BREAKING: Armed Citizens Rioting in Milwaukee, Police Property Damaged

What We Know About the Man Who Was Shot

Here is what we know so far about the man who was shot by police.

* Reports say he was fleeing from the police when they shot him to death. 
Reports and witnesses state that he was fleeing on foot from officers after police initiated a traffic stop. At some point during the stop he and another individual in his vehicle began to flee away from the officers.

*He was shot three times in the back and died at the scene, according to witnesses.
If this is true then it suggests that he was not violently approaching police at the moment he was shot, but was rather turned away from them and trying to avoid them. Thus it will be interesting to see whether the officer who shot him is going to claim he “feared for his life.”

*There have been no reports of him threatening police with a gun.
Reports only say that he had a firearm, which is not terribly uncommon since it was evidently in an open carry region. However, some reports say that the firearm was stolen (whether he stole it or acquired it after it was stolen is not yet known), and depending on the nature of his criminal record it may or may not have been illegal for him to open carry.

*No reports have indicated that he was a threat or was engaged in any violence toward anyone. 
So far we have zero evidence that he was posing a threat to police or anybody else. We have only been told that he has a “criminal record.” The average American commits up to three felonies a day without even knowing it, so not much can be made of the claim that he had a criminal record until more details are released.

We will continue updating this story as more information is made available.

UPDATE 10 AM PST: Police Barricade Themselves Inside Station

More news continues to pour out from riots early this morning in Milwaukee. We have received reports that police in the 7th district were under so much pressure from armed rioters that they barricaded themselves inside a station.

We cannot confirm yet whether the station was damaged or burned.

baricaded police station

UPDATE 9 AM PST: Man Was Shot by Police Three Times in the Back – Witness Reports

Preliminary reports from the actual scene say that the man who was shot by police was fleeing from them and he was shot three times in the back.

The mainstream state-controlled media continues to demonize the dead man and has not mentioned that he was shot three times in the back.

These state-controlled outlets are repeating that he had a “criminal record” and was “armed.”

First, there are so many laws now that the average American likely commits three felony a day. So to say someone has a “criminal record” after they are dead and unable to defend their character is a virtually meaningless assertion.

Second, Milwaukee is in an open carry region, so if the man did in fact have a firearm, it may have been legal for him to have it, but it does depend on what is in his “criminal record.” So far there are no reports indicating that he threatened anybody with it.

Many witnesses on the scene report that the man was moving away from police at the time of the shooting, and that they went ahead and shot him three times in the back anyway, executing him.

Here are some of the things being said by independent citizens familiar with the situation.




Report continues below.

via RT

Riots and clashes with police have been reported in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which began after a man was shot dead by an officer during a chase on foot on Saturday. Police say the victim was armed with a handgun.

Scores of angry African American protesters gathered near the scene of the police shooting at Sherman Boulevard.

What at first seemed like a Black Lives Matter-style gathering soon got out of control, however.

Several vehicles, including a police car, were set on fire, and the crowd of rioters then proceeded to break into and loot a gas station, which was then seemingly set alight as well. An eyewitness nicknamed EX414 livestreamed the escalating violence on his Ustream channel.

Shots were being fired near the gas station, preventing police from extinguishing the fire, the Milwaukee Police Department said on its Twitter account. Police had said earlier that they were responding to the disturbance in the Sherman and Auer areas, tweeting that “officers working on peacefully dispersing [the] crowd.”

Rioters apparently set several other properties on fire, including a bank. A live stream video showed thick smoke coming out of the windows of BMO Harris Bank, while several fire trucks parked in the area could be seen responding to the fire, after some hesitation.

Police officers have barricaded themselves inside a 7th district police station, witnesses report.

Over 100 protesters confronted a line of 20 to 30 officers, Journal Sentinel reported. As the officers sat in their cars getting ready to leave, some participants of the impromptu rally began hitting the car windows, smashing them.

Officers, who had already left, returned to the scene, with many clad in riot gear. Several shots were allegedly fired into the air by some people in the crowd.

Shortly before the situation turned violent, a woman claiming to be the killed suspect’s relative, called on the people that had gathered to calm down.

“We don’t want anyone else to go to jail or get hurt,” she said, according to the outlet.

Despite her plea, the violence continued. One police officer suffered an injury when a brick was hurled at him through a squad car window. He is currently being treated at local hospital, police tweeted.

According to Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, at least three arrests have been made as a result of the protests so far. Speaking to the media, he has asked parents of anyone at scene of the rally to “get them home right now.”

