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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

Cop Forces American Man to Drop Down and Give Him Bl*w J*b or Be Arrested

2014/12/14 SAN DIEGO – San Diego Police Officer Christopher Hays has been accused by eight victims of forced sex under threat of arrest. A ninth victim has come forward, and

Brilliant New Device Lets Protesters Block Surveillance and Stingrays

  2014/12/13 WASHINGTON, DC — Reports about agents using a Stingray on protesters to unconstitutionally monitor their phones are circulating widely, and now protesters have a way to fight back.

Man Speeds to Hospital for Asthma Attack, Police Stop Him and Won’t Let Him Go — He Dies

CHIPPEWA FALLS — A disturbing raw video has surfaced online showing police pull over a desperate man in need of medical assistance and causing his death over a “traffic violation.”

Cop Enters Woman’s Private Yard Without Permission and Shoots Her Pregnant Dog in the Head Three Times, Executing It

2014/12/11 LA PUENTE — A Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy is facing criticism after entering a woman’s private property without permission and shooting her pet dog to death. Rosleen Banner considers

Pro Athletes Come Out in Droves to Protest Police, Fans Pour Out Massive Support

US — Professional NFL and NBA athletes are beginning to come out in droves protesting police brutality. It started when the St. Louis Rams put made the symbolic “hands up,

What You Are About to See in This Video, You Will Never Forget: Cops Exist to Protect Governments, Not You

BERKELEY —  A haunting video has surfaced online showing what police in Berkeley have been doing to students. Haunting not only because of the graphic violence and the screams, but

Cop Attacks Christian Minister, Sneaks Up Behind Her and Splits Her Head Open While She Helped Fallen Protester

“Behold, I give unto thee the authority to tread on serpents, I give thee all power over the enemy.”– Jesus of Nazareth BERKELEY — A Christian Minister has been attacked

Cop Shoots Father of Four to Death for “Having Hand in Pocket,” Father Was Pulling Out Medicine

PHOENIX — A father of four has been shot and killed by police after “putting his hand into his pocket,” according to reports. Rumain Brisbon was deeply loved by his

Berkeley Protests Turn Violent, Cops Injured After Students Throw Bricks at Them

UPDATE 12/6/14 7:21 PM: Raw Footage Shows Police Initiated the Violence, Protesters Had No Choice But to Defend Themselves A raw video has surfaced online showing that protesters in Berkeley

Cops Making Millions in Overtime Pay as Professional Activists Insist on Peaceful Protests

Philip Messing, Kirstan Conley and Sophia Rosenbaum | The New York Post The protesters are seeing red — but cops are seeing green. RELATED: The Reason We Have a Police State NYPD officers have

Cops Open Fire on Man, Execute Him on the Street for Carrying a Small Pocket Knife

UPDATE (12/6/14): Man Who Was Executed by Police Was Innocent Street Performer New reports from witnesses state that the man who was killed was a harmless street performer. Downtown Hollywood

“I’m Doing It All, Man” – Hero Cop Who Bragged About His Great Life Charged With Child Sex Crime

TEXAS — Officer Vaughan was hailed as a “hero” and often pointed out as an example of why we “need police” when he was shot once by an armed citizen.