Video: Anonymous Exposes Cop as Member of KKK Behind Letter Threatening to Kill Ferguson Protesters


FERGUSON — A brief background: the Ku Klux Klan has recently written an open letter to citizens in Ferguson.

The letter was directed at citizens who plan to protest if Officer Darren Wilson is not convicted.

Wilson is the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, who was unarmed at the time of the shooting. If Officer Wilson is not found guilty, large clashes are expected to occur in the streets of Ferguson.

The KKK apparently believes that some of the protesters are “terrorists,” and published the following letter which states that “lethal force” will be used against such “terrorists.”


In response to the KKK’s letter, the decentralized hacker collective Anonymous began “Un-hooding” members of the broad KKK chapter it believes is responsible for writing the letter.

According to Anonymous, the following individuals have been identified as KKK members, among them two police officers (one former):

police kkk3

police kkk







One wonders how many other police officers are current or past members of the KKK. How does a police officer/KKK member treat blacks after arresting them?

More questions are surfacing about Officer Darren Wilson.

Why are KKK members among the first and loudest rushing to his defense? Is Officer Wilson himself a KKK member, or has he been involved with the KKK in the past? If so, could this have been what motivated him to shoot and kill Michael Brown?

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A never-before-seen video has also  been published in which Darren Wilson can be heard violating a man’s rights for filming him.  It certainly seems to show that Officer Wilson is a power-hungry, impatient cop who hates when Americans defend themselves.

The Free Thought Project interviewed the man filming and summarized his account as follows:

“He told me I had permission to ‘record’ him. As soon as I started filming, his attitude changed, and he arrested me,” the man, who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being, tells the Free Thought Project in an exclusive interview.

According to the man filming, Wilson put on the report that he only gave him permission to “audio record,” as if actual permission was needed to do either one of these things.

He was then arrested and put into Darren Wilson’s SUV.

This incident happened on October 28, 2013, he tells the Free Thought Project that he waited to release the video because he was scared of retaliation and wanted to move out of Ferguson prior publishing it.”

View the video below:

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  • draysum1234

    Don’t you people know that there is no KKK! The KKK is the FBI. There may well be some unknowing useful idiots that will be set up to take a fall but the so called leaders of the KKK are undercover FBI agents!! Furthermore I see no proof of the accusations of the Klan in the Ferguson PD. Yep this will be an interesting yet predictable outcome.

    • Seb ‘xplo’ Lemery

      Do you wear your tin foil hat often?

      • Freedom4every1

        actually he is probably correct….

        • Seb ‘xplo’ Lemery

          probably there is life on Titan, and probably there is such thing as religion, probably its really santa that gets toys under the tree..

          • rabbit_ears

            Religion exists unfortunately. Its the purpose of religion that questionable 😉

        • ranfan

          is your avatar an asian girl? lol

          • M D Reese

            That’s probably the only part of a woman that he has any interest in.

    • Richard Davis

      Are we supposed to take your claim at face value, or do you have any references for this?

    • M D Reese


    • Iggy

      You are a complete idiot.

    • Clint Jaysiel

      KKK denial from someone with a weird symbol that looks like if a Dragon Ball from Dragon Ball Z had sex with a redneck Pokeball.

      I’ve seen everything now.

      • dingdingdongdingdong

        That’s the Tennessee state flag, which is incidentally also where the KKK was first founded.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    There is a cure for the KKK.

  • lather


    • Brian O’Connell

      Gotta catch ’em all!

  • disqus_w802mycg0g

    I see one police officer mentioned, and one former chief. That’s one active, one retired, not three.
    I also see no allegation of any criminal behavior at all. That’s a good thing.
    I await your expose on how many AA officers are involved with blacks-only groups that promote black pride and/or separatism.

    • disqus_w802mycg0g

      I can tell you that in NYC alone, that number is in the hundreds.

    • Doug

      AA – Alcoholics Anonymous? No, wait, you’re going the PC route and calling blacks “African-American”, right?
      Even though THERE ARE NO BLACKS living in the US that were actually born in Africa, so…….why do you do it?

      • BiteMeRepubs

        Last I heard from the reichwing, Obama was born in Kenya, no?

        • BT

          No. Bc if he were he wouldn’t be president! He has family from Kenya though.

          • Lucilletheguitar

            I think that was sarcasm.

      • Bill Goodwin

        Does “Americans of African descent” make you feel better?? BTW there are Millions of American Citizens who were born in Africa of varying shades of HUMAN!

      • stevet1981

        None, huh? And your post got liked. The internet is a scary place.

        • Mike Scorsese

          Honestly, if being categorized is necessary, most of us prefer the term “Black”.

          • Lucilletheguitar

            And that’s fine, but to say there are no black people living in the US who were born in Africa is ludicrous. There are black and white people living here that were born there. I have a friend from South Africa, know a doctor from Rwanda, three nurses from Nigeria and Kenya, a handful of people from Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Somalia.

      • ChokeOnYourPill

        I’m black, and was born in Kenya. Half black and half white. So, yeah, you’re wrong. And I have many friends who’s parents are African, born there, then immigrated. They’re AFRICAN American. I get the distinction you’re trying to make, but you did not do it well.

        • Clint Jaysiel

          He’s an idiot. You shouldn’t have been so kind. It’s a waste. 😉

          • ChokeOnYourPill

            Teachable moment. 😉

      • Clint Jaysiel

        Doug, are you stupid? There are NO BLACKS living in the US that were actually born in Africa, really?

        How does that work? Do we close our borders to everyone from Africa? Do we not allow people from Africa to emigrate here?

        To see people call other people stupid and then insist that something that isn’t true is… Wow. Maybe before you go around calling people stupid, you should realize the stupid one is you?

        Obama’s parents lived in the US and were actually born in Africa.

        Are you ….. retarded?

        • Doug

          No, not stupid, not (to your last line), retarded (my two Bachelors and a Masters in Applied Physics generally indicate to the opposite), but I do believe I misspoke (I get ahead of micelf and fail to properly proofread what I wrote).

          In correction, there are NO BLACKS that are AMERICAN CITIZENS that can call themselves African-American (that I’m aware of).
          There IS an actress that was born in South Africa, emigrated to the US, became a citizen and has called herself an African-American.
          Of course, when she did, ALL the “black leaders” got their panties seriously bunched up, because this actress is none other than Charlize Theron, WHITE actress from Benoni, Gauteng, SA.
          When she identified herself as an African-American, Je$$e Jack$on, and the others said “she’s not African-American, you have to be black to be African-American”.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            So, once someone from Kenya gets their citizenship here, they are no longer African.


            *doesn’t bother reading rest of comment*

          • Doug

            But they WILL call themselves “African-Americans” I assure you of that.

            NOT gotcha.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            Doug, you’re an asshole with NO FUCKING POINT.

            People from Africa *SHOULD* refer to themselves as African. Why are you so fucking retarded as to think otherwise?

            If an Asian person moves to South America, is he suddenly Hispanic? No. He’s still Asian. He’s still of the ethnic group of the fucking continent he’s born in.

            I doubt you’re this fucking stupid when people who aren’t black are involved, because 8 year olds aren’t this fucking stupid.

