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WATCH: Fort Worth Police Officer Caught on Camera Hitting Teen

May 13, 2016 FORT WORTH – Relatives of a 19-year-old man accused of assaulting a Fort Worth officer and arrested Thursday say video proves it was the teen who was

WATCH: Illinois Jail Guard Spared Prison For Unprovoked Attack on Detainee

Aug 10 2015 Illinois – A veteran Cook County Jail guard who cold-cocked an inmate in an attack caught on video was spared prison Monday by a judge who called

WATCH: Philadelphia Cop Caught Punching Woman in The Face

1 Oct, 2012 The Philadelphia Police Department is in hot water after a video has surfaced showing an officer with the force striking a woman in the face during this

WATCH: NYPD Officer Knocks Teen Unconscious With Punch Over Suspicious Cigarette

October 9, 2014 A video showing an NYPD officer apparently knocking out a Brooklyn teen surfaced on Wednesday — the same day footage of another cop allegedly stealing more than

WATCH: Castleberry School District Officials in Texas Investigate Video of Officer Shoving Student

RIVER OAKS, Texas – School administrators placed a school resource officer on leave after a video of the officer pushing a student into a wall was shared on Facebook. A

WATCH: UK Police Officer Filmed Punching a Handcuffed Mentally Ill Man in Face is Cleared of Using Excessive Force

7 December 2017 UK – A police officer filmed punching a handcuffed mental health suspect in the face has been cleared of using excessive force. Footage of the shocking incident

WATCH: Victoria Police Knee Teen Girl in Ribs During Arrest

March 5, 2015 A 16-year-old girl was kneed in the ribs and had her face pushed into the ground during an arrest, prompting the Victoria Police Department to review the

WATCH: Videos Show Cop Joking About Punching Man in Head 12 Times

Surveillance video showing Camden County Police Officer Nicholas Romantino punching a man 12 times in the head sparked outrage when it became public in February. Even the police chief said

WATCH: L.A. Deputy Punches Special Needs Woman

12 Jan 2012 The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating one of their own officers after video surfaced showing him punching a special needs woman in the face. Passenger

WATCH: Video Shows Handcuffed Prisoner Get Knocked Out By Detention Officer

LOWELL, Massachusetts – A new video that has been released shows a handcuffed prisoner getting knocked out by a detention officer before court. The incident, on Nov. 3 2016, forced

Video Shows Police Officer Violently Smashing Suspect’s Face Into The Ground During Arrest

A horrifying video shows a police officer violently smashing a suspect’s face into the ground during an arrest. Patrolman Ronald Williams, from the New Castle Police Department, Pennsylvania, has been

WATCH: Video Shows Former NFL Player Being Slammed to Ground, Apparently Go Limp During Arrest

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — A video of a former NFL player being arrested by Henry County Police Officers is quickly picking up steam online. The video, posted to Facebook, appears