Berkeley Protests Turn Violent, Cops Injured After Students Throw Bricks at Them

take down the system

Photo via SF Gate

UPDATE 12/6/14 7:21 PM: Raw Footage Shows Police Initiated the Violence, Protesters Had No Choice But to Defend Themselves

A raw video has surfaced online showing that protesters in Berkeley were very peaceful at first. Protesters can be seen standing and chanting in support of Eric Garner.

Suddenly police are heard shouting “Move! Move! Move!”

Police are trained to march in formation and shout in this manner because they believe it demonstrates a superior, organized display of force, which will intimidate the protesters.

Police in this video can be seen striking protesters with batons, in a manner that caused the protesters to go into fight-or-flight mode.


UPDATE 12/6/14 2 PM: Violent Berkeley Rebellion Still Ongoing

For a second night in a row, as many as 1,000 people in Berkeley took to the streets and clashed with police again.

The group is said to have vandalized police cars and nearby banks.


A protester who was not involved in the insurrection can be seen holding a sign “This is what you can expect from us until it stops.” Photo via Jessica Guynn

About 300 protesters split off from the main group and headed to downtown Berkeley on Telegraph Avenue near the border of Oakland.

car vandalized

This group of 300 either burned or vandalized several police cars as well as nearby corporate establishments.

The windows of two banks and two cell phone stores were smashed in.

racist banner

Photo via Jessica Guynn

A shop that sold Textbooks to students was also vandalized.

At one point some within the group got into a confrontation with an activist who demanded that they remain peaceful.

They suspected that the activist was an “undercover officer” who was trying to stifle their reaction to the recent police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

A black officer is seen fighting a young white girl who was protesting about the police killing of Eric Garner. Photo: Stephen Lam, Getty Images

BERKELEY — Two officers have been injured as around 400 Berkeley students engaged in violent insurrection Saturday night.

The protests started over the death of Eric Garner, who was choked to death by police.

“This is about Garner and all the other casualties of war,” said one protester.

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“The police have been doing this for so long, how much longer are we going to tolerate this?” she added.

Protesters in Berkeley were seen throwing bricks at a line of riot police.

group berkeley

A group of protesters were seen carrying tires which were to be burned to obscure the vision of riot police, according to reports. Photo via Tweet from Jessica Lau

The police then shot tear gas at the protesters.

Protesters then divided into splinter groups, and one of the groups began smashing the windows of a nearby bank. 

Several officers were hit with projectiles, said Jenn Coats, a spokeswoman for the Berkeley police.

One officer was hospitalized with a dislocated shoulder after receiving a direct hit from a sandbag thrown by one of the protesters.

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Another officer suffered from multiple minor injuries.

Watch video below:

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  • geoffrey

    Power of a NEW generation! coming of age.

    • jezeuskrishna

      power of a new generation, of xenophile communists just itching at the oppertunity to smash white society to establish a communist global utopia where all races are destroyed through open borders, all cultures are eliminated and blended into one amorphus mass that would be aptly called “borg”

  • david

    A few injured cops vs. hundreds of dead kids from cops guns; seems reasonable.

    • bill

      hopefully you and the rest of this liberal trash in america resist arrest soon. You fuckheads are nothing but pond scum

      • Mike Wilen

        Do you like to see the police kill 14 y/o kids? Choke men to death? You keep calling liberals stupid I am guessing you are unaware of the actual numbers in that regard. Conservatives on average are educated at a forth grade level. Liberals are far more educated. Fox news viewers on average are right about the intellectual equivalent of a dead dung Beatle. No disrespect to the dungeons beatle.

        • b

          QUIT MAKING THIS A LEFT RIGHT ISSUE!!! This has nothing to do with Liberals or Conservatives, but yet you try to divide people by making it that. You are a liar and I hope enough people can see right through your lies.

