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Off-Duty New Orleans Cops Beat Man For Wearing Camouflage

Two off-duty New Orleans police officers brutally beat a Hispanic man they accused of being a “fake” American for wearing camouflage clothing. George Gomez was hospitalized after the two rookie

WATCH: Outraged Neighbors Confront NYPD Officers Dragging Apparently Unconscious Man From House

A disturbing video circulating online shows dozens of NYPD officers dragging what appears to be an unconscious teenager from a house, then dropping him on the street next to a

El Paso County Deputies Started A Fight Club To Reward Use Of Force Against Prisoners

Use of violent force is never something to celebrate. Any time law enforcement officers legitimately use force or violence against people in the communities that they serve, it is at

WATCH: 10-year-old Boy Gets Restrained by Athens Police Officers

After a video of two officers restraining a 10-year-old boy in Athens went viral over the weekend, police explained the circumstances of the incident Monday afternoon and released body camera

WATCH: NYPD Files Formal Departmental Charges Against Officers in Eric Garner Case

The New York police officer who choked Eric Garner in 2014 has been formally served with departmental charges, an NYPD spokesman said Saturday. Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who wrapped his arm

WATCH: Family Says Indiana Teen Wrongly Choked and Held Down by Police

HAMMOND, Ind. – Hammond police said a 15-year-old boy was restrained and choked after making contact with an officer, but the teen and his family said the officers went too

Ohio Police Officer Faces Federal Charge of Beating Restrained Suspect

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A former Put-in-Bay police officer is charged in federal court with using excessive force against a man in custody and then lying in an attempt to cover

WATCH: Man Choked by Federal Way Police Awarded $640,000

FEDERAL WAY, WAsh. – A federal jury has awarded a man who sued Federal Way police $640,000 in damages. Josiah Hunter said he was at an Am/Pm store in Federal

WATCH: Video Shows Officers Taunting Man and Laughing During Taser Incident

FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. – Newly released video of a 2017 incident in Floyd County involving the use of a Taser has been released as the county faces a lawsuit over

WATCH: Federal Judge Finds Harris County Deputy Used Excessive Force in 18-Year-Old’s Death

A federal judge ruled Monday that the civil case brought by the parents of an 18-year-old they say was killed by excessive force from a Harris County deputy can move

WATCH: Cop Who Was Fired For Dragging Handcuffed Man Wins His Job Back

Duluth officials said Friday they plan to appeal an arbitrator’s ruling that overturned the firing of a police officer who is seen on police body camera video dragging a handcuffed

WATCH: Autistic Teenager Tasered by Texas Police Who Thought He Was High on Drugs

A Texan police chief is standing by his officers’ decision to stun an autistic teenager who was throwing rocks into his neighbour’s yard. Michael Moore, a 19-year-old Texan man, was