum Lee Jr

    Just the deleting of video evidence should be firing offense – obviously cops won’t get convicted of “murder”, cause, well, cops are pieces of shit and will cover each others asses

    • Jason Fowler

      “Firing evidence”? No, it’s accessory after the fact. Punishable with the same time as if they pulled the trigger. Or tied the knots in this case.

    • Ian Battles

      Deleting the video is Destruction of Evidence, which is a felony.

      That charge would make the involved officers unable to carry a gun, and therefore unable to keep their jobs.

      Why in the world would the cops delete the video unless they had something to hide?

      • Dave

        Their deleting the video is evidence alone that they have done something wrong.

      • David Carrasco Mendoza

        because they murdered him

      • Randy

        Also committing a crime with a badge on follows the “Under Color of Authority” Clause which elevates it to a Federal Crime. I wonder if Eric Holder will prosecute….Unfortunately the victim is the wrong color for Mr. Holder to care.

        • Rebecca Kleitz

          Get the fuck outta here with that shit.
          Just STOP it.
          Why should it even matter what the hell the color of this man’s skin?
          You’re just as sick and twisted as these friggin’ cops.
          Ya racist.

          • Bruce Wizayne

            why would it matter? because Eric Holder only jumps on the race bandwagon when he can make a serious profit and make himself look better. used to go around to police funerals speaking about how great they are then turns around saying they’re racists hateful corrupt people. Rebecca you’re a stupid bitch calling someone racists for not being so stupid they can’t tell that the judicial system is not only racially biased but also tends to be completely against the citizens when it comes to the word of a cop vs the accused. the cop always gets believed. and if you’re latino, black, asian, or native american you’re going to get a harsher trial harsher sentencing than if you’re white. this is coming from a white person. call me racist try it bitch. it’ll just show you’re completely uneducated

          • Amerikkkan


          • ingatumadre

            Learn how to SPOKE you fucking idiot. Jajajaja

          • Bruce Wizayne

            you seriously need to go back to school

          • Bruce Wizayne

            you’re fucking retarded can not spell and should probably pull your modem out of the wall and ban yourself from the internet. lolol Attorney voice hahaha you’re fucking retarded they’d beat your dumbass because you wouldn’t be smart enough to shut up. then again you can’t spell either

          • Cory Mac

            Yo, I think you should quit drinking.

          • Cory Mac

            Police corruption isn’t racist.

            White chinese paki black, we all get abused. Its wrong on all of us.

            Iam white and I get beat on just as blacks. People are racist yes, but revenue doesn’t care where the dollar comes from.


          • wildnette

            It really doesn’t help your argument when begin the name calling. Just the fact that you had to go and call this lady a bitch shows how racist and stupid you are. And all because she stated facts that you can’t deal with. I’m no fan of our current government, but calling someone names because they don’t think like you do only shows how uneducated you really are.

          • Bruce Wizayne

            it’s funny you think i give a shit what any of you twats on here really think of me. the real uneducation comes from the fact you responded to this after 6 months. you’re no where near remotely smart enough to realize that probably or how to read time stamps then respond to this like some how anything you have to say changes the reality of what i’ve said. have fun struggling to get by in life

          • Rebecca Kleitz

            You’re an idiot and are NOT helping.
            Besides, Eric Holder isn’t even the Atty.General anymore so he can’t do shit about shit.
            I am a White BITCH who lived in the deep low down Dirty South, The Pit of Life, Southeast Alabama. I’ve SEEN and felt racism and hatred from those WHITE pricks who hate everyone who is not White, Christian, and frum arown thar–especially us YANKEES or DAMN YANKEES as we were called. My nickname in high school(and to this day) was Yankee Nigger Lovin’ Bitch.
            So shut your crappy mouth about WHO I AM.
            Cops are not just killing White people. They are not just killing Black people. They are not just killing the old or the young or the Gay or the Straight. THEY ARE KILLING EVERYONE.
            So take your RACIST assed agenda and SHOVE IT.
            If you aren’t going to fight for EVERYONE, we don’t want you to fight at all. Crawl back under your racist rock and rot.
            White people are NOT more important than any other race. And I’m sick of people like you trying to highjack this fight and make it a racist one.
            SHUT UP AND GROW UP.

          • Bruce Wizayne

            you’re still going on about this. you think i’m racist because Eric Holder doesn’t do shit for the fight against racism unless he’s making money.

            you being from the south explains why you’re so damn stupid

            lolol racist agenda. you’re a dumbfucking little retard aren’t you? you’re so stupid you think me talking about how a speaker is only going around on racial issues to make millions off of their struggle as an asshole makes me racist.

            let me guess i’m now sexist for calling you dumb?

            what’s really really fucking pathetic is you’re telling me to shut up after commenting on a post that’s over a year old. you really need to grow up you childish little girl learn to read time stamps and move on.

