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WATCH: 66 Year Old Man With Dementia Brutally Beaten & Tasered By Florida Cop

22 Jan 2012 Florida – A Melbourne police officer reprimanded for deliberately disabling the dashboard camera in his patrol car, before confronting a 66-year-old man suffering from dementia, could face

WATCH: ‘Good Cop’ Exposes ‘Bad Cop’ – Forces Him To Resign For Beating Handcuffed Man

Are there any “good cops” out there? We often hear that the “bad cops” are few and far between – but so often all of the so-called “good cops” just

WATCH: NYPD Cops Assault, Pepper Spray & Beat Homeless Man Repeatedly With Baton

15 Oct 2012 JEWISH ELECTED officials on Monday called for the heads of two city cops caught on tape pummeling a young man who was sleeping inside a Brooklyn synagogue.

WATCH: Cop Slams Drunk Naked Woman’s Head To The Ground & Cracks Her Teeth

16 Oct 2012 A Florida woman has unleashed a string of blistering accusations in a lawsuit filed this week against two law enforcement agencies. Ashleigh Davis claims she had her

WATCH: Dallas Cop Tasers Teen After He Goes Into Diabetic Shock

26 Oct 2012 A Cleburne teenager was hit with a Taser by police while he was having a medical emergency, and the incident was caught on tape. It now means

WATCH: Officer Caught On Surveillance Video Assaulting & Beating 18 Year Old Inmate

11 Nov 2012 ELYRIA, Ohio — A corrections officer is facing an assault charge after he is allegedly caught on surveillance video beating an 18-year-old inmate at the Lorain County

WATCH: Texas Cop Knees Teen In The Neck Then Taunts Him On Camera

27 Nov 2012 A police officer in Texas is under investigation after cell phone footage of a teen suspect being pummeled and berated surfaced on the Internet. The footage appears

99 Percent Of Police Brutality Complaints Go Uninvestigated In Central New Jersey

A whopping 99 percent of all complaints regarding police brutality are left uninvestigated in central New Jersey, according to a Courier News and Home News Tribune report published this week.

WATCH: Cop Gets Promoted After Abusing Pregnant Woman & Punching Man In The Face

16 Mar 2015 DENVER — Just one week after FOX31 Denver first aired a citizen’s videotape of a police officer punching a drug suspect in the face, then tripping his

WATCH: Denver Cop Pushes Man With Hands In His Pocket Down Stairs

16 Apr 2015 DENVER – A Denver police officer has been suspended for 30 days without pay for shoving a LoDo bar patron backward down some stairs, according to a

WATCH: California Cops Slam 8 Months Pregnant Woman To The Ground

27 May 2015 BARSTOW, Calif. — A video released by the ACLU of Southern California appears to show two officers of the Barstow, Calif., police department wrestling a woman who

WATCH: California Cops Savagely Beat Mentally Ill Man With Baton

9 Jun 2015 California – The brutal aftermath of a violent confrontation last Friday between the police and a man in Salinas, Calif., was captured on camera, uploaded to YouTube