The Myth of “Good Cops”

If you keep up with news about police brutality, you know that many people still support the American police state, despite seeing so much abuse.

Most of us have seen the empty soundbites and wide-eyed sloganeering used to “justify” such support:

“But my boyfriend’s a cop and he’s a good guy!”

“The shooting of the [dog/unarmed citizen/student/elderly person] was OK because the officer feared for his life.”

“They’re here to keep us safe. Without police we’d all kill each other.”

“If you don’t like them you must have something to hide!”

These strike us as prima facie irrational, ignorant, and can be easily dismissed.

It’s a subtler and more popular soundbite that we’ll be addressing here: “Most cops are good! It’s only a few bad apples that make the rest look bad.”

First, a cursory look at some objective statistics reminds us of the sober truth.

Consider the fact that cops have killed well over 5,000 Americans since 9/11.

Many of these killings have occurred during no-knock raids, which have risen by 4000% since the 1980s.

To put that in perspective, Iraqi insurgents have killed around 3,500 Americans in Iraq since 9/11 in Operation Iraqi “Freedom.” That’s to say, Americans killed by cops now outnumber Americans killed in the Iraq war.

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You are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by an actual “terrorist.”

Domestic violence is two-four times more common among police families than American families in general.

As of 2010 the compared data lifted from Cato’s NPMSRP shows that the reports of police committing sexual assault amounted to more than 2 times the reports in the entire general population.

If officer-involved killings were prosecuted as murder, the murder rate for law enforcement officers would exceed the general population murder rate by at least 472%.

And here is something crucial to keep in mind: these statistics account only for the reported incidents. The vast majority of police misconduct and abuse is unreported.

Police often lie in their reports,  or never file them in the first place, to avoid prosecution. Thus the numbers reported above are extremely conservative estimates.

Excerpt from compared data between Cato's NPMSR and the DOJURC.

Excerpt from compared data between Cato’s NPMSR and the DOJ’s UCR for police homicide and sexual assault.

The number of Americans in prison now exceeds the number of high school teachers and engineers.

There are at least 7.3 million Americans locked in captivity or under federal control as you read this, the majority of whom are non-violent.

By non-violent we mean, for example, that these people were caught smoking cannabis, a plant that the government claims is “illegal,” even though its ingestion has resulted in exactly zero deaths.

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One in 25 of your fellow Americans were arrested as of 2011. Let that sink in for a moment.

The US has only 5% of the world’s population, yet 25% of the world’s prison population. 

 Addressing the “But Most Cops…” Slogan

Still: “The the majority of police,” we are assured, “are good.”

What precisely does this claim amount to, in light of the high rates of abuse described above?

All of that abuse continues while “good cops” follow along, do what they’re told, and cover up for the “bad cops.”

Let’s face it: the distinction between “Good Cop” and “Bad Cop” has always been simple-minded.

Good Cop and Bad Cop are mythological inventions, heroes and villains in a comic book view of the world.

The reality of the situation is that the institution itself  — the institution of a police force monopolized by a government — is inherently lawless. Good does not exist within these walls.


No cop is 100% good or 100% bad; cops are simply individuals.

As a class of individuals who receive government paychecks regardless of their behavior, they have little responsibility and even less incentive to report misconduct in their own ranks.

No matter what they do, no matter how many they abuse, and no matter how silent they are about the abuse, the institution itself puts them in a privileged position where they are rarely held accountable to the same degree that citizens are.

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They urge us to vote for new candidates or write to representatives if we don’t like their behavior, blind to the fact that neither of these inactions ever curtailed police statism.

They tell us to protest peacefully, only to show up with tear gas and herd us like cattle into designated free speech zones.



Good Cop and Bad Cop are about as real as Beowulf and Grendel.

Cops are simply individuals who willingly participate in a wicked institution — for a paycheck. Some of those individuals commit unspeakable horrors, others cover it up with a code of silence.

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Even if the Good Cop were to start reporting and arresting the Bad Cop — which never happens and never will happen due to the incentive structure described above — but even if it did, one must still consider what our friendly Good Cop does on a daily basis.

good cop bad cop mythHow many people has Good Cop arrested for a victimless “crime” like possessing cannabis?

How many fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters has Good Cop locked in a cage for this “crime”?

How many times has Good Cop stolen money from the pockets of hard working men and women over frivolous, victimless traffic violations?

“But he’s got to feed his family,” we hear. Yet how much food has he stolen from the table of other families?  Most of us manage to feed our families by honorable means — that is, without resorting to the initiation of violence and theft on our fellow citizens. There are perhaps infinitely many honorable ways to feed one’s family. Nobody is forcing these individuals to choose a dishonorable way.

Even for men with a sincere, burning desire to keep others safe, nothing is stopping them from starting their own security firm. They’d earn money by honorable means, instead of sucking it from taxpayers who are forced to pay for their “services,” and they’d never have to enforce arbitrary and immoral laws to generate revenue for a corrupt government.

Following along, doing whatever his superiors tell him to do, keeping his mouth shut when he sees his colleagues beating citizens, softly wrecking lives with theft, coercion, and imprisonment for victimless “crimes”– that is the legacy of Good Cop.

Friends, don’t listen to anybody who tells you it’s “just a few bad apples.”

The whole barrel is rotten.



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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

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  • intheknow

    Do you also have the statistics on how many of these deaths occurred due to the criminal actions of the person killed? For example, were they harming other people and police officers? I can’t believe all these people were just innocent bystanders. I am also not saying that it is right, 5000 is too many.

    • dc

      dear in the know: 127 female inmates were sterilized–while unconscious and without their consent: by the ca. dept of corrections. The police have BEATEN TO DEATH 7 homeless mentally ill people, one cop now finally charged with muder.
      I was, when just a kid, while walking through a park, grabbed, beaten, incarcerated—- and in my case, 40 witnesses said that I had done nothing wrong, which is true. I saw a child whose foot had been broken open by the cops, refused medical treatment, and transportation to a hospital. No, as one who eyewitnessed all this, 20 years ago, the police are out of control. Every 20 minutes in America, a cop is arrested for a felony. All true.

      • FilmingCops

        Intheknow, there are about 400-500 reported killings each year and it’s standard operating procedure among police departments to under-report the real numbers. You add that up for the last 12 years. The real number could be closer to 8,000-10,000 for all we know. Sen. Gary Siplin said back in 2004: “I suspect that’s information that some law-enforcement agencies don’t want out there because they know it would show they’re killing too many people.” Police cover their fat asses and say it’s “justified” whenever they kill an American. Just like they’ll charge you with “assaulting an officer” after beating your brains out. They are trained to lie. Go ahead and believe the trained liars if you want.

        • rilke

          So true, all of it.

        • Silence Donogood

          this is like some stalinst-night marish-mind-fuck-dream . . someone either wake me up or get me the hell of out of here . .. it ain’t me .. it just ain’t me

        • William Daniel

          If you are quoting Gary Siplin your argument is already flawed. Last I saw of him was his ass jumping out a back window to avoid being arrested by the FBI

    • fedup

      I don’t need those figure , I am a Taxpaying Homeowner who Called the Police due to being Robbed over and Over , They got tired of the phone calls and Arrested Me …. Gee .. when I got home .. Someone Pulled a truck Up and CLEANED ME OUT … 60 yrs old I have to start again .. You get Stats any way you want !

      • Elizabeth Doyle

        Did I read this right? They arrested you, leaving your home wide open to the robbers? What a bad joke! Dude, I’m sorry. Sorry you were asking them to do their job and it annoyed them. I will never call the cops for anything. I’ll call my daddy first.

      • rilke

        Yes, I know the feeling. I reported my son-in-law to the cops for molesting my year-old granddaughter and guess who got arrested? Me. For false report. He’s an international stock trader. And they never even had the baby examined by a doctor. And he also managed to get a permanent restraining order against me, so I haven’t seen my granddaughter for years.

        • Spinne

          I would write down the names of those cops who arrested you. When your granddaughter is old enough, she should be able to sue them for failing to protect her, against the sexual abuse by her father. I am sorry for you and especially for your granddaughter.

          • rilke

            Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, my granddaughter will never know a thing about it since I cannot communicate with her, but if she becomes a real good researcher she can find all the papers in the Court.

    • Peter

      Of course, if you put a cop next to each citizen, i’m sure the number of criminals will equal the number of citizens.

    • The Voice of Reason

      As a cop, you are hardly unbiased. Have you read the recently published “Rise of the Warrior Cop” ? When the police are decked out like front line combat soldiers, given a take-no-poisoners pep talk by their commander, the police are more apt to look at civilians as potential trophies. See the John Stossel video at:

    • a white belgian

      Does a robbery give you the right to kill the ‘suspect’ these days? Does it help, bring down crime? have you seen the new video on the kids in the minivan? Why do cars have licence plates? If there were drugs, or a dead body, in the vehicle, and the women accepted the ticket, would you search the car or let them drive off? Just asking since i too got molested by a lying cop, while his colleagues backed him up. I rather become a commi than pay too much taxes as long as you ‘guys’ play it like this

      • Dennis Murphy

        Be a commi, China has openings, there cops don’t answer to anyone, and they charge the family for the cost of the bullet, so I hear

    • Bill Scott

      When cops kill a loved one for the “crime” of having a BlackBerry in his hand–as they did my son, a West Point grad with an MBA from Duke–one’s ability to give cops “a little slack” diminishes dramatically. Read the entire, sordid truth in a new novel “The Permit.” It’s more “faction” than “fiction.” Corrupt killer-cops should read and heed the warnings in this book: “You kill, you lie, you die”….at least in fiction.

  • DC Hellfire

    This article is so rhetorically slanted that it’s hard to take anything useful from it. None of the cited statistics offer insight into how often the use of deadly force is unjustified, and the frame of reference is absurd. How many justified police shootings would you expect annually in a country of ~315 million people? I have no idea, and the article doesn’t attempt to address the issue, so comparing the number of people killed by police to the number killed in Iraq is meaningless.

    • FilmingCops

      The data itself is beyond dispute.

      But no, the issue of justification was not addressed. It’s up to you whether you want to believe police when they say their homicides are justifiable.

      • Rob Kenneth

        You are doing great work with this website, but the commenter makes a valid point. The data itself doesn´t explain everything. It´s indisputable that police are systematic liars about the circumstances around police shootings. But a fair number of cases are pretty clear-cut in their justifiability and you lump these together along with the outrageous ones. You would make your case stronger if you addressed these issues or presented a less misleading (but still damning) set of statistics.

        This site has HUGE potential to spread information and move people to act, but not if you undermine your credibility.

        In any case, keep up the good work.

        • FilmingCops

          See above.

          • Eric Marley

            In other words you’re unable to defend your untenable position and instead proclaim every police shooting unjustified out of hand. What a child you are.

          • Steven Holman

            The writer doesn’t mention the number of justifiable homicides committed by Iraqi insurgents against Americans either yet you aren’t; and I’m guessing never, dispute the numbers of Americans killed by Iraqis. I suspect the percentage of justifiable homicides committed by insurgents is much higher than that of cops.

          • anonymously anonymous

            idk maybe because jumping down the rabbit hole and trying to figure out which ones are “justified” and the ones that are really justified will spend a lifetime trying to uncover.

          • rilke

            And they get away with their lies because witnesses are justifiably afraid to come forward.

      • Synthia Fagen

        Believe “police”? Who are “police” exactly?

        Isn’t that a massive generality? There are rogue cops and brutal, sadistic cops and there are very, very good ones. We better all figure out who is who and expect the best of the good ones. They’re not ALL bad. Not by a long shot.

        The ones who are, are unfortunately in a position to cause a lot of harm. The police state needs to be fought in all of its forms and that includes the unconstitutional laws, executive orders, cameras going up everywhere, etc but making the decision that “all cops are bad, fuck them” will only make your life a living hell of slavery before the fact.

        People better hope that the majority of police in any given town are good people while still being awake and aware of those who like to use force, won’t listen and who are violent. From my observation, those guys are not the majority.

        Now, replacing local and state police with mercenaries, like Blackwater (now Academi, I guess) well, that’s a different story. Call out the bad ones. Expose their crimes but I would be wary of vilifying all police — lumping them all together. We’re gonna need the good guys and they’re out there.

        • Steven Holman

          Even the very kindest and understanding cop, one who only uses his power to protect people (and I’m speaking quite fictional lyrics at this point) is still an agent of the government which is a criminal entity. There may be a good cop here or there but often where they exist they either get with the program or get run out. Christopher Dorner was such a cop.

          • Synthia Fagen

            I very much appreciate you both for responding to my comment and yours are well taken.

            My main point is that generalities are never true. They just aren’t. Police have “civilian” friends and family too. They are part of the community.

            There are bad ones and good ones. You may believe that the good ones are fictional characters and don’t last long and Jianju, above, may believe they are mythical boy scouts.

