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[WATCH] Boston Transit Police Officer Gets Six Months for Beating Woman With a Baton and Lying About it

A Suffolk Superior Court judge today sentenced now former Transit Police officer Jennifer Garvey, 34, to six months in jail for an incident at the Dudley T station in 2014,

Body Camera Video Released in Sacramento Police Incident Involving Pregnant Woman

SACRAMENTO – When Sacramento police supervisors first reviewed the body cam video connected to their raid of Zityrua Abraham’s apartment, the department said nothing seen warranted an internal investigation. Abraham

Man Beaten by Police During Arrest Says he Never Assaulted Officers – He Just Wanted to Get to His Property

A gun dealer who is accused of assaulting two Tulsa police officers is disputing their version of an altercation that he said left him with nine stitches and a broken

Case Of Autistic Missouri Teen Who Was Tased After Stopping To Tie His Shoe Moves Forward

A federal judge has given the go-ahead to a lawsuit filed by the parents of an autistic teenager who was shot multiple times with a Taser after he stopped to

New Complaint Alleges Police Coverup in Dafonte Miller Case

The father of the Toronto police officer charged with severely beating a teenager in Whitby, Ont., last year repeatedly contacted Durham Regional Police as they investigated the assault and provided

Violent Arrest Causes Stir at Auburn Homeless Shelter

Oct 07 2016 The violent arrest of a homeless man outside the Right Hand Auburn homeless shelter on Richardson Drive upset several bystanders who witnessed the incident, some of whom

MPD Is Now Investigating Another Violent Logo Worn By Police Officers

Activists have filed a dozen complaints against individual D.C. police officers after uncovering a photo of them posing behind a skull-and-crossbones flag that they say glorifies police violence. Along with

[WATCH] 72 Year Old Westchester Man Files Suit After Being Roughed Up By White Plains Cops

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A Westchester businessman filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit on Tuesday, accusing White Plains cops of police brutality. He claims officers roughed him up for no reason,

[WATCH] Woman Injured by Minneapolis Police During Traffic Stop After Cops Smell Weed

MINNEAPOLIS – An investigation is underway into whether Minneapolis police used excessive force during a suspicious vehicle stop. The woman arrested, who goes by the name “Mixie,” is claiming police

Meriwether County Jail Officer Terminated, Facing Several Charges of Sexual Battery

MERIWEATHER COUNTY, GA -An officer working for the Meriwether County Jail has been fired and charged with several felony counts of sexual battery following reports of illegal contact with a

NYPD Police Officer Beats Brooklyn Man Over Spilled Drink

An NYPD officer is under investigation after allegedly assaulting a Coney Island man over a spilled drink, the Daily News has learned. Raymond Crespo was hanging out at Mermaid Ave.

Inmate Hog-Tied, Tortured and Berated by Jail Staff Leaving Him Physically Disfigured

More allegations of abuse at the San Luis Obispo County Jail are detailed in a claim filed by a former inmate, who says he was hog-tied, tortured and berated by