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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

WATCH: Florida Deputy Charged With Battery After Punching Handcuffed Suspect

March 30 2016 Florida – A Seminole County Sheriff’s deputy resigned before being charged with battery after he allegedly punched a handcuffed suspect, officials said. The deputy, Michael O’Connor, resigned

WATCH: Jury Backs Woman Who Claimed Excessive Force During Traffic Stop

August 11, 2016 CUPERTINO — A woman was awarded $40,000 by a federal jury after claiming two Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies used excessive force when they shoved her against

Experts Question Mother’s Arrest in Crash That Killed Baby

Baton Rouge lawmaker and legal experts weighed in Wednesday expressing “serious concern” about the recent arrest of a mother accused of failing to secure her baby daughter’s car seat before

Woman Says Fort Lauderdale Cops Beat Her After She Testified in Brutality Case

In 2015, Jessica Mooney sat next to her fiancé at a Fort Lauderdale bus terminal as he filmed Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Victor Ramirez slapping a homeless man in the

Arkansas State Police Lieutenant Suspended After Excessive Force Investigation

JONESBORO, AR – “I probably shouldn’t have done it,” an Arkansas State Police lieutenant said during an interview regarding allegations of excessive force. The investigation stemmed from a Jonesboro man’s

WATCH: North Carolina Police Officer Arrested For Heroin Trafficking

NASH COUNTY, N.C. – A former police officer has been arrested on drug charges. The Nash County Sheriff’s Office says that John Turner, 32, of Nashville, was arrested Tuesday and

Ohio State Trooper Among Six Charged With Drug-Trafficking Crimes

DELAWARE, Ohio — Six Ohio men, including a trooper, were arrested and federally charged with drug-trafficking crimes in the Delaware area. Jason Delcol, 43, is accused of using his position

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Involved in Shooting Has History of Racist Online Posts

The Massachusetts State Police trooper who fired his rifle during a police confrontation in which a Cape Verdean ATV driver was injured in Boston on Saturday has a long history

Top NYPD Cop to Plead Guilty in Corruption Probe Involving Lavish Trips and Hookers

A former top NYPD official is set to plead guilty to charges related to a sweeping corruption probe that included officers allegedly accepting trips abroad, jewelry and sex with a

WATCH: Denver Cops Beat up a Witness to Police Misconduct

18 Sep 2010 DENVER, COLORADO — What started as a walk to the park with his dogs ended with a trip to the hospital for a Denver dog owner. 32-year-old

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Recruit Arrested in $120K ATM Burglary

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recruit Julio Cesar Jimenez got his first taste of real police work about two months into his academy training — when he was arrested by

WATCH: Louisville Lawyers Call Western Kentucky Police Shooting ‘Appalling’

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Louisville lawyers are going to bat for the family of a western Kentucky man shot and killed by police. The incident happened in Fulton and was caught