            I don’t see it that way. I have seen them in action acting completely different from the way I would have been led to believe they would act if I listened only to the prevailing attitude. For example, here in Chicago during the March Against Monsanto, the police totally helped the protesters in every way they could. They were cordial and decent.

            The police had to protect the pedestrians and had to stop traffic to let them through. The civilians in cars were the actual assholes…honking and getting hugely pissed off that they were delayed for even a few minutes.

            The police turned to us and said, “They’ll get over it” and there was not one single police officer (and there were lots) that ever acted inappropriately.

            I have other stories too. I see the bad ones, believe me. I just don’t lump them all into the same category.

          • rilke

            One rotten apple spoils the whole bushel.

          • Synthia Fagen

            rilke, I do understand…that sucks. That could be said in any field and about the human race in general though.

            Do you propose a world without police of any kind? In my view, humanity is not enlightened and evolved enough (unfortunately) to need zero policing.

        • Jianju

          I know the ones you’re talking about. Still, they lie. They shirk the law. They turn a blind eye to the “bad” cops. This mythical boy scout you describe is the rare one, & doesn’t last long.

        • rilke

          Just one bad one indicts them all, sorry.

          • Synthia Fagen

            If you let it…yes.

          • Robyn B Holmes

            no, if they let it. and they do.

          • Synthia Fagen

            Okay. On the other hand, there might also be some great vested interests in all of us hating cops. When the shit hits the fan, the more people who hate cops, the better for those who want chaos.

        • pdxsays

          I pray that you never get the answer to your question.

          Those “good cops” one day are willing to shoot children the next.

          What you don’t understand is that life and situation are now all relativistic in a society that demands dogmatic ethic.

          You are witnessing the melt down of a nation founded on Puritan strictures after 200 years; they were run out of England because they damned every form of popular entertainment and celebration. We found the nation on the belief system of their progeny.

          • Synthia Fagen

            Every human being has the capability of doing anything that any human being is capable of doing. Still, there are those who have integrity and who will remain whole no matter what the circumstance. You will see.

        • Kim Keith

          If there is such a plentitude of “good guys” out there where are their voices? Why do we not hear too many screaming the truth about the bad ones? Where are they if they are in fact there? I do “hope” that there are good ones out there. I also “hope” that I win lottery, and that Santa Claus hooks me up this year, I hope for world peace. And I sincerely hope that you, or someone in agreement with you, can point me in the direction of the “good guys”.

          • Synthia Fagen

            Go find them yourself. That’s what I decided to do. Walk down to your local police department and introduce yourself. Go to a protest and find them and start talking to them. Ask some questions. Do your own research.

            By the way, I am not sticking up for shitty cops or pretending they don’t exist. Man, it’s difficult to go up against a prevailing attitude!

            In the meantime…see if any of these videos help.


    • Ori LegFav

      When the only tools you’re given is a hammer. Everything looks like a nail. Police are not given any training in psychology, or how to talk to people to resolve issues. They are given Guns, Tazers, Mace, and Batons. Watch this video for how a True Peace Officer should be recruited and funded. Focusing on NON VIOLENT Resolutions!

      • Rob Kenneth

        Non-violent resolution is a great idea, and indeed it gets scant attention among police forces. Obviously violence is a more effective form of social control, which of course is the raison d’etre of police (not ‘keeping us safe’.) But free market policing? That seems even more nightmarish than what we have now. Plenty of people around the world have been killed (are still BEING killed) by private security forces. There’s plenty of market incentive to do violence unto others too. A million baby Blackwaters patrolling the streets on behalf of their employers? Sorry, no.

        • Robyn B Holmes

          thing is, is that these free market police forces are hired directly by the people, when there is a problem , the people hold the group and the individual accountable. standard police like shifting people around, getting them away from their hometowns, they know that cops knowing the community personally leads to more empathy but thats not a cops job.

          the free market cops (i suspect) do not have the same immunity from prosecution nor do i imagine they have the thin blue line, or the bureaucracy to hide behind.

          police perjury is common place,
          no point pretending anymore.

      • ssnoceans

        Ori, thanks – this is key.

    • Phil de Fontenay

      I agree! How many lives are saved by police each year. Can you imagine the carnage if there were suddenly NO police ~lol It would be just like Revolution when the power went out.

      How many police have been killed while protecting innocent victims?

      Conspiracists just like Anarchists have their own agenda, both destructive to society :)

      • Steven Holman
      • Steven Holman

        Cops are not even in the top 10 for most dangerous occupations

        • frank

          thanks for your contribution. Viva Internet :)

      • Steven Holman
      • Robyn B Holmes

        cops drive right on past people who need saving, very often.
        cops have been documented ignoring persons in direct danger.
        yet the courts have affirmed that its not the police officers job to protect anyone. welcome to reality.

        how many murders do conspiracists or anarchists commit? who knows, i bet its a fraction of the amount of murders committed by police though

        cops have the worst agenda, they want insane paychecks with no risk. if they want to just sit incars and come out when its safe, give them the same minimum wage most everyone else in the country is getting.

        fyi , police deaths are very rare….
        133 since 1961 here in canada.
        im sure its much higher in the states,
        and from what i can see , it should be higher. than it is.

      • bloodyspartan

        You are a foolish Ignorant person, Cops do not exist to protect you or anyone else.

        You are responsible for yourself.
        They are their for Control and that is all.

        Wake up or leave before the Bloodshed starts.

        • Phil de Fontenay

          With all the news about cops killing innocent people I am starting to agree with you.

          But hey, the personal insults are unnecessary okay? ~lol

    • pdxsays

      that’s because the data is kept by the corrupt. you will never know how many tibetans and argentinians were “disappeared,” but you’re pretty sure a staggering number by the faces of the aggrieved mothers and families. dude. look at us. we are them.

  • bikerdogred1

    By the the picture they are here because you forgot to pay your electric bill.

  • rilke

    I’m a newspaper journalist and cops tried to kill me in two different states in recent years for uncovering their corruption. It doesn’t matter if there’s only one bad cop, that taints them all.

    • charles branstrom

      i had my life threatened by cops twice in two months. last one kept telling me if i move he will shoot me in the head. two rifles and one pistol aimed at me. i did not break a single law. all that so he could lecture me

      • rilke

        Clearly they are trigger happy everywhere in this country. Police state doesn’t begin to describe the situation. The cops are the biggest reason I don’t feel safe anymore.

        • charles branstrom

          yeah i do have to add i am one of a dozen people around me that open carry alot. i am not a dick like alot of the youtube people but thats kind of the whole thing. you can check it out its scary. chuckley54494

        • bridget

          Preach it.

        • Rusty

          Yep safer to be car jacked than pulled over, druggie just wants your car, cop is likely on a power trip which is far more dangerous.

          • Nancy Wood

            Most car jackers kick back to cops, it’s a cop initiated racket. Most crime is cop initiated. Racketeers in Blue.

          • rilke


          • Rusty

            Would not surprise me I grew up where it was the Chief Justice of the Court, A judge I have actually forgotten his name. He protected the drug dealers and runners. My nieces murderer was a drug dealer, so no conviction even for killing a 22 month old baby girl.

        • Nancy Wood

          Right again!

      • Mike Hodges

        i got the shit kicked out of me by 2 cops.i was only 17yo. i was sleeping in bed at 12:30 the door gets kicked open in my room. all i hear is put your hands up. i asked who are you, then i was pulled by my hair to the ground. with a gun in my neck, one cop keep telling me he could kill me. i sat in my underwear on the porch for 3 hours. never said sorry just told me they were looking for my dad. before they left the other cop tells me “I could of killed you, just remember that” im now 35 and remember that like yesterday. people believe this is a new thing. only blacks got treated this way. when i got older i volunteered with the sheriff dept for a year and did get to work with swat training. best i can tell you is comply or die.

        • bloodyspartan

          pluck u we die together.

        • GreyWolf62

          We need Ukrainian style protests to bring the cops to their knees, but I vote for very little forgiveness or tolerance to ANY cop that abused his power.

          • Revolting Mass

            Is that where they all get their silver coins out of their pockets and chant “Judas” as they throw they at the cops?

        • UrbanCamper

          Something similar happened to me. I was sleeping and the cops busted in on me to arrest a former inhabitant of the apartment that no longer lived there. They kept saying I was her , despite my photo ID and credible story- I was not her. I was handcuffed and taped over my mouth because I kept saying they had the wrong person. I was detained in freezing cold cop car in my underwear for an hour and then released with no charges. Person they were looking for was wanted for a minor probation violation – failed to report to a probation appointment. Anybody that lives in America has a similar story. It’s hard to get by without being attacked by Police and/or wrongfully arrested. It’s part of what it means to be American – The land of the cowards and the home of the incarcerated.

          • Jason Smith

            I remember being sleeping at a 24 hour access computer lab at a former college of mine when a campus security officer strolled in and told me that he thought it was suspicious that I was there and not in my dorm room (Ok, so far, fair enough). Then he requests my I.D. so he can confirm who I am (Do I know if you’re going to bring the I.D. back to me?) Thankfully, he did, and told me that I checked out. But why couldn’t he just look at my student I.D. card and put two and two together. It’s total lack of thinking. Plus, this was a 24 hour facility, so why shouldn’t I be there? My assumption is that he realized the error in his logic and decided to let me off with a stern “talking-to.”

        • Nancy Wood

          It’s better now that people can see what criminals the cops really are. Thanks to video, But it’s not enough, we really have to get rid of cops and rely on ourselves.

      • Nancy Wood

        They are racketeers, perhaps they greenlighted you in order to get you out of their turf, that is usually the reason why they threaten and kill people; usually it’s to get rid of witnesses or potential witnesses to their rackets. The Ocampo killings were actually conspired and ordered by Orange Officer O’keiffe, a racketeer cop, Ocampo was simply ‘one of the usual suspects,’ he was a friendly familiar, and easy to blame, he was killed in jail before the trial. O’Kieffe threatened to kill me, as did his buds in Anaheim PD, for saying that there were witnesses to the murders who knew that it was O’Keiffe’s man who did the killing, not Ocampo. ‘Bandito’ killed those five men, and tried to kill me, I had seen he and O’Kieffe many times running rackets, when I made public comments on that fact the police made a video of me as a crazy person, it went out to every court ordered program in OC, so I sued them for defamation and won. I have no history of mental illness. The Anaheim PD found the other witnesses who knew that it was Bandito, on O’Kieffe’s orders who killed those five homeless men, for being witnesses to O’Kieffe’s rackets, the Anaheim police told the witnesses to leave town or be killed. I told the cops to go fuck themselves.

      • David

        Charles, we are the enemy, they are teaching them to prepare for a Police State.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Why don’t you go out and uncover the corrupt government that is serving in Washington DC. I’m sorry, I guess we already know they are corrupt but the majority of our citizens, for some reason, voted these self-serving individuals back into power.

      • Jim

        CC….you are a rightwingnut aren’t you? Yes, there are corrupt Dems, but they are amateurs compared to the GOP.

        • poet756

          But I noticed you didn’t name any examples. Let me name just a few of the commies on the left. Fast and Furious, IRS, NHS, DHS, Obamacare, Benghazi, Syria, Libya, Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, voter fraud, and a cast of millions.

          • TruePatriot

            Those are Fox buzzwords with no substance or actual facts behind them. If you can explain each of those things you listed in your own words and describe how the left acted solely on their own against the US people then I will denounce my support of the democratic party and become a registered republican immediately. Otherwise it just makes you look like a republican puppet having your strings pulled. As a bonus, list 5 things republicans have done to fix the problems in the US or help the American people. Ready? go!

          • Peter Gabriel

            True Parrot, you voted for a guy with a sealed past? Tell me you’re into due dillagence. truth be told Dems/Reps all same as good cop bad cop. None of them do anything for us, only their own agenda with Obama on the same Global Path as Bush was on. Heads or tails both sides look different but the quarter still has the same function. We all need to look behind the curtain. Our country is a s**t hole with the down hill slide moving faster with every election. BREAK THE MOLD

          • Rusty

            It won’t be done in the voting booth or by any ballot. though ballot is close to what is needed.

          • Jason Smith

            Peter, if you are referring to Barack Obama, he did not have to release any of his birth records. In fact, if his race was not being called into question, I am quite sure this never would have been an issue. Yet, he still released not only a short-form, but also a long-form version of his birth certificate, which substantiates that he was born in Hawaii, USA after it gained statehood. Personally, if I went to a job interview and had a hiring manager tell me they wanted to see credentials confirming that i was born in the U.S……I would tell them to shove off. I have lived here all my life, have a Social Security card and number, which I know I am not obligated to give out, a U.S. birth certificate filed with the State of New York, etc. etc. President Obama handled this matter very coolly…..I think a lot better than I would have. You and your people need to check your attitude at the door.

