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Rikers Correction Officer Gets 30 Years in Prison for Deadly Beating of Inmate and Trying to Cover Up Assault

A former Rikers correction officer was slammed with a 30 year prison sentence Wednesday for beating an infirm inmate to death — and then trying to cover up the assault.

[WATCH] Ohio Police Officer Suspended After Threatening to ‘Choke The Life Out’ of Suspect

A Columbus police officer has been “relieved from duty” after he allegedly made comments threatening to choke a suspect, Columbus Division of Police Chief Kim Jacobs announced Wednesday. In a

Jurors Acquit Baltimore County Police Officer After Video Shows Him Run Up & Kick Suspect In The Head

After deliberating for about 30 minutes Thursday, a Baltimore County jury acquitted a police officer accused of unlawfully kicking and spitting on a suspect during an arrest that was captured

[WATCH] Two San Antonio Police Officers Suspended for Not Taking Assault Seriously

SAN ANTONIO – An argument between a man and a woman last year resulted in suspensions for two San Antonio police officers who responded to the disturbance. The officers were

‘Copwatch’ Is an Uncomfortably Close Look at Police Brutality

Baltimore activist Kevin Moore and videographers of police brutality are the subject of a new documentary premiering this month. Moore is the witness that filmed on his phone the moments

[WATCH] ‘Don’t Tase Me, I’m Pregnant!’ Mississippi Police Officer Ignores Pleas and Uses Stun Gun on Pregnant Woman

A police officer from Pass Christian, Mississippi, shocked a woman on the stomach with a stun gun after the woman begged the officer not to, saying she was pregnant, the

[WATCH] Campus Police Officer Accused of Excessive Force at South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University is investigating an allegation of excessive force by a campus police officer following a mother’s viral Facebook post. Melissa Mentele, a one-time candidate for state legislature

Body Cam Video Captures Moment Cop Punches Handcuffed Man in Groin

A former assistant police chief’s five-day suspension for excessive force has been approved by the Police Merit Commission. Sgt. Rob Hahn was suspended five days without pay and chose not

[WATCH] Cell Phone Video Shows Columbus Police Officers Kicking and Punching Suspect

COLUMBUS — A cell phone video circulating on social media shows Columbus police kicking and punching a suspect during an arrest inside an east side neighborhood market. Court records show

[WATCH] Couple in San Francisco Sue BART Police After Violent Arrest Causes Miscarriage

A couple taken to the ground and arrested during a video-recorded encounter with BART police at a San Francisco train station are suing the agency in federal court, alleging that

[WATCH] Trenton Cops Caught on Body Camera Bragging about Police Brutality

TRENTON – City cops are caught on tape cavalierly joking about employing excessive force during arrests and making fun of a gunshot victim who was in the hospital clinging to

Video of Police Officer Knocking Down Woman and Child Incenses China

BEIJING — Twenty-two seconds of real-life police drama have riveted and divided many in China over officers’ powers to use force against irate residents — including a woman clutching an