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California’s Gun-Grabbing Einsatzgruppen

  William Grigg | Pro Libertate “When you are going to take their guns,” observes Special Agent John Marsh, “they are not happy.”  “They” are California residents who have been designated

Master Sergeant Arrested for Disobeying Unconstitutional Orders, Found “Guilty”

BELL COUNTY — BREAKING: Active duty Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham has been found “guilty”  after a cop stopped him for carrying firearm and illegally detained him, even though Grisham was

Drivers now being pulled over at random, told to turn over blood and saliva samples

Dozens of Texas drivers have been stopped at a police road block, where they were then directed into a parking lot and forced into surrendering blood, saliva and breath samples

Father Arrested for Trying to Pick His Kids Up From School

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars “You don’t need a reason as a parent to go get your children, they are our children” A father was arrested for attempting to pick

Officer Gets Along With American, Has Fun — Immediately Fired

Imagine if you enjoyed the experience of a cop pulling up to you at a red light. That’s how a biker felt in this case. An officer pulled up to the biker,

Cop Shoots Man Holding Cellphone, Gets Silver Valor Award

  Henrico County police officer Brian K. Anderson remembers how slowly the glass seemed to shatter as he fired his gun through his car window at a man he believed