          • Michelle

            When you are dead you do not know you are dead, it only effects others, the same is true when you are stupid! Talk about missing the point, you have no clue about what is really going on, so intill you do, stfu!

          • Steve

            Passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. How’s that for starters?

        • USCAVSCT

          Obviously Jim you’ve never lived in L.A., Washington D.C., Chicago, Detroit or Boston. All very corrupt and run by Democrats.

          • random plebe

            Don’t forget Atlanta and New Orleans…

          • js

            Don’t forget that Reagan began all the shit were in! A conservatives a con, and a liberals a liar, deal with it.

          • Ricky Ross

            “I support the Brady Bill and I urge the Congress to enact it without further delay”

            – Ronald Reagan (March 28, 1991)

            “I do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or for home defense. But I do believe that an AK-47, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon or needed for defense of a home.”

            – Ronald Reagan, (at his birthday celebration in 1989)

            – Search: “Ford, Carter, Reagan Push for Gun Ban”

            – Search: “Governor Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Act in 1967″ (prohibiting the carrying of firearms on one’s person or in a vehicle, in any public place or on any public street in California)

            …and let’s not forget about Reagan’s little treasonous affair known as Iran-Contra. This is a cartoon production, so even sheeple can understand it.


          • BillieJoe Allgood

            Ricky Ross I am 50yrs old, that should give you a timeline. A little hint buddy, you don’t know shit about Iran Contra. You just think you do. Enuff said

          • Ricky Ross

            I almost as old as you are … and your tough keyboard talk backed with ZERO information to debunk my post shows that you are the one that does not know shit! More than likely, you are a typical American filled with FAKE Patriotism and a hard on for Ronnie! Just because you post tough talk along with your age means NOTHING! Enough said! (<<< hey look, one of us can spell correctly)

          • BillieJoe Allgood

            Not trying to debunk you. I am saying you only know about half of what went on. Sorry about the confusion. Sometimes writing does not express itself well for me. Trust me when I say this, there was way more happening. And if they had actually followed through on some of it 911 probably would not have happened. My apologies for the misconception I was trying to debunk you.

          • Ricky Ross

            Thank you for the apology. I know what you mean … sometimes meanings do get lost in translation when typing words. With that said, do you believe that 19 terrorist with box cutters flew around the country for 1-2 hours and superseded the most powerful military on earth and at will, flew those planes in to the buildings? In other words, do you believe the official government story of what happened on 911? I only ask that because of the statement that you made in your most recent comment.

          • BillieJoe Allgood

            Ricky, I absolutely and completely and totally believe everything the government tells me. After all, they are just there to protect me from the bad mean people of the world. LOL. Ricky I have seen way to much in my life. That’s all I am saying lol

          • Ricky Ross

            No disrespect intended, but it is my pleasure to have met someone who is so knowledgeable about so many things, yet, they have yet to tell what they know >>> only that they know so much about things and others do not. Hopefully, one day I can attain such knowledge so that I can tell others how uneducated that they are and all the while, I never have to prove a thing … just open my mouth (or type on a keyboard) and tell them how much I know.

            All hail BillieJoe Allgood!

            All hail BillieJoe Allgood!

            All hail BillieJoe Allgood!

            All hail BillieJoe Allgood!

            All hail BillieJoe Allgood!

          • BillieJoe Allgood

            Ricky you can actually trace 911 to Lebanon in the early 80s. Go back and listen to Oliver North’s testimony in front of congress. You probably know a few ex special forces in your area. Watch it with them. Have them tell you what is not being said.

          • Rusty

            Sometimes people end up in positions to know things behind the curtain, actually saying anything and giving details, even decades later, can be very costly and others have very long memories and absolutely no conscience, coupled with the power and position to never be touched.

          • Rusty

            So are we talking about how the Republicans ask the Hostage takers (Iranian Government) to hold the hostages until after the US election part of the deal?

          • Juan Martinez

            when your licking boots, the next pair you should be cleaning are my pair of ANARCHO-SYNDICALIST boots breaking open your empty fascist head.

          • Jeff Lachance

            To bad an ak aint a machine gun….. its just a single shot rifle….

          • Ricky Ross

            Yea, tell Ronnie that. You know how politicians are … they have to use those fearful trigger words like “machine gun” to get the sheople that hear them say it, to support them when they talk that nonsense.

          • Mr. S. Wolf Britain


            Nope, they’re BOTH cons!


          • Brad Canelo

            And NYC.

          • Jason Smith

            Certainly there are corrupt Democrats just the same as there are corrupt and corrupted officials on the Conservative side of the spectrum. I am not blinded to that. Even our President has allowed himself to fall in line with some of the corruption up on “The Hill.” He is still a man of bold visions and I believe he will continue to impress in his remaining time in office and come to remind the Americans who voted him in as to why they did so.

          • USCAVSCT

            Obviously Jason you nothing about the History of Chicago/Cook County/Illinois Democratic Party. Its legacy of corruption extends back over hundred years. Chicago, Cook County and Illinois are ranked in the top five for unscrupulousness and fraud. The Windy City has kept its crown as the most corrupt major city in the country over the last 40 years. The Democrats have held control over Chicago since 1955 with the election of Richard J. Daley. President Obama Integral part this party and is tainted by his membership in it. His house in Kenwood is from a unethical deal with Tony Rezko. Scandal with the IRS, VA(Veterans Affairs), EPA, etc.

        • beowulf32

          Oh your not going to get away with that I beg to differ, your wrong.

          • brent

            all of you are so poorly misguided,its not a matter of political sides,its just a fucking show,you think that when it comes down to it a republican or democratic candidate is gonna side with their broke ass “peasant” constituents that they claim to represent,or the other millionaire sitting next to them in congress? please tell me what good either political party has done for this country in the last decade?? nothing. They put on an act that should be worthy of an oscar,telling us we r going into wars for these peoples freedoms,when they just want more territory and oil rights.all the political shit theyve been squabling over, the government shutdown which cost the taxpayers 24 billion…all this shit has done is nothing but rape us of what little money we have and goes straight into their pockets,its all a godamn show,a distraction from the fact that this country is slowly becoming a police state…you wanna know why nothing is changing and shit keeps getting worse?? cause of all you ignorant morons who seem to think it comes down to my party is right and yours is wrong…WAKE UP!! THEY ARE WORKING TOGETHER!!!

          • Ricky Ross

            They can not even help themselves as their programming runs so deep! Everything in our society has been “corporate Branded” and “Team concept orientated”…it’s all by design and all of the sheep will fight one another for their team, all the while the world burns down around them…

            – McDonald’s/Burger King

            – Ford/Chevy

            – CVS/Walgreens

            – KMart/WalMart

            – Lowes/Home Depot

            – Coors Light/Miller Light

            – Shell/BP

            – Coke/Pepsi

            – Jack Daniels/Jim Beam

            – Bears/Packers

            – Cubs/White Sox

            – Angels/Dodgers

            – Black/White

            – Republican/Democrat

          • Travis Judah

            I’ve read your comments through out this thread, you got it pegged sir. Keep up the good work.

          • Ricky Ross

            Thank you for the compliment! I’m used to getting railed for my beliefs (even in real life), so I’m taken back a bit by your acknowledgement :–)

          • Travis Judah

            Absolutely sir. There’s not many of us who see it so we have got to stick together when we can. The two party farce is what keeps this country from tearing down the machine and how more aren’t aware of it, I’ve not a clue. Also, I know how you feel. It’s a lonely road!

          • Ricky Ross

            “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

            – George Orwell

          • Lisa

            Not sure where I saw it ~ someone complimented your input and you responded about the harassment you receive online and in real life ~ I ALWAYS appreciate your input and nearly always agree with you!

          • Ricky Ross

            Thank you for the kind words :-))

          • Rusty

            But the Proletariat will never rise up not in a million years

          • Jeff Lachance

            Its called competition dumbass…. if there was only one manufacturer you know how expensive shit would be!?!?!? Crawl back into your mothers basement and let the adults talk….

          • Ricky Ross

            LOL … just like someone to speak to others how you do, then you tell them to go live in their mothers basement >>> so telling of not only your education level, but your lack of common decency, respect and courtesy. At least 11 people agreed with my statement and not one of them was me … LOL. I don’t upvote my own comments … I don’t have to do that :–)). That said, who said there was only one single manufacturer of the items I listed above??? The fact is, there are many … but the Social Engineering of our society has conditioned people to go for the most popular of items and pick sides. Obviously, you do not understand … but that was evident before I ever started to respond to you as your response was, like I said, very telling of your lack of education level.

            Oh, and by the way … to show you how much the American people are being played out, there really is no competition at all as you elude to! Nearly everything that we consume/buy/use, etc is controlled by 10 Corporations! Here, click the link and learn something … it will do you well so that in the future you do not open your mouth and look so ridiculously foolish! You will be smarter and then when you make comments, you won’t have to upvote them yourself :–))


          • Ricky Ross

            Wow, I just checked out your history. You are very insecure, that is 100% evident! Nearly every one of your responses to other peoples comments are condescending, rude and down right childish. Seriously, you can have conversations with others and even disagree with them in an adult manner without speaking to them the way that you do … it only makes you look uneducated, childish and as if you are the one that lives in their mom’s basement!

            Try being a big boy sometime, you will realize that others will treat you like a big boy when you act like one …

          • Steve Sofia

            He’s another lost cause,Ricky.When one responds with ad hominems right out of the chute,they’re PROVING what you just stated.

          • Sof

            Shout it out,Ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • rilke

            Yes. But it is not “slowly” becoming a police state; it already is one.

          • Rolanda Hurst

            No kidding!

          • Michael Smith

            Brent, you are so right. They’re one and the same. The next election will be smothered with abortion and immigration. Two things no one gives a fuck about and two things they’ve been throwing at us for over 30 years like it matters instead of actually doing something. They are ALL power hungry mother fuckers who only care about you because they’re not going to do the work themselves and someone has to do it. Oh, the hot button issue this next election will be marijuana legalization. No one but the government cares about that. We’ve all been smoking weed forever. It’s not an issue. The issue was them getting their patents in place for edible canabinoids. They don’t care that everyone is getting high, they’re just not going to let you buy your drugs from anyone but them. It’s all about who controls the heroin trade because that’s all humans worldwide actually care about. Being able to get high and make the pain stop. That’s why pharmaceuticals are literally 10 times more expensive in this country than any other. They have the largest most violent gang in the world, the military, to carry out their every whim as the biggest and most dangerous drug cartel the world has ever known. And we pay for it both financially and with our lives.

          • Lreo

            great thnx join nma and copblocl thnx

          • Sof

            The masses are asses.Brent.Bought into the left-right paradigm,hook,line and sinker.Most can’t be saved.

          • Ricky Ross

            “Debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages must be foreclosed as
            rapidly as possible. When, through a process of law, the common people
            lose their homes they will become more docile and more easily governed
            through the influence of the strong arm of government, applied by a
            central power of wealth under control of leading financiers.

            This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world.

            dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them
            to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance.
            Thus, by discreet action, we can secure for ourselves what has been so
            well planned and so successfully accomplished.”

            USA Banker’s Magazine, August 25 1924

        • Ricky Ross

          There is no Left or Right — there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and talking about the specified, yet worthless talking points, as the world burns around you.

          • Michelle

            Good to see not everyone is blind!

        • Chris Ocampo

          The right/left paradigm is an illusion used to dupe the populous into believing they have a choice.

          • rilke


          • Rusty

            And further broken down, to a few individuals playing varying roles, so that each segment of the the general population can believe not only a choice but a few that echo their voice.

        • Brian Colvin

          Keep beliving in left vs right and YOU are the problem……

        • GetReadyItsComing

          The American Sheeple are just that.

          The politicians keep us fighting back and forth over whether rancher “D” or rancher or “R” is best to run the ranch.

          All the while, both have been working together to direct us here and there, and eventually down this metal chute, all to fill their bank accounts with the profits from wool, lamb, and mutton.

          The sooner you wake up, the sooner you can get in the fight for liberty. True dat!

        • Mary4freedom

          Who told you that? Cable talk show hosts?

      • donhays

        The police are part of the government that serve in Washington DC. So your wishes have actually been granted.

      • Ricky Ross

        Voting works? Please…

        Voting is nothing more than an illusion of power, used by those who have power, to control those without power.

        • rilke


        • Joshua Drake

          The best way to enslave a population is the illusion of freedom.

          • Ricky Ross

            “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

            – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        • Kat Ford

          Mark Twain said; If voting mattered we couldn’t,,,, over 100 years ago. Think about that for a few. Over 100 years ago.

