Autopsy Photos Of Inmate Allegedly ‘Boiled’ To Death Raise Questions About State’s Report

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In June 2012, Florida inmate Darren Rainey died at Dade Correctional Institution inside of a makeshift shower that inmates allege had been modified by guards to punish those who were uncooperative. Rainey was locked in the shower for about two hours under what has been alleged to be scalding water. Rainey’s body looked like “a boiled lobster” when it was removed from the shower, inmates claimed.

But in March, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle issued a report that cleared guards of any wrongdoing in Rainey’s death. Rundle called Rainey’s death an accident resulting from a combination of his schizophrenia, heart disease and being confined in the shower room.

The report, which cited the findings of Miami-Dade medical examiner Dr. Emma Lew’s official autopsy on Rainey, also said there was no evidence that the shower was too hot, and that burns had not been found on Rainey’s body.

Official documents reviewed by HuffPost earlier this year indicate that some information from police, the prison and emergency services was not included in the prosecutor’s final report, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding Rainey’s death as well as the veracity of Rundle’s report.

HuffPost has since obtained copies of 20 photographs that county officials took just hours after Rainey died. They were provided to HuffPost by a source close to the investigation who asked not to be identified out of fear of repercussions. Some of the autopsy photos also have been published and referenced in stories by The Miami Herald’s Julie Brown, who has followed the case for years.

The disturbing images show severe wounds on numerous sections of Rainey’s body. Entire swaths of skin ― and, in places, what appear to be multiple layers of skin ― are shown missing, bunched up at the edges of wounds or hanging loosely at the edges of wounds.

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  • Michael George

    …and will anything be done about this? I like to imagine that there will be a real investigation.

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    convict killed in prison. Im sure ill lose sleep over that

    • AlvinBr

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      fuck you, you cold hearted prick!