Americans Outraged After Cop Who Gunned Down Child Returns to Work

SONOMA — Americans erupted in angry protests after an officer who fatally shot a 13-yr-old boy returned to work this week, according to reports.

The protesters carried large wooden crosses and shut down public meetings by city and county officials.

At least two of them have been arrested so far.

Forrest Schmidt planted crosses in the ground to represent each human being who has died in the custody of police in Sonoma County. Photo Source: Christopher Chung - The Press Democrat

Forrest Schmidt planted crosses in the ground to represent each human being who has died in the custody of police in Sonoma County. Photo Source: Christopher Chung – The Press Democrat

“Do you know what Sonoma County Justice means? It means you kill a Mexican child and you get two months paid vacation and your job back,” said one of the protesters.

One girl can be seen in the video below calling the officers “bitches.”

Another protester was arrested on suspicion of striking an officer with a cross.

Warning: Strong Language

Just over a month ago, Officer Erick Gelhaus opened fire on Andy Lopez, a 13-yr-old boy, shooting him seven times. Andy perished instantly, leaving behind his friends and loved ones.

Officer Gelhaus resumed working on Monday, receiving money from American taxpayers forced to pay for his career.

Protesters blocked traffic on Sonoma Ave. There were an estimated 200-300 protesters that participated throughout the day and night. Photo source: Conner Jay - The Press Democrat

Protesters blocked traffic on Sonoma Ave. There were an estimated 200-300 protesters that participated throughout the day and night. Photo source: Conner Jay – The Press Democrat

Gelhaus claims that he thought Andy’s toy BB gun was an AK-47. 

Even if it were an AK-47, do cops have the right to murder any American bearing arms?

“There’s a difference between a cold-hearted killer walking down the street with a gun than a little kid walking down the street with a BB gun. There’s something wrong,” said Gabriel Roque, Andy’s friend.

Gelhous knew exactly what to say in order to legally justify the shooting.

It turns out that long before the shooting, he posted in an internet forum on the subject of what officers should say to justify the use of force against someone carrying a BB gun.

“It’s going to come down to YOUR ability to articulate to law enforcement and very likely the Court that you were in fear of death or serious bodily injury,” said Gelhous.

He added:

“I think we keep coming back to this, articulation — your ability to explain why — will be quite significant.”

It appears that that is precisely what Gelhous has done, given that he now has his job back.

“I would never release someone who put seven bullets into a 13-year-old’s body,” said Elaine Holtz, one of the protesters.

Repairs being made to a window smashed by protesters. Photo source: Conner Jay - The Press Democrat

Repairs being made to a window of a government building that was allegedly smashed by protesters. Photo source: Conner Jay – The Press Democrat


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  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    cop should be charged with first degree murder and publicly executed.

    • Taylor Munson

      and treason.

    • john

      Bobbie, you’re and idiot. look up what it takes to be guilty of 1st degree murder. The “kid” was out at 10:30 at night with a replica AK47. I would have shot him too. The “child” should have been in bed getting ready for school the next day.

      • TTunoa

        John, either you’re an idiot or are willing to lie to “prove” a point. The shooting took place in the middle of the afternoon. But I’ll accept that first degree murder should not be charged. Instead, second degree murder is warranted. At the very least, for the safety of the public, Gelhaus should be taken off the force. We can’t afford to have police killing citizens (especially children) without forethought.

        • Eric B. Stowe

          A smart dirty cop is not the same as a smart peace officer. Unfortunately, we have a surplus of the former & none of the latter. A militarized police state is NOT a community, nor can it be. Pray God finds PITY 4 this country, we need it!

          • Christopher Wayne Thomas

            Your were making and excellent point until you brought god into it

          • David Taylor

            We need to rename all law enforcement as ‘Public Servant’ so officers remember their role.

          • Elaine Grimm

            Police officers are not public servants. They are there to protect and serve the government that makes the laws to keep ‘civilized’ people in order.

            Any officer that is ‘in fear for their life’ should be removed from the force and place in a mental facility!! The very essence of their duties include dealing with people who may or may not have firearms. DUH!!

          • David Taylor

            I have to disagree on both counts, Elaine. Any officer that does not on some level fear for their life and limb in the line of duty, has a significant mental health issue — as bad as one that has completely disabling fear. Both do not reflect the reality that being a police officer involves dealing on occasion with hostile situations.