            Lololol you’re so childish and naive you thought i was being racist LOOOOOOLLL!!!! you’re pathetic and a disgrace to your family

          • Mike

            Search Results
            Under “color of law”, it is a crime for one or more persons using power given to him or her by a governmental agency (local, state or federal), to willfully deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
            Color (law) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          • LibertyMonger

            Rebecca Kleitz It’s the absolute truth and has nothing to do with Randy being a Racist. YOU JUST STOP IT

          • Uncle Arty

            dumb ass under color of authority has nothing to do with fucking race you simple fuck

          • Cory Mac

            “Color of law” in simplicity means “on duty” for the uneducated people like Rebecca klietz

          • Rebecca Kleitz

            This is what this RANDY person posted, in case you FORGET who was the one who brought the COLOR of a persons skin into this conversation:

            “Randy Ian Battles • 8 months ago

            Also committing a crime with a badge on follows the “Under Color of Authority” Clause which elevates it to a Federal Crime. I wonder if Eric Holder will prosecute….Unfortunately the victim is the wrong color for Mr. Holder to care.”

            I know what “color of law’ means and I am NOT uneducated.
            I am also NOT a racist with Obama/Holder Derangement Syndrome, as most of the idiots posting here do, apparently.

          • Rebecca Kleitz

            This Randy person implied that Eric Holder(who isn’t even the goddamned AG anymore)(smdh), only prosecuted people based on RACE.
            I am NOT the one who made that claim.

            Also, I am NOT stupid, I know that “color of law” has nothing to do with a persons race.
            This Randy person has Obama Derangement Syndrome, along with most of the rest of you, apparently, and it has now morphed into Holder Derangement Authority.

            You fucking people need to GROW UP.

          • usc440

            racist sexist homophobe… racist sexist homophobe … same old race card….we are tired of it… we about we hate criminals in all races….. but black are 70% criminals….30% good people

        • Laci Hart

          Mr Holden does not care no matter what color any American is. Leaders have no interest in color except the color of money. Your leaders are not who you think they are. They are not Red, White, and Blue, They haven’t been for some time. they work under the cover of the American Flag, but they are far from American. from the top to the bottom of this Country. The agenda is not the Constitution, but power, not just at home, but across the globe, We ” Conspiracist ” have been warning people of this for a long time. You will see it will get worse, this is the beginning of the ONE NEW WORLD ORDER. and to them this guy is just one of many they want gone.

          • randomnude

            warning ? does meteorologist’s warning about incoming disasters can stop it ?
            Thanks for the warning, but lets call it a spoiler allert haha

        • will

          being racist on the fact that holder is trying to be a moral,fair, righteous man. he held Arizona od responsible for that white homeless guy’s death.

          • Bruce Wizayne

            only because he gets something out of it. Will you’re blind as they come. Holder only comes out of the wood work when it betters his image power and money

        • Jerome Cross

          Kiss my ass

        • Tom Goffnett

          I don’t think it has to do with the race. Check out how they get people to cheer for taxes. They put a picture of Al Sharpton on the screen and everyone shouts, “PAY YOUR TAXES”. Using the television and schools (propaganda centers) the people are reduced to dogs. We are all chasing the fake rabbit around the track. If you want to see what is really going on, don’t run in their race – don’t even go to the track. Stand back and watch what is happening. What are the people believing and what are the people saying. The white majority is cheering for the cops and the minority is protesting police brutality. NOBODY cares about the minority, so lets just focus on majority opinion. Those at the top (the ruling elite) control the majority thru the minority. Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Obama, Jesse Jackson and scene after scene of a handful of young black men throwing rocks. The majority is cheering for the police. That’s the game. Cheer for the police.

          FOX NEWS has made Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton is as big a nobody as Hillary Clinton. Who makes Hillary Clinton a candidate? FOX NEWS does. Hillary Clinton should be executed for treason but according to FOX NEWS she is a viable candidate for President of the United States. People who call themselves conservatives buy off on the idea that FOX NEWS is righteous and doesn’t work for the same people MSNBC and CNN work for (advertisers: banks, pharmaceutical, big money). FOX NEWS is hot blondes in skirts and conservatives take them serious 🙂 YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP! Women and Men enjoy watching attractive women – if it were not so, women would be smacking their husbands for watching FOX NEWS. Big bright teeth and lots of smiles – everything is perfect.