          • Doug

            I agree dipshit douche, people from Africa SHOULD call themselves African, or even African-American (to be PC), but folks born in the United States and have never even been to Africa SHOULD NOT call themselves “African-American” because NOTHING about them is from Africa.
            That’s my FUCKING POINT you fucking moron, now be a good little troll and GO AWAY!!!

          • Clint Jaysiel

            But that’s not your point. You went on to stop and smell the roses along the way, making multiple points that are so laughably false [even by your own admission] that it became an item of entertainment on my facebook page among friends.

            And no, their genetics are still from Africa. I call myself European, ethnically, even though I’m not from Europe. You’re wrong, and you only brought this point up with black people because you’re a closest racist who doesn’t want to admit it.

            Also, you’re really bad at making points if it takes you 4 comments to finally spit it out.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            That’s not your point. You stopped to make other laughably incorrect (even by your own admission) points. Thanks for entertaining my facebook friends.

            Uhhh, their genetics are from Africa. Just as my indian co-workers call me European due to my Eurpoean genetics, even though I’ve never been to Europe. Their genetics — and culture, in some cases — are African.

            You’ve got a stick up your butt because of black people, and it’s so obvious that you’re so racist as to lose basic logic. Either that, or you have severe problems processing what words like “African” or “European” mean. Here’s a bit friggin hint: The definitely of the word doesn’t mean “has to come into existence in that continent”.

            When I drink a French Tea, I don’t say “it’s not really a french tea because it wasn’t made in france”.

            You’re awfully stupid.

            You’re awful at making points if it takes you 4 comments and almost a week to get to your point.

            You’re just awful.

            You also don’t know what a troll is, but that’s aside. Trolls have to not believe what they are saying to be trolls. Someone saying something you don’t like isn’t a troll. But that’s neither here nor there. Most people weren’t online when the word started being used, so they aren’t aware of how they use it incorrectly nowadays. Given that you’re stupid in one area, it’s not surprising that you’re stupid in another area.

          • Doug

            So…..I’m awfully stupid huh? Opinions vary dumbass.
            I’m still trying to unwind your statement “The definitely of the word doesn’t mean “has to come into existence in that continent”, huh? “The definitely”?
            I think something we adults call ‘proofreading’ would do you a world of good, slacker.

            Got no stick up my ass because of blacks, but have a definite problem with black folks identifying as “African American” WHEN THEY’VE NEVER BEEN TO AFRICA!!!

            “You’re awful at making points if it takes you 4 comments and almost a week to get to your point.” It takes me a week to get to my point simply because I have other interests besides playing on the ‘net.
            One thing that is curious to me, if I’m so awfully stupid, why are you even wasting time replying to me?

            That’s it, I’m done, go troll someone else Clintoon.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            learn to read, dipshit. Same reason I’m European even though I’ve never been to Europe. Genetics. Pretending to ignore the point I made. Golden, man. Golden.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            Because they’re from Africa! What the hell is wrong with you? If you’re from Africa, you’re African. That doesn’t change. That’s an immutable attribute at birth.

            If an Asian moves to South America, guess what… He’s still Asian!

            Are you always this stupid, or only when black people are involved?

    • Dr E

      Yeah because black lynch mobs tarred, feathered and mutilated innocent white people…WHATEVER

    • Klopped

      I followed Anonoymous’s takeover of the KKK’s Twitter page and they actually revealed member’s names and addresses who belong to the Klan. Most of the people who they released info on were from Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, even Canada. I saw one or two from Florida, but that was the ONLY southern state. Ironically, everyone thinks the south is where all the racists reside and these clowns are all up north and in the mid-west. My mom is from Louisiana and is 63 and told me she has NEVER in her entire life met or encountered anyone from the KKK. My dad, from Ohio, said he knew of some up in his area and avoided them because they were the sh!t stains on society.
      Me, I have lived on the West Coast, North and South and the most racism I have ever seen exhibited was in Los Angeles. White people have their little pockets they live in and refuse to mix in with black communities. You don’t find that so much in the south. At least where my family is from.

      • Clint Jaysiel

        People from the south are always quick to say crap like this.

        • Klopped

          I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. I admit when it comes to a lot of racial history in the South, I can be naive because I spent a large part of my upbringing in Asia. I am thankful for that also as I don’t see things the way others do. I was educated with people from over 50 countries, attended school with Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, and yet somehow we all managed to get along and there was not a single fight in our school. Ever.

          I have lived all over the U.S. and in diverse communities and just stating this isn’t something *I* have encountered in the South.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            Maybe you’re an outlier. But typically, the pattern in public discourse is:

            1) South does something racist

            2) Someone says ‘fuck the south’

            3) Southern people pipe up until the end of eternity telling us how there are more racists in the north than in the south. Sometimes they cite hate crime statistics without realizing that there are fewer places to report hate crimes in the south, so they go unreported.

            As an example, I posted this TINY blog post that I never thought would get a 2nd glance:


            In 8 years, literally 100s of people have come to bark at me for daring to say that the Sacred South is racist.

            178 responses. And they still come now and then. Though they seem to have finally stopped about 7 years after I made my post.

            I see this pattern a lot.

            It may be that you’ve fallen into the same pattern by coincidence. It’s certainly possible.

          • Klopped

            I think it’s a class issue. We are upper-middle class and don’t socialize with trash. My parents (and my husband’s parents) raised us right.
            One thing I noticed with Anonymous “unhooding” the KKK on Twitter was they ALL looked like inbred mountain people.

          • DragonPie

            People in the north and other parts of the country use the southern stereotype of the white poor people as a prototypical racist and use that image to contrast themselves against. This is part of what allows white folks from other parts of the country to not address their racism. People don’t need to be part of the Klan to be racist and to uphold and create the systems of racism that affect us regularly.

          • J.James

            They are not all mt people in the kkk there are also many inbreed flat lander that the kkk panders to also. And not all of them are inbreed being the klan no longer discriminates or bans other types of degenerates from joining there marry Band of misfit degenerates.

      • Brittany

        I am from southeastern Louisiana, have lived here all my life. Until about 6 years ago I didn’t believe these organizations existed in my region. I was wrong. I PERSONALLY met a KKK member while I was in college. It was during Obama’s first election, and she was very outspoken about her hatred of Obama. I was used to hearing that- he wasn’t very popular amongst whites in my area, so hearing how “our country is doomed if he gets elected” was nothing unusual for me. This girl was different though. She revealed her affiliation when I questioned her about a swastika tattoo on her ankle, it was rather small and looked as if it had been done in someone’s trailer. Her pants slightly bunched up over the top of her shoes one day in class and I saw it. She referred to herself as a “featherwood.” I had never heard the term before, nor had I ever met someone who claimed to be KKK or Neo-Nazi. Apparently, a featherwood is the wife or girlfriend of a white supremacist gang member. She told me that her long-time boyfriend was a Neo-Nazi, while she and the rest of her family were KKK. I was stunned. I went to high school with people who wore Confederate flag clothing, or had them in their trucks, but they were never very outspoken. I don’t think most of them even knew what the flag stood for, or even cared. It was just a symbol of being “southern” or “redneck,” and they wore it like a badge of honor. I didn’t understand it. As for the swastika girl, I never spoke to her again. These people DO exist. They are VERY real, and they are terrifying.