            As a former Navy Law Enforcement Officer, and a citizen whose tax payers go to hire law enforcement officers in this land where we have Government that is supposed to be of the people, for the people, and by the people – I feel the merits are very strong that police are supposed to be serving the public – and therefore public servants. The problem is that titles such as Law Enforcement Officer and Police Officer put he emphasis on enforcement of the law over anything else – including the commonsense required to diffuse situations rather than escalate them. For years, such mentality has driven out capable, non-type-A, people from the role — people that would bring balance to police forces that often fail in their Police role because they simply are unable to gain the trust of the public they serve.

          • Jason Bowman

            It is my understanding that the U.S.A. is a “fiction corporation” in the minds of the elite. They have set us all up at the beginning. We are all considered part of that corporation. I’m not saying the U.S.A. isn’t sacred for many at the citizen or solider level, I’m just saying many are unaware at the top it was set to always be a corporation. It is just sad.

          • Jeramie Walton

            you are a pig….terminate yourself

          • David Taylor

            You comment adds no value to the conversation and is an inaccurate description. A more astute reader would have at least noted the past tense of my post and said: You are a former pig.

          • Elaine Grimm

            Perhaps in the past police were more interested in the citizen and diffusing the situation. However, with the changes in government and states getting $xx dollars (government subsidies) for every felony conviction, even the attorneys and judges no longer care about whether a person is innocent or guilty they want the money. Making ‘justice’ and innocent until proven guilt dreams that have long since died!!

            As someone who has watched as an innocent family member has been railroaded for the last five years by the so called justice system. I know there is no JUSTICE in law enforcement and they will do whatever their ugly little hearts desire and usually without fear of prosecution.

            As a former Navy Law Enforcement Officer you know the illegal, unjust, and down right vicious ways those in ‘authority’ treat the “underlings”.

            I don’t care how anyone looks at this situation the child was MURDERED, wantonly and willfully, by a killer wearing a uniform that uttered the magic phrase, “I was in fear for my life!”!!

          • David Taylor

            Elaine, it seems you and I both agree on a lot. Yes, I know first hand how police bully and act unjustly, and get away with breaking laws as prosecutors and other cops turn their back… These were a significant factor in why I chose to enter a different civilian career – when I could have qualified easily for a law enforcement one. I just could not see myself not being in constant conflict with other officers who very frequently without integrity. Police are stereotyped as good people with a tough job who do the right thing – when often there actions are that of a type ‘A’ self centered person – who acts without thought, does the wrong thing, then conspires to cover it up. Unfortunately, prior officers like me, who would hold bad police officers responsible for terrible things they do – almost never get to be on a jury. We are usually excluded by the defense who believes we since we once did law enforcement we will automatically side with other LEOs. Frankly, though I am not a member, I have considered joining

          • LawrenceNeal

            Police are Revenue Agents and oppressors.

          • ReadDeeply

            It’s the zimmerman defense. While the other party is unarmed and poses no threat, somehow the armed and trained individual (zimmerman was only a wannabe cop, but he had extensive martial arts training as well as a loaded gun) is suddenly “in fear for their life.” Those are the magic words. With them, any LE or friend of LE can murder whoever they like. As we’ve seen, if you have friends in the right places, it will even fly in a court of law.

          • not that, either . they’re private security for the chamber of commerce

      • Ray Scheel

        @john: Andy Lopez was shot to death at 3:14 pm, not 10:30 at night, so I suggest you check a variety of news sources on what really happened before posting more false information. . Now, the crime scene photos seem to have not been taken until well past dark where they had to use a flash to take the picture of the toy gun on the ground, but I suspect they did that to hide how obvious it was that the toy had a transparent middle and barrel when viewed in even cheap florescent room lights, much less mid-to-late afternoon daylight.

        • LawrenceNeal

          The middle is called the receiver.

      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        first off moron, the pig mentality is shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, and then when everyone is dead, ask a question or two. secondly, if that had been my child, there would be a dead cop.

        • Eric B. Stowe


      • All Cops Are Bastards

        Well you’re a coward then John. In fear of everything that moves. Including a 13 year old boy with a toy. Fuck this militaristic police state. Pigs act as if they’re on patrol in Fallujah.