          • AlwysReady

            Right, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Mark Twain. I have been telling everyone can this same thing. It is a farce, a show, like WWE Wrestling, you do not and will not get any help from anyone that you vote for. They all work for the Vatican and the Pope hates the people of this country so much that everything that is destroying this country right now has been planned to do just that. The Jesuits who work for the Vatican have infiltrated every religious, political and business organization in the world. They use Protestants to help them destroy Protestantism, they use Sunnis to Sikhs, they use Communists to destroy Communism all in an effort to bring the world to its knees in front of the Pope begging him to set the world aright, something he cannot and will not do.
            People of the world must turn to Jesus Christ, the only leader who is being attacked by all groups in the world, why? He is God that is why, the Word of God made flesh, the Son of God in an earthly body. Jesus died for us and was raised again and sits on the right hand of the Father, in Heaven, not in a Parish, nor in the Vatican, the Father is in Heaven. Remember that when they tell you you must call a priest, another false religious position, father, you cannot without blaspheming God.
            All these cops are going to do is continue to get more like an Inquisitional System and arrest or kill more and more. This will start when the last purge of humanity takes place before the return of Jesus Christ and it will all be done at the hands of the Vatican and the USA. The Two Kingdoms Intro 1 and Intro 2 by Even at the Doors, watch them then watch Revolutions, Tyrants, and Wars-Total Onslaught by Walter Veith. This will be a good start to the reality of what is going on in the world today, don’t miss them, it is that important.

          • Peter Petropolis

            how’s that again?

        • rilke

          As Mark Twain pointed out: If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. So we go into the voting booth Nov. 6, 2016, to look at the two biggest crooks in the country the rest of the crooks have decided to put in our faces. How is this choice?

      • Rusty

        There has not been a legitimate vote in this country for decades, most likely my entire life. The Illusion of Choice is a big Reality Show with a script and a predetermined outcome.

    • April Reigne

      I’d love to speak with you rilke – feel free to contact me

      • rilke

        I’m on Facebook.

    • Kathy Atkins

      My Story is about Sheriff Deputy Involved Domestic Violence, My interactions with the Santa Clara County, California Sheriff Department and Sheriff Laurie Smith Directly, My son Joshua died by Hanging at the age of 10 after years of abuse at the hands of his father a Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy.

      • rilke

        I know the story. For years, local cops refused to do anything about my abusive (now) ex, who attacked me and my children. Usually when I called them, they would say, “Why don’t you go back where you came from?” or “If he actually does something (when threatening to kill us all), call back.” My son at 15 tried to hang himself, and I’m sure that was why. I couldn’t even prevail in the divorce, because lo and behold all the records of his reported abuse, including a couple of arrests that put him in jail for an hour, had disappeared. Then, when I got the BATF to raid his home after the divorce because he was a felon and had an armory of illegal weapons, the local cops sent their friends in to remove the guns an hour before the raid. Just empty gun cabinets. Cops suck big time.

        • Kathy Atkins

          It always makes my heart sink when i come across someone who can fully relate to my story, I feel for your son’s struggles with what you all went through, I hope he has healed to move forward with his life, There are a lot of evil crazy cops, they behave that way in the streets and in their homes and their co-workers know all about these people, They call themselves good cops because they don’t beat the public of their families but they look the other way, its called the blue wall of silence, you know that very well, I see them all the same, violent cops and cops that allow them to do so

          • rilke

            Thank you for your sympathies with what my son (one of three, the oldest) went through. He never totally healed from the trauma of his childhood, as he sort of put himself in front of his little brothers to protect them. He died in 2012 from cancer at 34. I’m sure the emotional and physical battering had much to do with his susceptibility to the disease. The failure of authorities (cops, mostly, but certainly not exclusively) to protect us all left him open to victimization of other kinds. I maintain that so long as there is even one bad cop, there is just no such thing as a good one. And, yes, there are violent ones everywhere; I have direct knowledge of this as a newspaper journalist. I’ve covered crime in 10 states, and cops have tried to kill me in two places.

          • Kathy Atkins

            Rike, My heart felt sorry about your son’s death and his life time of hardships, how are you holding up after all you’ve been through, I hope life is being kind to you now

          • rilke

            Grief is pervasive now, but otherwise I am doing alright. Working to help others with my nonprofit. Sponsor a boy in third world in my son’s memory.

    • Revolting Mass

      I’ve been beaten within an inch of my life twice now by the police. I thought they were going to kill me the first time as I could feel my skull giving way. The second time I thought they were going to snap both my arms at the shoulder. I never used to hate the pigs, but now I know they are filth. Power corrupts. Fuck the system!

      • rilke

        Agree totally.

      • Peter Gabriel

        What do you do about it?

    • Christopher Smithy Smithsin

      I got sent to jail over a untrue hear-say that I shook my fist at someone. My fucked up family sent me to jail back in 2012 for shit I never did. The same fucked up family attacked me as I went to call the cops back in 2013… I was attacked for 15 minutes by my mom and her boy friend and pigs did nothing for me. I managed to record the attack and the pigs not doing shit for me. My blog has more to the story.

      Pigs advised my fucked up family to get an OOP after attacking me in my own home where they didn’t live nor were they invited to. Pigs selectively doing their jobs…

      I offer anyone able to help sue whoever for emotional distress, can keep all the money.

      My record is nothing but bullshit on paper. Oddly enough I broke into some place when I was 15. That I really did do but those records are sealed. O.o So yeah, anywho…

      I knew there was a major problem with pigs way before my fucked up family fucked me.

    • Nancy Wood

      so true

    • Christopher C

      yeah, they’re just thugs who only help their fellow crooks is all, just an illusion… no reason not to take out the garbage, eh? cop or no cop…

    • John

      That’s ashame, Rike. I had an unmarked car follow me earlier this year for no reason. I was behind it for a while, but after I turned down a road, it turned around and followed me. I thought it was criminals, so I tried to get away, and ran two stop signs, and was eventually pulled over by a regular cop car. I tried to fight the ticket, and I told the Magistrate that they followed me before I did anything, but to no avail.

      Good luck in your endeavors. You should come to my town and do your work.

      • rilke

        Be sure to read my upcoming book, “Daisies Don’t Lie: Misadventures in Journalism.” Part I is titled, “Cops that go bump in the night.”

        • John

          OK. Will keep an eye out for it.

    • David

      Yes rilke , its everywhere !

    • FRance Alec

      it’s endemic, since they were conjured for the service of the criminal bank. citizen, particularly good citizens wouldn’t protect treasonous anti-american bankers. police do.

      • rilke

        All About It! Journalist’s Exposé
        Murder & More

        Louise Lewis finally tells all in her explosive memoir about her 30
        years in journalism. Her newspaper career, which began covering a
        notorious, and until now unsolved 1974 murder in Connecticut, led to
        attempts on her life by police in two states. Her take on the
        experience: “You don’t have to be black to have cops wanting you

        book not only provides a fascinating inside look at the world of
        journalism, but shows that everyone must be vigilant, or the truth
        can be forever buried. We are proud to announce this powerful book’s
        release,” said
        Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.

        (ISBN: 978-1-63135-831-9)
        is now available for $14.50 and can be ordered through the
        publisher’s website:
        or at

  • Zahhar

    I guess when you put veterans of the Iraqi/Afghan wars with PTSD on various police forces throughout the nation, such senseless killings have to be thought of as inevitable. This is what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan, after all; they invaded homes looking for insurgents and killed anyone who twitched a muscle. Such acts were always justified as self-defense, whether or not this was the case. Now these same guys are knocking down doors throughout the nation, and the PTSD active in most of them has them seeing “insurgents” behind every one of them.

    • Dennis Murphy

      WHAT A CROCK OF FFFFFING SHIT. When you go over,,oh wait your scared. it’s ok stay on the internet and talk smack. When you have a clue you can reply, until then F-off . When you put some winning little F Tard in uniform that has played to much X-box you get winny little pricks that get no sex and are all binned up in side and sit on the internet, when they are not playing with themselves on talking shit out their ass through there tinny little digits. you should put down those web fantasy toys and join the real world and that’s not the one on the tv

      • Zahhar

        Here’s one of the PTSD dudes now.

      • Robyn B Holmes

        sounds like someone is upset that they cant be a toy soldier now without admitting they just want to act tough and blow shit up. maybe rape a few kids in the country your occupying.

        thats okay though, we understand your defective nature and hatred . we know your just sad and spiteful cuz your not endowed enough, or smart enough…. so keep on bein the keyboard warrior who idolizes the big tough soldiers who were murdering civilians that were often armed only with rocks.

        my what big tough guys those soldiers are…..

        • Dennis Murphy

          A person with a real name now here is a change. Mister face I think you should join them. Police do a thing called a ride along. Join them for a week, Ride a long for a week with an officer, state local your choice. one night and you just might prove to yourself that you just may could have been the cap crusaders partner.

          But you already know real man don’t talk shit, they don’t talk smack but only little pansies girl try to get under some bodies skin. JOIN THE REAL WORLD! CUM out from behind that mask. it will be good for you

          • pdxsays

            I got your ride along right here, my brother. It was called Occupy Portland.

          • Dennis Murphy

            Occupy bought and paid for the RNC, you’ll did a great job F i nn g this nation up. Why don’t you go out and get a job,,,,,,,,OH WAIT an illegal alien is doing you job at Micky Ds.Don’t worry be happy, Obama and the RNC will be gone soon

          • Robyn B Holmes

            “and when you need them don’t call take care of yourself.”

            we have no reason to call unless we need a police report number for insurance.
            around here thats common sense. most other places are not any better according to fbi reports .

            as a whole , police are about as credible as obama right now with this secret TPP agreement.

          • Alex Taunton

            Rnc=repubs, you know that right? As well, that stereotype of protesters as being unemployed loses is just that. A stereotype. We’re all employed, and we wanna make sure we’re not working for nothing.

            And you can bet most protesters want nothing to do with the rnc

          • Dennis Murphy

            Thank you

          • Robyn B Holmes

            lmfao…. in our town we would be stuck riding with crack head cops and pedo bears in blue uniforms… no thanks. oh not to mention all the steroid monkeys and exjocks who still think they are better than others, and last but not least … the egomaniacs who demand you respect their authori-tah!

            like i have said previously (elsewhere) police need higher IQ’s than they are currently allowed, and 24/7 (on shift) video/audio recording.

            THEN and only then , will we see police crimes halt.

            ps: this mask is not my mask. it is an idea.
            and ideas are bulletproof. if you wish to know who i am, add me. idgaf. i have nothing to hide from anyone.otherwise… just keep blindly supporting your future captors.

          • Dennis Murphy

            IF that is how they are in your town then move. People in general need higher IQs, police are no different. They go to the same 12 years of free schooling that 90% of the people in America get. They have one big different problem than you have, and that is they deal with one a daily bases, the scum of the nation, people are out there robbing stealing and killing other people and the police officer is out there to stand in front of you and protect what you may or may not be ready to deal with yourself. Are so off their rocker, yes. Do some stand a little more aggressive than other, yes . do they all want to go home at the end of their shift, OH HELL YES! I their line of work do they have to draw their weapon and have to use it, on occasion.

            There will always be crimes, there will always be people better off which will make other people feel that they need to take what does not belong to them. There will always be people with well intended ideas that will hide behind a mask, and then there are others that are ready to stand up in the front that will always take to much shit from the wrong people day in and day out and until there is no longer a need for brave men and woman to stand on those fronts hide, be ready to be victim that will need a brave person to save then from those that intend to do them harm. support the good, because the bad are on their way.

            GOOD LUCK and when you need them don’t call take care of yourself.

          • Zahhar

            Flaws in argument. Flaws in logic. Flaws in disposition. Flaws in spelling, grammar, and thinking in general. Sorry, Dude, but you’re just not worth responding to.

          • Erich Pierce

            You did respond to him.

          • joerocket

            Perhaps you should retake English 101 before you post further. You sound like an illiterate cop groupie wannabe.

          • bloodyspartan

            Boot licker 2 Supreme Courts have decided they are not there to Protect you and all , but clean up the Mess,
            They are under no obligation to protect you , that is why if they kill u they are safe.

          • Alex Taunton

            I never call the cops. They don’t keep me safe, I don’t feel safe around them, they aren’t legally required to protect me, and there is a good chance I’ll get shot by the cops if I call the police.

            Bootlickers like to say “don’t like cops? Next time you’re in trouble, call a crackhead”. Thing is, I trust crackhead more than I trust cops. At the worst, a crackhead will rob me. They’re predictable. Cops might shoot me or kidnap me or otherwise violate my rights. Also, that shows how shifty cops have gotten that they need to compare themselves with crackheads to make themselves look better.

