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WATCH: Man Holds up Hands and Lies Down — and Cops Still Kick Him in the Face and Taser Him

4 Jan 2015 A drug task force video of an arrest differs markedly from the police reports written by the plainclothes detectives involved in the incident, The Kansas City Star

Rikers Inmate Who Was Brutally Attacked by Correction Officers Gets $3.9M Settlement

A former inmate, who was viciously beaten by a gang of correction officers — including a chief and a captain — won a multi-million dollar settlement with the city, the

Officer Seen in Video Beating a Jaywalker Had Been Suspended in the Past

The North Carolina police officer seen using a Taser and punching a black man in a video recently leaked to the news media had been suspended in the past, personnel

WATCH: NYPD Officers Beat Young Black Man Who Had His Hands Up Over Allegedly-Stolen Pizza

22 July 2015 A grocery store surveillance video shows a young black man holding his hands up in surrender before two New York police officers start pounding him in the

WATCH: Pittsburgh Cop Snaps and Unleashes Insane Unhinged Rant on Innocent Bystanders

A Pittsburgh city police officer is under investigation after a video was released which showed him mocking and yelling at innocent bystanders while officers were responding to a report of

WATCH: Mob of Cops Violently Gang-Tackle and Taser Unresisting Man Outside Michigan Bar

21 Mar 2016 Despite saying they handled the situation “the best they could,” police are investigating an incident outside a Michigan pub when a swarm of police officers gang-tackled an

WATCH: Chicago Police Release Video of Cop Standing on Neck of Suspect Who Died During Arrest

Two Chicago police officers have been placed on desk duty after authorities finally released dashcam video showing one of them standing on the neck of a suspect who died following

WATCH: California Man Calls Police After Being Robbed – And Cop Ends Up Punching Him in The Face

09 Aug 2017 Yuba City, CA woman is speaking out after a police officer was caught on video punching her husband, who was cooperating with police after calling them to

WATCH: TBI Investigating Death of Man Who Filed Lawsuit Against Deputies

PEGRAM, TN – The TBI is investigating the death of a man who previously filed a lawsuit against three deputies in Cheatham County. Jordan Norris, 19, was found dead Wednesday

WATCH: Two Orlando Police Officers Under Internal Investigation After Man’s Arrest

ORLANDO, Fla. – Two Orlando police officers are under investigation for actions the state attorney calls inappropriate. The officers arrested an 18-year-old outside Rosemont Park on Jan. 4 for what

Pepper-Sprayed While Handcuffed: Judge Describes Toronto Arrest as ‘Obvious Police Brutality’

Bleeding from two lacerations in his cheek, Tyrone Hines was sitting in the back of a Toronto police cruiser, handcuffed, when the officer who had just struck him in the

WATCH: Seattle Police Officer Kicks Hispanic Man

May 9, 2010 The FBI says it has launched an investigation into the controversial beating of an innocent man by Seattle police officers. Federal agents said the findings of the