child abuse

Cops Handcuff An 11 Year Old Boy And Break His Wrist At school

Michael Heise | SAN PEDRO, CA – About three weeks ago, 11 year old Andres Munoz was called to the principles office to be questioned about an incident he witnessed.

School Sparks Outrage After Trapping Child in Frigid Solitary Confinement

“I asked if I could get my jacket and was told ‘NO’” Adan Salazar | A school in Texas has defended its use of a frigid “focus room” where

More than a Dozen Cops Charged With Rape of Children and Child Pornography Still Working on Force

2015/05/12 NEW ORLEANS — A disturbing report has surfaced according to which a police department in New Orleans has not fired more than a dozen officers who have been charged

Cop Caught With Child Pornography, Worked as Police “Spokesman” for 15 Years

LAUREN DEMARCO | MYFOXDC.COM | APRIL 16, 2015 Fairfax County police say one of their officers has been arrested for child pornography. Officer William “Bud” Walker was arrested Wednesday afternoon at police headquarters

Cop Who Left 2-yr-Old Child in “Human Waste” Now Caught “Actively Masturbating” in Front of Citizens

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA — A frightened woman has come forward reporting an incident during which a man parked next to her in a SUV began trying to get her to

Cop Charged With First Degree MURDER of 2-month-old Baby Boy, Gets Paid Leave

JETMORE, KANSAS — Shocking reports have emerged online according to which a police officer is facing charges for not just felony child abuse, but the actual first degree murder of

Cop Scratches 4-Yr-Old Child’s Ear Until It Bleeds, Throws His Body Into Wall for “Misbehaving” at School: Report

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY – Communities and parents are outraged after learning of a horrific case of child abuse in which a police officer is reported to have thrown a defenseless

Heroic Dad Tackles Child Porn Cop to the Ground, Saves Children From Being Exploited

2015/04/08 It is something citizens in Orange County, California will forever be thankful for. On May 26, 2007, Officer Lakin of the Los Angeles Police Department was caught sneaking around

Cop Rams Pregnant Woman’s Belly Into Kitchen Counter, Pounds Her in the Back

  Brett Sanders | April 7, 2015 QUINLAN TX – Child Protective Services made a visit to interview a family in Quinlan, Texas last week and things went south very

Cop Involved in Horrific Child Exploitation, Committing Sexual Acts on 2-yr-old Girl: Video Report

  2015/03/19 UPDATE: 11 Additional Charges for Officer It is much worse than anybody imagined. Officer Joshua Smith now faces 11 more charges after investigations. One of those charges includes

Cop Pleads Guilty to Sexually Touching Minor, Possessing Steroids — Gets Only 45 Days in Jail

TULARE COUNTY, CA — “He took away what were supposed to be my best years,” the girl said in court. The man who sexually touched her while she was a

Officer Fired After Being Reported for Sexually Assaulting His Best Friend’s 13-Yr-Old Child

NORWALK — An Officer has been fired after being suspended over felony counts of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Officer Antony Santo’s best friend had