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[WATCH] Police Brutality Victim Still Waiting for Restitution He Says Was Promised by Orlando Prosecutors

Rob Liese says he lost two years of work and racked up $75,000 in medical bills after being brutalized by an officer in an Orlando police holding cell. The incident

Police Departments Too Often Don’t Act Like Police Brutality is an ‘Isolated Incident’

The country watched in outrage last week as Salt Lake City Police Detective Jeff Payne forcibly arrested burn unit nurse Alex Wubbels for (properly) refusing to allow Payne to take

[WATCH] Woman Suing 3 Aurora Police Officers After Being Slammed to Ground and Choked

AURORA – A 23-year-old woman is suing three Aurora police officers who she says slammed her to the ground and choked her during a 2015 arrest — an arrest recorded

[WATCH] Teen Girl Files Claim Against Police Who Mistook Her For Male Suspect and Punched Her

Nearly three months later, Tatyana Hargrove still can’t talk about what happened to her on June 18 without tearing up. It had been a sweltering Sunday when, on a bike

Anti-Police Brutality Group Sues NYPD Over J’Ouvert Records

The NYPD is being sued by a police accountability group for refusing to disclose records on the policing of last year’s J’Ouvert and West Indian American Day parades in Brooklyn.

The Madness of Law Enforcement’s Escalating Brutality

Law enforcement excesses grab an ever-growing share of headlines. Doors kicked in, people killed, dogs shot, phone lines tapped, curfews imposed—they’re all examples of official overreaching at that unpleasant intersection

Chicago Schools Adding Police Torture Scandal to Curriculum

CHICAGO — On Monday, the Chicago Public Schools announced that a pilot program launched last year in which students are taught about a police torture scandal that has dogged the

Cop Smashes Drunk Man’s Head into the Ground for No Reason, Knocking Him Out

Huntington, WV — A disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook this week by a West Virginia law firm showing their client get brutally taken down by a Huntington cop. The

[WATCH] Detroit Police Officer Caught on Tape Body-Slamming Man ‘WWE-style’ :Lawsuit

A trip to a gas station to buy cigarettes turned into a night of terror for two Detroit men who say they were ambushed by two rogue police officers —

[WATCH] San Jose Reaches $700,000 Settlement With Man Hit With Police Batons During DUI Stop

SAN JOSE — Attorneys for the City of San Jose have reached a $700,000 settlement with a man who filed a federal excessive-force lawsuit against three San Jose police officers

[WATCH] Euclid Cop Who Beat Man in Viral Video Caught on Camera Using Force on Handcuffed 16 Year Old Girl

EUCLID – County and federal authorities are investigating potential civil rights abuses by a Euclid police officer, authorities told WKYC Channel 3 News. The development Wednesday comes as new video

Bystander Video Tells Different Story to Police Report After Police Beat Two Men and Delete Surveillance Video

DETROIT – Over the past few years, police departments across the country have been the focus of activists as videos showed officers manhandling citizens. The city of Detroit has avoided