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WATCH: Video Shows Police Tackling and Punching Black Harvard Student

Cambridge Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a video has surfaced of 21-year-old Selorm Ohene a Harvard University student who was brutally attacked by police and arrested. The

WATCH: Austin Police Officer Caught on Camera Punching Suspect During Arrest

Mar 31, 2016 AUSTIN – The Austin Police Department is reviewing video of an arrest made by an officer in East Austin last week. Cellphone video shows an officer lying

WATCH: Seattle Cop Punches Woman in Face During Routine Jaywalking Stop

June 16, 2010 Investigators in Seattle are looking into why a police officer punched a teen in the face during a seemingly routine stop for jaywalking. The incident, captured on

WATCH: Outrage Grows Over Forceful Arrest of Woman in Wisconsin

Jun 23, 2016 Wisconsin – A viral video of the forceful arrest of a young black woman Tuesday outside East Towne Mall sparked outrage from Madison’s black community and has

WATCH: Charges Dropped Against Philadelphia Teen in Altercation With Police Officer

4 Jan 2017 Charges have been dropped against a Philadelphia teenager after a viral video showed a police officer pummeling her as she lay on the street. The Internal Affairs

WATCH: Vancouver Police Officer Filmed Punching Detained Cyclist In The Face

03/28/2013 A video posted on Facebook Tuesday night shows a plainclothes Vancouver police officer punching a cyclist in the head during an arrest. Andishae Akhavan has insisted he was not

WATCH: Man Sues City After Video Shows Chicago Police Officer Punching Him

06/21/2016 Chicago – A 22-year-old man on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging a Chicago Police officer used excessive force in arresting him after he called out for

Halifax Cop Charged With Assaulting Homeless Man at Shelter

A video camera captured an incident that led Nova Scotia’s police watchdog to charge a Halifax Regional Police officer with assaulting a man and breaking his nose at the Metro

WATCH: Videos Show Police Beating Students During Arrest in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Nov 9 2015 Videos showing police violently arresting University of Alabama students at an apartment in Tuscaloosa, apparently over a noise complaint, have gone viral on the college’s campus, with

WATCH: Cops Probe Chaotic Philadelphia Arrest Caught on Video

July 11 2017 The Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is investigating an arrest early Monday in which officers apparently struck a handcuffed man’s head against a Kensington street and

WATCH: New Jersey Cops Body Cams Were Off During Teen’s Bloody, Violent Arrest

None of the officers involved in last year’s violent arrest, in which one Carteret cop faces criminal charges, switched on their body-worn cameras during a struggle that left a 16-year-old

WATCH: Man Beaten by Indiana Police Files Lawsuit Claiming Muncie Officers Used Excessive Force

MUNCIE, Ind. – A man arrested in a viral video on Sunday has filed a lawsuit against the City of Muncie and four police officers. Joshua Douglas, 36, claims the