        • Cl4tgp

          Maybe their working conditions should be made to represent fallujah

          • Jeramie Walton

            not a bad idea,considering they are treating us like it is,might as well give em both barrels

      • Jim Zubkowski

        he wasnt though and an idiot untrained mentally incapable shot a kid 7 times he MURDERED that kid and should pay for it plain and simple

        • Eddie Man

          I could only justify one shot, hardly a second, but 7 shots to a kid?

      • Cl4tgp

        Damn, someone should shoot you and improve the gene pool a little. One can only pray that you have not reproduced and spread your faulty genes.

      • Cynthia Young

        That is stupid.

      • John’s an assfucker

        Your as ignorant as the cop – ever heard of the 2nd ammendment bitch??

      • U.N. Soldier

        4 guest votes.hmmm

      • Grady

        So being out at 10:30 with a toy gun warrants the execution of a child? Lemme guess who was rooting for Zimmerman to get off.

  • michael92064

    Civil suit

  • Jason O

    Californians did not give up our 2nd Amendment Rights, even if if was a real gun. Americans are allowed to possess them. The Police work for the taxpayers. Maybe if a few of the corrupt ones hang from trees the rest of them will remember that.

  • intheknow

    It didn’t say the boy was shooting at him. If he was just walking down the street with a BB gun it gives that cop no right to shoot him! Much less shoot him that many times! If he thought he was in danger, he could of made a non-lethal shot, or called for backup, anything!

    • David Cole

      “Non-lethal” shots don’t exist(unless you mean specialized LL ammo), and cops aren’t allowed to just fuck with people, much less murder them for carrying guns around. Would I keep an eye on him? Yea. If he started aiming it at me? Yea, I’d paint the the sidewalk red with his guts. Would I start killing people for holding guns? That’s just retarded logic. Hell, I saw a guy walking on the sidewalk with an AR-15 the other day, and you know what happened? He kept walking with the AR-15! Scary right!? *Sigh* This country and it’s people man, so fear mongery… That’s a good word for this situation and how it played out, “mongery”.

  • jesskazen

    carrying a gun isn’t a crime. Guy should be in jail.

  • Jon

    Hypothetically even if the child did have a real gun why not take a non lethal leg or arm shot instead of firing lethal shots like a rabid maniac? These cops are bitches and will get no respect from anyone. Good luck trying to get the people to cooperate with you when they have no respect for you pigs.

    • David Cole

      Because a gun is a lethal weapon. If you shoot someone, you shoot to kill. If you need less lethal means, use a taser, stun gun, beanbag gun, or baton. When you shoot someone, there is no “less lethal” means to it. You shoot to kill… Always. Shooting the gun out of someones hand, or even shooting someone in the leg or arm for that matter, is Hollywood voodoo. If you shoot at someone, you ALWAYS intend to kill the target… ALWAYS. It is simply too easy to kill the target by means of blood loss and trauma if the target IS hit. There is also the subject of making contact with the target in the first place. It’s hard enough to hit a moving target, let alone targeting specific body parts like the arms, legs, or head. This is, of course not to mention the the fact that most cops that I’ve watched at the shooting range, well… for the lack of a better term, suck. Although I have seen some sharpshooters pass through there as well and they’re usually SWAT or SRT, so I really wouldn’t try my luck against them unless my hand was forced. The preferred method is three shots to the torso, one to the head. This guy is obviously exempt from the norm per his background. Usually ex military has a good chance of high accuracy, although not always… sadly-_-. Still, I would probably only empty my clip into someone only if I knew I was in no immediate danger from surrounding forces, and was just downright livid at the target… Even then though, I know better. You treat EVERY situation like there is another threat because when you don’t, you get got.

      tl;dr Real guns aren’t those star wars/star trek guns that have a “stun option”. You shoot it, or shoot AT it for that matter, you mean to KILL it.

      • Jeremiah M

        You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you.

        • Rachel Hogan

          No, he’s pretty much right. However, the real issue here is that the cop never should have shot at the kid in the first place.

          • David Cole

            This will be a doosy, but you forced my hand. Oh well, I needed to get it anyway… Have fun with this novel of a post.

            The cop sees a kid walking with a Kalashnikov style weapon(scary looking gun for stupid people) down the street near his home(a blue collar neighborhood near wine country) and with no other provocation than that, tries to flag him down by instantly shouting at the kid to disarm himself, twice. He DID tell him to do it, but for one thing, the kid was doing nothing even remotely suspect from this report, and another, he apparently did this from the comfort of his squad car.

