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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

Officer Found Guilty for Horrifying Child Rape — Ramming Pencil Into 5-Yr-Old Girl’s Genitals

2014/11/03 BEAVERTON — Officer Christopher Warren has been found guilty of raping a 5-yr-old girl inside his home. Officer Warren showed no emotion as the guilty verdict of first-degree child

Officers Open Fire on Small Dog as it Runs Away From Them, Shoot it to Death

2014/11/02 RACINE — A SWAT team has shot a small dog as it was running away from them, sparking outrage in the small community of Racine. It began when two neighbors

People of France Begin Violent Rebellion Against Abusive Police State

by Wake Up From Your Slumber Violent protests broke out on Saturday in two French cities against alleged police brutality, leaving several people injured. Officers fired rubber bullets and tear

Cop Indicted For Conspiring to Rape 1-yr-old Baby

“Put Your Hand in His Diaper” “Play With His B*lls” – Disturbing messages released in case of Police Sergeant commanding mother to rape her own infant. More grotesque details have

Cop is Set Free, After Two Charges of Child Molestation in Connection With Family Violence

MYRTLE BEACH — Officer Michael Luke Ledford of Columbus, GA, was jailed last week on a charge involving sexual assault. According to reports, it is his second time being arrested.

Cop Arrests Woman Then Messages Her on Facebook and Demands Nude Pics

UPDATE (4/14/15): Officer Will Get Prison Time The Associated Press reports as follows: A former Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper accused of forcing female motorists into sexual acts in exchange

Reports: Cop Points Gun at Girl and Starts Raping Her, “I’ll Kill Your Family if You Tell Anyone!”

  Officer Maiorino was a “good cop” who recently won the Officer of the Month award… Hannah Winston | Palm Beach Post 2014/10/31 BOYNTON BEACH — A Boynton Beach police

Cop Responsible for the Torture of Over 200 Citizens, Tied Bags Over Heads, Called N****ers and Electrocuted Penises

UPDATE (1/5/16) Government Agrees to Pay Reparations to Some of the Victims The government has formally “apologized” to the victims and now it has agreed to throw some money at

Road Rage Cop Opens Fire in Parking Lot, Guns Down a Father and His Son

BRAINBRIDGE — A road rage incident involving an officer has left a town shaken. According to reports, Derek Prindle and his father were driving in a parking lot near Peak

LEAKED VIDEO: Cop Pulls Out His Penis and Begins Masturbating on High School Campus

2014/10/30 Eric Owens | The Daily Caller MIAMI — At Miami Edison High School in Miami, Fla., a police officer submitted his resignation this week after local Fox affiliate WSVN received some footage

Cop Reported for Rape Got “Paid Leave,” Now Charged for Trying to Rape Another Woman — Gets Released Again

BULLHEAD CITY — Earlier this month, Officer Jesse Hoag, pictured below, was placed under investigation after a female college student came forward and reported him for raping her. According to

Cop Pulls Woman Over, Threatens to Lock Her in Jail if She Doesn’t Let Him Sniff Her Feet

David Boroff | Daily News Pictured: Officer Quinn. Officer Patrick Quinn said he ‘would let her go without smelling her feet if she would let him have her underwear,’ according