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Four Officers Beat a Man’s Head With Their Clubs: Video

Kory Watkins | South Gate, California — A horrific video was just uploaded to YouTube showing that police officers are out of control yet again. Here is another video

Avid Police Supporter “Heartbroken” After His Son is Kicked in the Head by Cop

James Walsh’s father says he is heartbroken. An avid supporter of the police department, he has found himself in an odd predicament. Last month the Walshes from Lakewood went to

Officer Masturbated in Public With Loaded Gun, Claimed He Was “On the Job”: Reports

BOSTON, MA — A Boston police detective, with 19 years of service under his belt, has been placed on administrative leave following allegations that he was conducting an indecent act

Cop Drives Drunk on Wrong Side of Road, Escorted Home Instead of Arrested

BELCHERTOWN, MA — Last week, Granby Police made a shocking revelation that lead to Belchertown Police Chief Francis Fox being put on paid administrative leave. According to the disturbing statement, in

Teen Boy Beaten With Baton, Swarmed by Nine Cops … for Jaywalking

STOCKTON, CA — A video has emerged showing a swarm of nine officers using force against a lone teenager. His crime? Jaywalking. Onlookers stated that before the footage starts, there

Road Rage Cop Points Gun at Disabled Driver’s Head, Drags Body Behind Car

LAKE FOREST, CA — A 50-year-old man from California, who uses a cane to walk, was brutally abused by a police officer at least 10 years his junior. The man,

Cop With “Deeply Disturbing” Criminal History Was Allowed to Work Anyway

Joyce Taylor of Memphis, Tennessee is asking some unsettling questions. “Who is protecting us?” she inquires. She is concerned the residents of the city are not safe. This is in

Cop Shoots Two Children With Taser Gun for “Fighting at School”

Kory Watkins | Two kids are involved in a fight at school and instead of simply splitting the two kids up the police officer uses what could have been

Officer Who Smuggled Drugs Into Jail Now Wants to Supervise Children

Kory Watkins | ANNE ARUNDEL — On Tuesday, a now-former Anne Arundel County corrections officer charged with smuggling contraband into the detention center was led away in handcuffs. She

Cop pleads guilty to robbing eight drug dealers

Kory Watkins | Cook County sheriff’s police Officer Robert Vaughan was supposed to be taking down a major drug shipment when he stopped a car last November while on

Cop Gets Paid Leave After Ripping Citizen’s Clothes Off and Raping Her: Report

Kory Watkins | GERMANTOWN — Germantown Police Officer James Kensinger has been fired. Thankfully a step in the right direction. His employment was terminated last Thursday. The spokesperson said

Cops Force Citizens Into “Free Speech Zone” While Illegally Searching Vehicle

  Andre’ Gabriel Esparza | 2015/09/09 ARLINGTON, TEXAS — On Saturday evening, administrators from Dallas CopBlock (Jose Vela), North Texas CopBlock (Kenny Lovett), and myself Texas CopBlock converged on the