The events leading up to Saturday night’s riots began when an unnamed police officer pulled over a car with two men inside, who then left the vehicle and attempted to run away. A chase ensued on foot, and police fired shots at one of the men, fatally wounding him. The 23-year-old, whose name has not been released, was allegedly in possession of a stolen handgun, police spokesman Capt. Mark Stanmeyer told the media.

Following the encounter, the officer who fired the shots was placed on administrative leave and an investigation into his conduct was launched.


Milwaukee assistant police chief Bill Jessup told Sentinal that the man killed had “a lengthy arrest record” without specifying the nature of crimes.

The gun the suspect allegedly had with him was stolen in Waukesha in March, Jessup claimed, adding that some 500 rounds of ammunition had been stolen in that burglary overall .

Milwaukee has been experiencing a spike in violence over the past few days.

“As everyone knows, this was a very, very violent 24 hours in the city of Milwaukee,” Jessup noted, stressing that law enforcement were forced to make “split-second decisions.”

On Friday, a homicide was reported in an area just one block from the shooting, and, on Saturday, a double homicide took place some four blocks from the site. In total, five people were killed in incidents involving shootings within the nine hours leading up to Saturday morning.

Watch the video below:

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  • Uno Strawman

    Well, it has been said that,”in the next Civil War, we wouldn’t need uniforms to distinguish between the combatants.” Here we go.

  • Police brought this on themselves. They should light that police station on fire, not the gas station.

    • Barbarajtanksley1

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    • Midwesterngal

      That’s the best solution you can come up with, setting the police station on fire? Maybe give it a little more thought.

      • thatguyfromthesouthside

        Lock the police in before setting it on fire?

        • Alvinartapia3

          <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il574r:….,…..

        • Yvonnewwilliams1

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      • oh I have. There’s also “follow cops home to determine where they live. Follow them on duty at all times to make sure they behave…etc…”

    • Stretch

      So it looks like Mr. Croft here is one of the terroristic agitators that started this whole thing in the first place. I’m thinking Mr. Croft shouldn’t speak without all of the the information that this one “biased ” article has conveniently neglected to report.

      • Justsomeguy151

        No, POS. It looks like he ignores the lying LameStreamMedia that you stupidly believe and blindly trust.

      • actually the “terrorist agitators” you’re looking for wear badges

  • quiftuckinin around

    If you shoot some in the back your are a fuckin’ pussy. Sounds like, wait for it…….. I feared for my life, fuck off.

    • Ryan

      Wasn’t in the back.

      • Dee Dee B

        yes it was poindexter

        • Dingus

          Brother…the body cam footage shows a whole different story than the media’s. I know I know. Only the media can tell you what happened instead of footage of the actual event.

    • Thomas Turner

      If you react to police shootings and spew nonsense before learning the facts u are a fuckin pussy……get your facts.straigh pussy!!

      • Justsomeguy151

        You just called yourself a pussy, hypocritical fagot!!! LMAO

    • Dee Dee B

      cops are the biggest pussys EVER without a gun they are nutless wonders.. and none too intelligent

    • Dingus

      Soooo, the fact that there is the body cam footage showing that he was raising a gun at the officer has no footing in this conversation?

  • Dingus

    Dumbasses. All of them. Beating white people because a cop shot someone. And I guarantee you the person has a long list of felonies against them. Idiot rioters. And they wonder why they have a high majority of their own in prisons. Call in the ‘guard and jail everyone up they can catch.

    • Troy Conrad

      They have a majority of their own in prisons because of institutionalized racism and racial, predatory profiling by the police. Or haven’t you been paying any attention to what’s in the news?

      • quiftuckinin around

        His name should be dingleberry. Christ, dingle do you live in a cave ? look around,you may next dip shit.

        • Dingus

          Am I to understand that you do not have the ability to do research?

      • Ryan

        I’ve been paying attention. Here’s a few examples:

        A man charged a cop, cop shot him to protect the people in the neighborhood. Then the news trucks pull up and the people the cop was trying to protect start ranting about racism and start trying to burn down St. Louis.

        A man got arrested in Baltimore while a whole bunch of people were acting wild, cops forgot to belt him in. He throws himself around in the back of the van trying to get a lawsuit, neck breaks, he dies. People blame the cops, charges understandably filed against six (four of whom are black), and the public declares white conspiracy when the cops aren’t convicted by a jury.

        Two men turn a traffic stop into a foot chase. One raises a gun at a black cop (which is caught on the cop’s body cam), cop defends himself against criminal, BLM gets angry and blames white racism for the justified actions of a black cop.

