Brutality Archive

[WATCH] Police Body Cams Capture Arrest of Epileptic Man Having Seizure That Sparked Brutality Suit

GLASSBORO, NJ – After Taharqa Dean has a seizure, he often doesn’t know where he is or understand people talking to him. It’s a common symptom following a complex partial

[WATCH] High School Student Says North Carolina Deputy Assaulted Him at State Fair

RALEIGH, North Carolina – A 16-year-old sophomore at Raleigh’s Enloe High School said he became the victim of police brutality at a visit to the State Fair this past weekend.

[WATCH] Police Criticised After Officer Filmed “Deliberately” Kneeing Suspect Five Times

Mobile phone footage has emerged showing a police officer appearing to deliberately knee a suspect five times as his colleagues pinned him to the ground. Steven Walker was on his

[WATCH] Michigan Police Officer Known as Robocop Convicted in Beating of Floyd Dent

After more than a decade of accusations of abusing citizens, falsifying reports and planting drugs and weapons, the Michigan police officer known as Robocop was convicted today, putting an end

[WATCH] Army Veteran Kneels Outside Pennsylvania Police Stations to Protest Brutality

A U.S. Army veteran set out on a trip across Pennsylvania taking a knee at several police stations within the state to protest police brutality while playing the National Anthem.

Trooper Accused of Sex Crimes With Teen Boy Had Excessive Force Lawsuit Dismissed in 2010

A state trooper accused of taking sexually explicit photos with a 16-year-old boy was once sued when a Doniphan man alleged the trooper used excessive force at a traffic stop.

[WATCH] Euclid Police Officer Involved in Violent Arrest Fired

The Euclid police officer captured on video punching a black motorist after a traffic stop has been fired. Patrol officer Michael Amiott, who had nearly completed a 45-day suspension stemming

[WATCH] Dash Cam Video Shows Pinellas County Police Officers Beating and Choking a Man

PINELLAS PARK, Florida – Dash cam video from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office appears to show deputies beating and choking a man. The sheriff’s office is now investigating the arrest

[WATCH] Attorney of Man Punched by Euclid Police Officer Makes Second Motion to Dismiss Charges

Less than three minutes after being pulled over for passing stop bar pavement markings, Richard Hubbard III was on the ground getting punched by Euclid police officer Michael Amiott. Had

Minneapolis Police Officer Convicted For Kicking Unarmed Man In The Face Causing Traumatic Brain Injury

A former Minneapolis, Minnesota cop was convicted of felony assault Monday because he kicked a suspect in the face last year, causing a traumatic brain injury and breaking the man’s

Vietnam Veteran Wins $760,000 in Excessive Force Case Against Kremmling Police

Denver – A disabled Vietnam veteran has won a $760,000 jury award after Kremmling police brutalized him during an unjustified raid on his mobile home in 2013. Robert Mark Smith

[WATCH] Unarmed Man Repeatedly Shocked With Taser Sues Knox County Sheriff’s Office

Already jolted with 50,000 volts of electricity, Paul Edward Branch was seated on the ground, his upper back resting against a truck and his arms behind his back when a