        • jezeuskrishna

          LMFAO, you think education equates to intelligence? I guess these liberal arts majors, trust fund babies and anarchy-communist scum bags are pinacles of intellect? right? Do you honestly think that anyone who isn’t a left winger has the education or intelligence of a 4th grader? Said the man who thinks a dung beetle is a “dungeons beatle” First off, that word you said is the plural form of dungeon, a place where people are imprisoned, the second word was Beatle spelt in the way that the Beatles spelt their band name, the actual spelling is Beetle.

      • Nubby Mcquilicutty

        Yea like you are a real for freedom conservative..what kind of maggot sides with the cops who are killing citizens at the rate of 2 per day and lying about is that for freedom? The police are the fist of the government and supporting them is the same as support any other govt organization…

        • Zartan The Destroyer

          Nanny state conservatives paint themselves all sorts of false colors to appear like they want small goverment. It’s a lie and a delusion

          Same with the Liberal nanny staters who claim to want freedom from the state but them join special interest that everyone forced into sanitizing society for their special interest.

          Relying on cops for every problem in life conditions people to self-hate supporting their own versions of the nanny state.

      • david

        What’s wrong Bill, you seem very angry, did your Mommy not love you as a baby? Gay and afraid to come out? I’m betting the 2nd one.

      • Cojonas

        Go back to work piggie..

      • Niki King

        I suppose it was ok for Bundy and his gang to threaten police tho?

      • Nenad Aninexus Savanovic

        What makes liberals trash? I don’t classify myself as either, just American. And that’s all that should matter. If you continue to focus your energy on who is who and what is what, you’re going to assist in the complete failure of our country. But it’s ok. Your magical sky wizard will save you.

    • Coffee man 15


      • david


  • Blindly_Wandering

    By “minor injuries” they must mean a small scratch and maybe a light bruise, if even that. Shit, that’s an executable offence in the eyes of cops. I mean, if a little discoloration on wilsons cheek is considered evidence of a life threatening attack that warranted an arbitrary execution…

    • bill

      you liberals cant handle the truth/facts and i think it is hilarious. bunch of whiney assed little dickheads that were never hugged or spanked as a child.

      • God

        Bill, I bet you keep a bible right next to your 12 gauge, and voted bush.

      • disqus_5tZeK6m88e

        Fuck you bill. Little bitch.

        • jezeuskrishna

          he’s a little bitch because he has the balls to point out your ignorance and go against group think/public sentiment? Liberals don’t like facts, neither do partisan conservatives, the fact is that we live in a system of genocide perpetuated by our semitic media and banking systems for profit. the Fact is that whites will be exinct within 150 years and nothing is being done about it, the fact is that our jewish media is using whites as a scape goat for their own behavior, adding fuel to flames that should’ve died out with long ago, intentionally spreading false information to hostile agents(‘protestors”) and encouraging them to riot while blaming the so called white establishment for the acts, a white establishment that favours non-whites in every policy from immigration to affirmative action, an establishment that says whites don’t have civil rights or the right to live in 100% white communities even though every other race has homogenous communities. What kind of white supremacy system denies whites the right to live on their own and maintain their survival as a group?

    • Scipio

      Judging by officer wilsons “Severe” injury it might not even be that

    • jezeuskrishna

      Let me guess, you think it’s not possible to knock someone out without leaving serious bruises or cuts? Why don’t you go punch a cop in the face after robbing a store and get back to me with his reaction, be sure to go for his gun!

  • Mike Ex

    Most likely the “protestors” acting out are police or agent provocateurs. Time and time again, this is the establiment’s go to play.

    • bill

      another dumbass conspiracy theorist I see. or just another retarded fucking liberal that thinks laws shouldnt be followed

      • Torberg

        Bill, are you an alcoholic by chance? Just curious…

      • matt

        Bill you sound so smart, I usually always listen to the people who curse and call others names!

        • Jack sprat

          Leave poor Bill alone. If you had a needle dick, you’d be pissed too.

