Animal Abuse

Another K9 Cop Dies Because His Partner Left Him In A Hot Car

Gulf Shores, Alabama – A police dog has died after his handler forgot him in his car on Thursday, June 18. The dog, Mason, and his handler, Corporal Josh Coleman

WATCH: Victim Receives Nationwide Support After Admitting He Killed a Cop Who Raped Him as a Child

2015/06/20   NEWTON, NJ — A deeply moving video has gone viral online after a man confessed to stabbing a police officer to death. On the surface, the stabbing death

Cop Shoots 4-Yr-Old Child in Attempt to Kill Dog

2015/06/20 COLUMBUS, OH — We have received breaking reports that a 4-yr-old child has been shot by a police officer. A bullet entered the child’s body while the cop was

This Dog is About to be Put to Death for Biting an Officer Who Entered Backyard Without Consent

BAY CITY — An urgent matter of life and death for a precious companion needs your attention. Sarge, a half-breed pet dog, is on the brink of having his life

Cop Shoots and Kills Dog That Is Tied Up In Its Own Yard

UPDATE (6-23-15): Cop Lied About Dog Being Leashed Unsurprisingly, the cop who shot this do was found to be deceitful on his report, sources say. At first he said he

Child Accidentally Dials 911, Cops Come and Kill Family’s Dog

SAN FRANCISCO — A family is devastated after officers came to their home in response to a 911 call and shot their dog six times, executing it. The call itself

Good Citizen Invites Police Into His Home to Help Them, They Shoot His Dog Four Times

Jean Strong | ODESSA, TX — Yet another family pet has been ruthlessly brutalized by the cops. In Odessa, Texas, U.S. Marshals shot Spot, a 15 year old dog,

Officer Shoots Family Dog

SAN ANTONIO — ‘Why did you shoot my dog, did she growl at you? Did she jump at you?’ “No ma’am, but I’m not going to get bit by a

Cop Shoots His Neighbor’s Dog in the Head, Executes It After It “Entered His Yard”

Jean Strong | JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A Jacksonville, Florida woman is looking for answers after her neighbor, a Jacksonville police officer, shot and killed her dog. According to Chelsea

Two Police Dogs Die After Cop Forgets Them in Truck, “Entire Department Mourning”

Jean Strong | In Hialeah, Florida, two police dogs are dead after their handler left them locked in his patrol SUV for approximately nine hours. Six years ago Officer

Detroit Cop Shoots Friendly Dog In The Face, Rips Mouth Apart

DETROIT – A cop shot a cattle dog mix in the face because he said the dog growled and jumped at him. In cop-speak that probably means it was sound asleep

Cop Shoots Two Dogs to Death, Dogs Were Service Animals for Autistic Child

Jean Strong | Now our dogs aren’t even safe from off-duty killers. In Queen Creek, Arizona, two pit bulls were shot and killed. The name of the killer has