Video: New Autopsy Shows SF Cops Shot Man 21 Times, Twice in Head When He Didn’t Threaten Them

Nicholas Iovino | Courthouse News Service

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A newly released autopsy confirms that Mario Woods was shot 21 times during a deadly altercation with San Francisco police officers on Dec. 2 last year.

Woods, whose death has sparked protests and a federal review of the city’s police department, was shot twice in the head and six times in the back according to an analysis of the autopsy reported by CNN and its affiliate, KRON-4.

Five officers unloaded their firearms into Woods, a 26-year-old, black man who allegedly stabbed a man earlier in the day before police identified and approached him, first firing beanbag rounds in an attempt to subdue him.

Police Chief Greg Suhr initially said in public statements that Woods had lunged at an officer and refused to drop his weapon before he was shot, though cellphone videos do not show Woods lunging at the officer.

Attorney John Burris, who is representing Woods’ mother, Gwendolyn Woods, in a wrongful death suit against the city, described the autopsy as more proof that officers used excessive force when they shot and killed Woods two months ago.

“The fact is he was shot in the back,” Burris said. “The significance to me is most of the officers who were shooting were not being threatened at the time they fired those weapons.”

The medical examiner’s report states that 27 bullet casings were recovered at the scene and that Woods had THC and methamphetamine in his system when he was shot and killed, according to KRON-4.

The San Francisco Police Department issued a statement on the autopsy report Thursday, stating that the new information “appears to corroborate facts gathered by investigators in the aftermath of this tragic incident.”

“The department is committed to a thorough review of the shooting and this report will be an important component of all three ongoing independent investigations,” the department said in its Feb. 11 statement.

Woods’ death is being investigated by San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, and the city’s Office of Citizen Complaints.

Last month, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said he asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch to launch a federal investigation into Woods’ death as well. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors went one step further, insisting that the Justice Department also look into the deaths of two other young men of color shot dead by police over the last 18 months.

On Thursday, the city of San Francisco filed an answer to Woods’ family’s wrongful death suit in Federal Court, stating that Wooods “advanced abruptly toward the officers” and refused to drop his knife or surrender.

“Woods told the first officer on the scene that they would have to shoot him before he would drop his knife,” the city stated in its answer.

The city called Woods “an armed and dangerous suspect in a violent felony” that refused repeated orders to disarm and was impervious to “less than lethal forms of force used to subdue him.”

San Francisco police officers were “well within their legal authority” to use lethal force to stop him, the city said in its answer.

Burris called the city’s answer to the lawsuit a standard legal reply that fails to address the most critical issue – whether police violated Woods’ constitutional rights by shooting and killing him without just cause.

“You know you can’t just use deadly force against someone who is not threatening you,” Burris said.

Since Woods’ death, the city has implemented a new policy requiring officers to justify in writing any time they draw their firearm on an individual.

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  • QuantumVirus

    This mans speaks some serious truth. Here’s the problem. If a person is within 20 feet of an officer they can shoot you. At the same time those officers approached the person to within 20 feet. Nobody attempted to use a taser. Is this proper police protocol.

    • Lindyrgriffin1

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    • Jo Peter

      Police are not required to stop and try each step of the force continuum. Self defense is a legal right the officers have independent of any police protocol. They can violate department protocol all day long and that doesn’t affect their legal rights or responsibilities one bit (department policy is NOT law.) In any case tazers don’t always work, can result in death too, and police don’t have to try them if they don’t want to.

      • Andrew Mutz

        did this man have a weapon? did they use self restraint? if both of these are no how dumb are these cops to shoot and keep shooting this man. I mean anything short of using him for target practice, to shoot him 21 times did the 21st person say on no the other 20 shots didn’t do it lets go one more time? this is like some person who doesn’t understand guns unloading a gun on their spouse because they were scared at night. these cops showed lack of restraint and lack of training with use of afirearm.

  • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

    The cops that shot him in the back were not threatened. The cops that shot him in the front WERE NOT THREATENED.

    • Jo Peter

      Oh right you’re gonna let some methed out scumbag head right at you or your colleague instead huh? I don’t think so, in that situation you’d do the exact same thing, you’d shoot the piece of sh-t coming at you with a knife and ignoring your orders to stop.

  • eric

    hopefully this year more cops will be shot down this same way since cops like gun play so much.. lets see how they like it when the bullets are coming at them.

  • eric

    Could they not have shot him once in the foot? Could they not have waited the man out like they did for the Bundy family and friends? Is killing people the only entertainment rush these ignorant stupid ex-soldiers know?

    I Watched video 7 times. This execution by these scumbag pig cops clearly was uncalled for. These pigs must be arrested, convicted and sent to jail.

    • Jo Peter

      Bundy and his friends weren’t hopped up on meth after stabbing someone. This n-gger had already escalated the situation to lethal force, and got what he had coming.

  • Doug McGinn

    He speaks bullshit. BLM is nothing but a racist hate group and they should all be locked up as domestic terrorists.
    Whitey is dealing with just as much of this corrupt cop bullshit as the blacks.

  • They need tranquiliser darts, not bullets.
    Bring them out of the Wild West.

  • That guy over there!

    It’s all in defining being ” charged “, by getting in front of the guy walking away they can argue he ” charged ” the officer. They did the same thing with a girl driving away from a keg party they busted, she wasn’t driving recklessly or dangerously but the cop jumps on her car and kills her claiming he was in danger.

    • Jo Peter

      Human beings aren’t charging bulls. If a police officer gets in front of you and tells you to stop you better do so, or at least change direction, especially if he has reason to believe you are armed, because if you don’t he has every right to shoot you. He also has every right to get in your path BECAUSE ENFORCING THE LAW IS HIS JOB. Human beings who are worth a damn don’t keep going toward officers when ordered to stop.

  • Jo Peter

    Sure you can use lethal force against someone not a threat to you, if they are an eminent serious threat to someone else… Unsurprisingly this scumbag’s mom was no legal scholar.