Animal Abuse

This Peaceful 62-Yr-Old Rancher Was Just Gunned Down, Killed by Police After Trying to Protect a Bull

A small peaceful town in Idaho has experienced its first ever police officer-involved shooting, according to the Adams County sheriff. This weekend a local cattle rancher and well-known businessman, 62-year-old

Instead of Shooting a Dog that Just Bit Him, This Cop Soothed It and Set the Bar for Cops Nationwide

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Round Rock, TX — According to an unofficial count done by Ozymandias Media, an independent research group, a dog is shot by law

Cop Says “Awesome!” After Using Shotgun to Blast Family’s Dog in the Head

“I blew her head off… that was awesome!” — Officer Wooley, according to reports | Jackson Parker Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014,

Cop Ruthlessly Beats Dog, Picks Animal Up and Rams Its Body Into the Ground

It is little wonder that advocacy groups have turned their attention to the Ramsey County sheriff’s office of late. October 22 is the National Day of Protest against Police Brutality.

This Man is Suing for $2 Million After Police Gunned Down His Dog for No Reason

After more than a year of pleading with Salt Lake City authorities, Sean Kendall has decided it is time to file a $2 million lawsuit. He says there is no

A Cop Just Walked Up to this Family’s House and Shot Their Dog THREE TIMES in the Head

It was a busy morning for the Palacios family. Gillian Palacios was getting ready for work and was meant to drop their eight-year-old son to school as well. Hurriedly she

Police Gun Down Cow in Street After “Feeling Threatened” by It

Authorities said the animal was euthanized later. Arizona has about 3,800 ranches and it is estimated that about 870,000 of cattle are raised here. Therefore, it is not unusual to

Police Shot this Army Veteran’s Rescue Dog to Death When Raiding His House “By Mistake”

They claim they were searching for an African American male on suspicions of drug use. Instead, they entered a wrong apartment and ended up shooting Adam Arroyo’s dog. His best

Officers Shoot Dog to Death Even Though it Was Behind a Wall

Edward Wheeler is still upset. He lost his dog Miracle around this time of the year in 2013, she was by herself guarding her owner’s home in North Las Vegas.

Dog Chases Burglar, Cop Shoots Dog and Lets Burglar Get Away

LOUISVILLE, KY — When Brandis Pepper left her home with her three young children to go to the dentist on Tuesday, she did not realize that it was the last

Search These Phrases to See How Disgustingly Horrific the Police State Has Become

WASHINGTON, DC — Part of the beauty of the internet is that we have access to the reality behind appearances. Not too long ago, we had to depend on mainstream

Cop Kicks Dog, Whips Its Body Repeatedly With Leash — Other Cops Stand Around and Watch

PEORIA, AZ — A deeply unsettling video has been uploaded online involving police abuse of an animal. The video appears to show a police officer literally whipping a dog. At one point