        • Klopped

          Where in Southeast Louisiana? My mom is from Lafayette. I spent my summers there, but admittedly was schooled in Asia so I was not “raised” full-time in the states. My childhood was spent in Asia with my dad during the school years, while Summers were spent in Louisiana. After completion of High School, I returned to the U.S. and lived in Louisiana for a while. Again, it could be that these racist clowns don’t expose themselves to people who aren’t like them. Birds of a feather flock together. I dated black guys in Louisiana, so I highly doubt anyone would be outing theirself as a member of the KKK.

          I will say this: My Asian friends have said the most racism they have experienced in the United States from white people was in the North, not the South.

          • laten

            People in the have a racism that they don’t recognise. They think they are open minded but they really don’t recognise get it. Southern racism that is more overt. I don’t recognise know which is more damaging. I live in a northern city known for liberalism but I still hear people who refer to African Americans as those people and categorize them in ways that are exclusive.

          • Mmmoke

            I was in New York city just a few months ago, where I saw a young white mother rudely demand a 75 yr old black well dressed gentleman, to get up from his seat and give it to her 6 yr old daughter. The man complied. So much for liberal New York. Shame.

          • Klopped

            I couldn’t agree more. While living in Los Angeles, my husband and I chose to rent a home in Burbank because we had a young child and it was a safe area. It was also only 5 miles from his work. I was a stay-at-home-mom and would take my child to the park daily ( sometimes twice a day) as it was within walking distance of our home. I noticed the children there were with Hispanic nannies and not their mothers. Cool. The mothers were working. I would attempt to form friendships with the nannies and they were standoffish at first and later admitted it was because their white employers preferred they schedule play dates with white people so that “they” (the parents) could meet other white people. I was thinking “WHAT THE F$&K???” I never made any “friends” in Los Angeles. I did continue my friendships with my Asian friends from high school.

            Again, living in the South, this is something I’ve never encountered. This social status, racial lines, and outright bigotry.

            We have black friends. We have Asian friends. We have Muslim friends. We have bi-racial friends. My husband was born and raised in Atlanta and his best friend is originally from Jordan and is a Muslim. They’ve been best friends since 6th grade.

      • Clint Jaysiel

        It’s funny how the first state you listed is below the Mason-Dixon line. Do you actually know where The South starts? Top of Maryland. Virginia is part of The South. Missouri is at the same latitude as Virginia.

        Basically, you contradict yourself in your 2nd sentence. Kinda makes it hard to read the rest of your comment.

        • jonathan

          Missouri was a split state fuckhead. Part north part south. Have you ever been there? Probably not. Cause the accents change from north to south. I have been to Virginia and the accent is pretty much the same all over except for West Virginia…. but that’s beside the point. The point is there are no other states in the union that have this phenomenon. So learn some civil war geography before you start spouting how Missouri is southern.

          • Clint Jaysiel

            You missed my point. He lists the person as if the person is from the north. He might not have been. That it was a split state doesn’t affect that. My point stands. And you’re hilariously wrong about Virginia accents.

          • jonathan

            Split state means depending on where in the state the person in question was from detrmines northern or southern according to the Mason dixon. If I remember correctly anything north of Springfield is considered northern.

      • Marcus2012

        Missouri is a southern state, dipshit.

        • MadameYoungblood

          Missouri was a Union state in the Civil War. It also had a significant Confederate sympathizing population who warred with Kansas (which was a territory verging on statehood at the time). Missouri tends to be one of those states that should probably be split into two states. Southern Missouri does seem culturally better placed with the South, but northern Missouri is no less Midwestern than Iowa. I live in Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri (city proper, not metro area) and it is always considered a Midwestern city, never a southern city. I have never heard of St. Louis being considered a Southern city either, for that matter.

    • Mike Scorsese

      None. They are too busy trying to be white.

    • bbayliss

      And what would the acceptable number be?

  • Donald Johnson

    of course there will be those who deny there is a KKK. im sorry but you people know nothing of American history. being a black man from the south let me assure you THERE IS A KU KLUX KLAN!!!!! of course these are the same people who think after a black man was elected president that racism doesnt exist as it did before. again you are wrong on so many levels. i guess there is also no American Nazi party,. or Aryan brotherhood. you people need to take your blinders off. where ever there is ignorance,. low level education, and hatred you will find these hate groups. they even exist on college campuses all over America. they are in every state, in every jail, in every facet of American life. yes there are Klan members in the F.B.I, and in all areas of American government. only a fool would deny their existence. of course they are in the police department. fire department, halls of senate and congress. it is most visible in the Republiklan party. don’t take my word for it. go to Youtube and hear it straight from the horses ass. racist statements from government officials . just type that in the inquire box, and read all you wish,..also inquire Klan rallies. the Klan like to record their messages and share them with the world. let them tell you themselves. enjoy.

    • Deanna Bishop

      So you don’t know your history at all. Democrats started the KKK and still keeping blacks as slaves. Every day they say Black’s are so stupid they will them voting democrats for the next 200 years. Guess you forgotten to in every state ran by democrats it is always the blacks that live in the slums and have no chance of bettering them selves. What you need to do is leave the democrats far behind, and understand that neither party gives two cents about anyone unless its lining their pockets.

      • Cheyenne

        Isn’t it funny how the KKK turned republican in 1964 and has voted solid republican ever since? Wouldn’t have anything to do with Nixon’s “Southern strategy”, would it?

        • Matt

          No, it’s just ‘State’s Rights’ – to discriminate against black people.

          While Barry Goldwater did believe the philosophy he espoused, his support among the south was strictly due to racists. To Barry’s credit, he hated those same racists himself.

          • DannyEastVillage

            Goldwater really did hate institutionalized racism and inequality–and he hated the way these charlatans mix religion with their politics. He would be as unwelcome in today’s republican party as Dr King. How he would despise Boehner and McConnell if he were alive today.

      • Bill Goodwin

        Deanna you stupid fool!! The Democratic party you refer to no longer exists. Check your history books and you’ll discover massive political party shifts occurred in the 1800’s. The Republican party that Lincoln was a member of also is not even close to the same party that exists today! Use some effing GOOGLE before you look completely stupid in front of thousands!!

        • Jellric

          Bill, you beat me to the punch. People shouldn’t lecture others on history when they haven’t studied it themselves. That politcal realignment is an inconvenient fact many ignore.

          • Shawn McHale

            To which I will add that the Republican Party was founded, in part, by northern Democrats who split from southern Democrats over slavery, then joined the Republicans.

        • Andy Roekest

          “I’ll have those ni–ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” — Democrat Pres. Lyndon Baines Johnson after signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

          Yeah…..a lot has changed.

          • Deborah Foster

            The important thing is where the racists congregate, and we all know where that is today. The Republican party not only embraces them, it caters to their policy wishes on a whim.

          • Andy Roekest

            So in your estimation, a few bad apples spoils a bunch? Explain then how the Democrat party has clean hands with so many criminally negligent politicians where they congregate?

          • DME

            explain how being invested in manufactured, divisive narratives has been good for anyone? Americas downfall is people who haven’t awoken to the fact that the left vs right paradigm is a scam. It’s used to control your minds. wake up, losers.