        • ABoyd

          Mr. Holder has not been able to prosecute any cop…..what are you talking about?! Not one murdering cop has been prosecuted in how many decades?! If you and your comrades would get off your superiority BS maybe we as Americans can get these phsycopaths off the street

      • Patrick H.

        Yeah if he commited suicide the footage should clear officers of wrong doing. But somehow the truth is not setting them free.

    • Mike Young

      No, deleting of the footage is or should not just be a firing offense, it should also be a prosecuted offense because it is evidence tampering, which is a criminal Offense. These officers should be brought up on charges of Evidence Tampering in the very least and possibly Murder by strangulation as well, but unless the prosecution can be forced by law into pressing charges against the police officers involved, nothing will happen to them. The Judicial Process usually takes care of their own.

      • Adam Brian

        Right cops judges public pretenders all golf together and talk about who they beat. Meanwhile police have family and friends on the jury when they are prosecuted. Must be nice to kill steal and Rob daily. Good luck citizens cause you might be next.

    • melanie adams

      you’re kidding right? the police are murdering people in the streets and not being punished in any way! do you think they’re going to be fired over trying to hide a tape? they most likely murdered this man and i bet not one of them faces any charges or even lose their jobs. it’s sickening.

    • phasung

      I agree
      It big coverup i wonder which is smarter then a cop spongbob or cop?

    • Katasumai

      Agreed because isn’t that technically considered tampering with evidence making it a certain felony?

  • Chris Christian

    We absolutely must see this prosecuted and publicized. It is time we got these cops under control all over the country. This is just sickening.

    • Tim Pratt

      Most cops I know were criminals when they were young. All on an ego trip !!!

      • Dave

        Were any of them schoolyard bullies?

        • Michael Castro

          nope. obviously not. they were the one who’s bullied back then. now is just their payback shit, a very illegal payback shit. loser fags. not all, but most of them

          • Bruce Wizayne

            you realize calling someone loser cigarettes makes you sound like a total idiot right? do you even know what the fuck you’re saying? clearly not considering fag is short for faggot and faggot means hard tedious unwanted task. you just called them loser tedious tasks you idiot

          • Mitch Mitchell


          • Bruce Wizayne

            d-d-did i stutter stupid?

          • Mitch Mitchell

            looks like it, dick.

          • Bruce Wizayne

            life must be real hard for you since you can’t tell when you’re being mocked from not

          • Mitch Mitchell

            Life’s not hard for me dick, Unlike yourself, I don’t have to contend with congenital stupidity. You write some shit about how the guys use of the term “fag” and then you are mouthing off at me? Really? Get a life loser fag.

          • Bruce Wizayne

            i’m a loser cigarette huh? life is pretty hard for you apparently since you just did the same thing thinking some how it’s actually an insult. it just shows how truly pathetic you are and a waste of human flesh =D

          • Mitch Mitchell

            Whatever you say bubba.

          • Bruce Wizayne



    This sounds a lot like what happened to Matthew Stewart in Ogden, Utah. He was the one who shot the 6 officers that broke in his house. He killed one of them. I for one believe they murdered him.

    • Edward Flint

      Stewart’s “suicide” was whitewashed, just like the investigation of the shooting.

    • Adam Brian

      Of course they did. That’s why that one black dude who was a cop went on a killing spree against them. He is a hero.

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    Once again, a cop commits murder. Once again, they will do a “thorough, unbiased and complete investigation.” And once again, the will clear the officer of any wrongdoing.

    • Brian Bauer

      CCRB would have a fucking field day with this one.

    • Modres

      Tragic, isn’t it.

      Too many thugs today apparently think they’re Judge Dredd!

    • Mike Young

      This is why I have always stated that the Internal Investigations Divisions or Departments of all Police Departments should be made up of Civilian Private Investigators who report to the Prosecutor only, and the Prosecutor by law must act on the recommendations of the civilian Internal Affairs Department, who by law would Investigate in an non-bias manner because they would have no skin in the game and would not care at all about the outcome of the investigation, As it currently stands, most (if not all) Internal Affairs Police Departments are made up of fellow Police officers promoted to the ranks of Detective and few (if any) Internal Affairs Departments will ever turn on one of their own.

      • Adam Brian

        Right. I wonder if promotions are based on how much money you bring in and how many people you kill. Good job America you may be next.

        • Modres

          They’re actually based on points accrued determined by the number and type of arrests made. Just ask Dale Carson (Arrest Proof Yourself).