      • No thanks

        Bill actually why dont you do some research before speaking. ever heard of operation mockingbird? it was originally designed to take out the civil rights movement and actually did a great job for a while, even sending threatening letters to MLK “the declassified FBI threat letter”

        It is actually common knownledge this practice is used, not only on the streets, but as well as having more than 20,000 FBi employees to search the net for forums, and links such as these tio troll, and leace pro-government propaganda.

      • Mike Ex

        You are most likely a pig or one of their sycophant boot lickers. Last time I check it was the pigs murdering with impunity. Save your diversionary poo flinging, this isn’t a conspiracy this is common knowledge. Try using google and read a history book.

      • Mike Ex

        Yeah, moron, it’s not as if this has been proved in this instance yet again. Idiot.

    • jezeuskrishna

      lol, typical denial, “it was the agent provocateurs!” it’s not like left wing anarchist xenophiles would support looting, looters or any form of criminal activity.

      • Mike Ex

        Hey moron, why don’t you google undercover cops unmasked at Furgeson protests? Because just as I was posting the op it was being revealed. Idiot.

  • nothing was ever accomplished by being nice. whatever religious, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, man, woman, or child, it is time that we the 99% unite against the greed and recklessness of a handful of 1% that think they are untouchable.
    The 1% declared war on all of us by stripping us of jobs by corrupting politicians and sending jobs overseas to places like China and India where labor is cheap, while decimating the middle class, destroying unions, rolling back worker protections, forcing us to work longer hours, eliminating education for everyone making it costly sticking us with huge debts unable to get out with bankruptcy, raising prices on everything while keeping the minimum wage low, poisoning us with unknown substances in our food so we don’t know what we are consuming, and they crashed the economy in 2008.
    We the taxpayers bailed them out instead of throwing those responsible in jail or giving them the death penalty. The Occupy Wall Street .Net movement brought attention to this yet the 1% are using the police as their own private mercenaries to crush dissent. They own the media to divide, distract, and lie to us as they continue to pillage, rob, poison, and profiteer while we struggle with the little we have or the scraps to get by.
    This is why many people are rioting and it is not just here in the United States. It’s all over the world. It has nothing to do with race. Its beyond that now. We have a choice. Either we remain complacent or we hit the streets and demand change.

    • Cojonas

      That is one of the most perfectly written things I have ever read! Thank you, Joe. The world needs more of you, I am not from your country but would be honoured to “stand with you”. The war you are fighting is coming to all of us eventually and there will be no place to hide for the parasites.

      • BeverlyDRyan

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    • bjgollatz

      Get a job you bum.

    • Maxwell Rodriquez

      Joe you speak the truth man! We definitely need to unite against!

    • Sigfried Hoodinni

      You are being illogical. These businesses that the criminalistics pieces of filth burned and messed up in those riots are not all owned by rich people. Do you have any idea how much a small business owner has to struggle to keep a business afloat? Someone saves up money(that they worked hard for) or takes out a mortgage to buy or rent a building and start a business and all of a sudden they are an evil rich person, lets burn their livelihood down.
      If you want to lump all of a certain class of people together and vilify all of them maybe you should try welfare bums instead of rich people. Business owners(rich or poor) employ people whereas welfare bums are just plain leeches. Some employers are con artists but most are not.
      BTW how much do you make? If you make more then me would it be ok for me to call you an evil 10%er or 49%er or whatever and burn your house or apartment down? Maybe you should give me money because I make less then you.
      I have been stolen from and conned by poor people as well as middle class people. I have never really been messed over by a rich person but I know there are evil rich people as well. There are evil rich, poor, and middle class people. This 99% crap is completely stupid, bigoted, and classist.
      BTW I have been homeless three times…both times after family members (drug addicts and alcoholics) stole from me and messed me over. My dad, one of my biological sisters with her boyfriend, and my mom. Out of these scumbags one was middle class and the others were poor. I have not ever been messed over by a rich person, but there is only one person in my life who is actually rich so that isn’t surprising. There are evil rich people, but there are evil poor people as well. (Welfare bums and muggers for example.)