          • neverhome

            Let’s not forget that Democrat Robert Byrd was a “Grand Wizard” in the KKK. Oh sure, he apologized. They all apologize. And let’s not forget how the Repubs ostracized David Dukes. There is good and bad on both sides.

          • Dennisdread_2000

            The day 2=100 you will have a viable point.

          • neverhome


          • DME

            are the Republicans against David Duke now? And don’t you think it’s weird for anyone to be in lockstep because they allow themselves to be labeled anything? It’s called mind control. snap your hypnotized ass out of it.

          • neverhome

            Enjoy your delusions.

          • baruchzed

            Yup…he was a dixiecrat…and they all became republicans…read up on your late 20th century history.

          • muslimmustgo

            You wont like the oppressive tyranny that your god(obamao) will thrust upon you when he doesn’t need your useful idiocy any longer or maybe you will,maybe it will satisfy your self loathing!

          • Dennisdread_2000

            Shut up, moron.

          • Sherri Lucas-Gibson

            Well if the right wasn’t so determined to take those rights away.. maybe they could woo the minorities away.. but nope.

          • Andy Roekest

            Since Voter ID laws have been enacted, voter participation among those minorities has gone up. Explain that, please, if the laws are supposed to be discouraging minorities to vote?

          • Dennisdread_2000

            Why would they want to woo the minorities when the racist white vote is so dear to them?

          • Dennisdread_2000

            Sadly however, racism against blacks persists..

          • DME

            how is it good for anyone, black or white, to allow the labels of political ideologies to control what they think? maybe you yourself should think about that too?

        • Noman

          Still, the Democrats suck just as bad.

          • Matt

            No, they don’t. The Democrats suck, the GOP sucks far worse is the actual situation as regards race.

        • Balerion

          These idiots self-righteously brag about being the party that “freed the slaves” when if they had been living back in the 1850’s they would have been the loudest to vocalize their support for the “property rights” of slave owners.

          • Yuri Nator

            Wrong. You’d probably see a party schism and a permanent minority party status of the Republican party.

            The liberty and freedom wing would be in favor of freeing the slaves and the conservative wing would be in favor of keeping the slaves.

        • Diane Bohn

          Wow, this is very interesting, so it eas yhe Democrsts eho started the kkk and than change to be Republican in yhe 1800s..if that is the case and you say Demicrsts want to hold bsck the Blacks and minorities…if this happen over 100 yrs ago…than your saying the Dem have the same mindset as back than, I am confused though..I know racisim goes back decades both parties were bigots, both were..for say not fair to people of color,but today…I have heard more hattead

          • Bryan E Dinkins

            ya the one who are criminals who’s families throw out the race card

        • muslimmustgo

          What a moron,but you’re right,the democrat party is now controlled by the communists!, who now want to keep the blacks on the plantation more so than the democraps of the past What Deanna stated is absolutely correct, regarding the self loathing useful idiot liberal sludge
          ,only a moron spouting the obamao talking points would state what you have! obamao learned the communist manifesto well from his true father the communist frank marshall davis!

          • Bill Goodwin

            You’re a coward who can’t be taken seriously because of your insane words and ideas.. I don’t know what podunk town /State you come from but a vast majority of Americans would wholly disagree with your insane theories!! Use your real name coward, stop hiding behind anonymity and your computer!!

        • Jeff Harper

          That same democratic party still exists today. LBJ, the president that said this was a progressive/social liberal.

          • Bill Goodwin

            Wrong in every way that could be wrong.. Do you even research your comments, or do you just pull them straight from your A**??

        • Jeff Harper

          Here’s your loving social liberal viewpoint on equality

      • roll_mf_tide


      • Donald Johnson

        i fail to see anywhere in my post i made reference to any political party affiliation. so i have to wonder why you assume i am a democrat, which by the way i am not. i have no party affiliation at all. you see,.. i vote for the lesser of the 2 evils always. that being said, i have never voted republiklan, as they are never the lesser of the 2 evils. this next presidential election i will be voting independent,.. i figure since i dont like any of them, i will vote for anybody else. on a different note,. there are slums in texas and thats a red state. there are slums in every state. here is something to consider,.. in the red states the quality of education is lower than that in the blue states. thats a fact. maybe you should try to improve your reading comprehension abilities. also i suggest you take a few classes, read more books. fox news is not a good place for factual information. also maybe when you rant you might want to re read your post. some of it is incoherent and cant be understood. reading more will help you with that. have a literate day then,.. bye bye,..

      • Donald Johnson

        im am going to guess that you are a republiklan. and so was your dad, and so was his dad. i am going to guess you are from a red state. i am going to guess you have 0-2 black friends. i will guess those black friends are republiklans also. i will also take a chance and guess you have a high school education. i will guess there are only magazines in your home, and a bible. i will guess you do not have a library card. i will assume there is at least 1car in your yard that doesnt work. i see 2 old appliances sitting on your porch. i am feeling you are a big fan of sarah palin. i also get the idea that you like honey boo boo, and duck dynasty. i feel strongly that fox news is the only news you watch,.. how many did i get? LMAO, sorry, i apologize to the rest of the commenters here,.. she drove me to that,… again my apologies, but i wont take it back, these are legitimate questions for an intellect of this enormity,

        • colpow

          No, Yes.

      • Anonymous Hackerz

        suck my cock ku klux klan whores ;-D n deanna u can suk my balls ;-D u cant do shit, u can have your members in the police, army, parliament etc… WE have the PEOPLE OF THE NATIONS with us… WE DO NOT FORGIVE, WE DO NOT FORGET, EXPECT US TO CAUSE A WORLD WAR U KU KLUX KLAN LOVING MOTHERFUKERS ;-D

      • tj

        Deanna, you ignorant fool. Look up the Southern Bloc, Jessie helms and Strom Thurman. Then you’ll know why everyone is mocking your complete ignorance. We really need literacy test before idiots like you are allowed to vote.

      • oldabatt

        You are one ignorant bastard. But then again, why respond to someone who intellectually incapacitated.

      • Gilgamesh

        You are an epic failure.

      • Take_Pics

        Both the republican party and the democratic party of today only share their names with the republican and democratic parties of the 1800’s, other then their names they are completely different organizations.

        The republican party of today is constantly fighting for a much smaller federal government, pushing instead for state and local government power. Lincoln’s “republican” party waged a civil war to keep the majority of the law making power at the federal level. Not exactly the same principles.

        The “Democratic” party of the 1800’s did in fact start the KKK. The Democratic party of today pushes for action the benefits minorities and special interest groups, including people in the “slums” (The ACA, marriage equality, equal pay amongst all races and sexes, affirmative action, higher min. wages. etc.)

        I am so sorry the public school system failed you, although I bet it’s because a certain party caught it’s funding…

        • Harley

          She was most likely home schooled.

      • Tape Operator

        You babbling fuck, you’ve demonstrated nothing other than your own abject stupidity.

      • Dartmouth ’11

        You’re right but the shift for black voters didn’t happen until the 1960s. It was then that the Republican party began catering to Southern Whites whom shunned the civil rights movement (which decades prior the Republican party had practically started). Blacks, with the convincing of Martin Luther King Jr and his strong ties / work with Johnson and Kennedy spurred on by sweeping civil rights legislation flocked to the Democratic party.

