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Judge Gives Cancer Patient 90 Days Of Jail For Being Too Sick To Pay Bills

  2016/08/28 This judge cares more about money than people. Brianna Acuesta | True Activist While rapists that admitted to their crimes are getting no jail time and no convictions,

Prison Corporation Demanded Women Show Vaginas to “Prove They Were Menstruating” – Lawsuit

Kevin Lessmiller | Courthouse News Service Private prison company Corrections Corporation of America asked a judge to seal documents in a case brought by women claiming they had to prove

Cops Shoot Man to Death After He Entered His Own Home, Never Threatened Them – Report

Jack Bouboushian | Courthouse News Service A jury must decide whether or not police officers had cause to shoot and kill a father who broke into his own home after

See How Canadian Cops Handle A Mentally Ill Man With A Knife Versus American Cops

Brianna Acuesta | True Activist Canadian police were met with a dangerous situation that most American officers would have met with extreme violence and perhaps even death. A mentally ill

Cop Said he ‘Kindly Assisted’ this Innocent Man — But Video Shows He Savagely Beat Him

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Bethel, AK – A former Bethel cop who claimed that he “kindly tried to assist” Alaska Native Wassillie Gregory into his cruiser has

Police are Blocking the Release of Information About They’re “Bomb Robots”

David Lee | Courthouse News Service DALLAS (CN) — Dallas Police Department officials want to block the release of “highly intimate or embarrassing” information regarding the use of a bomb

Ten Officers Lied and Conspired to Cover Up Murder of Black Man – Report

Jack Bouboushian | Courthouse News Service CHICAGO (CN) — Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson said Thursday he has recommended seven officers be fired for lying in their official reports about

Police Killed Dog for No Reason, Lied About Fake “Perpetrator”: Lawsuit

Kevin Lessmiller | Courthouse News Service. A Chicago family claims in court that a police officer fatally shot their dog for no reason and then blamed it on a fictitious

Law Now Makes Any “Disturbance” in Classroom a Criminal Act

Ellen Robinson | Courthouse News Service (CN) – Several current and former South Carolina high school students, their families and a nonprofit mentoring program are challenging a state law they

Police Locked Woman in Prison for 35 Yrs Because They “Thought She Was a Lesbian”

Mike Heuer | Courthouse News Service RENO, Nev. (CN) — Homophobic Reno police officers, believing a paranoid schizophrenic woman was a lesbian, fabricated evidence that sent her to prison for

Debtors Prisons Trapping Americans In a Spiral of Debt Slavery

Erik de la Garza | Courthouse News Service LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (CN) — A federal class action filed Tuesday accuses an Arkansas city and district court judge of running a

Wall Street Lawyer Arrested for “Speaking” With Citizen

Adam Klasfeld | Courthouse News Service MANHATTAN (CN) — Standing in front of police barricades and chatting with a protester could be grounds for arrest, whether you are a 73-year-old