            The proper thing to do in this situation would actually be to not fuck with the kid, so strike one, but seeing as he already crossed that line, lets look at how he handles the situation. Mind you, he was a serving vet and a range officer prior to this “indecent”, so EVERY wrong move he makes, big or little in handling the situation, is a big mistake on his part, as he should be able to think on a higher level of professionalism than most of the common day bumbling badge totors.

            The cop in question “Erick Gelhaus” initiated the conflict with some scrub in his car. This is as bad of a move as going it alone, because if the there actually was a threat to them(as the cop claimed to have felt), the scrub may not know how to react properly in the event of an “officer down” scenario. Strike two.

            The kid hears the officers shouting at this point and turns around to see what the commotion was. Probably not thinking that Andy and Barney were going to rip the kid a new one for holding a toy, he starts to “raise” the barrel of his “gun”. Now, the kid in question, was in fact… a kid. That was clearly obvious. Therefore it should be taken into account that one: The kid probably had a toy or otherwise “fake” gun, and two: The kid obviously didn’t know how to react to the harassment and rather than laying the gun down, and keeping his back to the officers(keeps them from justifying shooting you as easily), he did exactly what not to do.

            So the kid is now facing the cops “gun” in hand, “aiming” it in their direction. Now, this is where you can’t just run on mental autopilot because BIG mistakes were made on both sides from the beginning of this conflict.

            At this point, it’s down to the wire, the kid is raising the gun and the officer has to choose to shoot first, or let him complete his motion. Now generally, if someone aims a gun at me with no provocation, that’s open season, but this is a special case. The kid probably doesn’t know whats happening. The kid probably doesn’t comprehend that he is in the situation that he’s in because of the toy he’s holding. The kid probably doesn’t know how to react to the officers properly.

            Taking all of this into account, honestly, I’m on the side of allowing the kid to finish the motion. Now you could easily say “That’s stupid, what if he shot you?” Well, the officer illegally initiated the conflict, so it shouldn’t have gotten to that point in the first place. If he would have simply called the kid over, with his gun drawn, not aimed at the kid, but drawn and ready, he could have inspected the toy and both parties would be dismissed with no conflict.

            Sadly, the “shoot first” rout was taken and seven shots were fired from Gelhaus alone. Seven shots made contact with the target. So strike three, the kid’s out.

            At least two of the seven shots fired were fatal from autopsy reports, but that’s not a surprise, as it was at least 20 feet away, and they had to have been fired in rapid succession.

            The conclusion that I have come to, from the facts that were given to me from multiple sources, is that this situation could have been completely avoided. This has been a gross miscarriage of justice, and I would say that I am appalled at these acts, but at this point, I can’t properly use the word to describe my feelings toward these events as they happen so much that it’s now commonplace!

          • Rachel Hogan

            I’m not sure how I forced you hand, but yeah, I agree. This is just a situation completely mishandled.

          • David Cole

            I was just referencing when you said that my comment had nothing to do with the situation. Just me being silly is all.

          • LawrenceNeal

            Very well presented.

        • David Cole

          What part of my comment was stupid? I was simply informing someone who obviously has a warped or misled view on how to use a gun, on the proper handling of the device. Mind you I know nothing about this persons knowledge of guns or gun safety, other than what he posted in that comment. For all I know, he could walk out of his house every day thinking he can make “incapacitating” shots on people by not using his gun properly and put himself or others in danger. So please, tell me how I’m stupid.

          It’s called knowledge, pass it on bro.

        • Cl4tgp

          ROFL, no that place is reserved for you, Jeremiah. What David wrote is correct. You never shoot to ‘wound’. If you feel that you are in enough danger to warrant pulling a gun and then the trigger you are in enough danger to warrant lethal force. If you feel that lethal force is not appropriate then using your firearm is not justified. Pretty simple.

