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Family of Luke Stewart Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Euclid Police Officers

The family of Luke Stewart filed a federal lawsuit today against the city of Euclid and the two police officers who were directly involved in his March 2017 shooting death

[WATCH] Video Shows Detroit Police Officer Hitting Man’s Face With His Club

A bystander’s video went viral Sunday night after an off-duty Detroit police officer struck a rowdy shoplifting suspect on the side of his face during a struggle at a Meijer

Jury Convicts Minneapolis Police Officer For On-Duty Assault

It took a Hennepin County jury less than two hours on Monday to find a former Minneapolis police officer guilty of third degree assault for kicking a man in the

[WATCH] Family of Disabled Woman Settles Lawsuit But Says Livonia Police Refused to Apologize

LIVONIA, Mich. – A young woman with special needs says she thought she was going to die after police officers threw her to the ground and handcuffed her inside the

[WATCH] Disturbing Video Shows an NYPD Officer Punching Teenager in the Head

Disturbing new video shows an NYPD officer repeatedly punching the head of a teenager who officials said bum-rushed another cop, and put his hands on his neck. The wild scene

[WATCH] Cleveland Police Officer Attacked Woman and Then Arrested Her on False Charges

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A veteran Cleveland police officer is accused of slamming an 18-year-old woman to the ground after arresting her boyfriend, then lying about what happened in order to

[WATCH] Northside ISD Police Officer Slams Middle School Student to the Ground

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The Northside Independent School District has launched an investigation after video of a police officer slamming a student to the ground surfaced this week. In the

[WATCH] Syracuse Won’t Say What Happened to Cops Who Tasered Disabled Man Who Won $2M

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The Syracuse Police Department isn’t saying whether it disciplined two officers involved in an arrest that cost city taxpayers $2 million. Sgt. William Galvin and Officer William

[WATCH] Assault Trial Opens For Minneapolis Cop Caught on Video Kicking Man in Face

The surveillance camera captured the early morning hours of May 30, 2016, as several Minneapolis police officers rushed to an SUV, where Mohamed Osman sat behind the wheel. He got

[WATCH] Arkansas Cop Tasers Man in Back, Then Tells Him He’s Under Arrest

An Arkansas cop tasered a man in the back before telling him he was under arrest, causing the man to drop to the ground while yelling out in pain. When

[WATCH] St. Louis Cops Caught on Video Beating Mentally Ill Man with Baton and Punches

St. Louis Metropolitan police were caught on video viciously beating a mentally ill man because he wouldn’t respond to orders of “put your fucking hands behind your back” – once

Carteret Police Officer Who is Mayor’s Brother Indicted For Beating Teen

CARTERET, NJ — A Carteret police officer — who is also the mayor’s brother — was indicted last Thursday, Sept. 28 for assaulting and causing significant bodily injury to a