        Today I think we both agree, there’s no question which party supports minorities and which one does not. The Republican party which has embraced the Tea party is a predominately white and predominately male party. With immigration reform soon to be passed, I doubt Republicans will even be able to retain the dwindling Latino voters currently voting red. Though Democrats have lost key battles in limiting cuts to programs that aid minorities and the poor, Republicans have been the dominate force cutting education, altering tax policy to favor the wealthy and cutting benefits. It may be decades if not centuries before Republicans can regain the trust of African Americans and other minorities.

        • Dennisdread_2000

          They don’t want to regain our trust. They want to maintain the racist vote.

      • colpow

        Does everyone who votes Republican have such atrocious grammar? Not to mention that your statement is a pile of horse crap.

        • Dennisdread_2000

          Correct, colpow. It’s elephant crap.

      • Deanna, you ignorant slut:

        That tired right wing meme of “The Democrat Party started the KKK and supported slavery” was disproved a century and a half ago to anyone who bothered to actually crack open an American history book and use some critical, cognitive thinking. The Democrats of the 19th century were the conservative forerunners of the modern-day Republican Party. In the 1960s, they were the Dixiecrats who ran on Segregationist platforms (Strom Thurmond in 1948 for instance) and later became Republicans after Nixon’s Southern Strategy in 1968. In the 19th century, the Republicans were the liberal abolitionists and a century later they reversed roles.

        Let’s talk about your Grand Old Party and Operation Paperclip, which brought over Nazi scientists such Werner Von Braun from post WW II Germany. One can trace a straight, unbroken line between the Nazi Party of Germany and today’s right wing think tanks. Prescott Bush, W’s grandpappy, was Hitler’s biggest American financier, benefited from Jewish slave labor, his company Harriman Brothers was fined by Congress for violating the Trading With the Enemy Act, and tried to overthrow FDR’s government back in 1933. Karl Rove’s own grandfather built the death camps and the Koch brothers’ father Fred founded the Birchers and made millions selling oil petroleum technology to Soviet Russia.

        So, are you sure you want to play this Michele Bachmann version of American history?

      • Sherri Lucas-Gibson

        And you are an idiot who can’t seemingly tell the difference between people who want to move society forward and others who want to keep the status quo.. The right have always wanted to keep to the old ways of life and the left will always move forward with equality and science. Labels of dems and republican mean little

        • Shane Robinson

          Only so long as “equality” and science fit your beliefs. After that, you’re just as willing to ignore them to further your cause.

      • Ernest

        That’s right, you look at every democrapticly controlled city and the blacks live like sht whereas republican controlled city’s states and counties they live a lot better. Dem leaders love you all to keep thinking the way you do bc they hope you never use your head to really learn politics!

      • giantslor

        Hey idiot, the white supremacists are now, and have always been, based in the South. They were Democrats until the national Democratic Party embraced civil rights, at which point the Southern Democrats started becoming Republicans.

        Every day Republicans say blacks are so stupid that 90% of them vote for Democrats. They can’t imagine that blacks vote for Democrats because they’re intelligent and understand that Democrats policies help them, whereas Republican policies are disastrous for blacks.

      • Tillmann Puschka

        honestly Deanna-
        what you say about dems pertains to the pre-reconstruction era; after reconstruction, those KKK democrats you speak of left the party and eventually became the pillars that support the base of today’s republican party.

        it would make absolutely no sense at all for the party of the kkk to nominate a black candidate for the presidency, get him elected – TWICE – to the presidency. if you believe the democratic party is still full of kkk members, i don’t know what else to tell you other than that you should perhaps consider taking meds for that dillusion that affects your tiny little mind.

      • Dennisdread_2000

        And by democrats you mean WHITE PEOPLE, don’t you?

      • DME

        folks always say that the Democrats did this and that but you do realize that the Democrats possessed the conservative ideology back then while the Republicans were the liberals, right? The ideologies have switched since then. I learned this in 1977 when I was six years old. Why haven’t you yet? You keep yourself dumb just to adhere to a political ideology. How can you live like that?

      • baruchzed

        Deanna you are citing history, and only partially. The dixiecrats became republicans…and so they still are today. The parties both changed around the race issue. You, and people like you, who insist that the dixiecrats still exist, are ignorant, poorly read, not current. In other words, get a clue.

    • Logico1

      I don’t side with one or the other, but you do know that blacks (Black Panthers) and whites are just as racist one to the other. Honestly, I don’t see the difference.

      • Mike Scorsese

        The difference is: Action & Reaction.

        • Logico1

          Thank GOD they are a dying breed. Really. However, I don’t see a point in a donkey calling another long ears, though. It’s a natural human reaction to provide an equal and opposite reaction, but that only exacerbates the situation, making it worse. One side’s reaction becomes the action for the next reaction, so neither is really free of guilt. Judging by the content of one’s character….they’re both one and the same. Morgan Freeman said it best, stop talking about it!

          • the lion

            Morgan Freeman is a pawn. He says stop talking about it so he can maintain his elite status among wasps, many who are racist, but I assure you they all say “im not racist, I have a black friend.” And theyre talking about morgan, their one black acquaintance in this world. KKK scum should all be exposed for the hateful lowlifes they are

          • Logico1

            You may very well be right. I, for one, would like to see the day in which we see and react to situations such as these objectively. Throwing race into it ensures an emotional, not rational, response. Whatever Morgan Freeman is, he has a point.

          • oldabatt

            How can you not “throw race into it” when the incident is inherently racist?

          • Logico1


          • DragonPie

            Logico1, look up some race statistics throughout the criminal justice system. You have to be willfully ignorant or inherently bigoted to see the disparities in how people of color, especially black folks, are treated compared to white folks and not see the US system as racist. For example, white folks use marijuana at a similar rate to black folks and yet black folks are arrested at a markedly higher rate.

            Look up the Harvard implicit bias test. This test shows how people implicitly tend to assume negative things about black people than white people even if they are consciously aware of it. What I’m saying is that a logical dispassionate person who takes the time to do the research and will come to the conclusion that systemic racism is alive and well and that anger and despair are perfectly rational reactions to living in a society that upholds itself well.

            Now, your opinion is that of dispassion because you haven’t ever had to deal with the consequences of an immensely powerful system that continuously threatens yourself and your neighbors, so I think that your calls of dispassion and emotionlessness are are a bit naive, but if you believe yourself to be truly objective, you’re going to have to do the research to prove it.

          • Noman

            Emotions kept us alive and well long before any word was ever spoken. Let’s value our emotions for what they are, and put our ratio to use as to not let our emotions take a walk with us.

          • Logico1

            Dragonpie, I appreciate your objective approach. I would, however, like to point out the fact that you made two assumptions that render how you missed my conclusion evident.

            First, I actually have had to personally deal with the consequences of an immensely powerful system that seems to be against me for being a minority. I assume the responsibility of my own actions and blame nobody else but myself notwithstanding. That’s the epitome of individual responsibility. My attitude has saved me more times that it has condemned me, even when I’m at fault. Maybe that’s part of the issue here.

