Raw Video Shows Cop Knock Girl Unconscious and Sexually Assault Her

A deeply disturbing video has surfaced online that appears to show a police officer beat and rape a young black girl.

The video surfaces at a time when tensions between police and citizens are at an all time high.

Police continue trying to convince Americans that they are “victims” who are in “fear for their lives.”

But the cameras do not lie, and what the cameras show is that police are killing and sexually assaulting innocent victims.

In the footage you are about to see, Officer Frederick Soldaat knocked a teen unconscious while she was handcuffed.

He then appears to punch the side of her head or force her down repeatedly.

Eventually the girl goes limp, and that is when you can see him mounting her and grinding his genitals onto her passed out body.

An ex-officer is said to have leaked the footage after he became disgusted with rampant abuse and corruption within departments.

Preliminary reports indicate that it took place in Cape Town, South Africa, after the teen and her mother were in an argument.

The rape is reported to have occurred on August 30, 2016 and the video appears to have surfaced online on Friday, September 23, 2016.

The girl was only 15 years old, according to reports.

Reports indicate that the girl was initially taken from her home after an argument with her mother.

Police justified arresting her and taking her into custody so that she could calm down, reports suggest.

The young girl reported being raped by the officer and the video does not refute her.

Officer Soldaat is currently being held in jail until Monday when he is expected by some to post bail.


That the event happened in Cape Town reminds us that this kind of abuse is not dependent on accidental or random circumstances, but it is an inherent consequence of perceived government “authority” of some human beings over others.

A search through some of the recent cases of police sexual abuse in the United States vindicates this.

For instance, a cop was found guilty after reports of raping multiple young boys. He would take them into closets and rape them at their schools, reports say.

Another cop was reported to have raped as many as twenty infants and toddlers.

A quick perusal through this site will yield hundreds of other cases, seemingly without end.

We warn you, the footage you are about to see is disturbing. Discretion is advised.

Evidently there are people who don’t want this video getting out, so if it stops working below, do a video.google.com search and you should find re-uploaded videos.


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  • hepette


    • Carl Griffiths

      Why would it be ‘nice’? Sicko.

      • leastyebejudged

        Well, the article has been shared all over the place indicating there is a substantiating video.

        That’s why people are interested. Troll scumbag.

    • snookie calhoun

      you can see the video and to Carl, because a claim is being made and you should have evidence to support it.

  • Schlange

    So to prove your point that the police in the US are wrong, you have a story of a cop from South Africa. Oh that just makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

    • Wayne Parker

      Maybe if you had a semblance of some reading comprehension it would make perfect sense. Some people SMH and LMMFAO

      • Schlange

        I comprehend just fine. A story from South Africa has nothing to do with criminal actions of police in the US. It’s pointless to have it in the story. But yeah, feel free to continue to immediately insult people.

        • Tiger Paww

          The mentality of racist whites is equally ignorant across the world.

          • kenpachi55

            I know right. only white people do bad things why don’t they understand?

        • AshenTech

          @Schlange:disqus sounds like a typical copsucker to me.

    • Guest51

      Ever heard of Daniel Holtzclaw? And good LORD all one needs to do is a simple Google search and one would know how prevalent cops raping women (and men) in the USA is – https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=POlice+rape

    • Gant 101

      Where exactly on this site, or in this article, does it say they’re only concerned with American police brutality as opposed to all police brutality? Where are they saying their point is only confined to US police?

      And before you go there: mentioning how American police try to spin their bad behavior is a side note to an examination of overall global police behavior. In other words, this isn’t about American cops, it’s about cops in general.

      • Schlange

        First paragraph is where I got that impression. “Police continue trying to convince Americans that they are “victims” who are in “fear for their lives.”

        But the cameras do not lie, and what the cameras show is that police are killing and sexually assaulting innocent victims.”

        • Gant 101

          In other words, exactly the part that I specifically pointed out was written as a side note to the issue of overall police behavior.

          A single mention of American police in an article does not even remotely imply that the focus of the whole piece is them. The very notion is ridiculous and requires willfully giving undue weight to one’s own inferences.

          This is about the positions of power police officers are in and the unfortunate reality that too many of them can’t be trusted with that power. National boundaries, sadly, don’t always make a difference.

    • Penciljockey
  • Jelena Markovich

    Sick, pathetic creeper.

