Body Cam Video Shows Police Kill Unarmed Man With Headphones On

On August 11, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah, an innocent bystander listening to his headphones named Dillon Taylor was shot twice in broad daylight by Police Officer Bron Cruz. Police officials were called because there were reports of a suspicious person potentially carrying a firearm. Unedited Footage of the event has since been released.

Dillon Taylor, along with his brother and cousin, were actually in process of walking out of the 7-Eleven which unfortunately for him, happened to be the area that local police were patrolling for a suspect who was supposedly carrying a gun. These young men, unfortunately, matched the description of the suspects and it would cost them gravely.

When the police officers showed up, the three young men were ordered to stop and show their hands to the officials, two of them followed these orders, but Taylor, who was walking in the opposite direction with head phones on playing music, was followed from behind and ordered to show his hands by officer Bron Cruz immediately. When Taylor failed to comply, he was shot twice in the chest.

The tragic video, was only released in an edited version which cut out after the shots were fired was finally released after a significant period of time after the events.

But now a new video has been released (below) which shows the full horror of the murder which has sparked outrage across Social Media and debate.

Just two days after the famous killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Taylor met a similar fate. On October 1, however, the district attorney in Salt Lake City, Sim Gill, much to the outrage of the public, ruled that the killing of the young 20-year old Taylor was ok because “Taylor’s shooting was justified not because he posed an actual threat, but because (Officer) Cruz reasonably perceived a threat.”

This has led to a major campaign online to get #Justicefordillon. People are growing tired of police officers shooting to kill when they are in situations of doubt, rather than shooting to injure.
Taylor’s brother who witnessed the killing, and has was certainly traumatized, told the SLC Tribune: “I saw them point guns at my brother’s face, and I knew what was going to happen. He got confused, he went to pull up his pants to get on the ground, and they shot him.”

Source: Gina Thayne YouTube


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  • Joshua Schuck

    to justify this. For Sim Gill’s response Cruz felt a threat when you can clearly see what was going on and that he was pulling up his pants if i was a cop and felt no threat but shot this person cause he didnt comply with this officers instructions he can shot this man but clearly after searching this man on the ground Cruz didnt find anything on him so he started to realize that he fucked up and that now he took someoones life did he start begging for this man who is clearly dead to stick with him. for my response. When a cop shoots someone their will always be a reason of why he did it and if the public says anything its over looked unless half of the nation says something for them to realize whats wrong with this situation. 2ND this cops didnt get punished like a regular man in court cause he is an officer he just lost his job and thats about it but a regular man shoot him then its life in prison. Why cant cops and regular citizens have the same equal rights but we are wrong if we have a gun and cop comes at us and we feel threated and shoot at the cop why is that any different???????????? i sqaid fuck the police with their over rated ass egos that make them special get the fuck out of here with that law bullshit.

    • Jack Gamatta


      • Disciple of Khorne

        NOR DO YOU

        • Jack Gamatta

          Yep you were inside…you just tried to play payback and deflected. YOU didn’t rationally respond to my statement….Both very typical inmate/jit behaviors…

          • Anonymoose Anonymous

            TO be fair, neither of you are right OR wrong.
            While yes, it probably isn’t as bad as the first guy said in his dozen long post, it is somewhat biased towards officers, or people in the PD in general.

  • Jack Gamatta


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    • Helen Damnation™

      You sir, are a hateful assholle. May you rot in hell with the cop who murdered him.

  • James V Paul

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