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WATCH: Off-Duty Cop Beats Accused Shoplifter With Baton — But Man Paid For All His Items

10 Oct 2017 An off-duty Detroit police officer beat an accused shoplifter with a baton outside a grocery store — but the man and his girlfriend were innocent. David Bivins

WATCH: Dash-Cam Footage Appears to Show Delaware Cop Kicking Suspect in the Face

5/08/15 In August 2013, Dover, Del., police officers were responding to a call regarding a major fight happening outside a Hess gas station. When the first units arrived, the men

WATCH: NYPD Officers Beat 16-Year-Old Who Is Trying to Surrender

10/07/14 New York City Police Department officers are under investigation, this time for beating a 16-year-old suspect even as he tried to surrender, according to DNAinfo New York. The news

WATCH: South Jersey Cop Charged With Hitting 13-Year-Old Girl During Arrest

A South Jersey police officer is facing an assault charge after prosecutors say he hit a 13-year-old girl in the face while taking her into custody last month. In the

WATCH: ‘I Ain’t Resisting, Bro!’ Police Body-Cam Video Captures Controversial Loud-Music Arrest

4/04/16 An Arkansas man is comparing himself to Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin after he says he was unjustly targeted while in the parking lot of a Lucky’s Store when

Colorado Police Officer Under Investigation For Use of Force After Shoplifting Arrest

Colorado – Concerns about a Fort Collins police’s officer’s use of force during a shoplifting arrest have spurred investigations into the incident. The officer, whom agency officials declined to identify

WATCH: NYPD Cop Beats Subway Turnstile Jumper With Baton After ‘Pepper-Spraying’ Him

21 Nov 2014 On video captured by a bystander in a Brooklyn subway station, a New York City police officer can be seen hitting a young man in the head

WATCH: Texas Cop Slams Suspected Drunk Driver to Ground as Woman’s Terrified Daughter Watches

24 April 2015 Police slammed a Texas woman to the ground in a drunken driving arrest caught on video by an onlooker. The video recorded Tuesday shows Round Rock Police

WATCH: Indiana Cop Suspended After Punching Handcuffed Suspect in The Crotch

12 Sept 2017 A police officer in Evansville, Indiana, has been given a five-day suspension without pay after body camera footage showed him punching a handcuffed suspect in the crotch.

Man Beaten by Sacramento Cop After Jaywalking Stop Settles His Case For More Than Money

Sacramento has tentatively settled a lawsuit with a black man who was beaten by a city police officer last April after a jaywalking stop, an incident that ignited community outrage

WATCH: Florida Man Says Cops Beat Him For Not Rolling Down Window All The Way

26 Aug 2014 A Florida man said this week that he is still trying to recover after police beat him during an argument that started when he refused to roll

WATCH: Virginia Cop Instructs Man to Turn His Back — Then Tasers Him For No Reason

27 Sept 2015 A Virginia police officer is under investigation for Tasering a black man during a stop without provocation, WUSA9 is reporting. In a video posted to Facebook, that