            On the other hand, you should know that correlation does not imply causation. Assuming it does is a logical fallacy. The fact that minorities are arrested more for the same crime does not imply that they’re arrested BECAUSE they’re a minority. Under which circumstances are the arrests taking place? Are whites smoking their weed inside their home while minorities are being caught smoking in da hood? Are minorities having more routine traffic stops due to, say, broken headlights, unreadable tags, reckless driving, etc., that wind up as vehicle searches due to attitudes and ignorance of the law?

            Now, I’m not saying that the system is or isn’t against one race or the other. What I’m saying is that I have no evidence to prove it is. There’s no proof that shows that whites are stopped and cut loose more so than minorities. We can make pretexts out of texts taken out of context all day, but, in the end, it does not justify our actions.

            This man explains how I feel about this situation pretty well:


          • DragonPie

            You’re correct that correlation does not prove causation, but documented police behavior combined with official policies directed towards people of color and documented racial profiling combined with overwhelming statistical evidence does indeed prove causation.

            I did assume that you are white because that’s usually the case regarding people with your attitude. But you said that you’re a “minority” and so I apologize if you are a person of color. I do think that it takes a major suspension of disbelief and some serious rationalizing to not see the system as very much biased against black folks and also against other people of color.

          • Logico1

            Understood. I’d have to do more research in order to find evidence of where and how actual racial profiling that leads to more arrests takes place. That’s the way to combat injustice, with facts. Actually, what I’ve observed to be most effective is taking each respective police department to court and eat them up there. PROVE there was a bias and hit their pockets until it hurts, THEN change happens. It is my opinion that we’re making ourselves look bad, sort of a self fulfilling prophecy. Witness (black) accounts put Mr. Brown attacking the police officer. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Let’s say that the officer was black and the teen was white. The teen is shown stealing goods from a store on video, pushing the store owner to the side, then you see another video in which a white man (heard in the background) tells another white man that he saw the teen suspect attack the officer and the officer shot him. How would you see the white people who came out to defend the suspect, saying that the shooting was racially motivated? That the officer shot the man because he was white?

            Not a problem, we live in a society where people argue their position just to say something, not because they have something to say. My point is, let us not shoot ourselves in our proverbial foot. From my perspective, we’re not taking responsibility for our own actions and then crying about the outcome. We sound like the family of a burglar who got shot by the homeowner defending his him, “He didn’t have to shoot him!” Uh, yes, he did. Let’s start assuming the responsibility for our own actions.

          • lafe

            Uh, yes, he did. No the home owner does not have to shoot him. I had the 9mm in my hand, I am a very good shot but I realized that the $100 DVD player was not worth more than a human life. The thief walked out the door with it. I filed a police report. I have no regrets. The use of lethal force is only justified if by not using it someone other than the criminal is going to die. It is time that people that take responsibility for using lethal force when it is not justified.

          • Logico1

            At least in my state, anybody who breaks into your home or vehicle while you’re in it is presumed to have violent intentions and is dealt with appropriately. Circumstances do push the balance one way or the other, depending on if there are small children in the home or not. Nothing in my home is worth getting shot over.

          • Suzanne Wells

            Please cite your source for “Witness (black) accounts put Mr. Brown attacking the police officer.” as there are none, unless you are quoting the “friend” of Wilson who relayed his secondhand story to all the media that ate it up like fresh candy. Also did you not read about the two white construction workers who witnessed the scene?

          • Logico1
          • Logico1
          • Finally

            I understand the solution you recommend, but for well over a decade now research has shown that African American and latino individuals, especially males are being stopped by police and arrested in numbers that are disproportionate to population as a whole. And not because they have committed more crimes, the research has shown that many times white people, especially teenagers get a pass on offenses that other minorities are charged for, Research has also proven that the court sentences African Americans and Latinos receive include more jail time than many caucasions charged with the same crimes. The legal community knows this, the resports are out there and yet the situation remains the same, so proof or not there is no recourse when it is the judiciary who are responsible for the problem. for addressing it and for potentially resolving it., Basically there is a conflict of interest where this systemic problem must be resolved by the system, making it irresolvable until Americans stand up and (nonviolently) fight for it. The Ferguson community is doing just that, fighting to stop police aggression, lethal force and racial discrimination, and if there is change for the better, despite anyone’s feelings about Darren Wilson and Mike Brown it will be because those Ferguson residents and their supporters,made it happen.

          • Logico1

            I’m absolutely with you on unnecessary force, all day. I’ve witnessed it, I’ve been a victim of it. Is there racial discrimination? I’m sure there is some, but I do question the idea that all arrests and uses of force are racially discriminatory in nature. Are we trying to say that people should get away with crimes simply due to the color of their skin? That’s a more dangerous idea, if you ask me, and this is coming from someone who knows how we act because I was one of them, but I grew up. Got tired of going to jail, I take full responsibility for all the stupid things I’ve done. I already paid the price, learned my lesson. Wish more people could do the same.

            Reading the article, it seems to me that the disparity is, again, coming from the offenders’ side instead of the police, let’s take this example:

            “An often-cited example is a federal law that created steeper penalties for crack-cocaine offenses, WHICH ARE COMMITTED BY BLACKS MORE FREQUENTLY THAN WHITES (emphasis mine), than for powder-cocaine offenses. Congress reduced the disparity in 2010.

            In the two years after the Booker ruling, sentences of blacks were on average 15.2% longer than the sentences of similarly situated whites, according to the Sentencing Commission report. Between December 2007 and September 2011, the most recent period covered in the report, sentences of black males were 19.5% longer than those for whites. The analysis also found that black males were 25% less likely than whites in the same period to receive a sentence below the guidelines’ range.”

            The disparity here is that penalties are steeper for crack cocaine versus powder cocaine offenders, which I perfectly understand. However, this article itself admits that blacks break the law that carries the higher level of punishment at a higher rate. The similarity between both races and the crime committed is that they’re both a form of cocaine, but that one form is much stronger, addictive, and destructive than the other. “Similarly situated” refers to the cocaine offenses, but fails to admit the gravity (and penalty) of one form over the other. This proves that blacks are not punished more than whites for the same crime, because the crime itself, together with its punishment, are not really the same. I’ll pose an exaggerated hypothetical situation to make a point, it’s like saying that blacks get more time for killing than whites, when more blacks kill people at a higher rate while whites kill doves at a higher rate. Killing people carries the stiffer penalty.

            For the cause to carry actual weight, we need to prove it beyond any shadow of doubt, not usher in the martial law Mr. Obama has been drooling over.

          • Suzanne Wells

            Don’t assume he is a person of color because he says he’s a “minority.” He is just using that to get you to back down. His use of “da hood” is telling as to his perception of what black people do or where they smoke weed. We can easily see his believe that black folks all stand on the corner smokin refer. He is posing to be sure he is seen as rational and correct. As far as traffic stops, let’s be real, it’s more likely the cars are being stopped due to driving while black and then finding a reason to ticket and or arrest than any obvious infractions.

          • Logico1

            Um, I AM a person of color. My first case was due to racist officers putting me in jail under false charges. My response? I took him to court. He never showed up. Case dismissed.

          • Noman

            I’m not racist but I don’t have any black friends.

