Boynton Beach Police Officer Found Guilty in Beating of Unarmed Man

Harris’ attorney Jonathan Wasserman said outside the courthouse that his client was looking forward to getting back to his business and that Harris was very pleased with the outcome.

“Under the law, they’re entitled to use force in certain situations,” he said. “His force that was used was not excessive.”

Wasserman also stated that his client and Ryan were not convicted of falsifying records “because they didn’t falsify records with the intent to deceive anybody.”

Prosecutors argued the trio made the changes once they discovered the video.

Brown, Ryan and Harris decided not to testify in the trial or call any witnesses in their defense after prosecutors called their last witness on Tuesday.

Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz said that because there are additional court proceedings under way pertaining to the same incident, “our only comment is that the men and women of the Boynton Beach Police Department remain committed to providing legally and ethically sound policing services, and that we will accept nothing less from those entrusted with this responsibility.”

Boynton Beach police officers were caught on video by an overhead Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office helicopter that recorded them beating a suspect, federal prosecutors said. (Boynton Beach Police / Courtesy)
Prosecutors say Jeffrey Braswell, then 25, was illegally beaten by Boynton Beach police during an Aug. 20, 2014 arrest. The three officers were accused of violating his constitutional rights by using excessive force against him.

Braswell was a passenger in a car that led nine officers on a 20-mile chase up and down Interstate 95, north from Boynton Beach to West Palm Beach, then south to Lake Worth. Officers said the 12-minute chase reached speeds of 80 to 100 miles per hour.

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