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[WATCH] Woman Injured by Minneapolis Police During Traffic Stop After Cops Smell Weed

MINNEAPOLIS – An investigation is underway into whether Minneapolis police used excessive force during a suspicious vehicle stop. The woman arrested, who goes by the name “Mixie,” is claiming police

Meriwether County Jail Officer Terminated, Facing Several Charges of Sexual Battery

MERIWEATHER COUNTY, GA -An officer working for the Meriwether County Jail has been fired and charged with several felony counts of sexual battery following reports of illegal contact with a

NYPD Police Officer Beats Brooklyn Man Over Spilled Drink

An NYPD officer is under investigation after allegedly assaulting a Coney Island man over a spilled drink, the Daily News has learned. Raymond Crespo was hanging out at Mermaid Ave.

Inmate Hog-Tied, Tortured and Berated by Jail Staff Leaving Him Physically Disfigured

More allegations of abuse at the San Luis Obispo County Jail are detailed in a claim filed by a former inmate, who says he was hog-tied, tortured and berated by

[WATCH] Cowboys Fan Acquitted of Felony Charge After Security Footage Shows Him Being Kicked, Punched by Police

Minneapolis police probably owe this Cowboys fan an apology. Anastacio Lemus Lopez was acquitted of felony charges by a jury Wednesday after video showed him being tased and kicked by

Euclid Police Officer Suspended After Beating Man During Traffic Arrest

A Euclid police officer is on paid administrative leave following an alleged “violent” struggle lasting more than three minutes with a Cleveland man he arrested during a traffic stop. According

[WATCH] Yuba City Police Officer Caught on Camera Punching Man in Face

YUBA CITY – A cell phone recorded part of what happened Monday on Bridge Street in Yuba City after police were called out to respond to some kind of disturbance

Activists Crash NYPD Event to Protest Police Brutality

Advocates for people of color and immigrants protesting police brutality showed up to the NYPD’s annual “National Night Out Against Crime” to outline their “vision of safety” for their communities,

Man Left Disfigured After Being Assaulted by Grand Prairie Texas Police Officers

Rashaun A. Barnes, 39, was standing on the sidewalk in front of a corner store in Grand Prairie, Texas, on the afternoon of July 31, when he was allegedly assaulted

News Video: Philadelphia Police Officer Suspended After Violent Arrest Caught on Camera

KENSINGTON – Authorities say a Philadelphia police officer has been suspended following a violent arrest back in July. A video shows Philadelphia Police Officer James Yeager in full uniform body

Autopsy Photos Of Inmate Allegedly ‘Boiled’ To Death Raise Questions About State’s Report

In June 2012, Florida inmate Darren Rainey died at Dade Correctional Institution inside of a makeshift shower that inmates allege had been modified by guards to punish those who were

New Brunswick Police Beat Man, Puncture Lung and Break Ribs, Wait Hours to Call for Medical Care

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — A man who was arrested by city police in December 2015 has filed a civil complaint against two officers, the city, the police department and others,