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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

[WATCH] Columbus Police Officer Unleashes a Series of Insults During Traffic Stop

Columbus officials are investigating a police officer’s conduct during a traffic stop in August and whether it violated departmental policy — including whether it constituted racial profiling. Body camera footage

Pedophile Police Officer Who Raped Girl Was Allowed to Keep His Job Despite Being Caught Taking Pictures Up Young Girls’ Skirts

A UK pedophile police officer who groomed his victim for more than a decade had been allowed to keep his job – despite being caught taking photographs of children eight

[WATCH] Pittsburg PD Officer Charged with Aggravated Sexual Battery and Official Misconduct

CRAWFORD COUNTY, KANSAS – On September 12, 2017, former Pittsburg Police Officer Jessie Edward Loren Davis, 22 years of age, of Carthage, MO. surrendered himself to authorities at the Crawford

[WATCH] Newark Customs Officers Arrested For Alleged ‘Rape Table’ Assault

Three Customs and Border Protection officers working at Newark Liberty International Airport were arrested on Wednesday over a disturbing ritual dubbed a “rape table.” Tito Catota, 38, Parmenio I. Perez,

[WATCH] ‘Don’t Tase Me, I’m Pregnant!’ Mississippi Police Officer Ignores Pleas and Uses Stun Gun on Pregnant Woman

A police officer from Pass Christian, Mississippi, shocked a woman on the stomach with a stun gun after the woman begged the officer not to, saying she was pregnant, the

New Orleans Cop Charged With Raping Intoxicated, Passed-Out Woman

A cop in New Orleans is accused of raping of a Louisiana woman who said she was assaulted after a night of drinking at a house party, authorities said. William

[WATCH] ‘You Would Be The First One I’d Shoot’: Cop Caught on Video Taunting Innocent Black Man

A new viral video shows a police officer taunting a black man and appearing to threaten him by saying, “you’d be the first one I’d shoot if I had a

‘F*ggots Will Burn in Hell’ Clay County Sheriff’s Deputy Investigated for Bullying Gay Teen on School Bus

Clay County sheriff’s deputy Robert Belt was dressed in full uniform when he made comments Sept. 5 over the school bus intercom as the student boarded and sat down, according

Suit Claims Sheriff Misused Emergency Shelters ‘As Unlawful Pedestrian Checkpoints’

A lawsuit filed electronically on Sunday argues that the sheriff in Polk County, Florida, violated the constitutional rights of a man seeking emergency shelter by requiring him to undergo a

Family File $20 Million Lawsuit After Mentally Ill Man Was Fatally Shot By Brooklyn Police

A mentally ill man was tasered and then shot dead by a NYPD cop, and now, the dead man’s family has filed a $20,000,000 lawsuit against the city. The family

Hawaii County Police Officers Arrested, Assaulted and Used Stun Gun on Wrong Man

HONOLULU — Hawaii County police officers realized they arrested the wrong person after shooting him with a stun gun and assaulting him, a federal lawsuit alleges. Daniel Harris was visiting

Two Ontario Police Officers Charged With Drug Trafficking Cocaine and Marijuana

Two Durham Regional Police constables are facing charges in connection with drug sales allegedly taking place in an Ajax restaurant. Police say that they began an investigation into the Black