          • Adam Brian

            Basically you just said the same thing I did. It’s based of the money you make the government cause every time someone is arrested they get paid for it. The other part I added cause it really does seem if a cop kills in the line of duty they move up in the ranks even if it’s by mistake or on purpose.

        • Kevin Patrick Green

          They get double travel miles for every person they kill this time of year for all their vacations

    • not ‘a cop’ … ‘a gang of cops’

    • OvidiuGOA

      thing is i don’t think it was just a cop, there were several involved. They should all go to jail to be raped by the minorities they put there.

  • How bob

    mr.Boy-man-Child john-ny-Boy schadle Sour-Pork-and Lard ,is covering up a Lie made by his Liar Pork-n-Turds !

  • CaptGene

    We are seeing more and more of this sort of thing and that is very disturbing.

  • The Hippie Hound

    Tampering with footage is obstruction of an investigation. Too many times citizens are murdered in police custody while handcuffed and labeled a suicide. WE DON”T BUY IT!

    • Jakob Zurek

      The footage was taken by the bureau of criminal investigation. The coroner was just a shithead fucking with investigative attempts and smearing the sheriff.

  • Capital7

    Let’s hope this happened in a needle state.

  • Bookhunter

    Cops are out of control.

    • Chuck Fasst

      And this pic represents how we are sheeple, too numbed down and afraid to stand up to the tyranny.

  • Jeromy

    ill tell ya what. i myself have been a victim of police brutality. i will say this, he has every right to fight the police. who gives them authority to arrest him. no due process, no rights, calling him scum. i would hit their asses. its time we all say enough is enough.

  • Jeromy

    i eat bacon. bring the bacon, i will eat it

  • Selina Marie Hope

    I can;t believe anyone seriously believes they should only get leave. Do we forget that they are not untouchable. If I was the family I would sue and make sure criminal charges are filed. the committed murder,obstruction of justice,and evidence tampering. I believe with a good lawyer this young man may have gotten probation or just a few years. They should serve the maximum. The coroner proved it was murder case needs to be taken to court. I feel ashamed to be american when I read these stories because our nation is becoming evil and selfish.

  • Ben

    As I’m reading these comments I find myself ashamed. Ashamed because you people are so willing to jump on the “cops are all evil” bandwagon without ever hearing all sides of the story. There are always three sides, the perpetrator’s side, the victim’s side, and the truth. We are only presented one side here and you already conclude who is at fault. I’m not saying that the cops were right in everything they did her, but seriously can we please not be so blatantly ignorant.

    • phaed

      Sure thing Officer Ben.

    • Diego Ayala

      are you fucking retarded you stupid mother fucker or did you have so much fucking cop cock shoved up your ass that it affected your brain?? we don’t need to hear the other sides of this story when this 1 side alone tells you that these fucking cock sucking pigs deleted the video from that night,told this guy that they wanted to break his neck and the coroner ruled it a homicide cuz of the evidence he had. i hope someone fucking puts a few bullets in you and hangs you you piece of shit.

    • Zach Gallmeyer

      Okay, Ben, what you’re saying is Hitler did nothing wrong because we haven’t heard his side of the story? Well, shit on a donkey’s dick and shove it up my ass!

    • Andrew Vernon

      In all fairness, Ben has a point. If we jump to conclusions and want to kill people because of a story that we are hearing second or third hand, then we’re doing the exact same thing that the cops did. Which ultimately means that we are not better and hence should not be raging. I agree, this case needs to be investigated by an outside entity and the officers, if enough evidence is found, need to be brought to trial and punished as any other citizen. The case is certainly very suspicious and what bothers me is that there most likely won’t be much of an investigation.

    • Mike Young

      You are correct, but in this case the victim is the alleged perpetrator, nobody was hurt or injured by his actions of discharging his weapon across the road, except the alleged perpetrator of the alleged crime of discharging his weapon across the roadway in front of his home, The cops on the other hand are the individuals who deleted footage of the video in his cell, thus they are guilty of at least the crime of Evidence Tampering, and according to the Coroner’s Report that there is no way he could have hung himself in his cell by himself because the pipes were too high for him to reach. So with that evidence of the Coroner’s report, what other conclusion could you reach except that the Police officers hung him and murdered him.

    • Adam Brian

      Hey man. Why are you here. Shouldn’t you be preparing for Obama the Muslim to take away your gun before you go to your Klan rally. Maybe eat you should go to bed Mann so you can go to your government job in the morning. The only type of person who says what you just said is the type of person who thinks like I just said. Hey rush limp ball is on so go listen to your herooin addict hero bud.

