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New Jersey Police Officer Charged with Assault for Beating 16 Year Old

A New Jersey police officer is under arrest, accused of assaulting and causing injury to a teenager. Repeatedly punched, kicked, and cuffed following a car crash at Edwin and Bergen

Video Shows New Jersey Cops Kick Innocent Victim Of Crash

In a new video of a fiery crash that critically injured a West New York man Sunday night, police officers are seen kicking and dragging the man — who sources

WATCH: Ohio Police Officer Breaks Teenage Girls Jaw Inside Library

A mother filed suit against a Lakewood police officer who broke her 17-year-old daughter’s jaw in November as he wrestled the girl out of a branch of the Lakewood Public

Mount Joy Police Officer “now a subject of potential litigation,” after Slapping and Striking Victim

Mount Joy Borough police released a statement Friday regarding the alleged harassment of a Lebanon city council candidate by a Mount Joy police officer in March. The incident is “now

Police Officer Who Threw Women Face First On Ground Cleared Of Any Wrongdoing

The Fort Collins police officer shown on video throwing a woman face first to the ground during an Old Town arrest has been cleared of wrongdoing. Officer Randy Klamser returned

Texas Police Officer Stabs Wife In Stomach During Date Night

A McKinney police officer has been arrested after police say he stabbed his wife in the stomach early Thursday. Police were called shortly after midnight to a home in the

NYPD Cop Who Punched Bronx Woman 20 Times While In His Underwear Dodges Jail

An NYPD cop who broke into a woman’s Bronx home and beat her up in his underwear, will not serve any time for the bizarre attack. Decorated Officer Eugene Donnelly

Minneapolis Transit Officer Fired After Asking for Passenger’s Immigration Status

A Minnesota Transit officer was fired after he was caught on video asking a light rail passenger if he was in the country illegally. After the exchange with the transit

[VIDEO] Texas Cop Beats A Suspect While 2 Other Police Officers Hold His Arms!

It was the longest suspension of an officer in Garland Police history. But the man who that officer was caught on video beating says it’s still not enough. Surveillance video

Fired Pittsburgh Police Sergeant Convicted in Civil Rights Trial over Violent Heinz Field Arrest

A fired Pittsburgh police sergeant was convicted Friday of violating the civil rights of drunken teenager he beat at a high school football game. Stephen Matakovich, 48, twice pushed and

Howard Police Officers Fired For Dumping Female Patient In A Wheelchair On The Ground

Howard University officials have fired two campus police officers and their supervisor involved with dumping a female patient from a wheelchair and leaving her lying on the ground at a

Intoxicated Cleveland County Deputy Fired after Pointing Rifle at Neighbour

A Cleveland County deputy has been fired after allegedly pointing a rifle at his neighbor. Mark Davis faces assault charges after the incident Saturday night in his neighborhood on West