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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

Cops Beat Elderly Deaf Man for “Not Following Orders” He Couldn’t Hear

OKLAHOMA — Officers have gruesomely beaten a 64-yr-old deaf man during a traffic stop, an incident which has left the man’s community horrified, according to reports. It began on January

Ex Cop Opens Fire in Movie Theater, Shoots Two Citizens

UPDATE 03/10/17: The ex-cop tried to use ‘stand your ground’ as his defense. The judge has rejected it, stating:  “Because the defendant’s testimony was significantly at odds with the physical

Capital Punishment for Traffic Violations

By William Grigg | There are times when a jester is a prophet who uses comedy as a delivery vehicle for dangerous truths. Perhaps that’s what happened decades ago

Crazed Cop Pulls Gun on Teenager for Taking Too Long at McDonald’s

FORSYTH — A teenage boy was terrified when a  police officer aimed a loaded pistol at him in a McDonald’s drive-thru. The boy, Ryan Mash, was simply waiting to get

Future Cop Says Americans Who Film Police Should be Exterminated in “Gas Chambers”

We’ve just received reports that members of Cop Block were targeted with what appears to be a violent threat, possibly a death threat, from an upcoming sheriff. Cop Block is a

“Do you want to die today?” Cop Threatens to Murder Man as 20 Officers Attack the Man’s Family

OMAHA — A family has filed a lawsuit after their home was violently invaded and they were beaten and abused by a swarm of police officers. It began when Octavius

Girl Dumped on Street from Moving Squad Car after Cop Sexually Assaults Her: Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES —  A graphic video has surfaced showing a woman lying in blood on the pavement with her skirt lifted up after she was ejected from a moving police

“You Should Have Shot the Son of a Bitch” — Listen to Police Joke About Murdering Black Activist

Alternet | by Aviva Stahl Ojore Lutalo, a Black Liberation activist who had formerly spent nearly three decades in prison, was traveling on an Amtrak train back to his home in

Man With Disassembled Toy Gun With Orange Cap Shot in the Head by Cop

YAKIMA — A man has been shot in the head and killed by a police officer while sitting in his car with a disassembled toy gun. It was a toy

Cops Savagely Beat Woman on Video, Found Not Guilty. Taxpayers Held Liable Instead. WARNING: VIDEO BELOW IS GRAPHIC Becky Behm was allegedly “drunk driving” and taken to jail.  She was released the next day but her night spent in jail would prove

Cops Smile With Pleasure After Giving Teenage Boy Permanent Brain Damage

UPDATE (5/27/15) Mistrial Declared It appears as though the officer involved in this attack will be — surprise, surprise — getting away with it. As WMUR News reports: The judge

SCANDAL: Scores of Officers Caught Stealing Money From Death of 9/11 Victims

NEW YORK — In a breaking scandal that is causing outrage across the nation, over 70 police officers have now been caught for fraudulently profiting off of the 9/11 tragedy