        There are occasional cases where racism gets involved or a cop gets too twitchy (Castile comes to mind, as do all the shots after the first in the Chicago case [which was suppressed by a black mayor for a year to get re-election]), and those kinds of incidents need to be stopped, but most of these cases BLM rages about are idiot criminals who are fighting cops. You attack a cop or pull a weapon on em, you end up dead and noone should be rioting and calling brutality. Blaming whites for cops (of multiple races) doing their jobs is just creating new hate.

        • Justsomeguy151

          Congrats on lying about multiple pig murders, you must’ve got your “info”, I mean propaganda from FAUX, cocksucking traitor. Pigs lives never matter!!

          • Dingus

            Again, your IQ is indicated by the number of words and the content of your comment. You are really building up a huge bushel of qualifying talents here.

          • Justsomeguy151

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      • Dwayne

        Institutional racism my ass. These people are hunting down white people. That is real and not imaginary racism. Get a grip.

      • Dingus

        The news? You mean the same news that will show a photo that shows only part of the situation but when you see the whole photo and not the cropped one it shows something outright the opposite? The same news that will tell you that and man used a machine gun only to find out it was a single shot hunting rifle? or the other news that will tell you that they interviewed 1000 people that support trump and show you only 10 and they were the most incredibly bad people they could identify and then the clips of the other vast majority were highly intelligent and very well spoken individuals just so they can lie to the viewers and paint their own picture. THAT news> You want me to believe THAT news? Pahlease. If a guy breaks the law and gets caught that’s racial profiling right? RIGHT? So why is it that more white folks are shot and killed by cops than blacks? Racial profiling right?

      • Dingus

        And I think you might want to do some research on who shot the guy in the back and be ready for the bodycam video to come out. I am sure you will find a way to turn that into a circus so it fits your story but instead of making a reply when you find you and all the rest of that human trash rioting just remember. Eventually things WILL boil to a head with all of this stupid ass rioting and killing and beating of innocent people they are out for blood and any blood will do and there is going to be a hard fact to face. All the violence was done because a black thug with a gun was killed by a black cop because the thug decided that day he wanted to be as stupid as the rest of his friends and now has a body bag for a bed. Don’t do that stupid shit and things wont turn real.

        • Justsomeguy151

          Keep choking on pig cock, you pathetic hypocritical bigot.

          • Dingus

            Nice.. so instead of furthering the conversation you decide to just blather out a list of your limited vocabulary. I am sure the number of words in your comment is the sum of your IQ. Impressive….

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        • Justsomeguy151

          Translation: “I’m a hypocritical bigoted fagot who can only suck pig cock and not do any actual research into the bigoted treasonous criminals that I worship because I’m a gay, gutless hypocrite”.

          Me: “OK”.

          • Dingus

            lol you are just so hell bent on showing how ignorant you are. it’s amazing! Just as amazing as the people that are still mad that they are proven astoundingly idiotic for trashing their own community because a black guy pointed a stolen gun at a black cop and got shot for his stupidity. You and the rest of those brain dead mind numbingly and hopelessly ever backwards unthinking animals are so truely fit for each other. It’s amazing you and they have all lived past birth with out either being eaten by your mothers for being defective or killed trying to cross the road unsupervised. Amazing.

          • Justsomeguy151

            “Tee hee”. No, YOU are just hellbent to keep working that pig cock like your misbegotten life depended on it. Wrong, fagot, people are trashing things because pigs repeatedly murder people for no reason and NEVER EVER get charged or convicted for it. No one pointed a gun at any pig, that’s what the pigs always claim, even when the murder victim’s back was to them. You and the rest of the pig cocksuckers are truly deserving to suck cocks in hell w/ each other like the pathetic bigoted fagots that you are. What’s amazing is that you can pull your face out of that pigs’ jock long enough to type anything at all. “Amazing”.

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          • Justsomeguy151

            I’m saying that pigs repeatedly murder people and get away with it which is an undisputed fact, pig cocksucking fagot and apologist but I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll deny that too. So if the pigs that you stupidly and blindly trust are telling the truth, why haven’t they shown the video? Because it will show a murder, pig cockgobbler. My vocabulary is fine…until I deal w/ self embarrassing pig cocksuckers like you.