      • Adam Brian

        Oh yeah and not all Nazis were bad either right. They were just following orders to protect themselves. Yeah it had nothing to do with they believed in what they were doing right. Uh Huh.

  • Michael Castro

    let’s say the video is the only strong evidence. does that mean, they will be proven not guilty because they already deleted that? the law must be that stupid and can’t see the obvious.

  • don-s

    This is so sad. No one deserves this. My heart felt condolence to his mother and his 9 year old son.


    What is your source for deputies deleting video? I am not finding any mention of video deletion in the stories you link to.

  • Sunfly

    Wow this is heartbreaking. Just because a shiny piece of metal is given to someone doesn’t make them gods or more that human! They are just as human as the rest of us and I believe that they murdered him and destroyed the evidence. They are the ones who are SUPPOSED to protect us and I believe that because of that fact they should be dealt with as harshly as the law will allow and either have their lives taken from them like they did to Zachary Goldson, or be left to rot in a hole somewhere.

  • How bob

    People of Amurdickkka , are Afraid to stand up to the tyrannical cesspool of porklice bureaucratic flagrant violations of human rights ! This is why it continues to happen unabated .

    • Adam Brian

      You are correct. This is the real fact I a hve been saying all along. Americans are some Bitches when it comes to their government.

  • Chris Guittard

    Time to start bombing police stations and cars.

    • Adam Brian

      Yups. This idea is definitely picking up steam in this day and age.

  • Modres

    So…let’s see. What’s going to happen to these thugs with badges?

    Cue the police union reps. Cue the character witnesses. Cue higher ups who will go to bat for the “officers.”

    You are 110% correct, Chum Lee Jr. Just the fact that officers deleted video footage tells us something is terribly wrong.

    • Adam Brian

      How about cue the prosecutor. I know rush limp ball did a good job of brainwashing everyone into thinking that the unions are why your great granparents didn’t live to be 175 years old but in reality. The prosecutors of your county are the people who decide to Persue charges. Yeah but it’s the unions that got this guy killed and yeah Obama’s liberalism got him killed too. Or hey it’s god’s punishment for gay marriage that got him killed. Yeah remember what old rush limp ball told you about making sure to keep people off welfare cause then they will work harder instead of forcing cops to kill them. Yups work will set you free. Remember that.

      • Modres

        Or hey, I don’t listen to Rush and I’m neither Repub or Dem.

        But it’s clear you have serious ussues

        • Adam Brian

          Most of what I said is sarcastic. Either way I simply meant that their is a lot of brainwashing going on and what you said seems like some instantly regergitated response from the brainwashig thats occurred in America. Remember that even the government has admitted to spending millions creating the discourse of the conversation. And you saying your not of any political party is a good thing but response did sound right winged. Lastly the prosecutor is who decides to persue charges against anyone. That’s all that was meant by the post.

          • Modres

            I fully realize that nearly everything you posted was sarcastic.

            You’re confusing “right wing” with conservative.

            Lastly, I have no faith in either party because of all that’s happened in America since Woodrow Wilson.

          • Adam Brian

            So you think their is difference between right wingers and conservatives. That’s dumb. These people are one in the same. Birds of a feather right. Just cause one uses the n. Word for everyone and the other uses it for just blacks doesn’t make them different. What really makes me sick is people saying their is no difference between parties. This is really retarded. Democrats think you build and economy from the bottom up and republicans believe you build and economy from the top down. I would say that is a pretty big difference and actually they are exact opposite of each other. So people who say parties are the same must be talking about something else like abortion. Oops nope there is a big difference between parties there too. Maybe people are talking about civil rights oops wrong again. So the most important issues to me are not represented by republicans and are represented by democrats. For someone to say that republicans and democrats are the same is either dumb uneducated ignorant or just being a asshole.

          • Adam Brian

            Oh yeah and don’t come back with southern democrats filibustered civil rights cause that will just really make you look silly.

  • ctwilliams

    this happens all the time in jail but most of the time it is african americans males we as citizens must begin to hold this country accountable for inmates safety after taken onto custody

  • Matt Hager

    the family should hunt them!

    • Adam Brian

      Exactly. The only way to get justice is to exact it yourself. Find these pigs and get them.

  • U.N. Soldier

    Murdured in custody. Happening more often now.

  • David Carrasco Mendoza

    I normally say Mexicans need to wake the fuck up to this police state …you know stalin killed 50million russians to conquer russia …but this day i say WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE they wanna make corpses of us all

    • Adam Brian

      Yeah. You just have to consider that half of the whites are the police state. They are the unions corporations lawyers doctor’s correction officers etc…. This will be the people you fight but first we got to get people to understand that Obama the Muslim may take away your gun so he can screw your daughter and take York job away. We got to get those people past this thinking first. Then their are the white people who don’t care because they are simply racist. And this block is about 40 percent of whites anyway.