  • richard philbrick

    Puck the Folice!

  • Donnetta Williams

    A cop is a cop does it matter US or not? The bottom line is what you’re missing…law enforcement everywhere is the same…built on corruption. They are gangs. They break the law because they are being led to believe they are above the law. That’s in the US and or every where else. It’s a national epidemic. A crisis that the people are dealing with because the system has failed its people. And comments from those that make excuses need to educate themselves that law enforcement has paid out millions through settlements outside of the court system but through tax payers. Again they are getting slaps on the wrist and not held accountable directly for their unprofessional conduct as officials to serve and protect the people. They are bullies not all cops but because they work within a gang mentality system it is ALL of them! You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge.

    • Jrock519

      by people saying a cop is a cop then your no different then the cops who roll up shoot first ask questions later. Your no different meaning you have the same their stereo typical Brain in your head the cops who get out of the car shoot a black person assuming he or she a thief based on skin colour and location in the city and you’re sitting there saying all cops are the same so all priests must be child molesters single moms probably sluts the only way a black guy will get out of the hood is playing basketball or Hustlin I guess all homeless people are drug attic’s too and you’re the one telling People to educate themselves you’re not educated on shit what book if you read or research have you done that is unbiassed against the police what facts or proof do you have I’m not saying I support the police but you just like the average person in the world easily brainwashed and manipulated so easily by the Internet you believe any picture you see any paragraph you read and any report you hear it must be true Right you educate yourself on the Internet and unbiassed sites like this one filming The cops they don’t try to persuade anyone or lie or let you hear only what they want you to hear that you see only what they want you to see no one sees the whole scenario you just like everyone else who judge a book by its fucking cover so in that case shut up monkey

      • Donnetta Williams

        What are you talking about? Read please and learn how to comprehend what you’re reading before commenting. Arguing with an uneducated person who is more angry than concerned is no-win situation. I can’t pin point your reaction to what I’ve stated to be an argument? I stated not all but hello Mcfly! If you walk by everyday as witness to a crime and never acknowledge it by being blinded and or ignorant to it I’m sorry it still makes you just as guilty. So therefore with law enforcement code there are instances that gets covered up and never discussed and that is wrong. Bottom line. That’s it…agree to disagree. Good day!

    • Jrock519

      I don’t know how people like you even try and make a statement chirping and calling people out saying there uneducated. Lol it’s funny now these days with social medial people read a couple posts watch a couple videos go on a couple websites and all of a sudden they are educated. Some fuckin expert in the debate at hand. Your like a fuckin parrot lol just repeating other people’s bullshit trash no facts no proof you should just shut your mouth your embarrassing and stupid. all black people are the same. See how does that sound if I say that. btw I’m not racist at all got love for everyone proving this person is dumb don’t care what colour

      • Donnetta Williams

        According to my degrees I am educated. I have also participated in many local organizations speaking to local law enforcement who agree with what I have stated here. I am thankful they are aware and not bias like yourself.

      • Donnetta Williams

        After reading your post I don’t have a clue on what your argument is here?

  • Smash

    He must of fell on top of her and couldn’t get up.

  • Allie Mustache Bojingles

    Why the hell are all these other commenters arguing about whether this has anything to do with US police instead of being COMPLETELY DISGUSTED BY THIS? I don’t care what flavor of cop this is, this is unacceptable.

    • AshenTech

      because they want to argue that this could never happen here, and, when it does, they are the same people who say the person was “asking for it” 😉

    • leastyebejudged

      Because the context this article has been shared under has been deceptive, that’s why.

      You enjoy being manipulated and deceived, some people do not.

      • Allie Mustache Bojingles

        I fail to see how an article advertising a cop sexually assaulting a girl and showing a video of a cop sexually assaulting a girl is manipulative or deceptive.

        • leastyebejudged

          What is it that you don’t understand about how the internet works ?

          People got to this article from other articles/posts.

          • Allie Mustache Bojingles

            Maybe you should bother to mention than in whatever-the-hell point you’re trying to make when replying to my comments.

        • Bree

          Literally every description on this video says RAPED but I don’t see either of their pants down or her trying to close her legs. If her pants were down, they werent very far & her legs would have to be spread more than that WHICH wouldn’t be possible if her pants were around her upper thighs.. He’s HUMPING HER. Not that it’s any less significant but I think that’s what he meant by the article being deceptive..