          • Dingus

            Well I am sure you have heard of the research done by someone that was trying to find some dirt on the police and how many people of color were killed by cops compared to white folks and I am sure you would read the research findings and immediately call it a lie. I know this because you seem to be the kind of person that will only accept information as long as it follows the line you want it to. And I have yet to see any form of intellectual capability from you since I read your first words on this article. I am sorry any one you have influence over has to learn of the world through your eyes because you will taint them. Hate is taught. And I am sure you are doing your best to teach that hate and likely are the type of person that will fight tooth and nail to hold a young person down until they think like you. It’s heart breaking really. And I am sure you will teach them to be vulgar and hateful for no other reason than to try and inflict as much meanness in your speech as you can. Sadly I can see your path and it is filled with discontent and anger that the world owes you and that people should think, act and talk just like you when in the long run all you are accomplishing is showing your inability to rise above the bottom sludge you seem to want to live in. So I feel this will drag on. You being vulgar and unintelligent about your comments and me waiting for you to actually say something smart. Do your research. I did a few years ago when I was still an angry man about cops and how they act. And when I got into my 3rd week of research I realized I was very very far off base with my hate and disdain for the police. YES there are some assholes in the force. YES there are some bad shoots. NO this shoot is not one of them because I wont talk about a subject until I am sure I know all I need to know.

          • Justsomeguy151

            You are a liar. If you had any integrity at all you’d admit that pigs ARE the problem as they are dickless, gutless, lying unaccountable murderers who are allowed to investigate themselves. How could you get any research done when you’re too busy licking their boots and sucking them off? How long have you had Stockholm Syndrome? You know the pigs that you stupidly worship and blindly trust are trained NEVER to trust you, right, dumbass? They’re trained to shoot first and ask questions later or are you too stupid to admit that too? When someone is allowed to investigate themselves, you’re inviting corruption which is exactly what we have w/ the pigs in the US. And the prosecutor is their coworker so there’s another conflict of interest. Pigs ALWAYS cover for each other, that’s why there are no good pigs, they get fired or if they rat on the bad ones, they get ostracized or maybe even killed. That’s why the only good pig is a dead pig, lying brainwashed pig cock gobbler. And I’M the only intelligent one here. You? You’re brainwashed and stupid.

          • Dingus

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  • Patrick H.

    This assumes that the gun if any was not a drop gun, dropped by the officer. Who may have stolen it after it was recovered by police but never returned to its owner. Just sayin this stuff happens.

  • Patrick H.

    Jesus warnned us to be carful about joining groups.

    • Ryan

      George Washington*

      But close enough lol

  • Donn Moran

    Um. Im in Wisconsin and there is nothing going around here that would indicate a riot.

    • Thomas Turner

      Because u dont live in the ghetto…..

      • Dee Dee B

        ghetto? u must live in a trailer park ..LOL

  • Nick Hall

    This story could not be anymore false and biased. Too bad they had to shoot him 3 times! One bullet should have been just fine to hus chest. You are armed raise a gun at a cop expect to be shot! Btw even better is the officer who shot this pillar of the community was black as well. He and his “homie” should have been locked up in a pen years ago! I feel vad for the families of the officer and to the people wjo lost their businessesnbecause of false stories that these idiots push. Hands up don’t shoot= lie. Hell the brother of the dead guy is just as dumb as they get too. Claiming cops are killing blacks off more than blacks are killing each other off! BLM is a bunch or terrorist racist dip shits. They are just a black version of the KKK. Keep blaming police when there is irrefutable video evidence this pile of worm food pulled the gun up on the officer. But Black LIES Matter will say it is edited or that the cop should wait to be shot at first. If it doesn’t fit the narative of idiots like the writer of this “article” writing just proof how stid andbblind younall really are! Cops are people who have families that they want to see after their shift. You break the law be a man and accept the consequences for your actions. But i guess when there are no real men in the house to teach them you turn out to be a piece of shit.

    • sugardaddy5

      Well said

      • Nancyjkuiper4

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      • Justsomeguy151

        STFU, bigot.

        • sugardaddy5

          Says some guy that uses gay slurs.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Who gives a fuck, fagot??? You’re cheering murders by pigs so STFU, bigoted pig cocksucker.

          • sugardaddy5

            I wonder if your mother had any children that lived. Pretty easy to be tough guy behind a keyboard huh?

          • Justsomeguy151

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          • sugardaddy5

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    • bxjam

      Really, please show where the BLM folks are lynching and burning people alive like the KKK did?