      • Eric B. Stowe

        David, anyone with half a brain & any reasonable amount of training knows that an encounter with a juvenile is a situation that warrants further investigation & examination. As a security officer, I know that the correct procedure is to use my brains & intellect to handle the situation, not my marksmanship. And you are right about the shooting range & traffic cops, but then you must realize even sharpshooters will miss 50% of the time with a pistol. A pistol is WORTHLESS except at extremely close range, you want a rifle PERIOD, if you expect to hit what you are aiming at. THEREFORE cops who shoot first & ask questions later are incompetent, chicken-shit, cowardly faggots & should never been allowed to put on the uniform to begin with!!!! >>>You should be able to walk into ANY situation naked & FEARLESS!<<< If you can't find, train & UNDERSTAND THAT state of mind, you shouldn't attempt to be a police officer. PERIOD! I drove taxicab for a dozen years, had armed assailants in the back of my cab EXPECTING to rob me, they were NEVER successful ( they have a finger on the trigger, I have my foot on the gas & a steering wheel, WHO'S GOT A BETTER WEAPON, BABY????), a cop should be one better. Set an example, instead of making a bad situation into a tragedy.

        • Jeramie Walton

          wow…a cop with a brain… bad they aren’t all like thatand that is as close as a compliment i am going to give a criminal with a badge

      • Aimee R. Van Selow

        Shooting him six times AFTER he was on the ground is overkill. Plain and effing simple.

        • David Cole

          Shooting him once was overkill. I don’t care if he shot him once in the head, or thirteen times in the leg, dead is dead. As far as why he did it could be up to debate, but from a purely tactical stand point, one could argue that he felt that he could have missed due to the extreme range of the target, and therefore fired seven rounds, all making contact, but who really knows what this overly paranoid cop was actually thinking. I never read whether the shots were all fired before the kid hit the ground or not, but I figured he went down at least half way through the volley. I never saw that he was shot six times on the ground, but if it’s true, this hit a whole new level of disturbing, and that’s coming from ME of all people…

  • Clay Caldwell

    Every one of us must keep demanding, keep fighting, keep speaking and keep struggling until justice is served. No justice, no peace.

  • DannyE

    I feel so much safer after a child killer got his job back.

  • Sir William Carroll

    What I find even more disturbing is that this officer gunned down a child with no aggression by the child what so ever and today in Novato, a guy robs a bank presumably by gunpoint, is chased by police till he crashes his car, points the gun at police and is shot but not killed. Remember, boy with bb gun… aggression, bank robber with real gun pointing at officers and who dies……..There are very decent men and women in law enforcement so let’s not be prejudiced by the acts of a few. That said, the real criminals here are those that found it acceptable to put a man in uniform back in the saddle,not only in such a short time frame after a lethal encounter still under investigation, but also given these circumstances. It is clearly time for change. To the officer that shot this young boy, you are not fit for duty sir, nor should you ever wear a badge again. Do the honorable thing and hand it in.

  • Robert Koch

    this is bullshit, and someday people will be shooting back. the cop is a bad cop and should be treated that way.

  • Schwedge

    Yeah well im from santa rosa and that neighborhood that little andy was walking around in with a gun that looked real is the worst latin gang neighborhood santa rosa! They fail to talk about the gang problem there! Or how many people are stabbed and shot by said gangs every year! Its called guilty by association! Why are people mad at his parents for letting him leave the house with a gun that looks real? We all know cops want to kill people! Why give any reason?

    • Ray Scheel

      The problem with your line of thinking is that if you saw the gun in decent light (as the deputy did at 3:14 pm), it has a *transparent* barrel and middle, with a bright red sticker on one side, so it does not look all that real. I am presuming that was the reason they waited until after dark to use a flash for the initial crime scene photos they released, since doing so masked just how fake the gun should have looked to the department armorer in the pictures they knew would shape initial public opinion.

  • Registered Member

    Doesn’t this define PREMEDITATED MURDER considering he’s already diagrammed how to cover it up a long time ago?

  • Steven Akin

    So using that officers logic should people start to shoot police 1st for fear of their own saftey?

    • Eric B. Stowe

      That unfortunately is where we are @ in this country it seems.
      You can’t trust cops to know how 2 conduct themselves & they aren’t competent enough 2 tie their own shoes, let alone be responsible with a firearm. BEST THING that this country could do is take away patrol officer’s firearms, FORCE THEM to learn how to THINK!!! Like they do in England, Australia, Japan. If they need a gun they go to the police station, where they SAFELY stored & get one. No need to carry one around on your hip.

      • Jeramie Walton

        well said,sir.I couldn’t agree more.