          • Noman

            Yes. Yes it does sir 🙂

            This is something fascinating when the interweb comes in with it’s discussion boards… Well meaning (I think) individuals trying to defend their cause, and with every reply the gap grows wider.

            We have something similar going on in my country now btw. Thankfully, I know I am paranoid but otherwise I really would have believed that someone, somewhere is pulling the right strings. People may just start killing each other over a children’s holiday, I shit you not!

      • Gilgamesh

        The fundamental difference between the Black Panthers and the KKK is that the Panthers arose as a response to police injustice and brutality in the Oakland black community and they had no “non violence” clause.
        Does that help you “see the difference”?

        • Logico1

          I see the difference in how they were created, but now they’re just as bigoted as the KKK. There may have been, but now there no longer is, a difference.

          • Gilgamesh

            There is no Black Panther party. The current or New Black Panther party has no association with the former and is intensely small in numbers and infinitesimal in political power.

          • Equal Justice

            Awesome response.

          • lashonda collins

            Give one piece of evidence to support your argument about the black panther party. Make sure its a fact that can be proven and its taken within proper context.

          • Christopher Stockslager

            But you are comparing an Organization with MILLIONS of members, the KKK — to the Black Panthers who I would be shocked could claim 10K active members.

            Also if it’s so EQUAL, and BOTH side do it — Where are all of the videos? Where is the one of the Black Panther Fire Chief talking about how “he ain’t helpin no h*nky family!!”

            See, the false equivalency horseshit needs to stop.

          • Dennisdread_2000

            Bullshit. You need to stop lying.

        • insanity has no moral compass

        • J.James

          Actully the black panthers that many are referring to that are in Ferguson are actually NOT the same group that arose as a response to police injustice and brutality in the Oakland black community that had a no “non violence” clause.

          The new group calling them selves the black panthers are actually named “the new black panthers” and the black panthers have renounced them and have distanced them selves form the cia controlled opposition group now calling them selves the black panthers. The real black panthers who now go by the name of the original black panthers are opposed to the hate group calling them selves the new black panthers and will have nothing to do with them due to the fact that the new black panthers are funded by and also controlled by the cia and are actually cointell pro operatives whos main goal is to sell out blacks by encouraging blacks to do things that give blacks a bad name to whites and also they try to encourage whites to hate and fear all blacks and that makes them sell outs to there very own race and thus why the real black panthers even say they are even worse then the KKK and thus why when some one speaks of the so called black panthers they need to be careful to not confuse the two separate groups using the name black panthers that have diametrically opposed views and agendas. On is a hate group who is actully tying to destroy freedom and any gains blacks have made for them selves and trying to stir up and create raciel discord. While the other real orignal black panther members DO NOT want to to that nore do they want to promote hate or encourage blacks to go and live up to the negative stereo types that the other group that is controlled by the cia WANT whites and blacks to believe in

        • Finally

          Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried to explain this to the many, many people that conflate the two to exonerate the KKK and other white hate groups for the hate speech and hate crimes. You put it perfectly!

        • Dennisdread_2000

          They hung no one, ran not families out of town, burned no crosses, and dragged no one behind any pick up trucks. The day they are the same as the ku klux klan is the day up is the same as down.

      • Jellric

        The difference is that the whites are in power.

      • sergio

        pretty sure the Black Panthers didn’t make it their business to torture and lynch white people – that’s a profound difference if you ask me – but then again I choose to acknowledge marginalized identities despite what Morgan Freeman has to offer.

        • Logico1
          • Gilgamesh

            That’s not the black panthers.

          • Logico1

            Correction, New Black Panther Party.

          • Gilgamesh

            Just because a guy hangs a sign on his door that says Mighty Morphin Power Ranger don’t expect the Red Ranger to open the door when you knock.

          • Christopher Stockslager

            C’mon buddy. A Farrakhan bitch boy has you pissing your pants? Shit you should have seen some of the guys in Times Square in the late 80’s early 90’s with the swords, and screaming about kill whitey. But you know what? I realized it was just bullshit, got my slice of pizza and was on my way.. Why the fuck are you right wingers so fixated on being pants shittingly scared of the world?

          • Logico1

            I’ll give you just one response so you can see where you fail, whether you see it is really to your benefit and nobody else’s.

            This is an attempt to use emotion to deviate the subject. You’re bringing “fear” into the equation. Interestingly enough, fear has not been, is not, and will not be a part of this discussion. Assumptions only make you look bad, nobody else. I’m not afraid of any man, black, white, or brown. End of our exchange.

      • Miles Coleman

        The Black Panthers also allow white members.

        • J.James

          also being that the KKK group that anon hacked has a leader who happens to be of Italian Jewish decent it also appears that the klan must now be allowing thos who are Jewish or of Jewish decent to join the klan to. I find that sort of ironic and also funny.

      • Marcus2012

        The black panthers are fighting for the right to be seen as equals, the KKK is fighting for the right to oppress an entire race.

    • Dennisdread_2000

      Dude, they know there is a klan. They’re only lying about it because they’re racist and possibly even in the klan themselves.

    • SalliBaby SeventyThree

      . . . YEAHHH!!!!!!

  • Jon

    I from the south! And yes the fucking KKK is real! City folk need to read history and open your eyes! I do not support corrupt cops or let alone anyone that condones to that shit! I generally care for human rights an not getting ass raped by the gov!!! Why are people so blind? Stand up stick together no matter your race! Do what’s right for our kids and so on our lives will only go on for so much longer but the baby’s lives have just begun we are trashing out children’s future!

    • Mitcherr

      You’re not allowed to talk for the South anymore.

    • J.James

      “I do not support corrupt cops or let alone anyone that condones to that
      shit! I generally care for human rights an not getting ass raped by the
      gov!!! Why are people so blind? Stand up stick together no matter your
      race!”” sounds like you are one of them raciest tea party types when you say such vile things like that. (end sarcasm button pushed) Be prepared to have a bunch of libs attacking you.

  • jefferyturtlin

    OP is a fag.

  • KKK took my baby away.

    • NotAStupidVoter

      She went away for the holidays

      • Clint Jaysiel

        Said she’s going to L.A.

  • Logico1

    Just out of curiosity, how does this affect anything? I mean, whether the perp and/or the cop are racists, it doesn’t change the fact that, for what it seems, it was a good shoot. The whole race issue is only making the situation into something that it’s not.

    • Clint Jaysiel


  • Phasung Baccam

    How many time we allow this going on within police department of corruption now we have the kkk came pass the flier to the neighborhood telling the protesters. That if they riot their will be somebody kill why are they defence the law eenforcement i think they have a member kkk within police department. Soon or later somebody is going find out expose their ass

  • Conspiracy Cat

    I am going to say this once; there is NO KKK in Ferguson Missouri. I do not know who is doing this, but I assure you as God as my witness, that this letter and this person claiming to be a part of Anonymous are horseshit! You honestly believe they (the KKK) would send out a letter to Ferguson Rioters? Where did they send it to? Who received it? Open letter that leaves a website and a phone number? C’mon people; are you that fucking gullible to take this bait? And for those of you touting that the Democrats did a Vise Versa sometime after creating the KKK… seriously, you are stupid… Go home, stick your head in the toilet, and inhale! You’re a travesty to intelligent beings and should do us a favor and remove your DNA from the gene pool! Look at Republican voting records going as far back as when the KKK was first created and you’ll see for yourselves that OUR voting record shows THE OPPOSITE! If you’re a Democrat; you’re a dumb ass. If you’re a Democrat that believes the KKK was some how absorbed by early Republicans; you’re an inerudited dumb ass!