          • Dennis Murphy

            Bootlikers are people who suckup to their boss. but go ahead and call that crackhead for help. When the police show they’ll call the coroner for you. Good Luck with that philosophy

          • Brian Colvin

            I was just going to pick on you a little, but You did exactly what you accused ” little pansies girl try to get under some bodies skin” your an illiterate moron. Period. Your a hypocrite . You say “real men dont talk shit!” yet your here “talking shit”. Is that self admission that your actually NOT a “real man?” You probably are a cop, and in that case , I will take your self admission as fact. See the thing about a blog, email, or even a letter is that its for communication only. You cant puff up your chest, raise your voice, clench your fists, or use any of the other intimidation tactics that seem to be prevalent in LE these days. And you dont have back up. You actually have to be one person with a mind and the ability to communicate thoughts and read others perspectives. You come across , to me anyway, as someone lacking any communication skills, therefore you resort to name calling, and trying to belittle someone who has a differing point of view. That makes you a moron. And probably a cop

          • BalllerDude3
      • Brian Colvin

        you sound like a cop

    • Fergie

      I have to agree with what you say, except for the part about PTSD. Most people with PTSD are that way because the have a conscience. It’s the psychopaths that were never bothered by the killing that make bad cops….Just my 2 cents

    • pdxsays

      You watch too many claude van damme movies…

    • Peter Straw

      Actually some of the older combat veterans are really committed to the Constitution and peoples rights. After the way they are trained to respect foreign civilians most cant believe what happens here. There are of course exceptions.

    • eli

      The best cops I know are former veterans. They’ve actually been to war and know that cops in American aren’t in a war zone and need to stop acting like they are. BTW, PTSD doesn’t generally make someone violent.

  • Oath Keeper

    So what is a “Police Population”? Is it just badged/ sworn persons or does it include immediate family? Extended family? Shooting buddies? People with hammer toe and acne? Either way the number of “Police population” will be significantly smaller then “General population” ergo the percentages will be significantly higher. That’s a difference of chalk and cheese.

    There is absolutely no way 7.3 million people are in federal prisons. Prisons are all State own, operated and ran. There are only a hand full of Federal prisons and they can only hold a few thousand total.

    I can only guarantee you that domestic violence is 2-4 (which is a huge difference in numbers, 100×2=200, 100×4=400) in low income communities then in Police families.

    You are 13 times more likely to be killed driving on the highway then by a terrorist. Because terrorists attacks are so common in this country. I love that stat.

    This article is so blatantly biased, slanted, uninformed, on-the-spot made-up, misguided, and annoying that it couldn’t possibly be true. But it came from the internet. Bonjour!

    • FilmingCops

      “What is a “Police Population”?”

      State, county, and local sworn law enforcement officers per the FBI’s Unified Crime Reporting (UCR). Take it up with them.

      “the number of police population will be significantly smaller…ergo the percentages will be significantly higher.”

      Nope. Think harder, bud. It shows a statistical concentration of sexual assault and murder among police. The numbers look small only if you ignore the contextual proportionality.

      “There is absolutely no way 7.3 million people are in federal prisons.”

      Sure it’s easy to shake your fists at the data. That doesn’t make it go away. There are at least 7.3 million Americans in the correctional system — locked up or under government control. And that is a conservative estimate. The US has five percent of the world’s population, but 25 percent of the world’s prison inmates.

      “I can only guarantee you that domestic violence is 2-4 (which is a huge difference in numbers, 100×2=200, 100×4=400) in low income communities then in Police families.”

      And why is your “guarantee” supposed to be more reliable than the long-term study that was conducted, which you didn’t read. (

      “You are 13 times more likely to be killed driving on the highway then [sic] by a terrorist.”

      And the state spends far more time scaring the population about terrorism. Just as you’re eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist, and here you are thinking you need a police state to “protect” you.

    • Rusty Shakelford

      You must teach your children that these people are not to be trusted. Cops hurt people, especially children. I have taught my kids to stay way away from cops, never talk to them, and demand an attorney if they harass you. The bad ones murder, rape, steal and abuse their spouses….the good ones lie and cover for the bad ones. It is a shame…they are the enemy of the American people these days.

      • rilke

        Yes, I helped two women file lawsuits after they were raped by cops.

        • Spinne

          What was the outcome of those lawsuits rilke?

        • rilke

          They were both dismissed on the basis of statute of limitations expired, predictable. But I appealed them to the federal appeals court in Denver (10th) and of course they were also dismissed, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that appeals judges knew that down in Santa Fe, we had four rapist cops.

    • Jianju

      “Oath Keeper”, huh? Well, aren’t you just the noble one. Keep lying to yourself as you turn a blind eye to your own corruption & that of your fellow pig-brained, pig-snouted, pig’s assholes you call brothers.

    • vance

      Terrorists are at war with americans(lol it makes no sense but whatever murica!)… yet more people are killed by your own people. We get it you are likely to die on the roads but youre comparing accidental death to murder…sorry but you are not that smart.

    • outraged

      Have ever even been to prison? You dont know how over populated they are. You really think with the money they are making that they would actually report the real numbers and have the outrage that is shown in this post.

    • MD

      Prisons are not all state run. A lot of prisons are private owned and run and are paid by the government per inmate per day. Its becoming a sick cruel industry where private prisons try to fit in ad many inmates as possible ( in cases to an inhumane level ) while cutting costs anywhere possible like food quality and medical assistance. All the while lobbying for harsher punishments for lesser crimes. I’ve read California had the most private jails in the US and prison execs lobbied for the 3 strike law where after 3 felonies you will be tried for life, and since other states have followed suit. Once an inmate you are essentially cattle. The police state is real, look how much has changed in the last ten years. Its only going to get worse unless people wake up and expose the unjust. Your rights are slipping between your fingers and not enough people notice or care, use them or lose them. You don’t have to agree with your government to be a patriot, question everything and trust in your fellow neighbor and citizen. And dont disregard something just because its on the internet, and then go believe anything the tv tells you. Do your own research.

  • Mike Lemmon

    ICe T was right.
    The police getting paid to go on shooting sprees are killing more of us than the terrorists from whom they “protect” us. In fact, you are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist.

  • Ed Wapole

    All cops need to be tested for steroid use and be instantly fired if tested positive, no exceptions. Police Chiefs need to be immediately fired when an officer is exonerated for shooting a citizen in the back.

    • Robyn B Holmes

      we just need to stop hiring the steroid monkeys .
      remove the IQ cap on police academy admission, and i bet you see a flood of worthy applicants show up.

      • KingE

        I think we the people should start our own Police force to protect the constitution against these terrorists!

      • bloodyspartan

        more cowardly excuses will not stop what is coming Only Force and fighting for your freedom will.

        That will involve Killing the Enemy,

        Pick them or they will pick you.

        • karenstockton

          There’s a better, more peaceful, loving way. If you still feel the same as you did 8 months ago when you wrote this, please feel free to PM about what’s going through your mind for you to feel this way.

    • Mehdi Patel

      police have the best steroids and hgh and the best gyms…

  • funinthesun

    We didn’t go into Iraq until 2003

    • Sam

      Yes but why skew propaganda with facts? :)

      • Robyn B Holmes

        from what i can see, it would be described as conservatively skewed…. to the polices benefit.(surprisingly, considering the objective of this site.)

    • expatpatriot

      So what? 9/11 is the end point for the data spread.

  • FreeOregon

    Police behavior would change radically were the
    police unarmed. Force engenders counterforce, pushback and withholding,
    not cooperation everywhere and always.

    Dress for combat, look for resistance, you’ll find combat and resistance every time. That’s because an aggressive police attitude, even if only visual, CREATES the responsive behavior no one wants.

    and counterforce everywhere and always elicit force, counterforce and non-cooperation.

    Disarm the police and you will
    recruit police with a radically different mental profile. Training will shift
    from force and firearms to modes of peaceful persuasion. As a society we’ve chosen force over persuasion. Force is the most wasteful choice. Persuasion takes more time up front, but it saves orders of magnitude in time, money, and lives on the backend.

    Isn’t it better and more effective when people police themselves, voluntarily, on a “want to,” not a “have to” basis?

    To remove violence from our
    culture the police need to lead by example, not emulate those they fear

    When a path you are on leads to spiraling violence, it’s time to change your path.

    If the police fail to lead then the people will lead instead. I know that sounds strange, but the seeds of non-violent self-government, without instituionalized brutality, are in the Occupy and other bottom up movements already.

    What kind of a society do we want? Does government want to remain relevant?

    What do we want the future to look like?

    • pdxsays


    • Wulf

      i just have to say sometimes a diplomatic solution is impossible it all depends upon the metal state of the person your trying to be diplomatic with

      • FreeOregon

        You are correct, but if the policeman intervening is armed or initiates force his own mental state limits all options.

        We never know the mental state of the person to whom we try to relate. Do you know even your parents’ or siblings’ mental states? We always begin with assumptions.

        In a friendly encounter we generally assume the other person’s mental state is similar to ours so we can communicate and understand one another. This is a false assumption, but one we make for ease of beginning to relate and communicate.

        If we are armed then we come from a core position of personal fear. That fear transmits and generates what usually is an irrational fear response or a hostile response. Both are counterproductive. Both are limiting.

        • bloodyspartan

          you are a lying fool.

          ALL my life I have been armed and never hurt anyone.
          Nor will I allow any one to hurt someone else.

          But Keep living in your dream world and never understand the Difference between Violence and Force is Logic.

          • FreeOregon

            “Law enforcement” now kills more Americans than does any other group. Remember Christopher Dorner?

            Not a day goes by without some report of police abuse.

            Would you have courage were you unarmed?

            Have you thought about how you would respond to civll unrest were you unarmed?

            Do you think “peace maker,” or “law enforcer?” There’s a world of difference.

          • zonmoy

            Your one that claims you never hurt anybody but many if not most clowns that demand the right to strut around armed quickly prove their true thug nature

    • Peter Gabriel

      What are you, some kind of government troll? The Constitution grantees the right to bare arms. Do I need to go further? Fricken nonsense!

      • Jason Shults

        Everyone is allowed bare arms in America. Cops have shown they are not trustworthy bearing arms, however.

    • karenstockton

      The book “Verbal Judo” is one recommended to my husband as part of his training as a juvenile correctional officer, and it’s all about peaceful persuasion and logic over force. I’m really enjoying it and hope others will give it a chance as well. It’s what I hope all police officers will get to read–it’s about empathy and saving paperwork, the use of force, extra patrol cars, etc., all by knowing how to calm, diffuse, give pertinent info, and help get voluntary compliance for a better world.

      • FreeOregon

        Thanks for the book suggestion.

    • Jason Shults

      I whole-heartedly agree with your analysis. There are a couple other things I would add, along with disarming and teaching persuasion and negotiation: since officers have added authority, they should be held to a higher legal standard; cops should not be used as revenue-collection devices; and cops should not be allowed to lie while conducting official business. These seem utterly obvious to me. I know there are counter-points that can be made, but every one I can come up with seems to be just a double-standard and an excuse.

      • FreeOregon

        If you redefine the mission as peacekeeping and disarm the police you eliminate armed authority from the relationship and move toward a rational, “I and Thou” relationship. The standard would be the same since everyone would be “equal before the law.” The laws would be so simple you and I, and the peacekeeper as well as the legislator who voted could (and would) read and understand them. Simple declarative sentences, like “Thou Shallt Not Kill” that presently are beyond the level of literacy prevailing in government. There would be no need or ability to collect revenue. I suspect too that the court system would look very different. Men in robes seem medieval. And if you look at more civilized countries you also see there are myriad alternatives to our present prison system.

        • Jason Shults

          I like it. Your perspective is very enlightened. The truth of these things is never complex when they are broken into their objective components, and the solutions are often self-evident at that point. That is how I see what you’ve written here. I wonder if you are a Sagittarius.

          • FreeOregon

            Libra, but I prefer Water Dragon under the Chinese system. ; > )

          • Jason Shults

            I see the Water Dragon….

  • Chandrapal S Bhasker

    An excellent article on a extremely important issue. It is alarming to see how civil liberties of ordinary people are being eroded to such an extent that even their lives are not safe. Do you have a gender breakdown of the victims of police brutality. Could you please link me up with any relevant article and research on the gender breakdown of the victims of state / police violence.

    Thanks so much. And please keep doing the good work. Heaven know it is needed now with dire urgency than ever.

  • me

    I was a police officer for eight years and three things they teach you if you’re ever accused of a crime.
    1. Deny everything
    2. Admit nothing
    3. Demand proof
    I’m so glad I’m not in law enforcement anymore.

    • General Chan

      Is that what they teach you in your culture?

  • tacocat2

    What are the statistics on what the people that were shot what were they doing …..attending church, or were most of them doing something illegal ? Were 10% wanted on rape or murder, or a greater %……I am sure they were not on their way to church. I am not saying that there are no corrupt police, but not as many as some people want you to imagine. I am sure there are many many Corrupt politicians

  • smithpae

    And the shame is on the so called, “good cops” who, though they may outnumber their corrupt colleagues, turn a blind eye and a blind ethic to to this tragedy.