  • Guest

    Of course nothing will happen and as you can see the media didn’t say these thusg or these criminals when refering to the cops. As usual just another police murder without anything being done. Americans are such wimps. Cops should just open up the female camps and walk people in cause it won’t matter if the towns smell the burning bodies cause they will let a cop walk them right in.

  • Adam Brian

    Nothing will happen. These cops can kill anyone they want to and Americans won’t do anything. The cops know it too. Well least it’s not just the blacks and Hispanics being blatently murdered by cops anymore. Cops should just start leading people to the gas chamber cause they won’t do anything even if they could smell the burning bodies.

  • Adam Brian

    People just need to do like Ukraine and snatch up cops and beat them while telling them to get on their stomach and put your hands behind you back. Kick them and punch them in the face saying roll over now. Lol

  • Adam Brian

    Wow that dude took and amazing beating. That cop mounted him and punched him in the face 100 times saying roll over lmao.

  • Adam Brian

    The real question is where is the FBI. The group of people who are supposed to arrest these crooked cops and state government officials. Could it be that everyone has been taught to hat the fed so much that they are really not allowed to file charges on these people. Or maybeits the terrorism act that George put in play so he can make the fed like the cops one big happy family. Why is the corruption allowed to run rampant. Could it be that Obama is powerless in some of these states. Considering that some of the Southern states threatened succession which should have been a criminal charge anyway to do. Yet threatening succession and disrespecting the president is now a normal. I bet all of this is part of why it is the way it is. There is no law except for those who don’t have.

  • yellowdogmichael

    937-378-4435 then press 2 for the jail division. Please flood them with calls and let them know how you feel about this murder! Please, let’s flood them with calls. When I called, they laughed about the whole thing, as if this man’s murder was a joke!

  • Arnt Johnsen

    How could it even be possible for a stupid cop to go into the recording room when he feels like it? Fire them all, remove their prosecute them for murder and sue them together with their officer in charge and the state council.

  • Olsen Tommy

    Ohh WTF is wrong with the USA Low life Police? So many scandals .. U Legit Police Officer Keep it real 🙂

  • Daniel Hunt

    The police fellators over at “remove cop block wont touch this with a 10 foot pole.

  • concerned

    People are getting sick and tried of this b*llsh*t. These cops/pigs are really stupid morons. People know where they live. It will only be a matter of time someone will do something for revenge. Don’t ask why. You know why. Most people will stand up and cheer.

  • Anthony Boone

    I live in Georgetown. This is the video on the incident.

    • Anthony Boone

      sound comes in at 1:09 in the video

  • Barb

    OMFG! Im speechless. That poor guy did nothing wrong and over 15 cops let that one bastard beat the hell out of him. Cops are sick, twisted freaks to say the very least. God that breaks my heart. So very sad. Im beyond disgusted! My sincere sympathy to him and his family. 🙁

  • Adam Brian

    It does not matter. Cops are executing Americans everyday and white facist that are now in control of America will say it is a black thing and while white folks are murdered everyday they are to afraid to stand up to their Nazi murders anymore.

  • cops are goverment sponsered g

    Power of authority corrupts absolutely

  • Damien Cross




  • Capital_7

    Don’t you feel that there are about 3 times as many cops as we need? Shouldn’t the extra cops be plowed under the earth to help grow crops or something?

    It’s a rhetorical question. Of course they should.

  • Kevin Patrick Green

    Hmmmm lynching interesting… Anyone else know what I’m thinking?

  • martymarsh

    The corrupt protecting the corrupt, this is starting to get real old.

  • yellowdogmichael

    (937) 378-4435 The Brown County Sheriff’s office. Choose option 2. They do not like people. They are EXTREMELY rude. Please call and let them know what you think of this story and the missing film. Please, let’s flood them with calls!

  • margova

    The verdict is in : ALL COPS ARE COWARD-SCUM.


    This is an absolute act of war against the US Constitution and our people and nothing less. WE NEED TO SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sgt. Killgood

    If you can’t depend on the cops , what else can you do but to defend yourself from the cops .

  • Gidget Gonsalves

    Do they really wonder why no one feels bad when someone kills one of two of them????? This is blatant 1st degree murder by a bunch of thug gang members with badges!!!!!!

  • John J Publicus

    Is it any wonder then that citizens all over this country are screaming about taking matters into their own hands? I’ve never advocated violence but I’m beginning to question those ideals these days….

