Body Cam Footage Shows Police Executing Mentally Ill Man With Screwdriver


DALLAS, TEXAS — Disturbing body cam footage has surfaced online showing a mentally ill man being shot to death by police.

The incident first occurred in June 2014 when Jason Harrison’s family called 911 for medical help.

Jason was only 28-yrs-old and suffered from schizophrenia.

He was in need of medical attention at the time of the call.

Officers can be seen knocking on the family’s front door.

Moments later, Jason’s mother opens the door and says “He’s just off the chain,” alluding to the fact that her son was in need of mental rehabilitation.

He’s “bipolar and schizo,” the mom informed the officers.

That’s when one officer can be heard yelling, “Can you drop that for me?! Drop it!”

Jason had been holding a screw driver in his hand as he emerged out of the front door.

Evidently this was enough for cops to execute him on the spot, claiming that he “lunged” at them.

However, the video does not appear to show Jason “lunging.”

But the adrenaline that cops get because of fear-based conditioning in the training programs can probably make it seem like anybody is out to get them and lunge at them.

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The world isn’t a safe place, and one must be prepared for anything — but this is a far cry from rapid-firing bullets and taking a man’s life for having a mere screw driver.

After Jason’s body collapses to the ground, his mother can be heard screaming “They just killed my son,” devastated as Jason begins dying before her very eyes.

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The attorney for the family states that the video is a demonstration of exactly what cops should not be doing when dealing with mentally ill people who need medical assistance.

Watch the video below (warning: graphic)

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