Border Patrol Agent Charged for DECAPITATING Citizen Over Drug War


It is unlikely that any of the spring breakers enjoying at a beach in Texas expected a decapitated corpse to wash up ashore.

However, the discovery of the dead body in March this year near South Padre Island started a chain of investigation, which two days ago led to the arrest of a US Border Patrol Agent Joel Luna.

The deceased man who had been mutilated indicating cartel-style violence was Franklin Rodríguez Palacio Paz an immigrant in the US from Honduras.

What was Luna’s role?

Authorities say they have enough reason to believe that Luna has links with a Mexican drug cartel and have charged him with being a part of methodical criminal activity as well as corrupting evidence.

However, his exact role in Paz’ murder is still not known.

What is becoming increasingly clear is his involvement in drug-related activity.

According to the Cameron County sheriff Omar Lucio, the accused had been using his position to bring drugs into the country via Mexico for the influential Gulf cartel.

He had been helping drug consignments go through the border patrol checkpoints in Jim Hogg County.

A search revealed that the 30-year-old was in possession of more than a kilogram of cocaine, 17 grams of methamphetamine, two pistols and $ 90,000 in cash. He had stored these items in a safe at his mother-in-law’s residence.

He also owned other weapons which were found at his home.

Initially he faced only drug charges and the murder allegation was added later on.
Why wasn’t he charged earlier?

When Luna was employed in 2009, the Federal Anti-Border Corruption Act of 2010 had not yet been implemented.

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  • Tom Jankowski

    Maybe they should check Border Patrol agents to see if they’re really a cell from ISIS.