    • Justsomeguy151

      No one said he had his hands up don’t shoot, YOU lying fagot. They said he was running away from the POS pigs, NOT shooting at them. Get that pig cock out of your mouth next time you try to read something, you pig bootlicking POS fagot!! The pigs that you suck off are the ones who should have been locked away years ago, cocksucker. Blacks killing each other has ZERO to do w/ anything, pig cocksucker as they would absolutely be charged, aren’t paid TAXPAYER money to uphold the law which the pigs supposedly SWORE an OATH to uphold, and their buddies and coworkers won’t be allowed to investigate them. You pig cocksucking apologists ALWAYS try to make false equivalencies because you’d rather blame the murder victims than the pigs whose cocks you suck incessantly. Pigs are just todays KKK. And many of them ARE members of the KKK. Keep blaming the murder victim even though the video evidence ALWAYS shows the pigs start the violence and then MURDER and they STILL WALK!!! WRONG!!!! Pigs are murderers and traitors to their oaths and absolutely deserve to be killed in retaliation for the murders they commit!! Pigs break the law and aren’t men and own up to it but SKATE on murder but you’re OK w/ that because you are a junkie for pig cock!!! There isn’t a SINGLE pig who even IS a man so FUCK you, you bigoted piece of cowardly shit!

  • Ryan

    Black cop shot the suspect, body cam shows gun aimed at police. How are riots justified?

    • Phillip Ray

      Ryan they only need for some kind of civil unrest to start any way they can to justify rioting. It’s all about what they can destroy steal,loot or cause bodily harm to another. Just a pack of niggers wanting to take something they didn’t earn.

    • Dee Dee B

      a LIE.. no gun was aimed at cops.. nice white lie tho

      • Thomas Turner

        your stupid their is video of a gun raised at the officer and the cop ordered the shit head to drop it a few times. The shit head did not comply therefore the shit head was shot in the arm and chest. So now the shit head is dead….hooray!!

        • Dee Dee B

          just like 3000 of you pink shit heads took that sweet swan dive on 9/11…. all dead.. hooray!!!!

      • Stretch

        So the “video” from the body cams of the cop is a lie? Not sure I understand what you are saying.

        • Dee Dee B

          Not sure what video you were watching

  • Dwayne

    What’s the number one rule to not being shot by the police? Don’t run.

    And if this is about a black police officer shooting a black citizen, then why are all these black people attacking white people? Certainly isn’t because a cop shot someone nor because one black man shot another black man. The reason these blacks are attacking whites is because these blacks are racist and grew up that way. And they are so stupid they think that because it is a black person attacking a white person that it can’t be racism, when that is exactly what it is. I say declare martial law there and anyone causing damage or attacking anyone is to be shot on sight. We’ll get rid of a lot of racists that way

    • Justsomeguy151

      A pig who is black is a pig first and not black at all. No one is attacking whites, but the pigs as they should. Wrong, fagot blacks are victims of racists like you and grew up discriminated against by bigots exactly like you. I say get the the pig cock out of your mouth and ass and just STFU because you’re just a cocksucking fagot addicted to pig cock, traitor!

    • Stretch

      Really Dwayne? Martial law? I think the government oversteps enough already. What needs to happen is for descent black folks to point their youth in the right direction and get down on the freeloaders. Descent white folks need to do the same on our end. Quit relying on the government to protect you because they are only hurting you. I will handle my own protection. I would suggest you do the same. If you don’t know how, There are plenty of people like me that will help you figure out a self reliant, self protection plan that will suit your needs. I do not acknowledge agitators like “justsomegayguy” that is completely fixated on sucking some police officers wang. I do however live 45 miles from the heart of Milwaukee and I fear not for my own safety at all. I would even gladly walk down ANY street in that city because I know I can protect myself. If I would be attacked, the would be attacker would meet the same outcome as that fine upstanding citizen who started this whole mess by being a little shitbag douchetard. Get the government out of your life as they will never have your best interest in mind near as much as you will for yourself. It’s called, “self preservation”.

  • crazytrain2

    Gun stolen in burglary in march, shot in chest and arm-not the back, and there is reportedly body camera footage that shows all of this. I am sure that these same angry protesters were already gearing up to burn things down after there were several other murders in that same area less than 12 hours prior.

  • Objectless

    I can see the boot licking cop lovers are in full force.

    • Thomas Turner

      Nobody on here comes off as a boot licking cop lover, They come off as people who have common sense and know when u play stupid games u win stupid prizes. U r a threat to the community if your toting a gun in the manner that this shit head was and then to raise it to a cop and not comply with the cops order to drop it? Now he’s dead for being a shit head, end of story

    • Stretch

      I’m white, was almost framed by local cops when I was younger and for that I can’t stand a great many of them. But, you are a fucking idiot that has no clue what so ever.