  • anon

    I wouldnt trust anyone that gets paid for violence…What happens when work runs out? You will use the skills you have. Or should I say “they”.

  • Roman

    If people stopped committing crimes, we wouldn’t need so many cops and this wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

    • Alex Taunton

      Talk about blaming the victim

  • Transporter412

    Be a good sheep and trust your government….

  • AJames

    Never call police first if a situation is not serious- for example, a noise complaint. Remember that you can ruin someone’s life or get someone killed that way. Only call 911 if you need an ambulance. Also, I used to believe that it was a few bad apples. My neighbor was a former cop who had gone to prison for, among other things, lying to the FBI. He had been involved, along with several others, in massive abuse and corruption in the community. Serious stuff, and yet he was walking around, among us, and so utterly paranoid he never opened his windows and had a huge nasty dog. They are out there.

    • rilke

      They are everywhere. I made the mistake of reporting my son-in-law for sexually molesting my one-year-old granddaughter, and I’ll give you one guess who went to jail. And she was never examined by a doctor. He’s an international stock trader.

  • Erik

    Cops are definitely out of control. While it (obviously) isn’t as bad as getting killed, when I got mugged and tried to file a police report, cops refused and instead tried to get me to admit that the reason I got mugged was because I was committing a crime (ie, trying to buy drugs).

    • Floyd

      Cops can spot a loser a mile away. Maybe your skinny jeans made it look like you were smuggling pills.

      • Michael Smith

        FUCK YOU FLOYD!! You POS! Who are you calling a loser. You’re the fucking loser hear suckin on the government dick and enjoying it while trying to convert the rest of us. Do the world a favor and fucking kill yourself and your family since they no doubt think like you.

        • karenstockton

          Woa, woa, listen. Let it roll off, buddy–like water on a duck’s back. He’s doing things because it’s part of his own dream, his own reality. People do odd things sometimes–we can, however, control our responses to those things, and if people make you mad enough to let those words roll to our lips naturally and give “the greatest speech one will ever live to regret”, then it has control over you and not the other way around. If people can get you to talk like that, it can lead to trouble professionally. You don’t want to say things you don’t really mean. Let’s be our most professional selves–it feels best ultimately.

      • karenstockton

        Hey. Name-calling is unnecessary, don’t you think? Do you think you’re really going to feel better by making someone else feel bad about themselves? Why not focus on actions, instead? Let’s hope the person you’re talking to didn’t take it personally–words (even by strangers) can often effect people more than we may realize–and making someone have a bad day is only going to spread that. May you have a wonderful day yourself.

      • John

        It’s too bad that they don’t see one when they look in the mirror.

    • ninasreality

      They are only interested in decreasing paperwork… seen it happen dozens of times… they will find any excuse, make accusations of your guilt, whatever it takes to get out of doing their job. Really sickens me when it has involved women being beat by their men and the woman gets threatened with arrest for defending herself. Of course she is going to let it go. These bastards need to boiled in hot oil.

  • Swannyww

    Fear sells so well, and that is what the cops want, for us to be afraid. This has come from the top down like the orders during occupy wall street came from the FBI, not the local police.

  • KingE

    A lot of these raids are in California! Its not funded by our taxes! Its funded with money made on the war on drugs! The police make 100% profit on the “war on drugs”. So don’t go to Calie or any border States!

  • Leroy

    This whole page is BS. Run by felons and shitbags.

    • The AntiMan

      You must be a scumbag copper?


    Armed Citizen’s encounter so many criminals, over two million each year, Civilians also shoot and kill more criminals than do the Police. []

  • jefsr


    “SAN ANTONIO TX – SAPD Officer Jackie Neal, 40, was in full uniform, in a marked squad car and on-duty when he made traffic stop Friday morning and sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman. The arrest warrant affidavit states the young woman said she was handcuffed during the alleged sexual assault, outside by the trunk of Neal’s vehicle. “– 11/24/2013
    news report

    THE CASE IS TAINTED…. Any statements, investigations, interrogations, indictments, etc. concerning SAPD Officer Neal are suspect as SAPD Chief McManus and his cohorts are themselves guilty of numerous crimes including civil rights violations, official oppression, RICO-like criminal conspiracy, perjury, falsification of documents, accessory after the fact( theft, misappropriation of funds, “ fraud upon the court”, grant fraud,
    bond fraud, etc. )

    Citizens have been calling for an independent, outside investigation of the City of San Antonio TX, the San Antonio Police Department, SAPD Internal Affairs, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office , Chief William McManus, DA Susan Reed, city attorney Michel Bernard and other corrupt “public servants” for years….How many rapes must occur and how many criminals will be put back on the streets due to tainted investigations / indictments before our corrupt “leaders” are exposed ?

    Elected officials, law enforcement outside of Texas, the media and others are being provided with an audio recording of a July 21, 2010 meeting with Senator Leticia Van De Putte and supporting documentation that is referenced in documents submitted to US District Judge Xavier
    Rodriguez , SA FBI SAC Armando Fernandez, HUD-OIG – Inspector General Montoya, Asst. US Attorney Giese , U S Attorney Robert Pittman, Texas DPS Director McCraw , Grant Thornton LLP auditor Scott King, SEC attorney Farol Parco, HUD Regional Administrator Treviño , Texas Attorney General Abbott and others where City of San Antonio TX Mayor Julian Castro , city attorney Michael Bernard , SAPD Chief William McManus , Bexar County DA Susan Reed and others are named for their efforts to conceal long-term public/police corruption and the issuance of two illegal, unconstitutional criminal trespass warnings banning participation in public meetings in violation of the Texas Open Meeting Act , the Constitution and other laws/regulations to conceal the criminal activity.

    The hour-long audio recording reveals that former City of San Antonio TX Telecommunications Manager John E. Foddrill Sr., Senator Van De Putte and staff member Brent Turner reviewed a report detailing the theft of upwards of $200,000 by City of San Antonio TX IT Manager Jose Medina and vendor Isabel Gonzaba (IG Communications) via an illegal four-year mail/wire fraud scheme using Avaya Inc. to process the fraudulent invoices across state lines ( almost 300 separate cases of mail/wire fraud) ….theft that impacted public safety when 23.6 % of 911 calls failed and lives were put at risk. They reviewed a report detailing the fraud upon the court (February 2009 – 57th district court- Judge Arteaga) by City CIO Richard Varn, City IT Director Hugh Miller, attorney Mark Kosanovich (Fitzpatrick & Kosanovich), attorney Malinda Gaul, asst. City attorney Deborah Klein, Texas Ranger Hank Whitman and others to conceal the crimes. They
    reviewed one of the illegal, unconstitutional criminal trespass bans issued to hide the crimes. They reviewed published documents revealing an ongoing cover-up by the DA where the Senator comments that Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed did indeed have jurisdiction when her office was publishing letters falsely stating that they could do nothing unless called upon to investigate by the FBI / Texas Rangers thus stalling any investigation into the crimes. They reviewed HUD-OIG case hl-10-0465 where City persons were allowed by HUD-OIG agent Victoria Marquez and her superiors to submit known fraudulent documents to conceal the criminal activity and where material witnesses were deliberately excluded from being interviewed.

    Despite reviewing reams of evidence revealing years of fraud/theft involving tens of millions of public dollars, the TOMA violations, the Constitutional violations and an ongoing criminal conspiracy to defraud our government / taxpayers the Senator looked away and helped conceal the ongoing criminal conspiracy.

    Two federal lawsuits …5:13-CV-00051 and 5:13-CV-00091…have been filed after law-abiding citizens were illegally, unconstitutionally barred from entering City Hall and public meetings in an effort to hide the criminal conspiracy. Texas Open Meeting Act violations (almost four years of illegal meetings) have been reported to the Texas Attorney General, Bexar County DA Susan Reed, the FBI, etc….. DA Reed stalls and continues to help hide the public/police corruption. FOIA case # 1206258-000 and other requests since 2009 can’t locate any evidence of the three “ghost” meetings cited in FBI agent D. True Brown’s fraudulent report used to help conceal the corruption. “Independent” city auditor Kevin Barthold has been reported to the SEC for his part in helping hide the criminal activity by submitting known fraudulent statements to auditors, state/federal agencies, bond underwriters, bond counsel, investors and taxpayers……causing federal investigators to open tracking file # FWRO 302036 to collect evidence of the massive long-term fraud.

  • April Reigne

    Someone is keeping tabs on the number of people killed by cops in the USA…
    there have been 671 deaths by cops since May 2013 thus far ….

  • kraigrichard

    Here in Vermont cops mostly only kill mentally handicapprd individuals

  • Brian Stoltz

    I’ve had my share of close calls. Once at a concert a rent -a -cop was looking for a way out so he singled me out to mess with. After starting an argument he told me to leave the theatre. I refused because i had a paid ticket and my wife was already in her seat. He then pinned me against the wall and drew back to hit me. He was trying to get me to raise my hands, but I refused. He kept drawing back but I was willing to let him hit me. He became so irate that he then grabbed and dragged me across the lobby of the theatre, then shoved me down into a big trash can, got on top and began choking me with both of his huge, murderous hands. Seeing that things had gotten out of control, two security guards rushed over to pull him off of me, screaming, “Stop,you’re killing this guy.” They got him off just in time. It took a while to catch my breath and was then charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. I later found out that the big coward/bastard played on the police dept football team. The charges were dropped when the chicken-shit failed to show up for court.
    The next incident was a lunatic in a marked car, traveling well out of the city, 7 miles into another parish. He became pissed that I passed him up on the interstate. He hit his lights trying to pull me over. Being far out of his jurisdiction I had no obligation to pull over. He pulled onside my car raging like a madman. I pulled off on my exit. He passed me on the side, spun his car in front of me sideways, got out and drew down on my wife and me. In a matter of minutes there were city police, sheriffs office and state police at the scene – about 15 cars total. Surprisingly, the local police allowed him to run the show. This fine specimen of corruption searched my vehicle. Finding some of my cd’s he then recognized where he’d heard my name. He knew that I was doing shows during jazzfest and knew that I’d be performing the next day at Tower Records. Over the next 30 minutes he came over and 3 times whispered in my ear, “You little piece o’ shit, I’m coming to Tower tomorrow to plant crack on you.” And laughingly said, “You’ll never work in this town again.” There was no doubt in my mind that he would kill me if he had the chance.
    To make a long story longer, the other cops questioned my wife about theincident. Telling the same story, It became apparent to them that officer A. Hole was lying, so a few minutes later he took the cuffs off of me and began a disingenuous apology. All the cops left. Upon leaving I discovered that the bastard stole my wallet. He threw my license on the seat and kept the wallet, cash and all. I had to cancel all my credit and debit cards.
    My lawyer set up an appointment with the local police chief to let him know how unprofessional his boys handled the situation. The police chief said, “I strongly suggest that you go to the Metropolitan Crime Commission and Internal Affairs and press charges against this rogue officer.” I explained to him that I was 100% sure that if I did they would find my body in a dumpster or back behind the levee. The chief held his position saying I should press charges because he didn’t like the idea that this guy did this in our parish. He completely ignored the fact that it was his officers that allowed things to go as far as it did. I held my position again stating that I had no doubt that this guy would kill me with a clear conscience. I asked the chief if ‘he’ was trying to get me killed. He didn’t answer.
    I knew that it was just a matter of time before this loon got what was coming to him. A loose-cannon cannot go around forever preying on innocent citizens like this.
    Sure enough, a few years later I was watching the news one night. They reported that 5 officers were charged with murder and various felonies. Lo and behold the face of this psycho came up on the TV screen and they reported that after Hurricane Katrina the cops murdered an innocent man and my irate friend loaded his body in a car, drove it across the river and torched the
    car with the man’s body inside to destroy all evidence and cover up what they’d done. It was reported that immediately after the incident he walked into a nearby police station laughing about what he’d just done.
    The veteran officer is now serving 17 years in a federal penitentiary.

    • bloodyspartan

      Maybe if you stuck up for yourself and Killed one or two someone else might be alive but Nah, Don’t defend yourself .

      Let someone else do it and the dying too.

  • Andrew Kurdziel

    TIME to start plugging a few of these bastards

  • guy

    can anyone post a link to the burrow of justice statistics site with the 400-500 killed by police figure?

  • Indeeda Pong

    On average 500-600 people a year are killed by law enforcement, so yes
    your figures are right if not low. In the TWELVE years since 9/11 there
    have been roughly 6,000-7,000 citizens killed by cops. So out of the
    500-600 per year how many would you say were found to be justified? I
    would assume it to be more than half, but lets just say its 50% so that
    is 300 people out of 314 MILLION US CITIZENS, that is .0000955% of the
    population. Now since the start of the war there has been 2 million
    troops deployed at 500 solider fatality’s per year that percentage comes
    to .025%. Now if these facts were done properly the post would read if
    American cops were killing US citizens at the same rate as our troops
    dying overseas 78,500 US citizens would die EACH YEAR! You want to
    champion a cause that matters take up child hunger or cancer not a
    problem that affects only .0000955% of the populous.