          • Allie Mustache Bojingles

            The title says “sexually assaulted” and in the article it also says “raped”. People do seem to confuse those two terms. I agree that both parties appear to be clothed, so this would be considered sexual assault, but not rape.

          • malvin

            Omg! What the hell is wrong with people? Who the heck cares how you define it? The point is it is a gross injustice.

          • malvin

            if it’s any less significant why the heck would you post it?

        • Mistergilgamesh

          Because the headline and the first half of the article assumes it is in the USA, that is why. It purposefully is crafted that way.

      • Penciljockey

        Apologist much?

        • leastyebejudged

          Lying sack of dogshit much ?

          Fuck you.

  • Arsena N Penny McIntire

    it’s child pornography

  • Shemara

    Several things wrong with this arrival. First you didn’t even mention in headline that it’s in Africa!! Things are so much different than here, and you make it so it implies it’s American cops who do this. Second, there is no video linked here at all!! It’s all hearsay! So like a liberal! All false and phony!

  • Josh Spencer

    Why does this article not mention at the beginning of this article that this took place in SOUTH AFRICA? It does not mention it until several paragraphs in, and seems to be doing so purposefully in order to make it seem like this happened in the US. I lived in South Africa for 3 years. The situation there is distinct from the one in the US. We have plenty of our own problems and footage that can be used to raise awareness. Using other countries’ events and disguising it as if it is from the US is just dishonest writing, and reduces the credibility of movements like this one that have an important role to play.

    • Marc Tremmel

      the racist mind is severely delusional, it breeds ignorance and asinine behavior of trying to make your point saying cops raping girls in South Africa is different than cops raping girls, no TEENAGERS?? The article clearly lets you know it is SA after several sentences, the ENTIRE ARTICLE is just one paragraph broken up, then you say the article disguises it..LOL .how is it disguising IF IT TELLS YOU! AND YOU SAY IT TELLS YOU IN YOUR FIRST SENTENCE??? .can you say delusional…and you ASSUMED the article was about usa, ass….probably because its the same thing over here…IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE WHITE COPS IN THE USA DOING THE SAME DEMENTED SHIT….that’s the point of the article…….BUUUTTTT the one thing that remains consistent and you can not ignore is that they are WHITE….???

      • James Vejvoda

        WTF does race have to even do with this? Only a racist asshole would even try to create a race isse out of this vile incident

  • KittyDelAmour

    I don’t care if this is in the US, South Africa, or fucking MARS – this cop is humping and CUMMING ON a detainee!! In what universe is this ok? He knows he’s on camera, too, he just doesn’t care because COPS PROTECT OTHER COPS! He probably expected that footage to get “lost” somehow! Can you imagine – whether you’re male or female – having a cop physically overpower you, face down on a concrete “bed”, and then grinding against you until you can feel him orgasm against you? Tell me exactly what about this is ok, in any country, on any continent, ever??

    • Julietwestley2

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      • Chuck


        • malvin


          • O_O


    • Lorirthorpe4

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    • Kimberlycapple2

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    • Burnyoupigsalive

      Your the prOblem !!!
      Wonder why whitepigs and slaves are bankrupt sex deviets LOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILIILOILOIL!!!
      “YOUR WIERD CHILDREN ALL OVER MY PENIS” like how you force your sOns and nO PENIS sOns “6 years ago” LOILOILOILOILOILOILOIL


      I need a lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, attorney, attorney attorney, security, security from electromagnetic, your still a little slutty girl white pig LOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOILOIK

  • Ricki Allardice

    This is not South Africa. Our police do not wear black uniforms or have shoes like that. South African police wear navy blue military-style fatigues and black leather boots. This looks like an American police uniform to me.

    • Jessica Ann DeJac

      ….does that like…matter? it’s a cop, doesn’t matter what flavor of cop. cops abuse power no matter what country they’re from, this isn’t news.

  • Jaymes K-zo

    God, God God, someone tell me that this is not real pls. What have I just seen? America is moving back to the plantation days and you all are just watching?

    • Jessica Ann DeJac

      This didn’t take place in America, it’s South Africa – but does it REALLY matter where this takes places!? the fact that SOMEONE in a country civilized enough to have a police force thinks this is an acceptable thing to do to a 15 year old with a head injury is disgusting and shows that abuse of power comes as no surprise.