    • donaldogomez

      Since your mama splits her time gang banging GOP bigwigs in your native Bumfuckistan you are not exactly a good source for civil rights history.White fucking crackers ran the Jim Crow south from 1868-1950’s….ok?…with me so far? Good. They opposed civl rights legislation.By the time that Ike and then the Kennedys integrated the south at gunpoint, the Crackers didn’t know what to do except hate Black folks and Jews and ‘furriners” Richard “the Big Liar” Nickyson developed the southern strategy and the rest is history.You GOP defenders with your 125 yr old political posturing, what a joke. You guys protected the Klan…you killed and raped black folks at will….you put poll taxes and phony literacy requirements into place….Ron Paul is a racist shit….his son worse….and you, Dickweed your postures are ripe with Mark Twain style satire….Cops and all law enforcement are inherently racist,power made authoritarians with the IQ of a loquat…..

      • jonathan

        Wait so black cops are racist too by that logic. And if you wanna throw around racial slurs why don’t we all jump on that band Wagon and just refer to whites as crackers and blacks as niggers Mexicans as spicks Asians as chinks am I missing anyone? I hate how (since we are all on the racist bandwagon now) niggers today think that crackers owe them something. Fuck you. My white friends don’t owe yall shit. Just cause you’re black doesn’t give you the right to demean or belittle other opinions. It’s people like you that cause this kind of shit to happen in the first place… With your entitled attitude and your dependency on big government. Do some fucking research and realize that the largest racist citizenry by race is not even the minority anymore. Blacks outnumber whites at least 2 to 1 in schools all across this great nation and the kids getting bullied (yes I’m touching on another issue here ) are not primarily black kids. So again you wanna tell everyone to fucking do research go do your own and then look in the racial mirror you stupid ignorant sorry sack of shit. The best part of you ran down your mama’s left leg fuckhead.

  • jonathan asbury

    The flyer is not a racist statement. Period. The only thing there that can be interpreted as racist is the image of a kkk member. But an image cannot be inherently racist. It’s a visual argument and only the reader can decide if it’s racist or not. Offensive? You’re damned right… borderline terroristic? You’re damned right! But the lack of racial slurs and the lack of threats against one race or creed or religion makes it not in and of itself racist. Do I support the clan? not a chance in hell! But do I support their rights as citizens of this country? Yes I do…. matter of fact… The hood and robe depicted are ceremonial garb… saying that the clothes make it racist is like saying that anyone who wears a priest collar is a child molester or that anyone who wears a military uniform has a desire to kill arabs… when in fact the majority of priests are God fearing men and the vast majority of soldiers/marines are there to go to college and/or have a career with zero desire to see any battle. Again I don’t agree with what the kkk stands for but I firmly believe in their rights as provided by the United States constitution.

  • Thomas Stuart

    They’re ‘doxing’ Klans which have no affiliations with the TIETAKKKK. Folks who are no where new Ferguson and who have expressed no opinions on the Mike Brown case.

    • jonathan

      You my friend have a good head on your shoulders.

  • Prophet George W Bush PBUH

    I don’t deny there is a KKK anymore than I deny that there are New Black Panthers. I just hope they go out and kill each other so the rest of us that actually want to can live together in peace.

  • ugh

    Darren Wilson isn’t even on trial yet. The grand jury is determining whether or not he will have charges brought against him. Please check your facts.

  • Aric Brown

    All of you guys arguing about history and damning the Klan.,.. SMH… I dont support racism in any form, but the letter clearly says they will protect ALL COLORS

    • ugh

      I have a bridge I’d like to sell you if you believe that lmao. Take a look at Frank Ancona’s Facebook. Park hills, mo.

  • Holly Moon

    don’t let them divide you with fear…

    Think for yourself, question authority! St Louis #Ferguson needs your help, Thank you Anom!!

  • Afotey Annum

    See, but when we as Black and Brown people SCREAM the age-old call for accountability “FUCK THE POLICE!”, some White folks want to paint *US* as a problem, they want to call *US* race baiters, they claim we are introducing racism where there is none.


  • Logico1
  • Mike Rodgers

    Fuck the Klueless Kracker Killers!!

  • bad white guy

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, I want justice and I want it now for the 18yr old 135 lbs University of Souther Alabama student Gill Collar who did not touch the black or coloured or african american officer (Trevis Austin) that shot Gill twice and had mace, a baton, and a gun. His family is going through the judicial process and getting screwed every step of the way, White people better learn how to start crying and making some noise because that is the only way to get anything done in your favor. Where is the KKK when this happens nobody wants to be affiliated with white organizations but can not get anything done with out being organized, the blacks have theirs and their lawyers, but oh buddy if a white person tries to get organized they are backwards, hillbillies, kkk, nazi, or just want to kill all the black people and hispanics. This is oppression/genocide/ati-white as you could possibly get wake up kkk, wake up european americans wake up white americans, wake up white people around the world. look in Africa white women being killed and raped by black men and white people in general are being targeted by blacks around the world. I mean here it is we support our local college and favorite nba, nfl, mlb teams and they are made up by black men and women we need to stop this boycott all black dominated sports we are making them rich and their drive to get on top of their game is their loathing of white people that are making them rich, their animosity toward white people are their drive think about this the next time you throw on your favorite football jersey with jerry sanders number on it wake the fuck up now before it is too late.

  • Fed Up

    The guy filming sounds like a white guy and you guys are trying to add this to make it look like it’s a race thing. Give me a break people! Next, you’ll try to get the stores to stop calling the shopping sales the day after Thanksgiving, ‘Black Friday!’

  • Nun Ya

    I keep looking for the tie of the KKK to the officer. Of course the KKK will jump in on this just like the Black Panthers both sad and pathetic organizations I’ve not seem any direct evidence of this officer being tied to the KKK. What am I missing? .

  • disqus_cy5E3TgkXI

    I died. While dead, God showed me how the statue lady liberty represents freedom of black women and shackles removed from her feet. The black woman holds the cosmic key since she’s lord of the universe. The kkk is American history and white cop families have always been members of the kkk on the police force because it’s American. The melanin film gave black slaves and blacks today the ability to see how whites have no soul which is why they made old laws to keep blacks looking down so they were not allowed to look eye to eye with whites. Even whites talk about you not having a soul, calling themselves the “Thing”, things. Whites say sub human workers with no soul, soulless.

  • disqus_MnhUSGI6yD

    I died. While dead, God showed me how the statue lady liberty represents freedom of black women and shackles removed from her feet. The black woman holds the cosmic key since she’s lord of the universe. The kkk is American history and white cop families have always been members of the kkk on the police force because it’s American. The melanin film gave black slaves and blacks today the ability to see how whites have no soul which is why they made old laws to keep blacks looking down so they were not allowed to look eye to eye with whites. Even whites talk about you not having a soul, calling themselves the “Thing”, things. Whites say sub human workers with no soul, soulless.