      • IQ

        completely out of touch.

      • Melissa Dewey

        the sheeple need to wake up

    • Katuhstrofik

      It’s a shame many of us will have to die to see results.

    • David Young
    • jezeuskrishna

      too bad whites can’t get 90 people together outside of former soviet bloc nations to rally for their own interests, de-segregation=separation of whites

    • Melissa Dewey

      some of us already are standing up and joining the fight…. join us we are stronger in numbers

  • Mario Kenny

    what? the Israelis are killing the Palestinians in Berkeley?

  • justice4all

    This is about the death of the dollar and the eventual and inevitable collapse of our economy. The Powers That Be have every intention of remaining in strict control. 

    Wake up.

    Cops murder Kelly Thomas, a gentle homeless man with schizophrenia, because they didn’t want him sitting in that area and threatened to “f—him up” before killing him:

    Cops threw flashbang into baby’s crib (with children’s toys all around the yard of the house and with no police work to justify the

    Cops shoot and kill a 7 year old girl who was asleep during a midnight home raid (while film crews were filming for TV):

    Cop kills unarmed man holding baby:

    Cop shoot elderly man reaching for cane:

    Cops shoot to kill without even identifying the target:

    Cop shoots and kills homeless Albuquerque man for no reason:

    Cop kills innocent, unarmed father in a stairwell because he claimed the stairwell was dark:

    Cop’s record cleared for accidentally shooting boy in head:

    Cop shoots boy in chest when he answered the door, mistaking a Wii controller for a gun:

    Cops beat delusional man to death as citizens watch:…/ 

    Cops unleash attack dog on innocent college kid already being restrained on ground by numerous officers, no punishment to officers at

    Cops shoot and kill elderly man in his own garage at night while checking out the wrong address:

    Cops shoot at man in streets in NY, hit bystanders:

    Cops lied to obtain a no-knock warrant and shot and killed a grandma in her own home, then planted drugs to cover up the crime:

    Cops shoots and kills honors student at college campus:…/Valedictorian-honors… 

    Cops shoot and wound man getting cigarettes from his own car at his own house for no reason at all:

    Cops kill man by compressing him while arresting him while he was distraught:…/oklahoma-arrest…/index.html… 

    Police shoot diabetic man after his wife called for medical help, they claim he picked up a knife:…/woman-says-she-called-911-for-an…

    Cops shoot man holding a toy gun in walmart with no warning and lied in their report.…/special-grand-jury…/nhRwM/ 

    Covert officers assault girls for buying bottled water, cops thought it was alcohol:…/felony-arrest-of-student-who…

    Cops kill man with garden hose using a shotgun and no warning:

    Florida man survives 13 shots by officers while sitting in his car:…/us/florida-shot-by-mistake/index.html

    Cops almost shoot and kill a hospital-worker in her own home with a warrant for an entire apartment complex and screaming at her door:…/130719612/2256/NEWS…

    Cops raiding small friendly poker games with militarized tactics, accidentally killing people– “Why did you shoot me, I was reading
    a book.”:…/“why_did_you_shoot_me_i…/

    Cop beats handcuffed teen and is acquitted because video ‘should only be used to protect cops, not prosecute them.…/judge-finds-cop-not-guilty-of…/

    Cop purposely holds onto door handle so he would have the right to shoot and kill a Sunday school teacher who was driving away from the cops.

    Cop shoots homeless man who was deaf and doing woodcarving:

    Cop shoots man in back several times, then stands over him and shoots again to kill him—questionable whether the man actually was
    armed or not—conflicting evidence given.