    • Jean Earndoggy Strong

      So that makes it okay? You actually think that doesn’t MATTER?

    • The AntiMan

      You are an idiot.

    • Mikehenken

      You have made great points Indeeda. However, this is not a lost cause and it is hardly insignificant. There are many more forms of abuse other than murder among police officers. Robbery,evidence planting, assaults, rapes, and more are committed by police officers as well.

      While I do not hold a grudge towards police officers, while I was younger I experienced many forms of abuse by police officers. I had my rights violated many times, from unreasonable searches to threats. When I was 20 I was pulled over for a tag light being out and subsequently searched. After harrassing me for a legal .22 rifle, the sergeant then stole 140$ in cash from me. I did not notice till after the incident was over.

      For the record, I am a white male with no criminal record.

  • Hung left

    What fascism looks like….time to become an expat..:(

    • spidermonkey

      And go where?? The British fled to America and tyranny followed, they could have fled again to another land but they stayed, fought and won. It is every animals natural inclination to be free. So, Where will you flee to that it won’t eventually follow? Is there a place?


    Very sad to see the numbers on the war on drugs which has been a epic failure. Spain legalized all drugs and crime has gone down, they decided to spend money on education and rehab not incarceration

  • David Otto

    These filthy animals are the real terrorists.

  • wildee7

    No surprise here, ex-military gun nuts are hired for the cop jobs who think they are now in a domestic war.

    • The AntiMan

      Most cops aren’t former military though. Some are but most are just civilians who couldn’t hack military life.

  • Pops Sullivan

    I am an American! I Love my Country, will defend her to the end, will stand shoulder to shoulder with any soldier to defend her from ENEMIES, both foreign, and Domestic, but should the Government ask me to protect it,,,, here’s my answer,,,,, SCREW YOU AND DIE A MISERABLE DEATH YOU POMPUS ASS MURDERIN S.O.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jsl325

    Homeland is militarizing the local jackboots with terminator firepower getting ready to support Obama’s suspension of future elections which will keep him in power forever.

  • Wesman Todd Shaw

    The drug war was never anything but a domestic civil war on slow burn. By ending the “war on drugs” we can cut these numbers in half, or more. Always support drug law reform and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  • Brandon Hart

    Your babbling off of statistics and and twisting it to your cause does the cause no justice and makes you no better than the machine. Your article only preaches to the choir, it doesn’t actually make an argument or make one think about anything other than, “This IDIOT really thinks EVERY time a police officer kill someone while on duty they are murderers.”

    I fully support the cause that is why I am disappointed. All you are doing is yell statistics and put individual officer’s on viral social network blasts. You gotta do more if you want the general public to understand the gravity of the situation without using an argument the main stream media cant tear apart with ease.

    • samthor

      the “gravity of the situation” is the police create violent situations… not diffuse them. Quit licking the boots of your oppressors long enough and you might realize they are stepping on your neck.

  • samthor

    Judge, Jury and Executioner all in one package…. just as our founding fathers DID’NT want. And it’s important to not that the majority of these “counter -terrorist” measures are performed in the name of Drugs…. certain drugs.

  • Ricky Ross
  • Ricky Ross

    Massive surveillance of an entire nation, secret prisons, secret courts, secret laws, secret judges, secret police, secret interpretation of laws, secret list, secret hearings, secret evidence, militarization of local police forces, the largest prison population on earth, internal spy drones, millions of internal domestic spies, indefinite detention without charge or trial under NDAA, TSA deployed onto public streets, DHS purchase of enough ammo to sustain a 25 year war, DHS purchase of 9,000 armored check point booths from “Shelters Direct” in April 2012, forced purchase of corporate commodities, propaganda media, a call for the arrest of journalist, eugenics programs, endless wars, etc, etc, etc,

    Americans should not be surprised by the news that cops are behaving like they are…it is simply a natural progression of TYRANNY left to do as it pleases!

    History warned us of this and more importantly…it’s consequences!

  • Ricky Ross

    What jobs are most attractive to psychopaths? Here’s the list, originally published online @ by Eric Barker after surveying a panel of leading

    1. CEO
    2. Lawyer
    3. Media (Television/Radio)
    4. Salesperson
    5. Surgeon
    6. Journalist
    8. Clergy Person
    9. Chef
    10. Civil Servant

    • Wood Yabelieve


  • Wood Yabelieve

    There’s the push from the gun grabbers that ties to this. If more people were armed, the abuses by criminals and police would definitely drop. The police should never be the only ones armed.

    • bloodyspartan

      More than enough folks are armed they just lack the Balls.

      • Wood Yabelieve

        Sounds good. Which reminds me that Mexicans tired of police corruption are battling the drug gangs. Too bad for them the cartels have US support. All they need is another Fast & Furious weapon found at a town checkpoint run by the locals. Finding such a treasure will legitimize the campesinos.

  • Scott Lewis


  • Justus

    Ten Groups mostly immune to prosecution in the US:
    Catholic Priests
    Corporate Criminals
    Law Enforcement
    Top Actors
    Top Athletes
    War Criminals
    War Profiteers

  • SarahKentucky

    I used to defend cops, but today they have become henchmen for a hyper-aggressive anti-Constitution government. How can these men and women go to work each day knowing they are being used to attack their own countrymen?

  • The Insider Exclusive

    WATCH and Share on Facebook, and other every social media sites, some of Network TV’s Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Show series on Police Brutality, Corruption, Executions, and how some well known trial lawyers are trying to change the systems and getting justice for these victims. Watch “The Execution of Oscar Grant”

  • William Daniel

    I wanted to be a police officer, help people, contribute to my community. Im was in the Army, got out went to school, got my CJ degree, paid my own way through the police academy (graduated 3rd) 3.89 GPA. Ive never done drugs, had a solid family life (2 kids, married for 12 years), spoke enough spanish to get by. Never been arrested and hadn’t had a ticket in 10 years and could not get a job. They were paying bonuses to hispanic and black females to come work for them. They also dropped test score requirements to get more affirmative action cases in.

    • Glenn

      You’re white?
      That’s a problem.

      • William Daniel

        yeah an agency finally was honest and told me to find another career because at this point and time “we are hiring to conform with the demographics of the community”

        • Mikehenken

          That makes sense. You could have always tried to find a job in a different community. There are police departments hiring all over the country.

          • William Daniel

            I would have but the wife’s job/insurance was too good to move from. I applied to 13 local agencies here

    • Party every day panda style

      You were overqualified. My minor is in CJ. I hope being educated doesn’t hurt me.

  • Dave Krokodile Dundee

    I don’t know where all of you people are from but where I live the cops have never once threatened to kill me, or assaulted me. I’ve been pulled over dozens of time and 50% of the time I get off with a warning and I’ve never been screamed after being pulled over. One time the cops made me pick up garbage because my asshole former friends ran over a bunch of my neighbors cans. I’ve had hundreds of situations where I’ve talked to police and all but a few have been present but the one that sticks out to me was a ginger so I think that was due to his lack of a soul. Anyway, I always treat them how I would want to be treated if I was them don’t be a dick, be honest and its worked out pretty well for me.

    • Milosc

      Perhaps they found you acceptable, Dave

      From what these numbers show, considering what is happening to our fellow citizens each day, I’d say you are fortunate to be deemed acceptable

  • Michael Sirmaxalot

    aim for the face

  • batmanroxus

    You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorists.

  • Doug Plumb

    Pay them lots of money, get them into debt so they are trapped.

  • prestodo

    Hmmm….I wonder how many citizens killed other citizens last year…??? How convienient to leave that statistic out of the opinion piece….

  • king pinky

    RIP ANDY LOPEZ . Innocent 13 Yr Old Boy Killed By Sonoma County Sheriff Erick Gelhaus..

  • rrod

    We need major changes in this country! Some of you can see that politics is all corrupt. We need to spread the word. Inform people so they stop living obliviously and ignorantly. Not saying they’re stupid, just ignorant people who fell for the governments tricks. We the people need to make the change we want to see in this country. Stop supporting major corporations that pay off politicians. It may not be easy and some changes will be slower than others, but I can’t think of a better way to bring them down besides taking away their money supply. Which is our consumption in case that wasn’t clear.

  • Rune Fardal


  • Alex

    BS article! How many cops are killed every year by “citizens”?

    • Mikehenken

      Roughly a hundred?

      • tinnerjim

        who cares? much less than Americans I bet.

  • Jay Killgore

    anyone with the ability to please do a daily side by side numbers board. on one side have how many deployed American soldiers died each day and on the other side have the number of Americans killed by cops each day. Maybe after a few weeks people would realize that the numbers actually favor the troops overseas..yuuup I just said it our troops are seemingly safer in a war zone protecting our freedom than we are living in the country their defending the freedom of…think I just created an oxymoron…lol

  • Timothy

    I’d be more inclined to say that it’s “just a few GOOD apples”. The old-fashioned police officers that didn’t go all egomaniac with their cool badges seem to be a dying race in good ole “land of the free”. This isn’t to say that everyone that joins the Police Academy has the intentions of bullying/murdering people without consequences. I think this just goes to show that the amount of power and justifications they are given tends to corrupt. They are given the impression that the uniform gives them some sort of consequence-free superpower. I think they should make a new law, that cops should carry cameras attached to their shoulders at all times… that or (god-forbid) uphold the Constitution… but maybe that’s just a bit too “radical”…

  • Yolanda R. Cancel

    Springfield, Ma is the worst… And judges believe the cops it saddens me and our babies future

  • Pierce Kuhl

    “Illegal” shouldn’t really be in quotes. It is illegal.

  • theoneandonlyridor

    this is what you get for having dumb people to work as cops – i mean, pigs.


  • guest3

    Consider also the carbon footprint when they drive around 24 x 7 with powerful Dodge Chargers. Police unions. See what the police union did to the mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire in retaliation for attempts to moderate city spending.

  • John Russell Todd

    My first encounter with “law enforcement” was at age 16, I was chased down and beaten half to death by jackboot thugs with a badge. I have been framed, set up, and railroaded by these C.U.N.T.’s (Cops Under Normal Tactics). It is my contention that there are pre-dispositions that qualify an individual as a ‘good candidate’ for being a cop. 1. Have an inferiority complex. 2. Be able to grow a moustache. 3. Be a complete douche bag. 4. See #3. Let’s be honest…once in “the system”, you become a victim…and you have no rights. American citizens are merely a potential revenue stream for law enforcement agencies that must justify their own existence. This is fact, axiomatic. Do not trust cops, do not tell them anything, do not give ID, remain silent, wait for your counsel.

  • NRA 2nd Amendment Truth

    we KNOW. 1.Cops DO NOT mess with armed protesters, Cliven Bundy and ALL
    of the armed protests over the last decade showed us that cops are meek
    as mice when you carry some .45 caliber act right on your hip. 2. Cops
    DO mess with unarmed protesters and UNARMED NYC citizens all the time
    Conclusion: The NRA is correct, the 2nd amendment has an app for this.

  • marti.g3

    And that’s why transparency is so important by the American citizen. Videotape everything they do. Don’t allow their actions to go unchecked. They get away with their actions because people just assume that their is nothing that can be done. Their is. After working in law enforcement for 19 years, everything you read is true. The lies, coverups and institutionalized way of doing things. They are unlike any other entity in America in that they can be held liable just like anyone. But they have the ability to hide what they do.

  • George Edward Morey

    I don’t feel safe around cops and I particularly don’t feel safe when my kids are with me! They act like they hate people, it’s appears that police forces have way too many cops and I’ve personally witnessed them totally out of control. One cop pulled me over for speeding on my motorcycle and I was actually behind him and he judged I was speeding because I closed the gap between him and I. I admitted it but he was screaming and ranting so I told him to chill as I was merely speeding on a country road and he and I were the only vehicles! Well when I said that he really went berserk, man it was a sight to behold a weaponed up guy with no one else around losing his fucking mind, he threatened me with all sorts of violence. I had a concealed carry permit and I had a weapon on me and I was thinking this guy might start beating me or worse, well to make a long story short he eventually calmed down and I think because he realized that I was looking at him liked he was a freaking nutcase and to be honest that’s what I thought. I must have been looking at him like I look at transients that scream to themselves. I was wondering how this unhinged human being became a cop. Tonight on the way home I saw a canine unit and two cruisers had a car pulled over and they they were going through this kids trunk ad cab. I was stopped at a light and I was wondering how they could legally do that. I was there long enough to see that the search of the trunk was fruitless and the search of the glove box and front seat was fruitless but then the light changed and I have no idea what happened next. I felt sorry for the kid cause I know if they eventually found something he would end up in a private prison and some sickening repugnant politician would be getting a cut. Maybe even the cops. Folks we have a police state if any of you think your sage go look at the videos on youtube, liveleak etc. and maybe you;ll find where a big fucked up cop body slammed a 6 month pregnant woman who informed the cop that she was pregnant and the cop said ‘pregnant women kill cops too’ then he body slammed her face first. All I can say is I hope he was fired and that she sued, cause she didn’t do anything wrong that I could see, she looked normal as hell and was soft spoke and pregnant but that cop didn’t give a damn if he caused her to miscarry or not. To that cop I say a royal fuck you! I’ve got a right-wing brother-in-law living large off a huge government pension and he thinks this shit is all right! Well I say fuck you to him as well, he’s just a fucking leech on the U.S. taxpayer.

