Brutality Archive

WATCH: Chatham Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Excessive Force in Effingham Arrest

June 28, 2017 Georgia – A Pooler man has filed a lawsuit accusing a Chatham sheriff’s deputy of using excessive force during an arrest in Effingham County, kicking him and

WATCH: Video Shows North Carolina Police Officer Beating Man Suspected of Jaywalking

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina – Police in January launched a criminal investigation into whether an officer used excessive force in the arrest of a man suspected of jaywalking and trespassing after

Florida Jail Officer Surrenders Law Enforcement Certificate After Slamming Mans Head Into Wall

OCALA, Florida — A Marion County corrections officer accused of slamming a handcuffed inmate’s head into the wall late last year has accepted a plea deal from the State Attorney’s

WATCH: Cops Caught on Video Throwing Man in Wheelchair Onto Sidewalk Will NOT Face Charges

23 October 2011 Two police officers who were filmed throwing a man from his wheelchair onto the sidewalk will not face charges, it has been revealed. Dwight Harris was left

WATCH: Brooklyn Park Police Officer Denies Using Excessive Force

Apr 25, 2013 A Brooklyn Park Police officer accused of using excessive force has denied the claims and maintains his actions were reasonable and in the line of duty. On

WATCH: Police Brutality in Mesa, AZ Caught On Camera

5 Jun 2013 MESA, Ariz. – A police take down is caught by a cell phone camera. The video shows a dramatic and physical altercation between an officer and a

WATCH: New Jersey Cop Charged After Punching Suspect In The Face While In Handcuffs

A New Jersey has been charged after a video surfaced of him punching a suspect in the face while he was in handcuffs. A township police officer is facing criminal

WATCH: Investigation Underway After Video Shows Camden County Officer Repeatedly Punch Man in the Head

An investigation is underway after video surfaced showing a Camden County officer appearing to repeatedly punch a man in the head. Now that man is speaking out and accusing the

WATCH: Homeless Woman Punched by Sheriff Deputy

On January 12th, 2012 a “special needs” homeless woman is punched in the face by a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy. The video was filmed by an Iraqi war veteran.

WATCH: Green Bay Police Officer Brutally Assaults a Bystander

24 Apr 2014 On Monday came another reminder that it’s not only big city police departments that know how to get their hands dirty with a video from an incident

WATCH: Baltimore Cop Beats School Girls With Baton

25 Feb 2015 A Baltimore school police officer decided to take her frustration out on 3 young school girls, one of whom dared to say “my name is Starr, not

WATCH: New Orleans Cops Beat 17 Year Old High School Student

25 Feb 2015 METAIRIE, La. — A physical altercation between a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy and high school student who was being arrested has raised concerns from the ACLU