Be Careful Who You Meet on Craigslist, It May Be a Child Molesting Cop Posing as a Woman


As reports of various lawsuits and charges stemming from crimes committed by police officers last year trickle through it seems United States cops had a sexually charged 2014.

But don’t think you have seen everything just yet – not at least until you hear the story of David Cerna.

The 34-year-old had served in the police for six years when his twisted side business was uncovered in May last year.

The Missouri cop advertised himself as a woman on the Craigslist website and enticed people by offering them oral sex.

He lured them through pictures of a woman that he claimed to be.

Interested parties were issued specific instructions of what to do when they arrived at the designated location.

There was one strict condition – the act would only be performed through a hole in his door, which he referred to as “the glory hole” on his listing; we now know this was to protect the fraudster’s identity.

Cerna’s sickening plot did not end here.

The cunning officer secretly filmed his adventures with his patrons.

He would then upload the video footage onto a pornographic website.

It is not known when the ex-cop started his activities on Craigslist; however, the Chesterfield Police Department reports that at least 60 men fell prey to his shrewd ploy.

Now exposed as a sexual predator, two other claims against him have re-surfaced.

In a separate case, charges were also laid against him last year for using a hidden camera to capture a close-up view of a teenager’s genitals while performing an on-duty search.

A disabled boy was arrested, and Officer Cerna took him to a back room, alone, and began molesting his genitals, according to reports.

Two years ago he was charged with secretly taping men in the restroom of a gas station.

We now know that he filmed the unsuspecting victims at the Chesterfield Mobil On The Run.

One of his victims was Rob Cheney, who had recently moved to the area, he was one of the numerous men whose face could be seen in the footage – which was uploaded to a website.

Given the warped nature of his crimes, there is a chance that there may be other instances of sexual perversion that he subjected his victims to.

He will be sentenced on January 25 next year.

Watch the video below:

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