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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

Jacksonville Officer Arrested in Beating of Handcuffed 17-Year-Old

A Jacksonville sheriff’s officer was arrested on suspicion of beating a handcuffed 17-year-old, a department officer said. Undersheriff Pat Ivey said Timothy James, an officer with over three years on

Lying Cop Shoots and Kills a Family’s Dog and Laughs

Video has emerged showing a Nevada police officer fatally shoot a dog before lying to the animal’s owner by telling him it “attacked” him. According to police, Nye County Sheriff’s

San Fransisco Officer Caught Making Deportation Threat

The San Francisco police department internal affairs division is investigating whether one of its officers violated department policy by telling a group of minorities “we’re going to ship everybody back

9 Miami Police Officer Fired In Last 3 Years But They All Got Their Jobs Back

Over the past three years, nine Miami police officers have been fired — accused of everything from unjustly shooting a suspect to sleeping on the job to firing a gun

Florida Judge Grants Bail To Neo-Nazi Arrested With Bomb-Making Materials

A federal judge in Florida has granted bail to a self-professed neo-Nazi who was taken into custody last month by police who discovered bomb-making materials, weapons and ammo in the

Nebraska Man Dies In Police Custody

The death of a local man while in police custody in Nebraska is under investigation, and the police chief is recommending two officers be fired. 29-year-old Zachary Bearheels of Mountain

El Paso Country Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Non-Aggressive Dog

El Paso County sheriff’s deputies shot a dog Tuesday in Horizon City. Deputies were called around 11 a.m. to the 400 block of Duskwood Street, a neighborhood near Eastlake High

Corrections Officer Charged With Sexually Abusing Girls of 13 & 14

An officer at Auburn Correctional Facility has been arrested for sexually abusing two teenage girls, New York State Police said Friday. Shawn A. Stoltz, 50, of Jordan, was charged with

‘I Thought I Was Going to Die’ Says Cop Who Murdered Philando Castile

Jeronimo Yanez, a former Minnesota police officer on trial for fatally shooting Philando Castile during a traffic stop in July 2016, testified Friday he fired his weapon because Castile had

British Police Threaten to Jail People Who Cause ‘Offense’ On Social Media

A British police force has been widely criticized for threatening to jail people whose social media posts cause people to “take offense”. In a post of its own on Facebook,

New Jersey Police Officer Charged with Assault for Beating 16 Year Old

A New Jersey police officer is under arrest, accused of assaulting and causing injury to a teenager. Repeatedly punched, kicked, and cuffed following a car crash at Edwin and Bergen

Cop Convicted of False Arrest Gets Community Service

A former NYPD officer convicted of a slew of charges for falsely arresting a man who filmed him was sentenced to community service this week. A jury convicted Jonathan Munoz