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Police Shoot And Kill Unarmed Deaf Man As He Attempted To Communicate Using Sign Language

Amanda Froelich | True Activist Upon exiting his vehicle, this deaf man was shot and killed. If police were taught to de-escalate situations rather than react out of fear, he

Police Are Using a Barbaric New Tool to Fully Restrain Citizens

2016/10/26 The NYPD has begun using full-body restraining devices – nicknamed “burritos” – that are essentially body bags for “emotionally disturbed people”. Whitney Webb | True Activist The militarization of

Redflex CEO Gets 14 Months In Prison For Bribing Politicians to Extort Citizens with Traffic Cameras

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project After being found guilty of bribing politicians to implement her due process-removing products, Karen Finley, former CEO of the red light company Redflex,

Mom Puts Cops on Public Notice: Do NOT Shoot My Autistic Son

Amanda Froelich | True Activist To ensure cops have ‘no excuse’ when it comes to her very autistic 28-year-old son, this woman wrote a message on her garage door. It’s

Cops Had Woman Put in Mental Hospital After She “Asked Them for a Warrant”

Jocelyn Rardin | Courthouse News Service (CN) — A Virginia woman claims in court that Newport News police illegally entered her home and then wrongfully imprisoned her in a psychiatric

FEMA Isn’t a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory — They’ve Been Spying on BLM Too

Adam Klasfeld | Courthouse News Service MANHATTAN (CN) — Amid reports on federal monitoring of protesters, two prominent civil-rights groups filed a lawsuit demanding that the FBI and Department of

Video Shows Cop Kicking Man in the Head as He Was Surrendering

via The Free Thought Project Allentown, PA — Police dashcam footage of a Pennsylvania officer kicking a robbery suspect in the head during an arrest last year has been released

Cop Kicks Handcuffed Man in the Head as Partner Pins Him Down

Disturbing Video Shows a Cop Kneel on Handcuffed Man, As Another Cop Kicks Him in the Face Pomona, CA — An abusive officer was publicly exposed this week after a

Cop Drags 13-Yr-Old Girl by Her Hair “Like a Piece of Meat”

via RT (RT) — East London’s Metropolitan Police stand accused of using disproportionate force after a video emerged showing one of its officers dragging a 13-year-old girl in school uniform

BREAKING: Heavily Armed Police Outside Julian Assange’s Ecuadorian Shelter

October 21, 2016 State actors dressed in police uniforms are gathering outside of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange is currently seeking asylum. Assange has been

The Cop Who Killed Sylville Smith Was Just Arrested for Raping a Another Man

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project 2016/10/21 Milwaukee, WI — When Sylville Smith, 23,  was shot and killed at a traffic stop by police on Aug. 16th in broad

Cop Shoots Innocent Man Twice in the Back Then Plants a Gun on His Dead Body: Family

Erik De La Garza | Courthouse News Service ABERDEEN, Miss. (CN) — A Mississippi police officer awaiting trial on a manslaughter charge faces a civil lawsuit from the family of