[WATCH] Camera Catches Police Agent Planting Drugs on Businessman


SCOTIA- In a disturbing example of how the US government’s “War on Drugs” is designed to imprison innocent humans for profit, a police agent was caught planting drugs on Donald Andrews, the owner of a legal smoke shop.

War on drugs filming cops police brutality

Andrews was one of thousands arrested by cops who faithfully obey the US government and enforce the “war on drugs.” Photo source: The Blaze

The agent can be seen placing crack cocaine on the counter and then taking a picture of it for “evidence” to use against Andrews, according to reports.

Andrews was arrested and faced up to seven years behind bars, likely inside of a corporate prison.

His business was about to be shut down and his life ruined.

This happens to thousands of people routinely because of the US government’s “war on drugs.”

Many of these people are torn from their families and locked in over-crowded prisons to be abused, raped, or forced into slave labor, while generating massive profits for the U.S. politicians.

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Luckily, Andrews had cameras monitoring the activity in his store.

Kevin Luibrand, Andrews’s attorney, demonstrates that the footage shows the police agent intentionally planting the drugs that resulted in Andrews’s arrest.

“He comes in and places the crack on the counter… which under New York State law would get him 2 to 7 years in jail,” said Luibrand.

Andrews was released because of the footage and he filed a lawsuit against the police.

The police agent was not identified.

This is how the “War on Drugs” works, friends.

If Andrews did not have cameras rolling, he would be sitting in prison right now.

This is why prisons are full beyond capacity with non-violent people who were either framed, or who had harmless plants that the government claims to be “illegal.”

filming cops war on drugs

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  • I love this story. So glad he had the camera!

  • Arnt Johnsen

    The police agent was not identified.

    Thats bs!
    Put up posters on his face and do that outside that county and he will get caught, the question is who authorized this act?

    • Ktrk

      The narc should be publicaly outed, charged, and tried. If convicted he should be jailed. His superiors should at very least lose their jobs, pensions and benefits.

      • ljpljpljp

        He was not a cop. The cops use people they bust to do their dirty work.

  • daddyksinger

    The cop is a total prick for what he did and should probably face charges himself in addition to losing his job.
    But, then in steps the woman being interviewed and BAM!!! the race card. There is absolutely zero evidence that the cop did what he did because that guy was black.
    You already had the “win”, why go there? Pathetic

    • Freedom1Man

      Because the race card ALWAYS has to be played except for things like “the knock out game” or “statistics of single mothers” ….

    • ljpljpljp

      He is not a cop, he was narcking/working for the cops to save his own butt. That way the cops can blame him, the informant, who has apparently disappeared. Yeah, right.

    • D

      I agree with you on this one. I saw nothing to show it had anything to do with race. He ran a smoe shop, thats it. Same shit woulda gone down if he was white in this case. Her slinging the spade card around just makes her look ignorant.

  • Jason Fowler

    This happens all the time. It’s not just nonviolent offenders. If you create a permanent second class of citizen with less rights and freedoms (felons), the government will seek to fill that class with regular citizens as swiftly as possible. End the permanent subclass of citizens or soon we’ll all be one.

    • Guest

      uhhhhhh, too late?

  • Claude Lynn Hayes

    Uh why isn’t the cop going to prison for 7 years? Because he has a shiny badge.

  • JonEdHil

    Please keep us posted on the outcomes of stories like this! Peace!

  • Jen

    If the police are out to or really want to get you, obviously they can and they will. Obviously the cop, but more likely the DA or police force weren’t liking this shop. It is rarely just a lone effort by one random cop. Its more like group think. They know they WOULDN”T get away with it if it was ONLY one cop who didn’t like the shop.

  • Joey Begood

    Framed? Yep. Racially motivated? Nope. STFU about the race BS I’m tired of it.

  • MelissaEarthSeed

    They prefer to have the violent criminals on the streets, so you think that the cops are needed. If they locked everyone up, who would they be defending you from?
    So instead, they arrest non-violent, easily controlled people and allow the latter to run around and commit crimes, so they look as far as arresting most of our populace, but are still needed to defend us.

  • ljpljpljp

    He is not a cop, he was narcking/working for the cops to save his own butt. That way the cops can blame him, the informant, who has apparently disappeared. Yeah, right.

  • GreyWolf62

    Put him in jail, general population. No special treatment for criminals who wore the badge or otherwise abuse the public trust. If anything, we need to be more Chinese and start executing them.

  • Mark Betancourt

    Well since there are more black people disproportionately and unjustifiably in prison, that tells me that moves like this are mostly done to black people. So yes…him being black had something to do with it.

  • Penn_Patriot

    Love seeing the racists get all pissed and scream it wasnt racially motivated