    Cop attacks random people in crowd and punches NY judge, judge shocked that cop not charged:

    Drunk NY cops shoot at people:

    Cop with dismal record shoots 12 year old boy with toy gun:

    Cop shoots and kills handcuffed man:

    Police kill innocent pastor as he helped out impoverished woman:

    26-year-old Ty Worthington killed by Salt Lake City, Utah police, now the unnamed officer who killed him is saying his body camera was ‘not on’ during the situation:

    Officer Jeremy Dear shot and killed a 19-year-old woman in April, his bodycam was shut off:

    NYPD rookie shot an innocent man in the chest, he was texting his union representative for over six minutes, NOT calling for help:

    Death of an 18-year-old woman in county jail, charge disorderly conduct and resisting arrest: 

    Officer repeatedly sprayed mace in woman’s vagina as punishment:

    Ferguson Officer rapes pregnant woman:

    Arizona Cop Caught on Cam Brutally Attacking Teen Girl While Mother Begs Them to Stop 

    Had ENOUGH yet?

  • Stian Pettersen

    Two officers have been injured as around 400 Berkeley students engaged in violent insurrection Saturday night.

    FINALLY some good news!

  • Johnny

    Really… Injuries… With that star wars getup they are wearing! How about the many more people getting injured by these maggots! Tear gas doesn’t exactly tickle!


    People are starting to wise up. I like that.

  • BornVillain

    We need more numbers. These brave people are risking their lives by attempting to (literally) wrestle freedom from the hands of the oppressors (police etc), however, we need a full scale, nation wide insurrection to really change the game. Think of the French or American Revolution. Imagine 1,000,000 angry, informed citizens marching on the capitol. We can do it.

    • biggerpicture

      and then what?

      • BornVillain

        Change the government from the inside. Capitalism in this form (which is more akin to Imperialism) no longer works for the people, so let’s implement something that does, whether that be Socialism, Anarchy etc. Governments aren’t built to last, they must be constantly updated to suit the needs of the people.We don’t need laws punishable by death so much as a tight community structure. But that’s just my input.

        • jezeuskrishna

          please kill yourself asap, after all your carbon footprint will destroy the world so do us a favour.

          • BornVillain

            Hahahah! Awkward troll fail.

    • David Young

      Remember Remember the 5th of November V for Vendetta

  • dsnuts

    I would bring bottles filled with gas and as they got close start splashing them with it and throw a lit match on the fucks

  • Sick-of-it-inGREENBAY

    eventually the unarmed peaceful protesters will Arm themselves and adopt a not so peaceful strategy….

    • Native Born American

      One can only hope.

    • Nenad Aninexus Savanovic

      That’s why they’re implementing gun laws. But when it comes down to it, melee weapons for 350m+ will do.

    • jezeuskrishna

      and eventually another group of people who oppose their goals of open borders, state forced equality quotas and genocide through assimilation will rise and fight the communist scum, it’ll be like homage to catalonia, just hope enough Geroge Orwell’s will fight on the side that stands for the presevation of mechanisms for group survival(borders, ethnic homogeneity, natural order instead of abstract redistribution), George didn’t learn that the communist internationalists didn’t care about the peoples of spain the hard way, by getting a communist bullet in the neck from a machine gun.

  • Bernard Phillips

    nothing but monkeys in uniform

  • GodDay Jovascrewing

    Now you Americans got war on yours streets and I’m truly sorry to see that. But, who’s gonna be bombed next ? Are you gonna find some terrorists in some State far away from America again ?
    And I see that you all can see now, who is a real King of Terror.
    Your own government.

    • Nenad Aninexus Savanovic

      It’s all been there for a long time. 9/11 was a government operation to obtain Iraqi oil. Our lives for their gain.

  • anonymous coward

    Ya know, if folks on the left really feel this way, them maybe they should, in general, stop working so hard to undermine the 2nd amendment. A government like you seen to think we have is exactly the reason it was written in the first place.

    • anonymous coward

      “Seem to have.” Damn autocorrect.