  • Chuck Fasst

    I’m just getting sick of seeing these bad azz looking Nazi, skinhead looking cops. They got to strut around and show the world how bad ass they are. They prove their bravery by ganging up on handcuffed individuals and beating them down and even murdering them like a bunch of gangbangers … what a bunch of disgusting insults to humanity. 🙁

  • TomKi

    They seem to be very used to murdering people too. Knew just what to do.

  • Mike Ex

    i would have an orgasm if the people dragged these pigs into the street and executed them.

  • Guest

    Have the coroner change the conclusions to “murder” and then watch the fur fly.

  • Christy Marie

    Rest in peace Zac.. I hope one day your sister and son get justice for your murder..

  • Lizette Mullen

    Cops are above the laws that the rest of us get stuck up our asses.

  • Tony Velez

    here’s hoping the prosecutor is not a lick ass & does the right action, to have the POS cops arrested for murder, i’m sure the POS cops excuse is ” their lives were in danger” from the dead victim, the evidence is overwhelming, those POS killed him, plain & simple

  • Z

    man that dude just looks guilty

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Again the system will protect it’s own and no wrong doing will be found. Sick, because if this guy even threatened to harm someone he would be in jail. ONE LAW FOR THEM ANOTHER FOR US.

  • Momma H

    They know exactly what they’re doing. Of course deleting the evidence proves that something shady was going on but there’s no way to prove what or WHO destroyed the evidence. Keep in mind that organized crime rings are just that, organized.

  • Storm

    tampering with evidence is a felony and would preclude them remaining officers, EVERY court case they provided evidence or testimony in now becomes questionable

  • Smokey

    They probably are hiding something although I heard a story from a prisoner once that might make one pause. Inmates are extremely resourceful. An inmate told me once that you could take two inmates, give one a cigarette and the other a match, handcuff one to a goal post, the other inmate handcuffed to the other. Come back ten minutes later and they both will have smoked that cigarette.
    High ceiling or no, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  • Masculist Man

    The punchline is that Fox news can’t figure out why people hate cops.

  • The Glider

    Cops are pieces of shit. I hope the investigation is allowed to continue and that the excrement responsible are arrested, tried, convicted and sent to a maximum security institution where they will be forced to commingle with general population.

  • bdj1

    Officers are trained to Kill. That is what they are trained to do. Murderers….

  • Laci Hart

    This is America, and your job title is not Judge Jury, And Executione. It is police Officer, so act like it. resign!. The American People will no longer tolerate this behavior in this Country. The American People will fight back. You have this warning. We will not forgive, we will not forget.

  • Chica

    Jury nullification as always

  • Nat Turner

    They have always done this crap, it’s just now coming to light. Keep the lights on them until all the cockroaches are dead and buried.

  • Jason Maffettone

    There is something seriously wrong with living in a country where this happens so often, has become so banal, that my first reaction to this headline was: “Oh, good. Someone knows to use “hanged” and not “hung” when referring to a person.”

  • LeslieFish

    This is why all police departments need a Ciivlian Review Board and bodycams that can’t be censored, covered or turned off by the wearer.

  • Elliander Eldridge

    Unfortunately, no on duty police officer has ever been found guilty of murder in the entire history of the United States. It doesn’t matter if its a white student shot in broad daylight in front of witnesses. It doesn’t matter if its a little girl asleep in her bed during a home invasion without a warrant. It doesn’t matter if its a man on the street begging for his life on video. It doesn’t matter if its behind closed doors with tampered evidence. The police always get away with it because the police decide. Even if this issue went to a grand jury the prosecutor gets to decide what evidence the grand jury gets to see. If the prosecutor does not want it going to trial all the prosecutor has to do is withhold evidence from the grand jury and it doesn’t go anywhere. In the few cases that it does go the court the officers generally make a chain of command argument hiding behind orders which somehow gets them off the hook even though the same argument doesn’t work elsewhere.

    In other areas the police have proven an ability to sidestep the laws. For example, most states have laws prohibiting police from benefiting from civil forfeiture assets. The states recognize a conflict of interest in letting the officers benefit from stealing the money of a civilian who isn’t charged with a crime, so what do the police do about it? Instead of doing their job which is to enforce the law they form the coalition between many other states and the federal government. They keep the money because they passed it on to someone else passed it back to them.

    In a few assault cases police officers have been found guilty, but these cases are generally such where the officer lied on an official report so it doesn’t embarrass the police department as a whole to hold the officer accountable. In most cases of even assault the officers place their own safety and image above the safety of those around them. So an officer who beat a guy in a hospital waiting room was arrested, but an officer who killed a woman because he tried killing her dog wasn’t charged.