      • Justsomeguy151

        Then STFU, lying bigoted fagot.

      • Objectless

        Yup no clue…. Thanx for enlightening me mr random douchebag on the internet.

      • Objectless

        I’m also white…. Where’s muh cookie?

    • Dee Dee B

      whites will always take the BLUE KLUX KLANS SIDE EVERYTIME.. THEY ARE TERRORISTS all of them

      • Michele Glover

        Wait just a damn a minute. White lady here. Taking the side of the black people, thank you.

      • Dingus

        The terrorists are the ones burning down businesses, other peoples cars, and pulling people out of their cars that have absolutely nothing to do with the current striff and beating them. And I know that when the bodycam footage shows that all these “he was shot in the back” idiots they were wrong they will fall back on the same excuse as always: They killed a black man!
        But here is something to consider. A black man killed a black man that was raising a gun at the black officer so he got shot and it was not in the back. I know I know… None of the facts matter because you and people like you just NEED to be butthurt over something…facts be damned.

  • Randy Kirk

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    • Dee Dee B

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    • Justsomeguy151

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  • Randy Kirk

    Fuck blm! all lives matter dumb fucks

    • Justsomeguy151

      Fuck all bigoted fagots like you!! Death to all traitors like you!!!

    • Objectless

      All lives do matter…. I’m thinking your life is a detriment to the collective intelligence of mankind tho.

      • Randy Tucker

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        • Objectless

          Wow, congrats.. I’m Irish and Native American… Woo fucking hoo.

          But I’m not a racist fuck like yourself.

  • Calvin Hughes

    The cop was black.

    The victim had a gun and refused commands from police.

    Stop this BLM BS.

    Those business owners collect your insurance money and then rebuild elsewhere.

    If this is the response to a justified shooting the neighborhood and the local citizenry don’t rate to have you invest in their community.

    • Dee Dee B

      funny how whites always see the blue klux klan as JUSTIFIED WHEN THEN EXECUTE PEOPLE.. running isn’t a death sentence..if so millions of white boys would be dead as well.. are Black people justified when they shoot back? YES They are.. STOP THE BLUE KLUX KLAN BS

  • VanthaMan

    Do you bloggers here even care about the truth? It doesnt seem so. You only want to push the agenda. You form your absolute opinions without any facts, and merely on the sayso of “witnesses” which as we saw in Ferguson are extremely unreliable in these situations. Yeah the dude had a record. Yeah he had a stolen gun, and it was loaded. He jumped out of the car and started running like a stupid rabbit. Of course that always means he is innocent, right? He was a convicted felon, knows to the cops for many years, and carrying a gun would put him right back in the house. He was an idiot who didnt care about the law. Good riddance to him.

    • Justsomeguy151

      Fuck you, you dickless fagot POS!!!

    • Brad

      no what that means is he did not pose enough of a threat to validate a professional peacekeeper discharging their firearm.

  • SteveCD

    The bodycam shows the perp facing the cop, raising that stolen gun (with 23 rounds) after the cop told him to drop the gun. This article is a lies with the purpose being to incite further violence. Every single one of those rioters needs to be jailed, and those who looted, and burned businesses, cars and beat “white people” need to be in prison until they are too old to do it again.

  • Brad

    they shot him in the back. It is what it is you make your bed you lie in it. maybe if they picked a less vital job that was more their speed(pushing papers maybe) they would have had more room to take the obviously wrong choice in a split second decision without public outcry.

  • Wendy Colby

    No matter how “lengthy” his record and whether or not his legally carried gun was “stolen” or not police must NOT be allowed to be judge,jury and executioner any longer!

  • Nickademus420

    He was armed, raised his gun at the officer, and the other officer was black. This was not a hate crime, or a race crime, it was a criminal that acted in a way that could have killed a police officer, so the officer shot the man to save his own life, what he should do. This filming cops website is a bunch of shit, filled with lies, meant to perpetuate hate, and violence. Shameful, and we all should stop coming here for information, as it is not what you will get.
    PS: I live in Wisconsin, know people that were there, and watched video.

  • BlackANDeducated

    Stolen weapon, African American police officer, repeatedly asked to out the fire arm down. Open carry is irrelevant for those idiots that claim so. The Police have the right to disarm you if they feel thretened. The dumbass shot did NOT obey those orders. NEXT

  • Alvinartapia3

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