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WATCH: Florida Deputy Caught on Camera Attacking 14 Yr Old Latino Girl, Pulls Gun Out in Front of Children

Florida – A Fort Myers family is accusing two Lee County deputies of using excessive force, one even pulling out his weapon in front of several small children and it’s

WATCH: Volusia Deputy Fired For Excessive Force That Broke Man’s Leg

A Volusia County deputy who injured a handcuffed man using a “leg sweep” take down was fired two weeks ago after the sheriff determined excessive force was used during the

Baltimore Set to Pay $90K to Witness Who Says Police Broke His Nose When he Declined to Make a Statement

Baltimore’s spending panel is scheduled Wednesday to vote on a proposed $90,000 settlement with a man who says police officers broke his nose after he declined to make a statement

WATCH: Detroit Police Duo Named in 2 Excessive Force Lawsuits in One Month

Aug 24, 2017 DETROIT – Cellphone video of two Detroit police officers roughly subduing and arresting a man they say physically threatened them and failed to obey orders at a

WATCH: Arrest Leads to Excessive Force Suit Against Aurora PD

Sep 5 2017 AURORA, Colo. – A 23-year-old woman filed an excessive force lawsuit Monday against three Aurora officers. OyZhana Williams alleges Aurora Police Sergeant Michal Hawkins, and officers Jordan

WATCH: Toronto Police Video Shows Arrested Man Pleading For Help

For 12 minutes in the back of a police car, Tyrone Hines cries out in pain, pleads for help, says he can’t breathe and asks if he’s going to die.

WATCH: St. Petersburg Police Officer Fired Over DUI Arrest Tactics

August 7, 2014 A St. Petersburg police officer was terminated for using excessive force during a DUI arrest earlier this year and trying to hide video of the arrest from

WATCH: Video Shows Police Tackling and Punching Black Harvard Student

Cambridge Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a video has surfaced of 21-year-old Selorm Ohene a Harvard University student who was brutally attacked by police and arrested. The

WATCH: Austin Police Officer Caught on Camera Punching Suspect During Arrest

Mar 31, 2016 AUSTIN – The Austin Police Department is reviewing video of an arrest made by an officer in East Austin last week. Cellphone video shows an officer lying

WATCH: Seattle Cop Punches Woman in Face During Routine Jaywalking Stop

June 16, 2010 Investigators in Seattle are looking into why a police officer punched a teen in the face during a seemingly routine stop for jaywalking. The incident, captured on

WATCH: Outrage Grows Over Forceful Arrest of Woman in Wisconsin

Jun 23, 2016 Wisconsin – A viral video of the forceful arrest of a young black woman Tuesday outside East Towne Mall sparked outrage from Madison’s black community and has

WATCH: Charges Dropped Against Philadelphia Teen in Altercation With Police Officer

4 Jan 2017 Charges have been dropped against a Philadelphia teenager after a viral video showed a police officer pummeling her as she lay on the street. The Internal Affairs