Armed Black Citizen Saves Cop’s Life, Shoots Attacker



March 17, 2017

It began when a sheriff’s deputy was trying to arrest a suspect.

The suspect, Edward Strother, was being pursued by Deputty Bardes.

At one point during the chase, Edward pulled over, exited his vehicle, and began attacking the Deputy.

He managed to gain a full mount position on the Deputy and continued the attack.

Much to the deputy’s good fortune, a passerby happened to see the situation and pulled over to intervene.

He happened to have a concealed carry permit and was armed at the time.

He aimed his weapon at the attacker, giving him a chance to stop harming the deputy.

The attacker would not relent, however.

The deputy, struggling underneath, pleaded with the good samaritan, “please shoot him!”

That’s when the samaritan opened fire, killing the attacker immediately and saving the deputy’s life.

Witnesses can be heard clapping in the video.

As for the good samaritan, he has been hailed as a hero by the sheriff’s department.

Needless to say, he will not be facing any charges.

We can only refer to him as the good samaritan because he wishes to remain anonymous, though police departments from around the country have thanked him.

A statement posted to the department’s Facebook page after the incident reads as follows:

“In a day and age where race is a near instant focus for the media and other pundits in police incidents, the fact is that this hero happens to be a man of color who stopped another man of color from further harming or killing a white cop; thereby reminding us that black lives matter, blue lives matter, and indeed all life matters.”

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  • jimmy

    the coward..he shot an unarmed person for beating up a cop..the same cop who may beat his ass to death…next time

    • God is dead

      All lives matter, retard. You are worse than the bad pigs.

      • jimmy

        Hey fool…get a gun then and go help the pigs kill some more

        • God is dead

          Great, I hope someday someone smashes your head into the concrete and nobody will intervene because your attacker is unarmed… you are a moron. Stop being such a libtarded pussy and grow a pair.

          • jimmy

            Good day fool….

          • God is dead

            Lol, goodbye you effeminate idiot.

    • Aaron Lynch

      Color of the shooter and the fact that a cop was involved is IRRELEVANT.

      Shooting the guy would be fully justified if they were two ordinary people as well.

  • spiralout

    Whoever wrote “We can only refer to him as the good samaritan because he wishes to remain anonymous, though police departments from around the country have thanked him” must not have watched the news report vid you linked to because it stated his name numerous times. This article was pretty much copy/pasted, too.

  • Azael Roma Tomato

    He drops the gun, looking so mortified. Because he just killed someone, or because he fucked up such an easy shot and got the wrong guy?

    • Pretty fucked up comment there asshole

      • Azael Roma Tomato

        I couldn’t understand you, you should take that pig dick out of your mouth first.

        • jimmy

          a bootlicker is always a racist …..

        • jimmy


  • Roberta Beckert

    This may have been a justified shooting, but it doesn’t justify the 19,098 unjustified uses of handguns in American last year, mainly on family members in the house.

  • Ja Son

    why didnt he just run up and crash tackle the offender off the cop/im pretty sure that the 2 of them could have got the offender under control without a fatality…