      • Jaymes K-zo

        Ok, it happened in South Africa but hearing such thing happening in America on a daily basis led me jumping into conclusion. Anyway, its still a terrible thing even though it happened in SA

        • Jessica Ann DeJac

          things like this DO happen in America it’s just very rarely caught on video once it’s behind police doors.

  • Libertad78

    Nato army doing same thing all day in Africa and around the world.

  • Myrna Leonard

    Here’s one for those complaining that this is not in the US:

  • Stephanie Rodrigues Silva

    This literally makes me so so sick.. such disgusting people in this world.

  • Okay that’s disgusting. Doesn’t matter where it took place, that rapist needs to be fired and his balls sliced off with a rusty knife.

  • Simone

    We need to ask the question… is this really South Africa? That police uniform DOES NOT look like a South African uniform, it looks more like a NYC uniform. Secondly, why is there no media coverage of this taking place in South Africa?

  • 4bluefaeries

    OMG, WHAT THE HELL ARE WRONG WITH COPS NOWADAYS? in any country RAPE IS RAPE, and how do they expect people to react to this kind of action? anger and fear,the people are more and more NOT trusting cops because of video’s like this one, I mean by GOD poor girl,she’s 15,15 years old,most likely handcuff,and held down,with no one to come to her rescues, THIS SHIT HAS GOTTA STOP……………….if it’s not hearing stories of cops,taazing people to death,brutality, cops shooting dogs,it’s RAPE, WTF………………………and yeah I get cops stick with cops,their a family,but ****criminal activity they sworn to protect us for and they commit,is a double standard,that will never fly with me.YOUR a fuckin cop,you took an oath to serve and protect,not to think your above the law and it doesn’t touch you,thinking your cop family will sweep this under to rug,to not make them look dirty or corrupted,I mean look to all cops that are good ones,this is not meant for you,and sadly many are doing their jobs,to serve and protect,but this is NOT acceptable and never will be. The more stories like this come to the surface,the more people are losing complete faith in cops .I hope this cop goes to prison for what he did to this girl,and justice be serve.

    • kart32

      When it comes to Africa, the country with the most rapes than any other countries, the highest crime rate and the highest murder rate and an unstable civilization, expect problems like this happening over this Africa continent.

  • Space Ghost

    He is lucky he is not in the U.S. I would boil him alive in hot water with salt.

  • Silent

    That video is disturbing because his method of attack and procedure looked second nature and not a spur of the moment thing!!! This guy has raped many times before and did so very methodically. His past cases will reveal that he has done this many times before. I believe that he is so efficient at fully clothed raping that he learned it from other cops !!!! These people have a very large and far reaching systemic problem. Surely educated people know this, and much like The Cowards who run our broken just -us system. Your leadership will bury the truth while blaming the victims !!!!

  • Jenn

    Fuck police!!this is so sad it made me feel sick what if this was ure child??before u “debate” with others about were this was or who’s right or wrong ask ureself what if this was ure child!!we need to do something to protect kids!!!!or stop the police!!I bet most of the comments that are negative are from a police officer.

    • kart32

      Funny how the most people making negative comments are Anti-police, who can’t even police their own community or held their imaginary policing alternative safety bullshit accountable for wrong actions.

  • Jenn

    We need to remember and spread awareness ,police cannot be trusted!!!

  • Myss Lynn B

    Where ever it’s at it is disgusting and he needs to go to jail. this could be any of our kids. it doesn’t matter what race the cop is or the race of the victim it is just plain wrong. SMDH

  • Anastasia Beavenhouser


  • Brett Rapley

    I would happily shove a gun up his arse and blow that bastards dick and balls off for this. Don’t matter what damn country it’s in, it’s disgusting. Better still let’s hold him down while he gets his arse raped by a guy with a bigger dick that his ! Let’s see if he likes it.

  • allcat

    This stuff happen everyday in the good old USA Police ..

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

    White pig/nlgger bOy(SLAVE GOVT PUSSY BABY RAPE WHOLEY GHOSTS)”We have to worry about fathers in bed with thier sOns”

    united nations+international community(terrorists/nuclear blackmailers) STOP THE RADIO ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAINWASHING MKULTRA PRETENDING TO BE ALA BUDDHA HEYZUSKI(GOD)!!!