  • Brian

    I hope when you say the whole barrel is rotten that you mean the internal policies and procedures need to change.

  • Leo:

    I ;ove a;; comments and join the nma and copblock thank youi

  • Eric Scoles

    I’m skeptical of the 8x as likely number. It seems too low. I know that the “killed by terrorism” figure posted by DoS includes americans working overseas in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, so it’s a pretty skewed number — WE are not “8 times as likely”, WE are probably more like 24 times as likely.

  • Chris Stickney

    I realize I’m on an anti police website, and I’m here because I agree that the institution of law enforcement in this country is broken. But even for me, this article is over the top. There certainly ARE good cops out there who go about their days putting their lives on the line to do their best to make our communities safer. Unfortunately, the INSTITUTION of law enforcement is so corrupted, that the good and honest cops tend to get driven out of the system. Everything from the “us versus them” mentality in police forces to the rewards and incentives (you get more cred for locking up a murderer than for preventing the murder in the first place through effective relationship building with your community) leads to the good cops self selecting out of the profession.

    Also, this whole idea of “if you choose to work in a corrupt system, then you are corrupt” line of thinking is pure bologna. Many of us work in less than ideal situations. But the reality is, we have to feed our families, even if it means sometimes going against your personal belief. I find many of the workplace expectations I have to deal with on a daily basis ridiculous. Why does this form need to be signed off by 6 different supervisors? That doesn’t mean I can simply disregard those workplace expectations or quit my job because I don’t like it. Same goes for cops and enforcing laws they don’t necessarily personally agree with (like marijuana laws.)

    I look at it this way. Crime is like cancer. If left unchecked, it will kill a society. Cops are the chemo. Sure, they’ll come in and kill off enough of the cancer for society to continue to function, but the side effects can at times make the cure look/feel as bad as the disease.

    • FilmingCops

      “this whole idea of “if you choose to work in a corrupt system, then you are corrupt” line of thinking is pure bologna. … the reality is, we have to feed our families, even if it means sometimes going against your personal belief.”

      Most of us make a living and feed our families without initiating violence and theft on our fellow citizens. The reality is this: cops are individuals, and individuals are responsible for their actions — nobody forced them to work in this institution.

      How far would you go to feed your family? Would you start doing the bidding of an institution that instructed you to lock up innocent fathers, mothers, and children? Would you, in effect, steal the food from OTHER families, assuming you have literally thousands of alternative and even more rewarding career paths? Would you still work in such an institution?

  • Guest

    All prisoners should be released and all cops must die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad Canelo

    ALL of YOU on this post have woken up from fairy land, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Mr. George

    I would like to know why everyone says the US is the best and most free country in the world, when I see a lot of the European countries are way ahead of the US in there freedoms the way they treat their citizens, I just would really like to know. They say Justice is blind in this country yet I have seen so much one sided justice that will turn your stomach

  • Morph

    *stands and applauds the comments* ‘I see everyone knows what the problem is” What the frick is the solution?…Anyone?

  • Joseph White

    Sadly, this is why I put my trust in elected sheriffs, rather than unelected cops.

  • Dullhawk
  • Drake AKA Drizzy

    Cops aren’t people! They’re robots controlled by the Illuminati! They’re part dragon/part unicorn with a heart made of gunpowder! They have six extra chromosomes AND they’re all secretly president Obama and his various french clones in disguise!

  • Garret phoenix

    Where are the Good cops …………………….Really?

    October 23, 2014 at 10:39am

    Where are the Good cops …………………….Really?

    I keep hearing this Jaw jacking about not all cops are bad. Perhaps now
    where are the good ones when this shite goes on. Why do they not go to
    the media even under anonymity with the evidence to have this shit put
    to a stop until I see other wise the facts are evidence on their face..
    they are taught the most important think for them is to go home that
    night. RIGHT what about your oath? this is why cops hate cameras. and
    want them banned. So you think you are free? really the last link shows a
    man that was arrested for delivering not

    approved by a state board of non producing thugs, biscuts and gravy! Sure you are free all right!

  • Jeff

    Some of you idiots are fighting over left and right while the gov, its enforcement arm and rubber stamp (SCOTUS) keeps eroding our Fourth Amendment.

    We no longer have private property or bodily autonomy rights. Yet, some of you tards want to be mad at each other opposed to the dicks who did this to all of us. You fucking idiots allowed this shit to happen.

  • Mor Deth

    I covered this a while ago:

  • Woodstuck

    It is a myth – Cops want to hang onto to it because it makes them feel worthy – I agree, there are ZERO good cops – They cannot exist, so you “other” cops stop lying – You are all rotten and unjust and do the illegal very well – What you do not do well is your job or following your Oath (you remember, your own words?) Liars.

  • James “JT” Thompson

    The solution is the same for all public servants.. term limits.. whether city employee garbage collector, clerk of courts, judges, prosecutors, the forms and jurisdictions of law enforcement also needs to become and maintain a transient labor force. This would promote an ‘evolving standard of decency’ and current social and cultural perspectives being utilized.. Also end all public employee unions and seniority, install a civil review committee everywhere with immediate dismissal jurisdiction, develop a ‘retirement system’ equal to or as a part of the VA Hospital System..

  • Gary Austin

    All I can add is: There are no good anarchists. Dr. Higgs, and cop block, are childish spoiled brats that never grew up. They think that becoming anarchist excuses their childish behavior, and when caught will lend some legitimacy to their claim of cop harassment.

    • Alex Taunton

      Tell me, how is their behavior childish? If anything, it seems more mature. If anything, the childish ones are the people who blindly support cops

  • Dominic Blais

    until they are as concerned with criminals on wall street, and K street as they are on MLK BLVD the only good cop is a dead cop

  • Michael Sievers

    If you want to fix the problem, GET ON THE GRAND JURY!! Indict these bad cops and force this to go to trial. Then others on the jury need to convict these cops and send them to jail with the harshest penalty possible.

  • Keith Jalbert

    When the so said “Good cop” stands idle and does nothing he is now part of the problem. No it is not just LE that are the problem. The corruption starts all the way at the top.. So what is going to happen when LE start getting shot by legally armed citizens if they see LE per say beating the hell out of somebody.. They are public servants that is it. We the citizens are their master, LE need to be put in check end of story

  • old409

    Look up the Act of 1871 and see just who and what these cops are serving.

  • Rusty

    The Police Mentality has devolved to that of an Occupying Force. They are like Conquerors who demand complete obedience from the subjects they rule over.

  • Toxxo

    So there are no good cops in America? Bollocks. I’m sure there are some. Not every single one of them has murdered someone. I’m pretty sure some join up because they feel they can make a difference in a positive way. If you don’t like what they are doing then fight back! You have guns – fight back!

  • Angel Ruiz

    Too all COPS beware of karma sooner or later it will come for you and you will get what you deserve…good or bad.

  • Mr. Hand

    They’ve all agreed to support The Drug War, with its use of informants, No-Knock raids, asset forfeiture, and a prison system that now holds 1/4 of all the world’s prisoners, most for victimless crimes. That tells me everything I need to know about cops.

  • David Naranjo

    this cops need the same treatment & an eye for an eye tooth for tooth

  • Jim Zubkowski

    its at the point if i saw a shootout between a biker and a cop and both where shot and bleeding i would first aid the biker and let the cop bleed out

  • Jake K.B.

    Moral of the story: Move to Canada.

  • Ronual Ratliff

    Out of curiosity, what are the sources for the claims made in this article? I looked for links but didn’t see any.

  • Joshua

    Just throwing this out there. Some of these statistics have to be skewed due to the proportion. Such as the statistic of family abuse among police. Obviously its a higher rate because there is less police than the general population. 1 out of 20 is far greater than 1 out of 100. And for those caught with cannabis. It is still illegal in the majority of states and at the federal level. You break the law, you face the consequences. Don’t want to go to jail, don’t buy pot. Sounds pretty simple to me. As far as stealing money out of other people’s pockets for “victimless traffic violations”…Tell that to the families who have lost friends and families due to someone drinking and driving, or texting on the phone, or speeding…Yeah, real victimless. (Note sarcasm)
    I understand that cops do bad things to good people, it happens. It happens in churches, education system, mcdonald’s and anywhere else you go. Humans are not perfect. And the ones who commit crimes, need to be punished. If it’s against the law, it’s against the law. If you don’t agree with it, then run for office and try to change things.
    But this is all just my opinion.

    • John

      Well, as far as drinking and driving is concerned, the BAC is too low, in my opinion. There are a lot of people who do get DUI’s who aren’t a threat on the road due to alcohol. The DUI thing has become a money maker for the cops.

  • PithHelmut

    They squeal when they don’t feel safe. We don’t feel safe when we see a cop. They’re cowards with guns. Great combo.

  • John Miller

    “But my boyfriends a cop and he’s a good guy” Wait till you break up with him and he uses his police powers to stalk and harass you.

  • toby

    The only thing I think is stupid about this article is the part about Marijuana. You cannot blame a cop for doing his job. The fact that pot is illegal is fucking stupid, yes. But it’s not the cops fault it’s illegal. They’re probably spoon fed and brainwashed into thinking that pot is a harmful and dangerous drug. I mean, weren’t we all, growing up? I know many people who think weed is bad, just because it’s illegal. They can’t even give me a logical reason for why they think it’s bad. But because it’s illegal, people just assume it’s bad.

  • Khan

    Have I mentioned that your planet is doomed?

  • todd

    You know what time it is

  • Matt kaye

    Got pulled over going to my winter home on the gulf coast a round 2am for having my bright lights on. Did yes sir no sir all info thing and cop. Let me go Evan though I know he was fishing for drinking or smelling and the stop was bull shxt.

  • Matt kaye

    Really issued me off.

  • Patrick

    The link used as a source for the police murder rate, is wrong. Why do I know it’s wrong? Because Raritan Township, is not in Somerset County, New Jersey. It’s in Hunterdon. My source: I live there.

  • FRance Alec

    it’s the catholic church. satanic murderous evil in the name of Jesus

  • AuntMei Wan

    Cops are the best criminals

  • horcho

    only 5000 that number to me seems light to me there’s been almost 3000 in the last 2 years and 12o in just 4 months of this year.america is great long as got the cash if not. you are poorly educated hungry slaved out beaten robbed incarcerated or outright killed by the police for little or nothing and that little to nothing that you get pays the wages of the ones who will oppress you.yep america’s the best we have more people in prison,more poverty stricken children,more brutality guns and psychopaths than any where else in the industrial world,aint it swell?

  • gordo29

    My life and safety has been saved twice by cops, both from black gangs. On one occasion I was 12 years old and in Rock Creek Park in Washington DC. The group of blacks that threatened me were teenagers with knives and a baseball bat. I yelled for help while running from them and a park policeman saw me and yelled at the gang to halt. they split up and ran in different directions through the trees. The policeman told me I was stupid to wander away from parents. The second incident was as an adult when my car broke down traveling through southeast Washington DC from my home in Bowie (90% black) to the Pentagon where I worked. The gang that smashed my car windows was armed with pistols this time, and encouraged by a man in a gray suit with a bow tie. I had picked the wrong corner to get out of my car. According to the police who responded to my 911 call, this was a Nation of Islam corner. I had driven that route many times but never stopped. My car radio and my gym bag were stolen and I was surrounded by 4 angry black men. I always carried a “decoy” wallet, and lost that too. The police I know are unbelievably dedicated men and women who risk their lives every day. I moved away from the city years ago because I feared for my family. Now I fear for my police protectors.

  • NoCopLand

    Cops are all pigs.

  • John

    I like how this article criticizes Police supporters for using words like “most” and “often”, yet the author relies on these same “unquantifiable qualifiers” to support their accusations and arguments.

  • Shannon Cook

    anyone can become abusive in the right arena. you have your pay on one hand, and retaliation from fellow workers on the other. other people who carry guns and get away with murdur all the time. so, how easy is it to become a bad cop. more to the point. how hard is it to stay a good cop. in light of threat to life limb and family. its no better than a gang on the streets. the way the system is set up, is to corrupt the people in it. sorry if your offended. but its closer to the truth , than not.