  • Dude

    Its a shame these protests are based on the 2 recent cases where the so called “victims” were actually criminals who were behaving badly. It does a huge injustice to the cause and humanity. I am a firm believer in police accountability and believe we should be protesting and fighting back because they have gotten out of control in many ways but we need to also look at the culture of criminality and lawlessness in many communities where for many years the people have worked against the police and refuse to cooperate in any way. These are the communities where crime is totally rampant and murder rates are sky high. Where life and death mean nothing and morals and self control are lost. The answers aren’t easy nor are they politically correct but they are there if you want to see them.

    • concerned

      Most rational comment I’ve read so far. So much grey in the world but all we see is black and white. Liberals vs conservatives. We are all equal, we are all HUMAN, when will we grasp that concept?

  • Dude
  • Panda

    Those officers must have gotten a hangnail. “Quick, call the Medics!”

  • Brian

    The Christmas decorations everywhere combined with the police violence has left me at a loss. Don’t quite know what to think about this one….

  • Native Born American

    The protesters assaulted by these lawless blueshirt gang member had every right to kill said gang members in self defense. Only when the number of corrupt, lawless gang members is reduced due to justice being served directly to them will they begin to RESPECT their MASTERS, We the People. ZERO tolerance for corrupt cops. Period. Too bad they weren’t eliminated.

  • David Young

    Again look at all the similarity in our lives today you need to take heed and understand this is coming V for Vendetta

  • David Young

    Take heed this is just what is coming people are being programmed to not give a damn it a travesty

  • Krisjanis

    This video is exaxtly the same why actually started protests in Khiev Maidan last autumn – police was beating pacefull students using extreme violance! People need to stand up to protect innocent!

  • Krisjanis

    no fucking EU – this was reason Kiev protests started!

  • bill

    hahahahaaha fuck them stupid liberal loser protesters up! I love it! Stupid wannabe hippie liberals. Protesting over criminals getting their just deserts. hahahahahahahahaah

  • Josh Wendler

    Chalk one up for true liberty! Throw another brick for me!

  • Eulayses Perry

    So the picture is of a black cop fighting with a white woman? No mention of the white cop about to blindside her. Even in a story about police violence against innocent citizens (predominately people of color) they find a way to demonize people of color.

  • HumptyDooDa

    So many ignorant people, too busy slinging the usual left/right conservative/liberal argument. You should know that those labels are a CONSTRUCT designed to divide us. This is not a matter of political leaning, it’s not even about race. This is beyond a black and white issue, but the shills and agent provocateurs would have you believe it is. People need to put their prejudice aside and look at this for what it is.
    This is about the state killing people at their will. The police have taken it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner. That’s not their job. Their job is to SERVE and PROTECT, and to put criminals in front of a judge where they can receive fair trial. Their job is to see that YOUR RIGHTS as an individual are being upheld.
    What we are seeing is a complete reversal of that, where the police are turned against the public they took an oath to protect. They now see us as the enemy. Your inalienable human rights are an obstacle for them to overcome.
    Where I live, in Australia, the police are now sponsored by major mining corporations. Protesting has been made illegal in some states. It is now illegal to write a letter of dissent to your local MP, even if what you are dissenting is the largest threat to the ecology and the rights and well being of the people in the area in which you live. Banks are pushing 5th generation farmers that have become destitute from drought due to climate change off their land, and the police are enabling them, basically creating refugees in our own country. The police serve the corporations now, they will destroy you to protect the business interests of their sponsors.

    This is the world we live in. This is what is being protested. It is a cause beyond left/right white/black pidgeon-holing. It is a cause for our descendants, our children and our childrens children so that they might live in a world where they have rights, and clean air and water.
    Please move past your prejudices and see that it is your fight as well, and fight the good fight, or we are lost to a bleak future.

  • bubba

    Almighty God we pray to you
    In heaven up above
    Watch over our dear police officers
    And protect them with your love.

    Please guide them as they keep us
    safe both day and night
    And hold them firmly in your care
    should danger come their way.

    Give them true strength and courage
    As they serve til duty’s end
    And one more thing to ask dear Lord
    Protect their family and their friends.