    Do you see the pattern here? The issue isn’t racial. The issue is that the police officers are not capable of policing themselves without a conflict of interest. Well I’m sure most officers are good people, it’s impossible for even good officers to do their job properly when the bad officers get away with everything. What if there was a good officer who witnessed the murder? Officers who have come forward in the past were usually destroyed by their fellow officers and the media silence afterwards. There is way too much gang mentality going on there. Its not possible for the police to do their jobs to their communities anymore. What we need is an independent third party organization whose sole purpose is to police the police. This will cost money, yes, but it will cost much less money than the amount of money that city must pay to police brutality lawsuits. Canada has an organization like this and they actually hold their police accountable for their actions. Why can’t we have something like that? That’s what we should be lobbying for.

  • Erin Anderson

    Corrupt cops kill, they get away with it, then they kill again, then they get away with it, then they kill again….this is the cycle that will continue until cops are held accountable for their actions.

  • Carlake


  • Lita Burnett Campbell

    Chief Deputy John Schadle, you sir need to be terminated from your position long with those POS you are covering for.

  • Jack Meeks

    From what I’ve read, when officials (judge, prosecutors, police officers, etc…) sign their name taking an oath, they actually sign away their citizenship and become a sepperate entity. Their not even American citizens no more!

  • So What

    I know some felonious cops who belong on the end of a rope…. Kill ’em all

  • Keep Crying

    Not sure why the cops would even have access to delete the video. That should be uploaded to a remote facility, and cops should only have read access to the footage.

  • paul123454321

    He lost his right to bear arms due to his previous felony convictions. The autopsy did not say it was a homicide, it said it was a suicide. And he had told relatives that he would hurt or kill himself before going back to prison according to the investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Affairs.

  • Jacob Maitland

    Disgusting abuse of authority. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin the lot.

  • Douglas Steward


  • margova

    Cops are trash.

  • Brock Lee

    when r u politicians going to put a stop to the Bad judges and terrible pigs,,,

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    Sounds like someone is trying to cover up murder. And these are the people with the badges. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

  • Velexia Ombra

    “because officers deleted the jail footage showing what happened to
    Goldson during the last minutes of his life, investigators couldn’t be

    Fucking ridiculous.

  • CopsKill

    Until our piece of shit government actually does what the people want these murders caused by police will never stop.

    Never trust police.

  • CopsKill

    Strange, no comments from t, JC, or commonsense….they seem to not want to tackle this one huh ?

  • Patrick H.

    There might be the chance of recovering the footage, or who or how it was deleted. Something is fishy here in river city.

  • Knowledge Wisdom

    People, if you TRUST POLICE you are CRAZY!! There are just too many cases of the police killing citizens. There is no excuse for this. The police that did this are criminals.


    Replicate the Murder hang one of these Cowards that way we can see how it was played out but make sure it is video taped we need that evidence plus while investigation is ongoing leave the Cop hanging there but once completed let him continue to hang close the door lock it & let the rats have a feast they Love to walk on pipes…R.I.P. to this young guy who was Murdered…I would think this Coroner needs to be on the Alert anything is possible with these Criminal Hoods dressed in garb…


    Tough guys always tough when in a crowd & have their weapons…Let’s see what happens once they get convicted on Murder charges once in Prison they won’t be tough guys no more the Prison population ‘will’ seperate the Men from the Boys…Charge all of them the ‘entire’ shift then we’ll see how fast the Rats start cutting Record deals & start pointing fingers any innocent Cops won’t want to do 100 years in jail for some sick twisted Cop I say Arrest & charge everyone of the Cops on duty we will see how fast truth comes out…

  • guest

    NO DATE? NO SHARE! Get your shit together!

  • Fears Limit Possibility


  • leastyebejudged

    The Police Are A Criminal Class.

  • kaynash

    I can’t understand why anyone would believe anything that a police officer says – we all know they lie about everything….why do the courts believe them? Are the judges that stupid, or is there some reason they fear the police?

  • limn

    The FBI will not be getting involved to investigate civil rights violations?

  • varnuke

    New video on this case just posted today on YouTube at:

  • Butch Taylor

    This is a very clear example that cops are openly and constantly operating
    routinely outside the boundary of the law. This automatically renders them a
    dangerous illegal sanctionless authoritative threat that should be feared and
    defended against with deadly force.

  • Ernesto Conde

    fuck the police! they should all be ARRESTED including their mayor