  • Andrew Kurdziel

    That PIG should be strung by his balls, tied to the back of a car and dragged through the streets. The POLICE have become citizens ENEMY

    • Eric B. Stowe

      Harsh! But I can relate…

  • Ray Scheel

    Airsoft gun held by 13 year old Andy Lopez when shot 7 times in broad daylight by the *department armorer* Deputy Erick Gelhaus had a *TRANSPARENT
    MIDDLE*, a *TRANSPARENT BARREL*, and a bright red sticker on the sides, as you can tell in these
    photos in this article. Other sources indicate that the same model is
    obviously plastic and even more transparent when viewed in person in better indoor
    light that was was in the press conference room, never mind the clarity of late afternoon daylight.×471.jpg

    I wonder now if the reason the initially released “crime scene” photos
    seemed to have been taken with a flash after dark was to mask how
    obviously transparent the middle of the gun would have appeared in broad
    daylight to that agency’s designated weapons expert if he had actually
    looked at the gun before deciding he was going to shoot first and ask
    questions later. The deputy involved emptied his gun before his partner
    could even get out of their car, which would also be faster than someone
    could realistically respond to an order shouted from behind to drop
    said plastic toy, if the deputy even bothered to do that before starting
    to shoot.

  • bladerunner

    When Gelhous posted his remarks on the forum regarding the BB gun, he made it obvious that this was something he had previously thought about. Does this make it pre-meditated murder? My daughters X is a cop and he has made the comment several times, “I wonder what it feels like to kill someone” and “I know how to kill someone and get away with it and they will never find the body” These are the people we give permits to carry guns and ride the streets of our cities? Maybe we need to rethink this

    • racerx605

      they aren’t the only one’s who can pull a trigger and dig a hole…

  • Laken Blacken

    THIS KIOS NEEDS TO END!! These sociopathic murderers hiding behind badges keep investigating themselves with ALWAYS the same outcome… Whats that called again? Protect your family NOW…

  • Laken Blacken

    They keep trying to suppress these messages. Thanks NDAA Act of 2012. F U NSA, Google FEMA L-366, while you still can!

  • Jen

    Strange, this one didn’t make it to mainstream media. Funny how coverage of INNOCENT Latinos being hurt NEVER DOES.

  • Woodstuck

    If the penalties of cops were 3 times that of a civilian for the same crime – We could begin to curb their behaviors… However, if our own justice system continued to support these lying, steroid using, abusive gun toters – We do not have a chance. It is that revolving door of revenue for judges, lawyers, cops and jails that keep it moving with little to no morals and even less knowledge of right vs, wrong. Gun control is needed for the police. Period. If they had to rely on a brain and taser or nightstick, there would be much less abuse of innocent individuals.

    • Eric B. Stowe

      Right ON!!

  • This will only get worse until the Lower IQ animals in uniform start acting like human beings. People need to get pissed off.

  • Cynthia Young

    It’s too bad that they couldn’t rid of the SOB who murdered the poor boy.

  • Ian Battles

    I like how a gun turns a big, scary, armed, trained police officer into a terrified coward.

    • ReadDeeply

      Exactly! All that training, to know how to defuse a violent (never mind people who are just walking along minding their own business) situation or person, goes right out the window. How do the cops manage such a grievous disconnect? I agree with the prior comment that any cop, fully trained and armed with a lethal weapon, who fears for his life at the drop of a hat, is not LE material. If you are skilled and armed, the only time you should fear for your life if is when you’ve been ambushed by a band of maniacs with assault weapons.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    “The protesters carried large wooden crosses”
    The protesters are lucky they weren’t shot too, crosses are illegal now on public property.

  • Kenneth Kvasys

    To Gabriel Roque: There was a cold hearted killer there. He was wearing a uniform.

  • ReadDeeply

    I live in a city infamous for cops killing kids, particularly Black kids. It frustrates me beyond reason that as a homeowner my property taxes go to pay for these people’s ill gotten wages. It seems we have no recourse; we may march in the streets but it doesn’t change anything. I am at a loss for what to do anymore.

    • racerx605

      if all those who feel the way we do organized, we would outnumber them thirty to one… then we do what needs to be done… (Nuremberg trials)

  • racerx605

    pigs need to be tied up in the town square and beaten to death with those crosses, then their heads should be put up on a pike as a warning to future generations that facism will not be tolerated for very long…

  • Ben Emery

    That murdering piece of shit deserves to swing from a fucking lamp post, fuck him and his ilk, the police in this country are a disgrace to the constitution they are supposedly sworn to uphold

  • every person should be getting sniper training . it’s time to stop this shit